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  1. Yes, by all means keep Lance Newmark. He has zero experience at his job just like everyone else there.
  2. Where's the evidence that they haven't? Sounds like the only one that's guilty of loyalty is your loyalty to Ford family talking points.
  3. There is no dumber group of fans than Lions fans. Ownership knows that. That's why Sheldon White will be the next GM.
  4. This is the most Lions fan thing I've ever seen.
  5. If this is the last we'll ever hear of Bryan Holaday, I'm a fan of the move.
  6. That's exactly the line of thinking that got Tom Lewand promoted.
  7. Uh, ok. At least someone is doing something instead of being resentul in a sports fourm.
  8. Sheila Ford Hamp is the captain now.
  9. "What good will it do to fire everyone now?" I see that a lot in print, hear it on the radio, I've seen it here a couple times. My response is always "how much worse could it possibly get? Would that be a bad thing?" I don't believe there's any motivation left for anyone in the front office to work towards a brighter future for the team. They might want to all kiss Martha's butt to try and keep their job, but that's about it. In other words, status quo. Fire everyone, and I mean everyone. Then call Kelly Services and have some temps run this thing completely into the ground. Shoot for 1-15. Hopefully we see more article like we say in the Detroit News, urging the Fords to release their deathgrip on this franchise. Sail this ship directly into the gates of hell.
  10. But the Lions haven't won, and it's clear that no one in the front office ever gets fired. EchO is right, this is baldfaced cronyism.
  11. What makes you think anything will change? Lewand sure isn't going anywhere.
  12. Rashean Mathis believes that the Lions just didn't get any breaks today.
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