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  1. AL East New York Boston Baltimore Toronto Tampa Bay AL Central Minnesota Detroit Cleveland Chicago Kansas City AL West Anaheim Oakland Seattle Texas NL East Florida Philadelphia New York Atlanta Washington NL Central St. Louis Houston Chicago Cincinnati Milwaukee Pittsburgh NL West Los Angeles San Francisco San Diego Arizona Colorado Pudge: 137 games
  2. Only time I watched the show was the very first one, after the Super Bowl a couple years back. Long live Conan!
  3. What lies beneath the bottom line? ABC sucks.
  4. http://sports.espn.go.com/oly/news/story?id=1803423
  5. I-Rod


    Another thing. Inge really needs to stop chewing his gum when he's at the plate. I mean, everyone knows that it throws off the timing.
  6. I try my hardest guys. Thanks for the love.
  7. You can just take Lansing off this list. They dropped the Tigers for LANSING LUGNUTS. Woohoo! Go Nuts. *shoots himself*
  8. What the hell is he doing? What's with all the hair. He has gotta be the hairiest guy in baseball now.
  9. Holy Jesus! Don't have to get so p!ssy. You act like I do spend "every waking moment" on the internet. I have a job. I have school. I have a social life. I'm just saying that thousands of people visit this site everyday. I figured that at least one of them would update the thread. *13 days 'til Opening day in Toronto! *16 days 'til Home Opener against the Twins!
  10. Nice to see the thread is getting updated by such loyal Tiger fans. *15 days 'til Opening day in Toronto! *18 days 'til Home Opener against the Twins!
  11. We don't need new players. As long as we can keep Sheed and Memo, we have no need for other players. Then you factor in Delfino coming over next year and we are definitely set. The the big guy from Greece probably won't be coming over for next season. There is no room for him. Our success for next season hinders on one thing. Whether or not we can resign both Memo and Sheed. I am sure Joe D will be able to pull off something to get Corliss or Elden to Charlotte in the expansion draft. He always does.
  12. Oh, almost got em there. He's a sneaky little booger isn't he?
  13. I found this interesting. http://www.ondeckbaseball.com/tigers.html
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