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  1. **** that. UL football players required to be RCAF donors, per new rule by Coach Billy Napier
  2. I think he would have. He also turned down 2/$40M from NO right after he injured his Achilles. I wonder if this was all the same leg. Achilles, quad, now the knee. Curious if they are related.
  3. Getting beat by a bunch of G-League players probably isn't good.
  4. Not much to discuss during the off time. Ferrari with the black nose cone and no sponsors. This was a tribute on the first race after 9/11. I guess they also did the black nose cone when the Pope died, but with sponsors.
  5. Joseph Tsai just paid $2.35 billion for the remaining 51% of the Nets that he didn't already own. Mikhail Prokhorov is out and I think that means Tsai now owns 100% of the team. That means the Nets valuation is around $4.5M. The Rockets were the previous highest sale at $2.2B.
  6. It hurts having so much talent on the west coast.
  7. They play Indiana 3 times in their first 10 games. Good for Detroit since Oladipo wont be back yet. 6 of their last 8 games are on the road. I count 11 back to backs. No clue on how often they play 3 in 4 nights or 5 in 7. Looks like 3 national TV games. Usually they head out west right at the start of the year. But this year their first big west coast trip ins't until the end of December. Six game trip, 5 out west and the sixth is in Cleveland.
  8. I love fans. Max is taking crap today for wearing this Rolex instead of a Tag Heuer. Tag Heuer is a sponsor for Red Bull so I agree he should wear one. And in this pic he is clearly wearing a Rolex Daytona. But it amazes me people think to look at a guys watch in a picture.
  9. Schedule comes out today at 3PM. Opening night and Christmas day games already were announced, so not much really left to care about.
  10. Red Bull announced that starting with Belgium Gasly will be driving for Toro Rosso and Alex Albon will be promoted to Red Bull. I'm torn. I hate Red Bull but have really started to like Albon. Interested to see what he can do with the chance. https://redbullracing.redbull.com/article/alex-joins-team
  11. I have a horrible feeling they are going after Chris Paul when he is eligible to be traded in September. Something like Jackson, Galloway, French guy, and a 1st round pick for CP3.
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