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  1. It's none of my business but I really want to know why from his mouth... no idea why I care cause I know it doesn't matter.
  2. I heard from a close family friend... failed drug test. Im sure it will all come out round NFL draft. No team will take him without knowing as taking kids with question marks rarely happens or it plummets stock.
  3. Your post seems petty, but I feel the same (Call me Tom Petty)... I watch a lot of UM games, but root hard for them to lose every one, which has made this successful MSU season even better, as they keep finding new ways to lose. GO Green!
  4. Didn't Morris burn his redshirt against MSU? Why not play him at this point? I would think Gardner would better serve the team as a big receiver.
  5. I am so excited for this game. I'm predicting MSU by 14. Not impressed with UM and especially not impressed with Devin when heated up. I know our D will make his day difficult. #CalhounAllAmerican
  6. Worst Fears Comes True for Town Terrorized by 'Spooky Clown'
  7. I believe you roll with O'Connor and Terry the rest of the way. Maxwell and Cook are not the answer... and O'Connor and Terry may be.
  8. Cook starting vs. USF today with O'Connor as his primary back up. Terry is a reserve today so we will probably not see maxwell unless all 3 hurt, probably to see what the others can do. Additionally, Lyles starting at TE, Clark at LT, and Conklin at RT. Lets see if Fowler can get his heard right and Lippett can do anything. If not, hes gotta move back to Defense or he will never see the field. Go Green!
  9. Burbridge said he should probably have a better year as he didn't really know the offense last year and just ran whatever route he wanted during audibles. Surprised we won as many games as we did if he was our best WR. I am so excited for this season. I can't wait to see our depth on Defense!
  10. Well not a bad start to his legacy with the commitment of 2015 recruit QB jayru campbell. Also the stallworth is close too...
  11. Yes, this was a big move by Dantonio (and about 5 years later than just about everyone else). Recruiting is such a cutthroat and bogus industry that we had to do something to start to try to compete. As for this upcoming season, if we can pass at all and score some points, we can be very good. Excellent Defense and Average Offense can make for some exciting football. Here's to seeing you guys back in a few weeks!
  12. Anyone know of how to get one of the shirts with James face on it?
  13. This is what Bollman is getting paid to deal with. Time to work. We are ok this season, if Fou and France can play and be healthy. Could be a great season or an atrocity. Need Finley to get game ready asap. Will need him to start as a RS Frosh next season... and I am excited to see Keiler and COnklin battle for the back up spots. Michael Dennis can quit.
  14. Harris coming back. I think Payne should go pro. We will see what he chooses.
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