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  1. I think they try to strike a balance. They want these players to spend time with the pros players, trainers, practices, etc, but they also want them to get game time at Grand Rapids.
  2. So...time to rebuild this thing yet? Someone wake Gores up from his bourbon coma.
  3. Also, Biyambo led the Hornets in scoring...that was Dre’s assignment, in case you were wondering.
  4. Pretty much summed up Dre in one play. And Rozier buries the triple with the found possession.
  5. I watch every game, even the blowouts from start to finish, as I've done since 2001. He doesn't play winning basketball and he does chase stats. Watch him snatch rebounds from teammates, increase his drives to the cup, and take worse shots as the game goes on when he doesn't have his double double yet. It's so predictable at this point after watching it year after year. But it's not all about the eye test. GMs have countless number crunchers on their payroll and they see more than the total stat line, which is simply a product of usage. There are 41 Centers who play over 20 minutes a game - how does Dre look against them? Usage is in the top 10 at 24.6 - hence the total stats His assist to turnover ratio is in the bottom 10 He's responsible for 31% of the team's turnovers Opponents points in the paint are second highest at 34.8 Opponents second chance points are highest at 10.1 Opponents points off turnovers are highest at 14.2 True Shooting percentage 26th (57%) The fact is that his "All Star" stats are usage based. His offensive possessions would be better served going to somebody else and his defense isn't much better. Yes, he's big and gets a lot of rebounds in a lot of minutes, and guys get out of his way so he can get more. None of this is high IQ, winning basketball and most NBA GM know it.
  6. Great season should make Dre easy to trade, right? ...or maybe other GMs actually watch the games and understand the difference between stat chasing and playing winning basketball.
  7. Thon Maker, in there for his defense...oh, wait.
  8. Haha Dre. Stop driving. You’re making it harder to trade you.
  9. It'd be tough for me not to accept a decent offer from Charlotte if it gets Dre off the roster and doesn't cost us any 1st rounders. But, just to toss out some examples: Dre for Biyombo, Williams, and a 1st round pick - Pretty straightforward swap of expiring contracts. Charlotte gets the more valuable player and Dre's bird rights, so they send us a 1st to compensate. We might have to toss in another player to make rosters work, but that's easy enough. Dre for Batum, a 1st round pick, and a couple of second rounders - Charlotte gets Dre for this season, gets his rights, and doesn't have to worry about Batum exercising his contract for next season. I'll take that risk in exchange for some draft picks and the ability to push our cap space out of this terrible offseason. Dre for Zeller, Gilchrist, and a 1st - Middle ground between options 1 and 2. We get to push some of our cap space into next season and get a 1st. They get Dre for this season's playoff push and his bird rights. Dre, Thon, and Kennard for Biyombo, Williams, Monk, and 2 future firsts - Just upping the stakes here. Toss in Luke to sweeten the deal and get an extra first, plus Monk. I'm happy to make it Galloway instead if they prefer an expiring over Luke. These are just a few options. There really are a ton of deals that work with the contracts on these teams. Our problem is a big, drunken roadblock named Tom.
  10. Love my Pistons, but not sure I can make that sacrifice and come back to the cold. This part makes me both sad and angry at the same time.
  11. And that's why I'm ok with Luke being included to sweeten the pot on a Dre deal and maybe get a 1st rounder out of it. Lots of teams have shooters, but many of them can also play some defense. Luke gives up as much as he gets.
  12. More opportunities for the Pistons to back into the playoffs and have Gores think it's working.
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