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  1. Deleterious

    Game 27: Celtics @ Pistons

    Supposedly those are the Menendez brothers. After they killed their parents, before being arrested.
  2. Deleterious

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    It would be easier to stomach taking a chance on a player like that if he was making $3M-$5M a year. But he is due $30M the next 3 years. I can't eat up 10% of my cap on a player whos ceiling seems to be Tony Allen. Especially a team like Detroit who is in cap **** and lacking shooters. It also doesn't match up with their win now crusade. He is a few years away from contributing to a winning team. Back to the cap again. You can't eat up that much of it on a player who wont contribute much if you want to win now. Of course, I just describe 75% of their roster, so I wonder what number Fultz will wear here.
  3. Deleterious

    2018 college football thread

    Ferris State plays for the DII national title today at 4PM on ESPNU. They would be 16-0 this year if they win.
  4. Deleterious

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    The Bulls lol. Jabari Parker is no longer in their regular rotation. Pistons should try to trade for him. He was the #2 pick for a reason.
  5. Deleterious

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    I can't find anyone who will actually break down Fultz and his game and give me 3+ reasons the Pistons should get him. It's all just, "He was the #1 pick for a reason." That seems incredibly short sighted in evaluating a player.
  6. Deleterious

    Game 26: Pistons @ Hornets

    It isn't any different than an off the ball foul during a shot. If he was on the court before the shot, it shouldn't count. If he comes on after the shot is up, its a tech and the basket counts.
  7. Deleterious

    Game 26: Pistons @ Hornets

    Good try.
  8. Deleterious

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    The Pistons are going to sell their soul for a first round exit.
  9. Deleterious

    2018-2019 In Season Moves and Rumors

    I hate LeBron so I haven't watched many Laker games this year. But KCP was two different players last year. While he was in jail he was bad, really bad. But once out he was pretty solid. Look at his splits last year. He was serving time in December and look how bad he shot. https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/c/caldwke01/splits/2018 Since people will ask. He was in some work release program. He was technically locked up at night, but could participate in practice and games (In California) while serving his sentence.
  10. Deleterious

    Random Thread

    That works. BK is counting on you buying some fries and a drink. So maybe instead, show me you ordered the 1¢ Whopper and I will give you a small fry and small Coke for $1 or something like that.
  11. Deleterious


    I said it a year ago and still firmly believe this. There isn't a single crytpo coin worth anything. All the value is in the blockchain technology they are built on.
  12. Deleterious

    Game 25: Pistons @ 76ers

    I wonder if sitting Drummond for this game might be the best option.
  13. Deleterious

    Game 24: Pelicans @ Pistons

    Yeah, every/most box scores have that. What I meant was no site has a filter to pull out the condition you mentioned. You would have to go into each individual game, sort the starters from the bench, etc.
  14. Deleterious

    Game 24: Pelicans @ Pistons

    This is why I think SVG was the worse GM. Dumars had bigger individual mistakes, but overall SVG was far worse with the shape he left the organization in. Missing the playoffs last year and right up against the luxury tax? Just awful. Currently over the luxury tax and will probably struggle to make the playoffs? Inexcusable. Notice I said luxury tax, not salary cap. Every team struggles with the salary cap. But the Pistons have gone a step beyond and struggle with the luxury tax. Dumars never did that for all of his faults. He always left room to maneuver. The only reason to be up against or over the luxury tax is if you are making a finals run. Conference finals at the bare minimum.