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  1. Good to see Toledo win, especially after we called up so many good players! Great to see Lewis pitch so well!
  2. You may well be on to something here! It is just trulya amazing how Leyland sticks with Perez and Casey instead of Infante and Shelton. Just absolutely baffles me! Leyland is actually managing more like Trammel every day. Remember Trammel last season and Higginson over Thames? I wish he would just play Shalton and Infante until Polanco is back and what happens, happens!
  3. I will go with 99 wins on the season and the AL Central championship with Chicago very close behind for the wild card. Twins have big time pitching problems. Plus I think the call-ups for September will help us win 2 games! I would love to see Tata start a game or two! We are bound to snap out of this hitting slump eventually! Polanco back so Leyland quits playing Perez would be so wonderful!
  4. Zumaya? You have got to be kidding! Right?
  5. I most sincerely hope you are correct. I am a big Leyland fan but Perez batting lead-off? This is not the same Perez Leyland remembers from 1999!
  6. I hate to say this but I have a strong feeling we are currently witnessing one of the great collapses in baseball history! New York Yankees next at NY! 10 game lead down to what by next Thursday? 1 or 2 games? Trouble is I can not figure out if this team was just overachieving all along and really are not that good or what? At the start of the year I would have been happy with 81 wins. Now I am most disappointed! Did Polanco's injury hurt us that much? How much longer does Perez and his .100 ba stay in the starting line-up?
  7. I think MIner has run his course as a starter. We sure got our money's worth but his run is over now! Seems like Maroth should be ready now!
  8. I will most certainly keep an open mind on this but...........so far Casey has not impressed me at all! Somewhere we have to get some hitting! Perez is sure not the answer! Shelton seems to be doing well in Toledo and I sure would like to see him back in Detroit! Casey would appear to be in his final days as a regular. I most seriously doubt we sign him for 2007. I expect Shelton to be playing 1b for Detroit in 2007 and many years behind.
  9. I think .500 is very realistic! I am not thrilled with Inge as full time 3b and I wish we had a better left fielder! But otherwise we are in pretty good shape! You always want more pitching but ours is decent. I think we can pass the Twins!
  10. Please correct me if I am wrong but........regarding Lawton.....was he not a pretty much wash out with the Cubs this past season and thus they sent him on to the Yankees???
  11. Totally disagree with you! I think Pena could really develop in 2006! He has power! Would really hate to lose him! Would much prefer to give up Young!
  12. We got a quality starter and a quality closer and gave up no one-absolutely no one for them! So in my mind we did great!!!!! Plus the season is still a long way off! Lets see what else happens first! Also I would sure like to see a study of these "supplemental draft picks" and how many even made it to the bigs and how many stayed for say 5 years! From the remarks of some people you would think a higher round draft choice is automatic for making the bigs!
  13. TOTALLY INCORRECT! There were several teams in the bidding for both! These two signing represent improvement and I am very grateful for the singings! Both make sense-give us time to develop our young pitching! Good job DD!!!
  14. Are you a Tigers fan? Sure does not sound like it!!Horrible attitude!
  15. I think people are far too critical of the Rodriguez and Ordonez contracts. One bad year. Wait and see what 2006 looks like! I think we are not that far away from having a good team and I expect some moves to be made before the end of the week. I would not want to start over,that is for certain! If the choice is winning 82 games in 2006 or winning 62 I will take 82 easily!
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