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  1. Sad to see the way they threw away the comeback, but we need those L’s and it was a fun watch.
  2. Stewart has some serious stone hands on offense. If you pass him the ball you’ve got about a 50/50 chance he’s going to bobble it or lose it. Love his energy but those hands...
  3. A few threads ago I was wondering what DSJ brought to table. Turns out his defense is pretty good. No idea how to link twitter, but basically: "In 8 games with Detroit, DSJ has 18 deflections, 9 steals & 6 blocks. The team has a 103.4 def rating when he’s on, 114.3 when he’s off. Opponents are shooting 41.7% when he’s the main defender."
  4. Too soon to ask for Saben to start over Dennis Smith? Saben looked solid off the bench, with a quick first step that gets him into the lane. Still trying to figure out what Smith does best - can't shoot and he doesn't seem to have a quick first step or the ability to finish in traffic...so what's his NBA skill? As far as the Jackson discussion goes, I love his energy and attitude off the bench, but if we were anywhere near contention he would probably drive me crazy because he wastes a lot of possessions. He's careless with the ball, his shot selection is suspect, and he struggles from the FT line. But, man I love the way he attacks and gives it his all on both sides of the ball. Hoping to see him continue to grow and mature as a player over the next year or two. Bey looks like a great find. Sekou on the other hand...struggling to see it. Either way, I'm having fun watching this team and enjoying the new players.
  5. This is good for the loss column. Wright was a nice find that was really helping this team and none of the other PGs have looked like capable starters (yet).
  6. What a game from Grant. That was fun to watch, other than the 3rd quarter. Sad that Grant's effort went to a Loss, but it helps the lottery balls. Also, I love Jackson's fire. He can get careless with the ball, but I like his aggressiveness and attitude off the bench.
  7. Definitely enjoying this team. Win or lose, watching them is so refreshing after the Dre/Jackson era.
  8. From the beginning of the year I felt that’s who we’d be. Scrappy team, force lots of turnovers, will surprise if you don’t take them seriously. I’m really enjoying this season even with all the loses. They’re building the hard working culture. Just need some high picks to get a franchise player in here.
  9. Always fun to watch a Harden team get beat. Even better when Kyrie is on that team. Blake was absolute garbage, but Grant, Wright, and Jackson were good once again. Bey was huge in the 4th quarter and didn't miss a shot. Hopefully he can keep it going this time. We all knew it would happen with the roster Weaver built, but I really like how disruptive this team can be on defense with their length. Pretty sure they lead the league in forced turnovers. Oh, and Klay was right about McGruder. It wasn't the right thing to say out loud, but it was true. I expect Smith Jr will get those minutes very soon. Not sure what that means for Saben Lee, who ran the offense better than McGruder, but still seems afraid to shoot.
  10. Everyone is available for the right return, but I think you probably keep him. Regardless of his ability to get buckets, he's not putting us in contention or hurting our lottery odds, so it doesn't prevent the rebuild. His contract isn't an albatross like Blake's and he fits the culture you're trying to build. You need guys like that around your draft picks. Plus, I'm sure they want to sell some tickets/jerseys along the way and if Grant becomes an All-Star then that helps the business. At some point you have to trade him, because if he turns into an All-Star you don't want to lose him for no return, but barring a crazy return it's probably too soon for that.
  11. Maybe he wants Blake?
  12. Fun game. Wright, Jackson, and Grant all with nice performances Lebron was just too much in the end. Lakers wanted that switch to get Mason on Lebron and we gave it to them every time. Now is also probably a good time to point out that Lebron is 5 years older than Blake.
  13. I see why Sekou was struggling to get minutes. Remember that stuff about how he worked on his game so much in the offseason? Hmmmmm.
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