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  1. I would definitely rather have Haynsworth and Berry (or OT and more picks) instead of just Suh.
  2. I want Suh (and would be totally satisfied with that) but to me a perfect scenario would be to trade for Haynsworth with Redskins (swap picks) then either draft Berry or trade down again and draft one of the OTs with more draft picks to fill our other needs (CB, RB, and LB). The Lions have already filled a ton of holes this offseason, if they can come up with another 4-5 legitimate starters after this weekend than I don't see why they wouldn't be able to be an 8-8 team even with our tough schedule.
  3. I think a lot of people are looking too much into every little thing Joe has done here. I think Joe stands alone with the fact that he brought a championship and multiple eastern conference finals without getting that superstar. He could of had that superstar with the Darko pick (Melo, Bosh, Wade.....) so that really was a decision that could of cost him a dynasty but the fact is he was able to do what teams like the Knicks, Bucks, Wizards, and so on were not able to do (and that's figure out a way to be a great team regardless of making one of the biggest mistakes in draft history and not having a superstar). To me that alone gives him the right to rebuild this team in the next few years. Now if he fails then he needs to go, but give him this last chance. I personally don't know what he's doing especially with Charlie V and Ben G. but one thing Joe has done good at is make a mistake into something good. So I am willing to see what happens in the next few years and who knows maybe being bad for a few years with a chance at a good lottery pick (and maybe a superstar) will be the best for this team. I really think were spoiled right now cause this team has been so good for so long and I don't know another situation where a GM has been in the same discussion with making the best moves and at the same time the worst moves in NBA history (maybe Ainge) so that's probably why there is so many points of view on Joe D.
  4. I think the best option for Detroit is to get some cap space by looking to trade with Cleveland (Ilgauskas) or Boston (Allen) for any combo of Tay, RIP, Gordon, and Charlie V. and then let them leave with a buy out. All those players are great players for a team making a title run. I don't think Joe has a lot of options because no one really wants any of those players unless they are making a title run so our best option is to look for some cap space and look for the best spot in the draft. Now is the time for Joe to realize his vision of not having to blow up his team isn't a reality and he needs to hit bottom to get back on top.
  5. I guess it all depends on how high Dumars is on Beasley and the rest of the draft if they trade down from the #2 spot. Jason Williams would be nothing but a salary match and a someone that can play the point when Stuckey was resting. I honestly probably wouldn't do this trade, but I think Joe is going to be offered similar trades like this and its going to be up to Joe to determine if he wants to just make a few small changes and go for a championship for a another couple of years (which what trading for Oneil would do) or trading for some younger players with the potential to compete for 10 more years. With the salary cap, it is so hard to maintain a championship caliber team for that long and the Pistons (mainly because Joe hasn't overpaid for his players) have done just that.
  6. I am really excited about this offseason cause I really think there are plenty of directions Joe can go and it will be up to him to have a big plan and if I have faith in one person to do this, its Joe. I really don't think people understand how good of a job he has done because I really think they look only what he has done recently, which besides the Darko pick (which was a huge mistake, don't get me wrong, cause with taking Bosh, which would of been the pick had it not been Darko, our franchise would of been set for a long time) and perhaps not getting the right coach after Brown, it really has been rather good if not great. But what people forget is what this team was before Joe took over, he basically took a team with really bad players and terrible contracts and turned it over in one year into a playoff contender that was very cap friendly (I think we lost to Boston in the second round) with really smart trades and I'm not talking about the Grant Hill trade, that was basically luck cause he had no choice to do a sign and trade. Joe is a master at not overpaying for players which is the main reason this team has been consistently good for so long. Ok so I have a few questions. Would the Pistons be interested in a sign and trade for Arenas? I really haven't heard about him much from Piston fans and I heard he is opting out so if he wanted to be with us Washington would have no choice but to do a sign and trade. I know he is injury prone but he is player that has superstar capabilities. Another player that I think the Pistons should be interested in is Igudala, he is another option for a sign and trade. Or going after Deng. I actually think New York would consider that Randolf for Rasheed (and swapping first round picks) trade someone else mentioned cause I think New York is really pushing for some cap relief in two years (to go after Lebron, Wade, and so forth) and Randolf has two more years on his contract than Sheed. I thought about that Miami trade a little bit and I thought I would add to it a little. Det trades Prince Sheed Billups #29 pick Miami trades Marion (sign and trade) Haslem Jason Williams (sign and trade to match salaries) #2 pick I think this trade would take us down a notch for next year but it would add a little more longivity and put us right back in a year or two for the championship. There is also the option of trading down with that pick and picking up Lopez from Stanford and more picks to add some more size since we would be undersized with Beasley, Haslem, Amir, Dice, and Max (or make a trade). I think Miami would possibly do this thinking you add Wade with those three and that is a championship caliber team. Again this just shows that there is just so many options, I'm just really intrigued by this summer to see what Joe is going to do.
