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  1. Just came across a political ad from one of our very own 2014 Tigers. Torii Hunter reads a radio ad in support of his 'friend' Mr. Asa who is running for governor. Starts off innocent enough...Torii notes that MLK urged us to judge a man solely on the content of his character. Then later Torii says that the public should vote for Asa because he doesn't support gay marriage (what happened to the whole judge on content of character?). I don't want this to get political, just thought it was interesting and wonder if it will affect his possible free agent signing. Torii Hunter appears in radio ad opposing gay marriage
  2. According to multiple tweets, Danny Worth is back with the Tigers. No report on who's going away.
  3. This is has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. BUT....@ 9:55 PM Tigers.com has OPENING DAY tickets for face value. If anyone is interested. That is all.
  4. Acouple of years ago my girlfriend and I went over to Caesar's in Windsor. On the way back I approached the Custom's agent booth and for some reason my girlfriend felt the need to say something like, "Make sure you don't say anything stupid." First question he asked...Where are you from...nailed it.... US. Second question...how long were you in Canada....nailed it again...4 hours. Third question....are you bringing any guns/knives/weapons back into the US? --> not exactly sure what I thought the question was...but I think I gave the wrong answer when I gave him a little smile and said, "Yep". My girlfriend almost crapped her pants. The customs agent looked dumb-founded....once I realized that I was confessing to having make believe weapons in my car I cooly defused the situation by stating that I misunderstood his question and that I was sorry but I did not have weapons of any sort. We still get a good chuckle out of that...could have easily gotten the full cavity search. I've also had custom agents stop me...ask what I do for a living...and after I tell them I'm a veterinarian they then rattle off what's going on with Fluffy at home. One time an agent continued to shoot vet questions at me for about 10 minutes before he finally realized that he wasn't paying for an office call so he should probably let me go:happy:
  5. Hey Bert, Very sorry to hear about your dog. I definitely know how difficult of a decision it is despite knowing that it is best. Being a veterinarian I observe owners struggle with this decision on a daily basis. Euthanasia is the most difficult portion of owning a pet as far as I am concerned. It definitely sounds like you made the a difficult but very compassionate decision today. You'll always have the good memories. Take care. ~Aaron
  6. I used to park at Greektown and then walk to Comerica, but this year I've started parking at MGM Grand. I'd have to say it's about the same distance as parking at Greektown and the 10 times or so I've done it I've felt nothing but safe. The only difference I've noticed is that you don't run into people trying to scalp large numbers of tickets and there aren't any people selling peanuts/water (which I have missed a few times). Have fun.
  7. I was originally concerned that this may be dealing with animals....but thankfully not. Looks like PETA thinks people will take them more seriously if they make an online porn site. I'm not sure I understand the logic, but hey it can't hurt anything:lick: PETA plans porn Web site to promote message | Detroit Free Press | freep.com NORFOLK, Va. — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals plans to create a pornographic Web site to promote its animal rights and vegan diet message. PETA spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt said in a telephone interview from Los Angeles today that the Norfolk, Va.,-based group has applied with ICM Registry to launch the Web site peta.xxx. Rajt says the Web site will feature graphic videos and photographs. She noted that PETA has used porn stars and nudity to get its message across in the past. She says a pornographic site will allow PETA to reach a broader audience and that publicity about the site is just as important as the site itself. Rajt says November is the earliest that PETA could receive approval for the site, which was first reported by the Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk.
  8. Either Frontline or Frontline Plus will take of ticks. The Plus portion will take care of some of the other portions of the life cycle of the flea. You are definitely correct that some dogs can have a severe neurologic reaction and sometimes even death. Collies and shelties are amongst some of the breeds affected. BUT...the vast majority of these breeds are fine with ivermectin products (heartgard). Only dogs with a specific gene mutation are affected in a negative way. There is a test that can be sent to Washington State University to determine if your pooch has this MDR1 gene mutation (dogs with this gene mutation can also have severe reactions with other medications).
