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  1. Watched him play against Bates earlier this year. I was pretty impressed. But he needs to put on 50 pounds just to be considered skinny.
  2. Again, I called him a bust long before the Pistons drafted him or were even interested in him. I have posts going back to last March on why I did not like Hayes.
  3. I conceded they are both tall and skinny so the physical comps don't mean much to me. I care about a guys game and what he does on the court. The only link you posted that even comes close to addressing that is the first one. He doesn't tell us why. You don't tell us why. I gave like 5 reasons why the Bosh comp is bad. Why can't anyone give reasons why it is good? And BTW, your pro scouts. NBA Draft Room? He also comps Mobley to LMA, which makes me shake my head more than the Bosh comp.
  4. I wonder if they will have a new car to release in 2023 or will they build it on the SF90 Stradale platform. I wouldn't mind a LaFerrari return but that was a one time limited run of 500 cars. Not sure if I posted it a few months ago or not. But they also decided against joining IndyCar as an team or manufacturer. This is exciting. We should have Porsche, Audi, Peugeot, Toyota, and Ferrari competing in the top class. Would love to see an American company like Chevy or Ford throw their hat in the ring.
  5. I hate fans. Already seeing people that want to give Lee an extension to take him off his 2 way contract.
  6. One blood relative ****** another blood relative.
  7. Lee with 21 points on 8-11 3-3 shooting. Smith with 14 points on 6-9 2-3 shooting.
  8. Lee has 13 points with 6 minutes left in the 2nd quarter.
  9. Bey totally missed that rotation. Plumlee switched onto Fournier and Bey just Let Vucevic walk down to the rim unguarded.
  10. Quick start for Smith. He has 7 of the Pistons first 14 points.
  11. It mostly reads like what I said above. Givony is the best in the business IMO so I put a lot of faith in his opinion.
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