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  1. Just a heads up for anyone interested, Zach Lowe had SVG on his podcast today. It was nice and long and definitely worth a listen.
  2. I wonder who the Pistons had higher on their draft board between Johnson and Mudiay? Would they have gone PG if he fell?
  3. Can we pass Denver in the lottery rankings with a loss? Or are we pretty much locked in at 8?
  4. Wouldn't the obvious first order of business this offseason be offering Draymond Green a max contract? Considering he fills a huge need for the Pistons and is the one guy who actually might WANT to come to Michigan, I'm surprised he isn't mentioned more in these threads. Plus, as mentioned above, this would be the offseason to give a max contract to someone... After Green, you find a replacement for Monroe, lock up Jackson, and get a nice lottery pick. Boom, nice young team amirite?
  5. An actual PG? He looks more like a Ben Gordon clone to me.
  6. Offseason Agenda Fire Joe D and replace with a non-former player. Fire Kuester. Let Stuckey walk. Let Tey walk. Let Wilcox walk. Let TMac walk. Buyout Rip's contract. Sign a couple of filler players. Make a good lottery selection, and build off this person, Monroe, Jonas, Daye, BG, and Charlie V. Bite the bullet and accept sucking for a year or two. What am I missing?
  7. I'm not sure if Gores has been discussed in detail, but what does everyone think of him? I don't know anything other than what is on his Wiki page but after a quick Google search.... I'm thinking he kind of looks like a gigantic tool. Nice t-shirt.
  8. Did he have no plan or did the unfortunate loss of Jerebko at the PF spot really hurt?
  9. Good thing the Cleveland Clinic is only a mile away.... that was really weird.
  10. Here is my lame attempt at being positive... Charlie Villanohaira - Guy is only 25 and it's not totally unreasonable to say he could take a significant step forward next year. BG - 26, averaged over 20 ppg last year, disaster this season but could look like a completely different player next year. JJ - 23, the next David Lee. Stuckey - 23, has improved every year as a professional. Rip and Tay - I can't imagine that both don't have better seasons next year. I don't think this team is going to win any championships, obviously, but I also don't think they will be this bad. This year is the worst case scenario with injuries and guys underachieving. Bynum, Daye, Max, plus our lottery pick isn't a great bench but it isn't a disaster either. Ben should be the only guy to get worse next year. I think we have a mediocre playoff team that has some decent young pieces. I think they compare to the '08 Tigers...just nothing went right and rebounded nicely the next season. Pretty sad that this is the most uplifting post in this thread...
  11. So what kind of impact does losing Dempsey have on the national team? Are we pretty deep there or is he the last guy we wanted to lose? Also, is Gooch gonna play in the world cup?
  12. I think Stuckey has to be Stuckey sometimes because absolutely nobody else is an option, so he takes it recklessly to the hoop trying to create. Can't really blame him for that... Doesn't it seem like Max spent all offseason practicing mid-range jumpers and came out this year on a mission to prove that he isn't a one dimentional player? And isn't it glaringly obvious that that is exactly what he is? He would be at least a mediocre role player by posting up, dunking, and maybe rebounding once and a while. Tough to beat anybody when $32 million is sitting on the bench though....
  13. Jason Maxiell is really bad. I know Stuckey gets a bad rap on this board, but when he comes out we are hapless.
  14. Do playoff appearances count? Say he finishes the regular season with 79 PA's and/or 35 GS, can he play in the playoffs without the option kicking in?
  15. There are actually some pretty funny videos on YouTube of him doing swings for teams as they shout out suggestions. It's pretty lame he's corporate all of the sudden but his memory is pretty impressive.
  16. You don't think a 60 loss season would have hurt with free agent signings this offseason?
  17. How do you just take a pimp slap to the face and not react? Soccer players...sigh. Does anyone know why Bobby Convey didn't play?
  18. I realize that part of being an NBA coach is taking the blame for a poor performing team, but do all of you really blame Curry for this abortion of a season? His rotations are exactly what we wanted coming into the season, play the old guys less, and play the young guys more, even while AI sits there pouting on the bench. I even like the new lineup shuffle with Tay at PF. These last two games have been depressing as all hell, but doesn't everyone agree that it's because of our starters taking games off (first half of the Knicks game and second half of last night's game)? Let's just hope they manage to make the playoffs, where they will hopefully kick up the intensity. Sheed, for example, still seems like he can score at will when he wants to.
  19. Ouch, no game for me either. Is anyone getting it?
  20. The Puddle of Mud guy looks like Dirk Nowitzki... I've been on a The Band kick lately. This song definitely gets stuck in my head, and I found a great youtube video of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_hsp4SBwO4
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