  7. I agree with Dr. who, if I remember they brought in Bosh for a workout and really liked him and he would of been the pick instead of Melo. GM's are going to make mistakes but the ones that stand out from the rest realize their mistake before everyone else and turns it into something. That is why Millan is such a terrible GM, he makes franchise players out of players out of Backus and Redding, and give large amounts of money to players like Kalimba. We have 3 of the best GM's in sports and the worst.
  8. jjg777

    Would you?

    I think the only trade I would make would be Det gets Kobe LA gets Tay RIP MAX Draft picks Our roster would look like this PG Billups, Stuckey, Lindsey SG Kobe, Afflalo, Flip SF Hayes, Afflalo, Amir PF Sheed, Amir, Dice C Dice, Webber (obviously sign him) or PG Billups, Stuckey, Lindsey SG Stuckey, Afflalo, Flip SF Kobe, Hayes, Afflalo, Amir PF Sheed, Amir, Dice C Dice, Webber (obviously sign him) To me that would make us the best team in the east by far, any other trade (either Sheed and RIP or RIP, Tay, and Stuckey) either LA wouldn't do it or we shouldn't do it.
  9. During the playoffs Joe said if you like what you see from Ty Thomas than you will like Amir. I like the energy I saw from Thomas, so if Amir is similar to him then I am very happy.
  10. So Billups (point guard who is a finals MVP and led his team to 5 straight conference finals) gets 60 million for 5 years (maybe 46 Milion for 4 years) and Rashard Lewis gets more than 110 Mill for 6 years (a nice player, but really what has he done besides be another swing player that can get 20 pts a game). I find this extremely amusing.
  11. The problem with Davis is he is very similar to Max.
  12. This isn't the only Kircus that has been arrested. A few years back, his brother Anthony murdered his new wife and put her under the bed. I know this isn't related, I just figured he would stay out of trouble after what happened to his brother.
  13. Good post Sagnam, I ended up winning tickets to the game yesterday which ended up being an awesome seat (15 rows from the floor) and I am getting tired of hearing how Lebron got fouled. Yes he could of gotten a call, but the refs did something they haven't done in a long time and that was be consistant. If you saw what side show bob did all game against (Sheed, Dice, Max) and didn't get calls you would appreciate a non call on both the Sheed shot and the non call against Lebron. I know Jordan would get ridiculous calls but I don't ever remember him driving to the basket with the clock ticking for the game winner and just looking for a foul. He always went for the winning shot and a lot of the time he would get the foul. I think the refs realize what Lebron is doing (driving to the basket and looking for the refs to bail him out).
  14. Well it looks like Seattle and Portland will be getting Durant and Oden. To me this is the best case for the Pistons. If Atlanta, Bucks, Indiana or Chicago would of gotten either of them, it could of made those teams scary, instead it made the West even tougher. To me, it allows this run to last a few years longer and with a good young core (Amir, Max, Delfino, 2 1rst round draft picks this year, and a few other guys that could be solid NBA players like the Chiek guy and Acker) we might be in the playoffs for a long time without having to really have any serious rebuilding. Now things can change, but this was a good lottery for the Pistons.
  15. I don't understand why no one can understand what is happening. Home court advantage is based on plenty of factors, one is the crowd making the opponent feel as much uncomfort as possible, and booing and heckles are part of that. I am talking about myself, but when I was at the game on Monday, I booed the heck out of Ben, and its not that I don't appreciate him, its just that for right now he is in the way for this city to get another championship. If I saw him on the streets I would shake his hand and tell him what a fan I am of his and how much I apreciate him being a big part in bringing the Pistons back to the top. I know some people are going to dislike him for leaving for money or how he acted last season. i don't hold any animosity towards Ben, because he got a lot more money (which to me, is his choice and good for him) and really I didn't want to pay Ben what even Joe was offering him, cause the way the league was starting to go and with Bens age, it could of cost us getting players like Chauncey and Amir resigned. Ben was great for this team and city, but all good things have to come to an end. Just like what some of the Pistons have been saying for this series, you will be my friend but for these 48 minutes there is no friendship, same goes for the fans.
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