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  1. I really liked that French show. Season 2 should be coming soon I hope.
  2. I kinda like the Bullet theory. About the age thing- is it possible that she is actually older? Couldn't she be 21-25 and actually pass for 16ish because she is small?
  3. I think they have learned from the mistakes of the first run. I think the pace has been good and I really like Holder. The subject mater is a bit uncomfortable, though.
  4. Tried to watch the late news on South Bend stations and this was the only thing being covered. Twelve minutes in and they were still talking about it. Nothing else happend yesterday did it? There wasn't anything the president did was there?
  5. They would need a 16th if GT is in right? Any ideas who that would be?
  6. Ever since I saw the movie Patton, whenever I think of Patton I think of the George C Scott version of him. Now whenever I think of Lincoln it will be the Daniel Day-Lewis version. Tommy Lee Jones was fantastic as well.
  7. Did you catch SNL? On Weekend Update they said that when she started the book it was called "Only the Tip."
  8. I brought it up. He was on tto promote his new book and the interviewers asked him to weigh in on the issue. Just all seemed wrong to me.
  9. I always thought it was standard for the members to offer their resignation at the end of the first term. It is up to the POTUS to accept or not.
  10. I would add the extremely long waits. Hearing stories of people voting hours after polls had closed. After the race had been called!
  11. AND... Callista was on The View discussing it! "Affairs are painful for the family." No ****!
  12. Not making this up...The Today show had Newt Gingrich on to talk about this.
  13. I was wondering about the copycat "serial killer in a skin mask" guys at the start that killed the couple. How did they know how to dress like the real one?
  14. Winning me back after that episode. I am still wondering a bit about the alien angle.
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