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  1. Sounds like his choice of wording had the desired effect.
  2. What a mess. The last few months before the draft usually results in a ton of movement in the rankings. A lot of kids who could have moved up aren't going to get that chance and NBA teams are going to be gambling more in this draft due to their being less information and no tournament. Pistons finally get on the right track to reboot the franchise and this is the worst possible year I can ever recall for it to happen. Not only will they not the get the high pick they should have due to an incomplete season, the draft is going to require an even better crystal ball than usual.
  3. I like Dinwiddie's idea.
  4. I had this game "circled" on the schedule. It was a key loss. Next circled game is the one against the Warriors. We still have games against the TWolves, Hawks, and Knicks in the last 10 days of the season that could be critical as well.
  5. Question his sense, but love his passion and engagement. Even with all of his crazy, I'd take him over Gores any day.
  6. Reports were that the Pistons were looking for a lottery pick. They should have taken anything they could get, just to stockpile picks and further the tanking. What good does a veteran like Rose do you right now? But, I've also heard that Rose can choose to veto any trade as part of his contract, so maybe it was his choice not to go and the franchise just isn't saying that in the media...?
  7. Well, good times would be had by all of us fans if the Pistons got the first pick in the draft this year. I mean, it would be dy-no-mite.
  8. I remember watching Donta in Summer League and there were times when I was really impressed and many other times where I thought, "Oh, that's why he's not in the NBA." Still pretty young though, so it's all on his work ethic and willingness to listen to coaches.
  9. Bit of a miss by this front office not to trade him either last year or this year to even get a late second round pick. But, dumping him now is better than waiting, so I'm glad he's gone and I don't have to watch him flailing around on defense anymore. Now it's time to free Rose to go to LA or Philly and ride Brown/Bone for the remainder of the year at PG. Let's fight for one of those top 3 lottery spots.
  10. I'm actually a very happy ex. That's someone else's hot mess to deal with now. Doesn't mean I won't have a good chuckle at his new partner's expense though.
  11. But the Cavs have Dre now, so surely that will change. That guy's a winner...I mean, look at his stats! That must mean something... Or not.
  12. Gotta hand it to the NBA, the All Star game for the past two seasons has been a lot of fun to watch and pretty competitive. Also, Gordon got robbed again in the dunk contest. I feel bad for that guy.
  13. Trading Rose and Galloway was never about the low pick you’d get for them. I mean, yes, more picks is better when you’re rebuilding. But it was about maximizing the tanking. A top 3 pick is better than the 6th pick and those guys help you win...which doesn’t help the lottery balls. Development doesn’t matter much until you’ve landed that star. That’s when the rebuild starts. Until then you’re still in tear down and need to be as bad as possible.
  14. It did. In the midst of a day full of flight delays and travel issues, but nothing can bring me down now.
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