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  1. I feel like he tweets this every third day. Would have been a good time to short the market. You know in a day or two it will be announced they are no closer to a deal and the market will go down.
  2. That is a lot of words to put on a banner for Gores.
  3. AB is that girl you broke up with when you were 18-25 years old. She tells you how glad she is that you guys are breaking up. Yells and screams at you, calls you all sorts of names and insults you. Then you don't hear from her for 3 months and she calls you, asking how you are, if you want to hang out. She explodes in a fit of rage when you tell her you're dating someone. Again with the insults and names. 3 months later, rinse and repeat.
  4. There was an article yesterday in The Financial Times claiming they weren't exactly asked to buy. Aramco Valuation Hits Crown Prince’s Coveted $2 Trillion Target
  5. The simulations fascinate me. Especially with how accurate they can be. I follow Americas Cup sailing a bit and before a certain date you're not allowed to put your boat in the water. But you are allowed to build smaller scale models to put in the water, sail, and test it. New Zealand won the last Americas Cup and they didn't even bother building the scale model. 100% of their testing before they launched their boat was done on the computer. They are doing the same thing this time around as well. Their sim is so accurate it isn't even worth it for them to build a physical model.
  6. McLaren plans to debut all-new third-gen F1 simulator in 2020
  7. ESPN released their RPM numbers today. Always makes me feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk when the phone book arrives.
  8. More at the link but I didn't want to go over the three paragraph rule. ‘I’d Do Her’: Mike Bloomberg and the Underbelly of #MeToo
  9. Why do teams schedule games 10-15 years out?
  10. Sounds like Biden is one and done anyway. Biden signals to aides that he would serve only a single term
  11. Michigan Online Gambling Bill To Pass This Week Under New Agreement I can use my online gambling winnings to buy weed.
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