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  1. And Joker gets foul 4 just 1 minute in to the 3rd.
  2. Got to be getting close to a record number of fouls called for one team in this quarter.
  3. Probably won’t be close with Denver’s three best players on the bench for much of the second with 3 fouls each.
  4. Pretty sure the Lakers didn’t need the refs help, but there it is. Second quarter is 8 on 5.
  5. Yeah, I'd probably go Pop, Carlisle, Spo, Stevens, Nurse. I'm not buying Kerr until I see what he can do without a team full of superstars and MVPs.
  6. Wow, Miami. Butler has a terrible night and they still win. During the Lebron days I used to think Spo was just a cardboard cutout, but man has he proven me wrong. Love the fight in his teams. They always seem to play above their talent level. I know it won't happen from the Western side, but I'd love to see Miami vs Denver in the finals.
  7. Speaking based upon how it works in most businesses, the CSO would have a very different role than the GM. The GM is very much an execution oriented role. He goes out and makes the phone calls and does the deals. The CSO is responsible for coordinating the strategy across all functions - not just player related. Things like where/how the company markets themselves, demographics they go after for sales, overall image they are shooting for, and maybe even how all of that combines with the types of players they go after. He will decide the strategy for the entire Kings brand. He makes the 5 year plan and make's sure each department is setting their goals and initiatives to coincide with that overall direction. It can be a pretty powerful position that reaches into every part of an organization. But, in the King's org with Joe at the helm, it's sure to be a train wreck.
  8. This Denver team. So much fight. Can’t say I’m sad about another Doc team getting sent home, but it’s looking more and more likely the Lakers take another ring. Ugh.
  9. I'm pinning all my hopes on whoever comes out of that series because I'm not sure any of the Eastern Conference teams can beat the Lakers.
  10. Westbrook is basically the opposite of what this team needs.
  11. As much as I despise the Lakers, I'm so glad that Houston experiment got destroyed. Now who's going to take down these Lakers?
  12. He definitely struggled. Especially against Jalen's defense.
  13. I assume the season would be shortened by 2 months, but your point still stands. That's still a long time in a bubble.
  14. Great info, Del, thanks for sharing that stuff. Definitely sounds like Okoro is the better physical prospect.
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