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  1. If a draft starts today and you have the first pick with these 4 available, who do you take: Zion Luka Ja Trae It'd be a tough call for me between Ja and Luka, but it wouldn't be Zion. Not in today's NBA.
  2. Good point. I'll add it to the list. We know full well what happens when he isn't expected to be the scorer. He just forces more bad shots so he can try to get his numbers and instead gets turnovers. That's what I've been seeing since Rose moved into the starting lineup. A great rebounder who can't defend his man or the rim, creates numerous bad possessions on offense, and pouts when the pressure's on, is not a winner no matter what team you put him on. And the front office may not pay him max, but he's not going to get many suitors (just like the trade market right now) so I'm seeing a good chance they bring him back. No matter the price, it's not worth the negative impact on a team that needs to rebuild with new faces and a new identity.
  3. Yep, and 3.6 Turnovers per game as well...not even counting his wasted possessions that don't count as official turnovers. I'll happily make that trade off and get a couple less ORBs.
  4. When a rebound comes off the boards, someone is going to grab it, and that's usually the team on defense. Without Dre, someone else will grab those boards. Maybe we'll give up a couple extra offensive rebounds per game, but it's hardly the biggest issue with this team and I'll take it over the number of turnovers and lost possessions Dre creates on the offensive end.
  5. But 9 turnovers might have helped the lottery push.
  6. This. Unfortunately, that Dre trade is looking less and less likely every day. And I can't imagine Gores allowing a trade of the one player (Rose) who 10 fans are paying actual money to come out and see. That image of the car might as well be the Pistons franchise. What a wreck.
  7. Thanks! I'll be watching the 04 Pistons this weekend so I can remember what good basketball looks like.
  8. It matters because you want to get something, even a second rounder for him. Not doing so is just bad asset management. It also matters because you want to tank and get a better pick. I also wouldn’t mind moving our free cash to a better free agent year. Plus, you don’t want to give this front office another shot at singing him to an extension lest you doom yourself to 5 more years of this. Additionally, trading Dre would officially signal the rebuild and other minor trades that need to happen (Galloway, Rose) to start piling up picks. Not trading him leaves you still in the middle of the road if you’re Dre you opt out because you’re not thinking about 28 mil vs 20 mil. You’re thinking about the life of a guaranteed nba contract. So it’s comparing 28 mil to 100 mil.
  9. I don’t need a first. Give me a high second and maybe a young player that’s rotting on someone’s bench. But he must be shipped out before the deadline. To hang on to him is ridiculous at this point. You’ll get nothing when he walks (bad) or sign him to a long term deal (worse) that leaves you In the same mediocre spot for the next 5 years.
  10. Perkins is garbage. No argument there. But at least you don't look up the word "weak" in the dictionary and see a picture of his face. KD didn't need to go to Golden State, he needed to go see the Wizard of Oz, because he's got no heart.
  11. Welcome to the team. We meet at the bar to drown our sorrows.
  12. It’s difficult. But there’s usually some random guy on the other team going off so that’s always fun.
  13. Can you imagine the New York media unleashed on Drummond?
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