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  1. Mercedes breaking down their garage and packing it up to ship off to the next destination. The logistics of F1 fascinate me almost as much as the actual racing. https://streamable.com/stu8m
  2. Maybe it involves cutting Andre.
  3. Not trying to dismiss the play from Patterson. But the WR's have already dropped 3 or 4 balls that hit them right in the hands.
  4. We lost to the team that lost to Illinois. We beat the team that beat Wisconsin! So confused.
  5. I heard someone suggest LCA shouldn't change the seats from red to black like they are doing. Instead change each seat to the green screen color and CGI in some fans.
  6. Screwball? Can you hit the 1 iron? A buddy had one and I dropped a few balls during a round to try it out. Not much luck with that.
  7. Sam Amick from The Athletic wrote an article about Indiana shopping Sabonis.
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