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  1. Deleterious

    Vegas State of Mind Thread

    Some WSOP talk. Phil Ivey is entering the Big One for One Drop. I think it's only the second even the has played this year at the WSOP. $1M entry fee with $80K from each player going to charity. It will be live streamed by PokerGo and played on ESPN2 the day after. The winner of the 7 Card Stud bracelet is the guy who produced one of Nirvana's records. I think it was In Utero.
  2. Deleterious

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Givony with the jokes. BTW, the kid had 20 points, 9 rebounds, and 3 assists in 24 minutes. He got to the line 11 times.
  3. Deleterious


    Maybe this will help the shorts. I didn't like her character on West Wing.
  4. Deleterious

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    That Cavs trade probably isn't far off. Throw in a 1st rounder or two and I would do it instead of losing James for nothing. Then trade Gordon to a contender for another 1st rounder. That Lakers trade is ugly now. But if Kawhi is still in SA in February and 4 months from becoming unrestricted, it might not look so bad. I still say Boston has the best shot at him. If I'm SA I am asking for Tatum and a 1st rounder. I know Ainge didn't want to trade Tatum, and we saw why in the playoffs. But what is the best case scenario for him? That he develops into Kawhi? Well, I can get 27 year old Kawhi right now for the price of a draft pick and remove all chance/doubt of Tatum fully developing? I would do it. Philly is probably a player too. Although, Fultz + a pick isn't nearly as attractive.
  5. Deleterious

    Random Thread

    Some awful flooding up in Houghton. I heard they received 3.5 inches of rain in 2 hours. A bunch of roads are washed out and they have reports of over 60 different sink holes. Agate St.
  6. Deleterious

    The Sports Hodgepodge Thread!

    WTF was Lefty thinking here? Looks like my gf playing putt-putt.
  7. Deleterious


    I bet they already have enough autonomous tech to build that. It would be a totally self enclosed environment down there that they control. You wont have other cars pulling in front of you, or animals jumping in front of the car, odd road closures, etc.etc.
  8. Deleterious

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    ******* Ainge. He's just sitting there loaded for bear waiting for this. Meanwhile, Detroit doesn't have the assets to trade for Leonard's third cousin.
  9. Deleterious

    Vegas State of Mind Thread

    Awesome stuff. Hope it passes the senate. And obviously people that passed this bill are the types that give 110%. Michigan takes step toward legal online gambling
  10. Deleterious

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Pistons are better than Philly. We were undefeated in the playoffs this season.
  11. Deleterious

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    Seriously. It takes a special talent to be at the luxury tax, miss the playoffs, and not have a 1st round pick. Hey, we were tanking and didn't even know it.
  12. Deleterious

    29 Years Ago Tonight

    Not starting another thread. But 28 years ago today.
  13. Deleterious

    2018 Pistons Offseason

    The Pistons have serious cap issues. They might not even use the MLE this year things are so tight. I renounced all the free agents except Tolliver. Kept his cap hold of $3.9M. That puts them at $120M with 11 players signed, 12 if you assume Tolliver will be back and he probably will. That would put them about $3M short of the luxury tax. They will most likely fill out the roster with cheap vet minimum deals that will bring them right up to the luxury tax. The other option is lose Tolliver and use the MLE to replace him. http://www.shamsports.com/capulator?id=10764106355b22b0f3345bd213320507
  14. Deleterious


    Tesla up another 3% so far today.