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  1. Lee... The Terrace Seats are the best in the park. Being a big guy I love them because they are wider seats and also padded. They are also located under the second deck and out of the elements. Seems like every time we've been there a nice breeze blows thru the concourse and into our seating area which is a real blessing. We always try to get the seats on the first base side because you can see the scoreboard easily.
  2. What an absolute Bobble Head. Can it get any worse? Hokie Pete!?!?!
  3. UPI: With their biggest series of the year on tap with the first place Chicago White Sox, Jim Leyland has talked Neifi Perez out of retirement and has him hitting lead off tonight and playing third base. When asked why, Leyland said, "It just felt right! If he's ever going to get out of his slump, today may be the day!" When asked why he is sitting MVP candidate Miggy Cabrera, Leyland said, "The big guy is struggling and I am sitting him on a hunch."
  4. The hottest hitter on the team benched for Don Kelly who is batting 6th? Why doesn't he bat Avilla 9th until he gets out of this horrible slump? The less bats he gets right now the better. It's like he's just given up. This righty/lefty thing is ridiculous. Put your best players in the game and let them play! Leyland has got to have money bet on Chicago. He might as well serve this up on a silver platter.
  5. Here's Leyland's logic... Door #1: We are playing Cleveland and they are like a Junior Varsity team, so I don't need to play all my horses to win, so I'll set a 25 year old kid who just had a day of rest 3 days ago and will get one in another 3 days. Yeah. That makes sense. Door #2: I have to get Quentin Berry's bat in the line-up today, and since we're facing a right hander I'll set Jackson. Yeah. That makes sense. Door #3:Nothing makes sense. There is no good explanation. The Tigers can't afford to have there 2nd best position player sitting at any time. If the Tigers lose the division and/or the wild card, it's moves like these that add up quickly over the course of a year. I for one hope the Tigers lose and then Leyland can pack his bags for good. It's time for Tommy to put some fire in their bellies.
  6. Unbelievable! The Tigers sweep the Sox in the biggest series of the year thus far, are tied for first place with 29 games to go and he gives Austin Jackson a day off?!?!? Austin Jackson a day off?!?!? Arguably one of the top 20 players statistically in the American League and he gives him the day off? Austin Jackson who is 25 years old and he gives him a day off? Austin Jackson who could have pinch hit in numerous situation throughout the late innings of today's game and he gives him the day off? Austin Jackson who would have a day off on Thursday with the rest of the team and he gives him a day off? Is Leyland really this stupid?
  7. You've got an owner that is nearing 100 years old, whose passion and love is baseball, has more money than most third world countries, and a family that could give a rat's rear end about the Tigers after he is dead and gone. "Win Now Mode?" He'll do whatever it takes.
  8. After reading through this thread I couldn't resist posting, yet I don't think many of you would understand what I wanted to say... so I'll pass.
  9. Best looked like he was spinning his wheels all day. I wonder if he should have changed shoes to something that had longer cleats. Barry had trouble in true turf stadiums too... Denver comes to mind, Green Bay and Chicago. Of course the defense might have had something to do with that too, however Barry seemed to do just fine when they played the same teams at Detroit.
  10. How long does it take someone to pass through waivers? Do the Lions get first pick of everyone on waivers once they pass through? Why did the Lions cut Bly? Was this a surprise? There doesn't seem to be much in the cupboards!
  11. No... What is hilarious is that many on her still think Cruzer is a girl!
  12. Cruzer... do you think he could be a slot receiver, or does he have too much speed for that position, and should play one of the outside receiver positions?
  13. This CJ Spiller is really intriguing. Is he the real deal... a Chris Johnson clone? If he tests well at the combines, will he break into the top 10 picks? What's the difference between him and Best? If the Lions trade down from #2 and Spiller is available, should they choose him? I also want you guys to know how enjoyable it is to see you all discuss the draft. I have learned a lot.
  14. I just spent the last hour or so watching clips of Suh on YouTube. May I say, I was impressed, however, what impressed me more was the reaction of the fans anytime he was in on a tackle! I do hope the Lions get him, he's looks to be the real deal, plus can you imagine Ford Field anytime he's in on the tackle? It's been a long time since we had someone like that on that side of the ball.
  15. Is Eric Berry from Southern Cal? If he is, it seems there should be red flags all over this guy.
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