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  1. Apparently some book already has win totals out. You're a degen if you bet before the draft and free agency. But...Brooklyn over, Denver over, Golden State under, Minnesota over, Knicks under, Sacramento over.
  2. A Growing Problem in Real Estate: Too Many Too Big Houses Building a 7,500 square foot home for two people seems silly. We're at about 3,700 sqft and it seems massive, I cant imagine double that. And we have two fully functional home offices in ours, so its not like rooms are going unused. We are going to have a big shortage of starter homes. I can't even think of the last time I saw a 2-3 bedroom, 1500 sqft home being built. No wonder younger people buy houses later in life now. They can't just jump into some 4-5 bedroom house at 28.
  3. Let the stupid season begin.
  4. Looks like Toronto will be giving Greg Monroe a championship ring. They are also giving one to Delon Wright. Which means the Gasol brothers are not the only brothers with a championship ring.
  5. Woj reporting that the deal will be done on July 6th. Good. The Pelicans already got hosed in this deal, no need to help LA more.
  6. The Lakers need to win this year while Golden State is recovering. If Durant and Klay are back to full strength next year, Golden State probably dominates the conference again. Plus, Lebron will be 36-37 at that time. Not real hopeful of someone that age leading a deep playoff run.
  7. Probably missed. Sounds like they were close to adding him last year. I assume they would have if not for all of the injuries that killed their playoff chances. With that thin roster, they are going to need about 5 more Melo's to sigh with them.
  8. Toyota won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race this weekend. Alonso was one of the drivers. I saw a quote from Zak Brown the other day. I guess the World Endurance Championship series just finalized some new rules. He said he liked the looks of them and thinks McLaren might start a team.
  9. I imagine Rob Pelinka's phone has about 38 missed calls from Carmelo Anthony's agent.
  10. The Pelicans are on of the worst shooting teams in the league. The new players three point%. Ingram 33%. Ball 32%. Hart 33%. Zion? Biggest question with him is shooting. He shot 33% in college, which is bad. League average for 3PT% is just above 36%. If Miller doesn't come back, E'Twaun Moore will be the only player on the roster who shoots above league average from three. But hey, the league doesn't revolve around shooting. I feel bad for SF since this is his second team after Detroit. Watching the Pelicans is going to be brutal.
  11. See you in 7 years when Zion is forcing a trade.
  12. Then they really got hosed. But I suppose their hands were tied with him forcing a trade.
  13. The Pelicans shouldn't wait.
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