  9. Joe Gahona--> Good question concerning how Advantix is spread over the skin. Honestly I have relied on numerous drug reps telling me so and have not specifically cornered them with this specific question. I attempted to perform some research online (veterinarian boards) and came up dry. I am, though, confident that the product does work as advertised (Advantix and Vectra 3d) in that it doesn't enter the body and rather stays on the surface of your dogs skin. I would assume (and what I've been told by reps) is that to aid in the product covering the vast majority of your dog it is helpful to place the product directly on the skin between the shoulder blades and down the back almost ending at the tail (placing the product in a few 'puddles' on the skin over the body would accomplish a similar end). If I find the specific answer to your question I'll definitely check back though. I think magic may play a part, but that's just me:lick: Melody--> Every veterinarian has products that have used and are then comfortable with is using for their own pets and recommending to clients. One overwhelming reason your local vet may recommend using a separate topical product such as frontline in addition to an oral heartworm preventative is for tick prevention. Currently there are no oral products that can product any prevention for ticks. To accomplish this a topical must be utilized. Additionally, topical 'all-in-one' products such as Revolution are not labeled to treat intestinal parasites (one of the few things our furry friends can pass onto us) whereas the most popular oral preventative covers your pooch against roundworms and hookworms (the two most commonly transmitted intestinal parasites). Also, be careful about using Diatomaceous earth. It definitely sounds good because it is all natural but there have been numerous cases where cats/dogs have inhaled some of this material and it can cause nasty inflammatory reactions in the lungs. Because of this internists do not often recommend using this for flea/tick prevention. smr-nj--> I have heard that both dawn and pert plus can be used to kill fleas. That being said bathing an animal in any type of shampoo can help decrease the flea burden on the animal. Neither of these products are effective as as a flea control or flea preventative. The only instance that we will use a product like pert plus with a patient that has fleas is when the effected puppy or kitten is younger than the advised age on the product label. We are then sure to tell the owners that this is not a fix and will then discuss with them what they can do to treat the fleas at home. Frontline contains an active ingredient called Fipronil. This kills adult fleas and ticks. Frontline Plus contains fipronil and also (S) Methoprene. The (S) Methoprene kills fleas at two other stages of the life cycle (besides adult). Frontline Plus is a superior product because of this. spikesglaring--> The answer to your question is that we don't know. Just because the product has the same active ingredient does not mean it is the same. The producer of Frontline has spent millions of dollars in testing the efficacy and safety of their product. The new otc product that has the same active ingredients (or similar) does not come with that same vast amount of research. Because we don't know if these products work as well or are in fact as safe as Frontline I wouldn't use it on my own pets. That's not to say that in the future we couldn't determine that these products share the same efficacy and safety for the animals.
  10. Cecil I'm very sorry to hear about your dog's passing. I am a veterinarian and have unfortunately been a first hand witness to numerous reactions subsequent to the application of a flea/tick preventative being applied topically. That being said I have not personally seen any fatal incidents from the more well thought of products (Frontline, Advantage, Advantix, Vectra, or Revolution). The reactions I have seen have been following application of the so called otc products (sergeants, hartz, bio spot, etc). For this very reason I strongly caution clients from purchasing and using these products on their pets. As far as the products that I do recommend (Frontline, Vectra, Advantix--dogs ONLY, Advantage, or Revolution), they have different modes of action. For example Vectra and Advantix never penetrate the skin (ie get into the blood stream). They, for a lack of a better term, form a very thin shield on the skin's surface. Frontline enters the glands on the surface of the skin and then is secreted throughout the month. Revolution does in fact enter the blood stream (this is a GOOD thing with this product because otherwise it would not be able to help prevent against heartworm disease as well as the product is labeled for this). The reactions that I tend to see most often occur when an owner mistakenly applies a dog only product on their cat. Cats then can have severe reactions on their skin and then severe neurologic issues and sometimes even despite our best effort death or euthanasia. For Cecil--> The dogs that have reacted to these types of products (that I have personally seen/observed/treated) have all exhibited neurologic changes. It doesn't sound like these types of changes were noted and because of this I think it is more likely coincidental that the flea preventative was applied in close proximity to your dog's passing. Please don't beat yourself up because it is very unlikely to be related. For Zimm--> I'm very sorry to hear that you lost your good friend so suddenly. But once again don't beat yourself up. Rabies vaccinations very rarely cause any type of reaction and if a reaction is noted it most often occurs locally (exhibited as a small area of hair loss at the injection site). Because of this it is very unlikely that the vaccination played any part in your dog's illness. Kidney disease is one that animals can easily mask up until a certain point and then become extremely ill in what appears to be a very sudden amount of time. The main reason for this is that the body can function normally with at least 25% of normal kidney function. Up until 75% or more of this function is lost all appears normal to the naked eye, and even blood work values will not show any changes.
  11. Mgm Grand is just about the same distance from ford field as Greektown. The Athenium Hotel is in Greektown as well. Motor City's Hotel is about a mile away.
  12. Stafford's injury (if the above is correct) is the same that Bradford suffered. Hopefully he doesn't reinjure it in a few weeks and then bolt to another team....reliving that would suck.
  13. I'm a vet in Livonia area if you're interested:happy: We're always looking for new clients.
  14. Hopefully Bradford just wanted to get a few extra seconds of rest during the half.....if that's the case he's a great actor....***hoping for a 'stinger'*** and not a separated shoulder or worse.
  15. Declawing cats is, like many have pointed out in this thread, a major surgery that should not be taken lightly. For comparison's sake, taking a cat's front claws is equivilant to having each of your own fingers shortened by cutting each at the last knuckle (removal of P3). I would never suggest that a client have a cat declawed. Rather an owner should every effort to prevent the 'necessity' of the surgery by providing different scratching posts, carpet squares, etc. to prevent possible destruction to their property. Obviously, all cats will respond differently to each scratching post, toy, etc but most often a diligent owner can find something that appeases the cat's need to scratch at furniture/carpet. If an owner determines that his cat needs to be declawed, the surgery should be performed prior to the pet reaching one year of age. Recovery following surgery seems to be better overall with a smaller patient (due to less weight being placed onto the surgerized paws). Spaying a cat is definitely not torture. It prevents common mammary cancer (in addition to eliminating uterine and ovarian cancer), eliminates personality changes associated with 'heat' cycles, & prevents unwanted kittens (can also lessen the probability of unwanted marking later in life). If the surgery is done while the patient is a kitten recovery is extremely fast.
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