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  1. Fox 17 in Grand Rapids sucks. The game is still not on. Unbelievable.
  2. So many busts, it's hard to choose. I like your list #57, but I'd rearrange the order. At least Charlie Rogers scored a few touchdowns as a Lion. All Mike Williams did was eat donuts. 1. Andre Ware 2. Mike Williams 3. Charles Rogers
  3. I was thinking the same thing! I was at that game against the Vikings, and it was the first thing that popped into my head. I could barely watch the extra point this time.
  4. Does anyone know if the Lions have the salary cap space?
  5. Tigers will win 89 games 49 wins at home Cabrera Rodney Anderson
  6. I hope for the Lion's sake that this doesn't work out for Chicago. But the thing that really grinds me, is the fact that Cutler wined and acted like a baby, and got what he wanted-traded to the team he rooted for growing up. I know the Bronco's handled the situation poorly, but this is another whiny athlete getting what he wants.
  7. I agree-I didn't mean it as a joke, it was just my first thought. I pray that everyone is alright.
  8. I hope that they are all safe. I must admit, my first thought, was that it's probably Calvin Johnson. That would be just the Lions' luck(not that losing anybody isn't awful).
  9. These pics made my day! Thank you!
  10. It was a joke-retread sounds a lot like retard, which would have been politically incorrect and not descriptive of Schottenheimer:happy:
  11. It's a joke!!! Sorry-I should have put a smiley face by the original post-
  12. Not only is that politically incorrect, but he seems to be a man of at least average intelligence.
  13. Well, at least we know for sure that it won't be the 32nd pick!
  14. This is the only good news coming out of today as far as I can tell. The Lions will have a second pretty high first round pick if Dallas doesn't make an incredible comeback. There wasn't any sort of heightened compensation if Dallas made the playoffs/won the Super Bowl was there?
  15. I agree that it is a close call, but the NFL does everything it can to prevent something like this happening. The Tigers had an excuse, there is no excuse for this Lions team, and therefore, they are the worst in my opinion. William Clay Ford and Matt Millen will have this attached to their names forever, and they deserve to. I just feel bad for those on the team who didn't make this happen, and have to live with it for the rest of their lives.
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