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  1. The most interesting thing about that spreadsheet to me is that Andrew Romine is represented by Scott Boras
  2. Torii Hunter hates playing right field. He was so much better as a CF. It's a bigger adjustment than one might think switching fields.
  3. It seems to me watching him play last year that he always seemed to be grimacing every time he had to make a play or run. I assumed it was just his normal facial expression but it seemed odd that he always appeared to be in pain. It kinda makes sense now.
  4. Revive a dead ballpoint pen with a lighter. Works every time.
  5. The thing that sticks out to me when I watch these games is the strike zone is very inconsistent. Pitches right down the middle are called balls a lot..blows the mind
  6. I missed this game live and have only seen a snippet here and there. Why any Tiger fan would want to relive it, is beyond me. I hear it was a GREAT game but I'll pass
  7. Would you give up Porcello/Smiley and Casty for Matt Kemp? LA needs starting help at 3b. I think that's fair. Kemp is good but he's just one guy.
  8. Down came the rain and washed the spider out...
  9. "They're gonna wave him in!" `George Kell
  10. Is the Metrodome available for emergency service because last time I checked, Minnesota is still in the throws of winter and not a lot of relief in sight.
  11. That was entertaining. Looked like a hockey brawl. Generally you don't piss off the Mexicans but 1 on 1 without weapons, I like our chances.
  12. Haha, that`s killer. I agree too. It`s totally a great band name. God knows how he came across that lol. Hope things are well my friend. Tiger baseball just around the corner.

  13. You'll get a kick out of this. I found this quite by accident and it was just too random to not appreciate: Ned Hepburn -

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