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  1. The Pacers filed tampering charges against the Lakers regarding Paul George.
  2. I'm all for buying stuff online. But shoes are something I need to try on to buy.
  3. Bitcoin is over $4,000 now.
  4. Wrap it up, hand the title to the Heat right now. Jordan Mickey Agrees Upon Two-Year Deal With Heat
  5. I'm guessing we saw similar drop off predictions from you last year regarding LeBron.
  6. LeBron is in great shape, the regular season minute numbers mean almost nothing. The last third of the season they will start to sit and rest him. They could have caught Boston last year but they sort of let up and rested guys. Even without home court they knew they could take Boston. But here is where it gets good for Cleveland. Because they blew teams away in the playoffs, they get a ton of rest. From April 15 to May 16 they played eight games. Extend that to June 1 and they played 13 games, in a month and a half.
  7. Vince Gilligan is writing a 6 episode mini-series about Jim Jones for HBO.
  8. I don't. He has a few more years on his deal so Cleveland has no incentive to sell cheap.
  9. Odd way to write 4.
  10. 45 wins for Detroit, but this number is irrelevant to me. They lose in the first round, which is pathetic in year 4 of the rebuild, in this weak conference, with a capped out roster. SJ wins the SF job out of training camp. He gets at least one DNP-CD before the new year.
  11. Cleveland and GSW in the finals, with GSW winning again. Cleveland will win 50ish games in the regular season, because they just don't care about home court. People will start to talk about how they don't seem to have it this year. Then they will flip a switch when the playoffs start and destroy every eastern conference team they play. They wont have a series where they lose 2 games. This probably could have been copied and pasted from last year. GSW will coast as well. WCF is tougher so they might lose 2, but I wouldn't be shocked if they swept their way to the finals again.
  12. OKC has a game in Mexico this year. Enes Kanter will not be able to travel since Turkey revoked his passport. He's still good to go to Canada though.
  13. Laid a bet with someone tonight on the fight. I took Mayweather for a grand but had to give him 2:1 odds. But I seriously think he wins this 95% of the time, so its a safe bet IMO. 5% for the lucky punch knockout. I do sort of worry about the fix. If Mayweather loses this the rematch is a massive payday. But there wont be anything like that if he wins. But I doubt he wants to ruin his perfect record.
  14. You almost have to work at losing money in the hottest real estate market in the country. NBA Superstar Stephen Curry Unloads Walnut Creek Mansion at a Loss