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  1. Get ready for more fool's gold again this year. I truly wish this was reversed to give ownership & management a wake up call before the trade deadline, rather than after it's too late. Then again maybe it doesn't matter either way, since Gores seem content with a multi-year 8th seed product that will marginally increase the value of his Private Equity portfolio rather than a long term plan that requires rebooting the thing. Full story here: https://pistonpowered.com/2019/08/13/detroit-pistons-2019-20-schedule-release-march-biggest-challenge/
  2. I think we said the same thing in different words.
  3. Because this organization is committed to mediocrity and paying a huge chunk of your salary to a Center with one specific skill (rebounding) in today's NBA is the best way to ensure mediocrity for years to come. Money plays a huge role in player decisions and staying with the Pistons probably gives him the best shot at a fat deal. The smart thing for the organization to do would be to move him before we get into the position to have to make this decision or be left with nothing at the end of the year. I keep hoping that they'll wake up and not keep marching towards this cliff, but I really don't have enough faith in this organization to believe that they'll stop banging their head against the same wall and shift strategies.
  4. Shhhh, I'm still in the denial stage.
  5. Wait, he needed to get enough calories, so he's having 1 beer a day? a 96 calorie beer? Literally makes zero sense. 1 cup of orange juice has over 100 calories too. Maybe the point was that he drank too much before and so they're limiting it to 1 beer per day...I mean, at least that would explain the pear shape of his body after all the "intense off-season workouts" I keep hearing about in these PR articles every year. On the opt-out discussion: Dre will opt out. It makes zero sense for him not to. We need to start the shopping now. We can't go past the deadline with him still on the roster. If we do, then we either lose an asset for no return (bad) or we extend/re-sign him again (worse). Best case is a trade before the deadline to get something in return.
  6. Thank you! https://deadspin.com/report-tnt-will-finally-get-rid-of-those-sloppy-player-1836681849
  7. Also, there were plenty of reports that they didn't get along well. So, some team would be getting locker room issues on top of it.
  8. The point he's making is that they're veteran, established players in the NBA with no upside. The guys you go after when you're pushing to win now and need to fill roster spots rather than looking towards the future.
  9. Well, they won 41 last year with Blake having the best season of his career. He played 75 games, which is the highest number in the past 5 seasons. If he comes back down to his average (59) over that time period and his stats level out a bit like they did post All-Star, then things could look very different. We also may be giving significant minutes to a 3rd string PG by November. Not much else has changed with this team, so I'm not ready to call 35.5 wins "easy money" in its current state. I think I'd call it "likely money". It wouldn't shock me if they won 41 games again, but it also wouldn't shock me if Blake, Reggie, and Rose miss 25 games each and they only win 33. The only thing that would shock me is Gores getting his head out of his rectum and trading Dre before we either re-sign him to a long deal or lose him for nothing in the off-season.
  10. 35 to 40 wins sounds about right for this team. NBA purgatory. Not good enough to make the playoffs (or maybe just barely), not bad enough to get a good pick. We need to make some moves and pick a direction, but I don’t have any faith in Gores to allow that to happen.
  11. Guess they won't need that KD guy now.
  12. He hit a couple shots so far but looks really raw. Not seeing the lateral quickness or the good hands I expected but we’ll see what happens after a year of NBA training. It’s been a rough game. Allen is killing us and nobody on the Pistons can shoot today.
  13. I see people praising the haul that OKC got for their stars and the way they've rebuilt when faced with the knowledge that the team wasn't going to succeed in it's current form. Yet the same people are giving Stefanski a pass and saying that he's just dealing with SVG's leftovers, and he needs more time, and talking about the "Blake window". You either buy into the "Blake window" and aggressively seek out another star to put next to him, even if that means moving Doumbouya, Kennard, or whatever. Or you don't, in which case it's time to rebuild and we need to stop making excuses for this franchise failing to do so. OKC was in a bind too, especially with the Westbrook situation because everyone knew he wanted to be traded, he has a huge contract, is tough to get along with, and has major flaws in his game. Same for NO with everyone knowing they were being held hostage by Davis' trade demands. Yet, they managed to get it done and get a nice haul. Blake is coming off of his best season in recent history, Dre is basically on the last year of his contract, and same for Reggie. If the aggressiveness is there, the Pistons could rebuild with a haul of picks and young players in return for this "big 3" (Blake, Dre, Reggie). The fact is that they won't or can't (because of Gores). Either way, it's not acceptable and we need to stop making excuses for them. They're trying to play both ends of the game and it's a terrible strategy. Why are we all accepting that? It's full on Stockholm Syndrome in the Piston fanbase.
  14. I find it difficult to argue with most of the points in this article: https://www.detroitbadboys.com/2019/7/11/20680093/detroit-pistons-roster-building-strategy-ed-stefanski-blake-griffin-andre-drummond-reggie-jackson
  15. I'm sure I've told you guys this, but I was a season ticket holder for almost 15 years, including that game. I sat 7 rows back from the visitor bench. It was pretty wild. You could see that Jermaine O'Neal punch coming from a mile away. It felt like it happened in slow motion. I had time to point and have my friend look over that way before he connected with that guy's jaw.
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