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  1. IndyCar is at Road America this weekend. Looks like a nice track but I doubt F1 would be interested in going to Wisconsin. Sort of odd seeing fans in attendance. But I have been watching some Australian rugby and they also have fans.
  2. No truth to the rumor that Lando will host Brian Sipe and Ozzie Newsome in his paddock next week. You younger folks look up Kardiac Kids for that reference.
  3. After seeing the replay I might have been a bit hard on Daniel. Stroll probably deserves a penalty here. It was reviewed and they announced no further action taken. But how do you let a guy go so hard into a corner he can't even keep his own car on the track? He exceeded track limits to make his pass IMO. https://streamable.com/jn5a0r
  4. Is that the guy that used the racial **** on his live stream? Is there a path back to NASCAR for him? A few years running lower circuits while he repairs his reputation. Or is he just completely done and has no shot driving at the level ever again?
  5. Relevant because they are in their own bubble at Disney.
  6. Max going back at Bottas after getting passed the first time was fantastic driving. Albon was a huge disappointment today. Before Max pitted to try for the fastest lap Albon was a good 40 seconds behind him. He was absolutely no help to Max today in. I don't expect him to compete for the WDC or anything like that. But he has to keep within 5 to 10 seconds to help with pit strategies. I thought Daniel got caught sleeping when Stroll passed him. Lewis is the first Styrian GP winner, and possibly the last.
  7. What a joke. Charles doing his monster truck impersonation and trying to climb over Vettel.
  8. I thought it was a ***** move of Woj to send that. Also thought it was a ***** move by the Senator to make it public.
  9. Thybulle with the day 1 video.
  10. I have to tip my hat to Binotto for the consistency he has developed at Ferrari. ****ty when its dry, ****ty when its wet.
  11. I don't care that it's raining. Russell is in Q2!
  12. Musk a lot higher on this list than I assumed. Bloomberg Billionaires Index Is #18 Ponyboy's mother? Sorry.
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