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  1. If I was NO I would shoot for another year in the lottery to get more talent. No need to get into the playoffs just because GSW had a ton of injuries. Probably the same with Memphis, although I think they have a lot more talent than NO does.
  2. Sacramento is probably the team I'm the most disappointed with this year. I really expected them to push for a playoff spot.
  3. If this drops the price under $300 I might think about buying. Boeing is in talks to borrow $10 billion or more as 737 Max crisis wears on
  4. Things appear to be pretty bad for Delonte West. Sounds like he caught a beating in the street this morning. Video Appears to Show Former NBA Player Delonte West Following Alleged Altercation
  5. Lucky for me I have 40+ years of Lions experience to prepare me for this.
  6. The Pistons like to please everyone. Win just enough to keep the 8th seed in sight. But probably never reach it. Lose just enough to keep a top 3 pick in sight. But probably never reach it.
  7. There was a foreign article posted about daddy Stroll and Aston Martin. Someone translated and it said even if his takeover is successful, things are so bad at Aston Martin that they cant afford to sponsor an F1 team. So probably no British racing green this year.
  8. Bovada has 5 different prop bets related to the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Other odd things you can bet on for that game: Amount of Trump Tweets that day. How the S&P500 will do based on the result of the game. The price of Bitcoin during the game. What will the MVP mention first in his interview. Teammates are the favorite at +160 but the big guy is a close second at +190. Will Trump attend the game. Will Fox mention the spread or O/U during their broadcast. Yes +215 No -300. Yes seems like nice value, even more so if pregame is included. You can also bet on which commercials will appear first. Bud or Bud Light. Audi or VW. Trump or Bloomberg. Quite a few more of these. Will Shakira and JLo twerk during the halftime show. I say bet no on that and you win either way. How many times will A-Rod be shown during the halftime show. 93 prop bets in total.
  9. Their new logo was released.
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