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  1. A bit worried about Grant. The last two games Houston and Philadelphia have basically sent all 5 guys at Grant. Every other Pistons player on the floor was allowed to do whatever he wanted. Grant shot 26% from the floor last night and 15% tonight.
  2. Plumlee might be the worst starting C in the league.
  3. There are two very different versions of Bey. The good version is the guy who relaxes and lets the game come to him. Mostly a catch and shoot type player. The comically bad version is the one who tries to take people off the bounce. Don't do that.
  4. DJ Chachi is performing during timeouts. I half expected it to be Scott Baio.
  5. I think I will like live betting. Grabbed Philly -1.5 +105 when the Pistons grabbed an early lead.
  6. One sad thing confirmed. No prop bets allowed.
  7. We live in wild times. Sort of glad this happened. I saw the tweet from Citron and it was pretty condescending. Something like, we know short selling better than you and we will explain it to you on our live stream. GameStop stock halts trading after Reddit drama
  8. Some comments after looking around a bit. I can't login on my PC at all. None of the four sites I signed up will authenticate my location. I run a bunch of security stuff on my PC. VPN, uBlock, WebRTC blocker, and even Pi Hole on a Raspberry Pi. I assume one or all of those are messing up the geolocating plugin. Phone authenticates just fine. Maybe when I get some time I will talk with support at one of the sites. Or possibly just buy a tablet and use that. The promotions. OMG the promotions. The amount of email I get is amazing. The most of the books have promotions on their home screens. Odds booster, free bet up to $500 on first deposit, etc. I used most of my free bets on the Chiefs -3 or -3.5. DK had to use the full $100 as one bet. FanDuel had to use the $50 on one bet. BetMGM was nice and instead of making you use the full $100, they split it into two $50 bets. I saved one and might do some live betting tonight. Checked the casinos for craps and didn't see it. I played Baccarat at BetMGM. I know BJ has slightly better odds, but I didn't want to do anything thinking. Just wanted to mash buttons and Baccarat is perfect for that. Looks like all the casino bonuses are 15x play through. So that might be tough to do. Overall things seem good. I don't bet much outside of the NBA playoffs and some college football. By the time the playoffs come around I'm sure I will have money on all 9 books so I can line shop.
  9. Did we just open Pandora's box? I was in meetings at noon when sports betting went live. After I stuck around for staff meal and was blown away at how many people were already playing the casino on their phones. I'm the biggest free will type person you will meet. But something feels bad about this.
  10. OSU (Cade Cunningham) will host #2 Baylor Saturday at 2PM on CBS.
  11. The article I read said they are also looking to develop a series around Robert's Rebellion. They supposedly met with Bruno Heller. I guess he was the one who created/wrote Rome.
  12. Yep. He was fouled but after the horn. Grant needs to understand how much time is on the clock in that situation.
  13. WTF was Grant thinking. He didn't have enough time for all that dribbling.
  14. And of course Blake hits a huge three right after that.
  15. I know Grant is struggling. But I don't like going to Griffin with under a minute left.
  16. Ellington and Wright have been fantastic tonight. Grant is really struggling.
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