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  1. I had season tickets for 14 years at the Palace. Once they moved I only went to 1 game. However, I moved to North Carolina recently, so I'll get a chance to see them play in Charlotte on Nov 15th wearing all my Piston gear. Looking forward to being the visitor and cheering when everyone else is booing.
  2. 2nd half Svi forcing everything and looking terrible as a result. Wood really needs to make the team. It’d be a crime if he didn’t.
  3. Thybulle really punking Kennard a bunch tonight. Luke finally getting a couple shots up but he’s struggling with that athleticism. Wood looking solid again.
  4. The Thon three is starting to make me feel a lot like the Stanley Johnson three.
  5. Svi looking good so far today. Reggie not so much.
  6. From an injury perspective, I’d have concerns. However, it makes sense from the perspective of this being Reggie’s last year. Either you need to trade him and get a second rounder before he walks, in which case Rose starts. Or you know you can’t trade him and then what’s the point of playing him for the future of this franchise? At least Rose will be around next year. The really sad part is discussing which of the has been, vet point guards is going to start with no good, young prospect behind them. At this point, I’d be happy dumping Reggie for a late pick and just living with the pains of starting Brown at PG. At least I’d get 100% effort at all times and wouldn’t have to worry about cross matching to hide my PG on the defensive end.
  7. Game is on NBA tv for anyone who isn’t local. Kennard struggles against athletic teams. Can’t find space and he doesn’t have the quick release of a guy like Korver.
  8. This whole situation is both sad and hypocritical. Personally, you might as well just take those "NBA Cares" commercials off the air. The NBA only cares about good PR that will help them make money, and the players are clearly no different.
  9. Curry, Lillard, and Harden are licking their chops.
  10. Not sure how this is significantly different than Andre in any other year.
  11. Also Cleveland is still rolling with starters.
  12. Bruce Brown and the bench making this a fun finish.
  13. Was thinking the same. He’s done.
  14. Finally got a chance to watch the previous two games and now watching the third one live. Reggie just looks so bad. Did he play any ball in the offseason at all? I’d happily take as little as a late 2nd rounder so I don’t have to watch him flail around the court this season. Too bad Rose is so injury prone, because he’d be an upgrade at starter. Wood looks like a solid energy guy. Snell is really long. He’ll be a solid upgrade over Ellington. Galloway is the same waste of space. Markieff will add some nice muscle and thuggery to a team that needed more heart. Kennard still shooting it well. Gotta find a way to get him more open shots.
  15. I'm just here to find something I can put some false hope in, since we already know the ceiling for the starters.
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