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  1. If nothing else, we now have an Iggy/Miggy left side of the infield. Now just bring back Higgy, and get Biggio and Wigginton, and we'll have the unstoppable Iggy/Higgy/Miggy/Biggy/Wiggy lineup. Why has this not happened yet? DD, I'm looking at you. Also, an obvious trade would have to develop with the Lions to bring Ziggy Ansah to play DH. Sorry Victor.
  2. Calderon agreed to sign with Dallas yesterday.
  3. So Miggy hit his 300th today. From ESPN: "Cabrera is 29 years, 95 days old. When Hank Aaron was that age, he had 309 home runs, according to STATS. Barry Bonds had 222 by that age."
  4. Didn't really know which forum would be appropriate to post this in... I have a group of friends (age range 22-28, roughly) that have all played baseball competitively, and I'm trying to find a league locally (basically anywhere in metro-Detroit would work, most of us are in the Plymouth/Canton area). There are softball leagues all over the place that are very easy to find and sign up a team for, but I'm having trouble finding anything for hardball. Can anyone point me in the direction of something to help me out? Is this even feasible? I know hardball leagues tend to be very competitive, which is fine, but I honestly am having trouble finding any info on anything besides softball. Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance.
  5. "@PhilCokesBrain Inside Phil's skull A metaphysical link to the inner workings of Detroit Tigers pitcher Phil Coke's brain. Unfortunately I'm NOT REALLY PHIL COKE, sorry. Rated PG15"
  6. The fact that Tebow has "God" working with him just makes it even more impressive that a guy like Stafford is so much better. Tebow gets all this supernatural help and still sucks, and his team only wins 8 games, and is about to get killed by a beat up Steelers team. Stafford, and the rest of the NFL have to go up against thisunseen force and still win. And, Stafford already beat Tebow. Cleary, Stafford > God. Man, all this religious talk just emphasizes one thing: Tim Tebow really sucks.
  7. I'm 23, so I didn't "grow up on The Muppets," their original run was before my time, but I still watched them a lot as a kid. This movie was one of the most well-done, all around great movies I've probably ever seen. It was sensational, and very, very funny. I honestly don't think they could have done a better job. It was hard to not smile throughout the entire movie, although my girlfriend did cry during one scene.
  8. I have to go to a wedding, in a different state, on the day of the Michigan-Michigan State game. There may also be a Tigers' game that day, so I definitely feel your pain. As a season ticket holder for Michigan football, my friend is just lucky that this game is in East Lansing...
  9. I was born on October 4, 1988. Does that count?
  10. The question I have is: Will it wind up penalizing a guy who has a great game and his team blows out their opponent, and doesn't have an opportunity to be clutch because, well, they blew them out? Judging by Ryan Fitzpatrick being #1, I'll assume the rating system is pretty good in regards to that, since even though he didn't have any clutch opportunites, he's still at the top of the list after a dominating performance. I wanted to see if it would upgrade someone like Sanchez, who looked pretty awful to be honest, because his team got in position to kick a game-winning field goal. Glad it doesn't look like it did.
  11. Fister last 3 starts: 2-0 (Team is 3-0) 0.83 ERA 0.73 WHIP 18 K 1 BB 21.2 IP Furbush last 4 starts: 1-3 7.58 ERA 1.84 WHIP 12 K 9 BB 19 IP Casper Wells' last 7 games: 0/24, 11 K
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