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  1. Game 29: Pistons @ Pacers

    Bradley out with a right adductor strain. Luke gets the start.
  2. NBA Info - December 2017

    Speaking of Bird. LeBron tied him for sixth all time in triple double. Bird did it in about 250 less games.
  3. NBA Info - December 2017

    Are you kidding me. Talk about out of touch. Shabazz Muhammad Expected $20M Per Season In Free Agency
  4. Game 28: Pistons @ Hawks

    Don't anger the injury gods.
  5. Vegas State of Mind Thread

    Not sure I have ever made it to the end of The Hustler. I love the pool scene at the start but always turn it off when he meets the girl at the bus station.
  6. Game 28: Pistons @ Hawks

    34 https://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pgl_finder.cgi?request=1&match=game&year_min=2007&year_max=2018&is_playoffs=N&age_min=0&age_max=99&season_start=1&season_end=-1&pos_is_g=Y&pos_is_gf=Y&pos_is_f=Y&pos_is_fg=Y&pos_is_fc=Y&pos_is_c=Y&pos_is_cf=Y&player_id=ilyaser01&order_by=pts
  7. Game 28: Pistons @ Hawks

    Andre has no shot making skills around the rim.
  8. Game 28: Pistons @ Hawks

    Good to get back on track. Even if it is the Hawks.
  9. Game 28: Pistons @ Hawks

    I tend to agree with this. But man would they miss his offense.
  10. Game 28: Pistons @ Hawks

    Ilyasova with 9 quick points. It took him a week to score 9 points when he played here.
  11. Random Thread

    RIP old friend. AOL Instant Messenger Officially Ends Its 20-Year Run on Friday
  12. NBA Info - December 2017

    Bird is a pretty funny guy. Jack McCallum tells this story in his Dream Team book. Him and another reporter asked Magic if they could get a pic taken with the team right before a game.
  13. Game 28: Pistons @ Hawks

    You need to submit a qualify offer to put him into restricted free agency. If you dont he is unrestricted and you can't match any offer. I know it sounds dumb to even worry about matching an offer for SJ. But you have to submit those offers in the summer. So what if they don't and he explodes next year? And then he's unrestricted and you can't stop him from leaving. Bad business. Plus the 5th year QO isn't like the 3rd and 4th year extension options. Extensions can't be retracted. A QO can be pulled before he signs it if the team wants.
  14. NBA Info - December 2017

    Barkley would have been great. Especially drunk Barkley.
  15. NBA Info - December 2017

    I love him.