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  1. It was done to create cap space for Grant. When you stretch a guy you do it for the amount of years left on his deal +1 year. So 5 total for Dedmon. You take the amount of money he had guaranteed and divide it over those years. Dedmon had $13M this year and only $1M next for a total of $14M over 5 years with is about $2.8M per year. That is the Pistons cap hit for the next 5 years. Plumlee received a 3/$25M deal. If its a flat structure you are looking at $8.3M per year. If it is stepped with raises this years number could be somewhere around $7M. So keeping Dedmon = $13M cap hit. Stretching Dedmon plus picking up Plumlee = $2.8M + $8.3M (And could be lower) for a total of $11.1M or roughly $2m in cap space created.
  2. I guess. I also think you could argue letting AD have that shot (Career 31% from three) is OK compared to trying a switch and Lebron rolling to the basket. If Grant switches, Lebron has Plumlee on his back with the ball on the baseline that is an easy dunk.
  3. Not sure if it was Grant or Plumlee. But someone screwed up bad.
  4. Makes me sad they can't even mention Apple. Forbes reported that Apple has been hiring a ton of new people in cloud infrastructure positions. Would be nice if they created their own service.
  5. I do like the Randy Macho Man Savage glasses.
  6. Toyota Gazoo Racing won the overall Le Mans for the 3rd year in a row in the LMP1 class. Good weekend for Aston Martin. They won both GT classes. Next year will be the first year for the hypercar which is replacing LMP1. I also noticed they are introducing a hydrogen fuel cell class in 2024.
  7. Ty Lawson continues to implode his career. Ty Lawson reportedly banned from Chinese Basketball Association after 'inappropriate words'
  8. Le Mans looks pretty awesome at night. Motor Trend TV if you want to watch.
  9. That show should change its name to just Dancing with the. Because there aint no stars on that ************.
  10. Boston building a nice lead they can blow later on.
  11. Smart move to target Robinson since he is an awful defender.
  12. Considering he lost at home to Georgia Tech, they are probably in no rush to get him back.
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