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  1. Was at the game Saturday and wanted to find out the songs name and who it's by.
  2. I saw him last night after the game. I gave him a couple bucks and asked him how he was doing. I don't see how this guy could be violent as a poster claimed above. He is pretty frail and seems like a nice guy. He wasn't in a wheel chair tonight.
  3. Havn't been to a game in a year, but I do know that the free lot I always used to go to has been fenced and locked up. I will be coming from Ann Arbor so I was wondering what exit you guys would reccomend for parking. I am hoping to find something for $10 or less. Thanks.
  4. Assuming these players are available with each pick: 1A: Andre Smith - OT Alabama 1B: Michael Johnson - DE Georgia Tech 2: Alex Mack - C Cal 3A: Tyrone McKenzie - LB USF 3B: Fili Moala - DT USC
  5. I reported it on herewhen I saw the posting on wikipedia. I had nothing to do with writing it on wikipedia. Can you read?
  6. The entry has already been deleted. Obviously someone thought it would be funny to post something that rediculous. I knew it wasn't true.
  7. According to Daunte's wikipedia he has signed a 5 year 78 million dollar contract. I find this hard to believe, but Mayhew must go now if this is true.
  8. Chiefs encouraged by Thigpen; cancel meeting with Culpepper http://www.kansascity.com/160/story/861396.html Looks like we may be onto something
  9. If either of these two are available with our 2nd 1st round pick who would you take? I thought Laurinaitis was a little over rated earlier in the season but this guy is a monster and Paris Lenon needs to go. We can re vamp this franchise with our first two rounds this year and I hope Mayhew or whoever is in the top spot can make the right call.
  10. He is completely out of his mind. What a joke of a coach and team.
  11. I can't get that to open Chaz. It keeps asking me to select the program from a list. Im not computer savvy
  12. Honestly thats the only reason I want to hear it. I heard some media guys finally layed it to him. I need to laugh.
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