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  1. Pretty good, honest evaluation of Grant from a couple months ago. Strengths: Finishing, catch & shoot, efficiency, defense, transition, versatility Weakness: Dribbling, rebounding
  2. https://www.detroitbadboys.com/2020/11/21/21588371/day-2-nba-free-agency-detroit-pistons-roster-makes-sense-jerami-grant-blake-griffin-derrick-rose Basically, Weaver said he wants to build a team that will compete every night. This team will do that. They'll defend, give effort every night, run, and have good character. They'll "compete" but don't confuse that with "win." They still aren't talented enough to do that. A healthy Blake is still the best player on the team and once he shows he's healthy, he's probably gone in a trade. Let's not forget that you don't need to be in the 10 win range to get a top 3 pick anymore.
  3. That DBB article is so terrible and full of bad takes. The best part is how articles like this tear these moves up because we signed average players for too much money...but then they go on to say that it shows we're trying to "win now". Which is it? Are they bad players signed for too much or are we trying to win now? "These players don't move the needle." Exactly. It's called a rebuild. We'll rebuild the culture with hard working players and youth, get some high picks, and in a couple years these contracts will be gone or tradeable. There aren't any 5 year deals here and you've got to give somebody that money for now. I'm a fan of what was done tonight, and I'm guessing it's not over.
  4. The question was asked, "Does anyone like what's happening?" Yes. Yes I do. The plan is to be bad. Get some hard working vets alongside some youth, build a worker mentality, don't take on any long contracts, have a bunch of cap in a few years when the young guys have learned to play. That's exactly what's happening. I applaud Weaver. This is exactly what I've been waiting for for a decade now.
  5. Seem like good, hard working vets too. The kind of guys you need around your rookies. Not Dre's and Reggie's.
  6. Grant and Jackson continue the Weaver trend of good defenders. This should be a defensively disruptive team.
  7. Not seeing any guards...Weaver making sure coach plays Hayes 30 MPG.
  8. Free agency doesn't open until 6pm.
  9. They basically combined the Kennard and Brown trade into a bigger three way that’s why you’re seeing all those second rounders. It’s not just the Luke deal. So, we got Bey, Hands, Musa, McGruder, considerations from Clippers, and considerations from Nets. Either way, I’m not bothered by second rounders. If you want ‘em, you can just buy ‘em.
  10. This is excellent. Dump the dead weight and get a fresh start. So, who's left from last year? Sekou Svi Rose Griffin
  11. I'm no cap guru, but what I'm reading is that the Dedmon for Snell swap serves two purposes: 1. Free up an extra roster spot (Thomas) 2. Next year Dedmon can be included in a trade as an expiring for 13M, whereas Snell's contract doesn't work that way. So, it's a better contract for the purposes of making further moves or to trade to someone else who wants to make further moves.
  12. Waiting would have been one way. I mean, with that mindset we could still have been sitting here waiting while Drummond picked up his option. The other way is to be aggressive in a trade. We finally did it and that's great, but it's something we should have done sooner. Problem is the organization was still walking the middle of the road. I'm happy we're no longer doing that and Weaver has come out swinging.
  13. Yup. I remember going back and forth with a few people on this board about how it's not possible to be this aggressive and their acceptance of the usual Detroit complacency. So glad we finally have a GM who's kicking down some doors, cleaning house, and proving that this can be done. Maybe it works, maybe the players don't pan out, but at least we're doing something and not standing in the middle of the road anymore.
  14. Was looking at the roster this morning and I was like, "Why is Khyri still on this team..." Thanks, Troy. btw, nail in the coffin on Wood with these picks and trades. They aren't spending the money on him. I'm ok with that.
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