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  1. Exactly. How many hundreds of millions does one need to enjoy their last few decades on Earth? She did alright.
  2. Late to the party here, but I like the overall draft direction. This team has drafted the "safe" guys with low ceiling for too long. Maybe Doumbouya works out, maybe not, but I like the swing for the fences move on a guy with a lot of potential. I also like the push to acquire more guys with length and athleticism in both the draft and trade market. Now they just need to find a way to move Dre and Reggie before those guys infect the new crew.
  3. People sometimes underestimate the Warrior's defense in light of their amazing prowess on offense, but they will shut Toronto's weak offense down. That means transition opportunities for GS that will neutralize a lot of Toronto's better defensive matchups and length. I'll be rooting for Toronto, but they really don't have a chance outside of a Curry injury.
  4. I'll be rooting for Toronto, mostly because they aren't Golden State, even though I don't hate them as much as long as KD isn't playing. Still, I expect it to be a sweep, or a Gentleman's Sweep (4-1) at best. The NBA finals happened a few weeks ago.
  5. So funny how shocked the media is that GS won. Really? The team that won 72 games and an NBA championship? Durant just makes it all silly, but they’re still the best team in the league even without him. Also D’antoni is just a terrible, terrible coach. Watching (and rooting for) the Rockets (because they aren’t the Warriors) is just painful. Anytime your entire offense consists of dribbling for 18 seconds and then taking a contested step back three, you’re a bad coach. If the Pistons took the shots the Rockets took they wouldn’t score 30 pts per game. That talent deserves a better coach. Imagine what those players could do with open shots that come from ball and player movement.
  6. Hit those free throws Jokic! I wanted a 5th OT.
  7. This game is epic. So much fun.
  8. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26657280/nets-russell-cited-marijuana-possession D'angelo caught at the airport with weed. Not a wise move going into free agency.
  9. Is there any rule that says you can't be head coach and player? We all know that's really what's happening here. Heck, let him be the GM too. That worked pretty well in Cleveland with the Smith, Shumpert, and Thompson contracts he pressured them into signing and then complained that he didn't have enough help.
  10. Those Kawhi stats are just crazy. Wow. Also, anybody remember that one year when Kyle Lowry was in shape? They could really use some of that right now.
  11. Just hand the Warriors their rings now and thank the NBA for botching the cap increase so bad that it made the playoffs a waste of time for the past three years. Pretty disappointing knowing that no other team even has a chance at beating them. Watching Denver and Portland flail at each other can be kind of fun in the moment, but it's kind of like watching a couple of Pug's go at it, knowing that there's a Pit Bull around the corner - pointless.
  12. Houston trying to pass the ball with Harden and Paul out of the game...comical. They just don't know how to play that way. It's one on one or nothing. Wonder if Harden will come back in with an eye patch. With that beard he's going to look like a pirate.
  13. I'm in for that. Getting rid of Reggie and Leuer is nothing but a plus for the Pistons. Conley is worth the 15th pick since we aren't in rebuild mode anyway.
  14. I didn't say nobody would give up picks for Blake. In fact, I've been on this board consistently saying we should dump everyone for picks and young players and criticizing the organization for not being aggressive enough in free agency to make a deal happen even if it means taking less value in return. Problem is, Gores won't do it. With that being the case, they need to make moves for All-Star caliber players even if it means moving draft picks. Go all in if that's the route you're taking. The alternative is being the 8 seed over and over.
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