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  1. That 3.2 blocks per game really stands out. Interesting.
  2. I like Charles Barkley's version, "Half Man, Half a Season" Edit: Now that I think about it, I believe that was in reference to his cousin, T-Mac who was injured more often.
  3. Not sure how this will be any different from his typical performance.
  4. This could have been us. So glad he was moved.
  5. Hopefully it's just the usual, "we're always trying to win" stuff.
  6. Wonder if it hurts his value that his team gets the chance to fight for a playoff spot and he's refusing to join up with them. Is he going to sit out at the end of every contract year if he decides that his team doesn't have a good enough chance?
  7. No idea where to put this, but I thought it was funny... Nate Robinson: Zeke would've been in his mid-40s at the time. https://www.basketballnetwork.net/nate-robinson-talks-about-the-time-isiah-thomas-cooked-stephon-marbury-in-practice/
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/article/nba-return-health-rules.html Just test everyone in the bubble at the start. They have to maintain 6 feet of distance when playing video games, but then they're going to box each other out on the court? That literally makes no sense.
  9. Good move to get him in before the draft and free agency.
  10. If we select another PF/C I may lose my mind.
  11. Highly disappointing. For the teams that don't get into the playoffs, the draft lottery is just as important to their franchise as the playoffs are to the other half. Yet the NBA is changing the rules for the playoffs to accommodate this odd situation (ratings, of course) but not doing anything different for the other half of the league who doesn't get a chance to get their proper draft odds. All teams who didn't get invited to Orlando should get equal lottery odds. The only fair thing is to flatten it. That, or just invite all 30 teams and finish the season.
  12. I haven't look at their remaining strength of schedule, but maybe they wanted the full 30 teams involved?
  13. Looks like they're saying that next season will start on December 25th.
  14. Someone else will do all the legwork and Stefanski will just say yes or no. Sounds like a sweet gig for Stefanski.
  15. I'm pretty excited about it. I just want to see some basketball that doesn't involve me playing Xbox. And again, still curious to hear anything about lottery and draft plans.
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