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  1. http://www.angryasianman.com/2007/06/milwaukee-picks-yi-jianlian-and-other.html
  2. It isnt just about marketing, they stated before the draft that there were no asian communities in Milwaukee.
  3. where are all the equal rights people now? an asian guy refuses to live amongst other races, if that were you and me, that would be considered racist. This is not like the eli manning draft, this is about race. I dont think importing people who think this way is healthy. Tell him to come back when he grows up and realizes that his attitude wont work here.
  4. You dont cut him, not yet. There is always a snow-balls chance in hell that a big name receive goes down with a season ending injury, and someone becomes desperate enough to trade for him. Now if matt millen is capable of learning his position, he realizes this. It doesnt hurt the lions financially to hold onto him until final cuts.
  5. When that happens, you will just have to validate the past, just like we had to validate why anyone would have taken him that high in the draft. And the answer being, because he performed well & wasnt considered a problem in college. Then when people say we cut him to soon or that their upset that we let him go, we will have to validate that any team would have done that. And the answer being, because he didnt perform well & he was considered a problem his entire pro career so far. But yes, someone will find something stupid to argue about,
  6. Unless they are trying to hold onto him in case there is eventually some kind of trade value there, cut him if all the reports oh him not performing are true. Its not like were gonna miss him, he virtually hasnt been here the past two years anyways. We can all sit here and dwell on how it turned out to be a busted pick and all that garbage. Its not millens fault, its not the coaches, & its not the owners. This is Charles Rogers's fault and if all the talk in the news is true about this guy, we need to just move on without him. For anyone of us that would have been way more than enough of a motivational tool to turn things around. Turn the page already.
  7. Utah is a nickname from the movie point break. Ive lived in Michigan all my life, up until 2 weeks ago. And im already bored of watching texas sports, I just cant get into it.
  8. I just moved to Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas, and the one year I decide to get out of Michigan, the Michigan teams are all doing well (well maybe not the lions, we'll see). I was wondering if there are any other people in the area, to gather up and watch some detroit sports.
  9. Im just figuring that most people are just playing the odds "smart football". Meaning that, he will be put in a situations that are favorable for him to succeed, based upon size, speed, athletic ability, etc. On the flipside, Ive seen L.T. do goal line situations over in sand diego, so its not completely out of the picture. If I had to choose my goal line back, it would definately be K.J. because of his drive and vision. I dont want to see the ball given to slesh anymore on the goal line, ive seen him stopped on numerous short distance runs, where he just puts his head down and thinks he can drive back four players and it doesnt work. Calhoun does have great vision, and could possible be serviceable if need-be.
  10. Mallett just committed to Michigan....
  11. The Rock Financial ads during pistons games, are coming from the owner of the cleveland cavaliers. You have to realize that ford bought that space in the press conference, knowing that T.O. is one of the most publicized individuals. The pro: more people see it. The con: T.O. is not the guy i want in my advertising campaign due to not being a class act. Its a toss up on whether that was good or bad......
  12. Utah


    Phelps is the Tony G. from last year. Solid spring training, will go back to the minors. Especially with watered down spring training competition. All it shows us is upside.
  13. This was a great article.......for me to poop on! I read on and on, and was amaized. This was the first story in ages, where Rob didnt play the race card. At least directly.
  14. One question on D-Brishaw, did virginia tech pass the ball a whole lot? And when they did, wasnt it more of a roll-the-quarterback out of the pocket protection. Has he proved pass protection in a drop back quarterback scheme? I know it was only one game, but I saw D-Brick get beat in the senior bowl, which made me think of the system he came from. Im not dissing the guy, im really just wondering if anyone has more info on the system that he came from and whether or not that would really explain his first round status.
  15. "last coaching stop", sounds like the Larry Brown of the NFL...
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