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  1. 2018 NBA Trade Deadline

    Go get Kemba. Now.
  2. 2018 NBA Trade Deadline

    Same thing I said about Biyombo applies here. I'll take TT and move Drummond for a playmaker in a heartbeat.
  3. 2018 NBA Trade Deadline

    Someone mentioned a trade for Biyombo. Someone else said he's not worth the pay for a backup Center in place of Moreland. I agree with both of you. How's that? Well, he's not worth it for a backup. However, bringing him in allows you to move Drummond. That's your best trade chip (along with some youth and/or picks) to bring in a real playmaker. I'd happily start Biyombo and an All-Star at the 1 or 3 position over Drummond and the table scraps it might take to get Biyombo.
  4. 2018 NBA Trade Deadline

    Reggie being injured hurts because you'd really like to include him a package headed out the door but teams may be more reluctant to take on an injured player who just came off a different injury.
  5. Game 39: Pistons @ Pelicans

    This was some of the worst coaching I've ever seen. SVG continues to boggle my mind. He can't call a play to save his life, his rotations are terrible, and he clearly can't motivate the team. Stan the GM hasn't fared much better. This team is poorly put together with zero playmakers, low athleticism, and a bunch of big contracts for guys who can't/don't play. If the goal is to be a 7-9 seed and get bounced first round (if we get in), then great, by all means keep doing what you're doing. If the goal is to turn things around, then little tweaks aren't going to do it. You've got to make some major moves, and that pretty much has to start with your centerpiece - Drummond.
  6. Game 38: Rockets @ Pistons

    Standouts in that chart are Drummond, Jackson, Galloway, Leuer, and Boban...oh, and Josh Smith. That's the trade list. And add Stanley to that list just because he's garbage.
  7. Game 36: Pistons @ Heat

    If some other team wants to lend us a better SF, then I'm happy to play him over both Stanley and Bullock. Until then, the point is that the team is better off when Stanley is DNP.
  8. Game 36: Pistons @ Heat

    Can we just keep Stanley out for the rest of the year? More shots for guys who can actually shoot would be nice. Using the eye test, Bullock is just as good (if not better) at defending the SF position, especially watching what he did with Leonard in the last game.
  9. Avery Bradley accused of sexual assault

    This means nothing to me. Athletes, movie stars, politicians, musicians, and others with lots of money/power will always have accusations against them. Some will be legitimate, others will simply be people trying to get some of their money/power. When the courts decide a crime was committed, then I'll let it influence my opinion of them...unless it's Kobe, in which case I couldn't stand the guy anyway
  10. Game 32: Knicks @ Pistons

    No. 20M/yr with the same contract length as Reggie. Plus, he's 31. In some ways I think he'd be an upgrade (defense), but not enough to warrant that contract and it doesn't solve the big issue (finding a playmaker).
  11. Game 31: Pistons @ Mavs

    I get that and I agree. They're an average team. It's not the number of losses for me, it's the trend I see in why they lose that bothers me. It tells the tale of a capped out team with a lack of playmakers, so they have a low ceiling in an NBA that's trending towards positionless basketball centered around guys who can make plays with the ball in their hands. Bottom line they need to make moves to bring in a playmaker or two if they want to achieve the goal of becoming a top 4 team that can win a round in the playoffs, because passing the ball around the perimeter and hoping the defense sags off of you isn't going to work in the postseason just like it doesn't work against teams that overplay you in the regular season. You gotta have someone that can beat the pressure, force the defense to shift, and create opportunities for himself and his teammates with the ball in his hands.
  12. Game 31: Pistons @ Mavs

    Unless there's a trend. Which there is.
  13. Bradley out for at least a week

    Is it too late to trade Stanley and Kennard for Booker and Mitchell?
  14. Game 31: Pistons @ Mavs

    Another team that overplays the passing lanes and crowds the shooter, another loss. If you can't beat that type of defense you can't win consistently in the NBA and certainly not in the postseason. Sure would be nice to have a guy with the athleticism and burst to get into the lane and blow by the overextending defense. If only there was a guy like in the draft we could've grabbed.
  15. Game 30: Magic @ Pistons

    Sign me up.