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  1. To me anything more than a split would be gravy. Over the past few seasons, the thought of playing the Angels in the playoffs scared me since the Tigers seem to play so poorly in LA. Luckily, they've gotten off to horrible starts the past couple seasons and missed the postseason. Who knows what will happen this year? It's about time time to start winning some games there, though.
  2. Does anyone expect Hanrahan to contribute anything to the team this year? If he's not yet facing hitters, it seems doubtful to me. I wonder if he'll resign with Detroit? A bullpen of Soria, Hanrahan, Rondon, and Chamberlain could be pretty dominant next year.
  3. At least they were alphabatized for the picture. Interesting that Toronto and Baltimore's hats are the only logos without letters.
  4. Why is Rick still out there? So the bullpen can get some practice stranding runners?
  5. Porcello is going to get hammered tomorrow, so this loss falls heavy.
  6. Rick just can't do it today. Time to go enjoy a beautiful afternoon and a good book.
  7. Tigers can win if they hold Texas to four runs. Porcello has to come up with some decent pitches, though. Edit: and work ahead in the count.
  8. All Ranger runs score with 2 out as well, which makes the sting worse.
  9. Porcello with some hangers and now working from behind. The Tigers are still in trouble if Porcello needs to be an ace.
  10. Don't worry, they'll probably go out and beat up on Texas tomorrow. I heard their starter isn't very good.
  11. Well, when Phil Coke came out in the 13th, you knew that the Tigers probably weren't going to win. Bringing Albuquerque into that situation just didn't feel right. All Tiger fans knew this, but the guys in the dugout made the decisions anyway.
  12. This game has been absolutely disgusting and frustrating. It's only fitting for the Indians to win it on a balk or PB or dropped pop up or something crazy.
  13. If Albuquerque pitches this inning, the Tigers more than likely would have won. With Coke, they will more than likely lose.
  14. You've got to go with Albuquerque and believe that he won't give up a run. This Coke business is about to lose the game.
  15. The Tigers have got to get out of this ball park. They're going to give Cleveland a sweep on a silver platter...
  16. Verlander has allowed 10 runs on this road trip so far. Is he the Phil Coke of the rotation?
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