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  1. A.R. : Did a mapquest and yahoomaps route check; it is 26 miles from where I live to the Trop, so it is 50 miles round trip, not one way. That is what I was referring too. And the crud on the floor in the areas I mentioned have been there for a long time. It's not like I went once and had a bad experience and hold that against the Trop forever. That's great that you like the Trop and support the Rays. I'm glad to have MLB in the area also. But I don't like the floor crud, the long drive, the expensive parking and concessions, the being trapped on the upper level (The escalators are not reversed until after the game; you have to go outside the stadium to walk downstairs again) and other factors. I do stay away from the Trop for those reasons. I only go to see other teams anyway, not the Rays.
  2. I have not been there for a Spring Training game but I've been there for a minor league game. There is no cover or shade at all, so it will be hot (I went to a night game). It's a nice stadium, out of the way though.
  3. especially coming from so far away, I would strongly encourage buying tix ahead of time. You can get walk-up tickets for some teams, except the Yankees or whoever is playing the Yankees or the same with the Braves. If you don't care what team you see and are willing to do a bit of driving you'll be able to see a game somewhere on most any day.
  4. I'm going to the Tigers/Braves in Lakeland and I'll see the Tigers on the road vs the Phillies. The Tigers play the Yankees twice in night games in Tampa; I had wanted to go but those games sold out. My advice to anyone coming to S.T. for the first time is to arrive early, be prepared with Sharpies, cards, hats, whatever you hope to get signed and try to go to road games if you can. I have found that it is easier to get autographs from the visitors as they are out on the field practicing longer whereas the home team usually stays in the clubhouse or offices and don't come out until late and don't hang around to sign very long. Have a safe trip and a great time.
  5. A.R.: I live in north Tampa and the Trop is almost 50 miles from where I live. Although I too enjoy the air conditioning, etc. it is really filthy especially in the upper deck. The sticky goo on the floor is disgusting; I don't think that they've ever cleaned it since day one. The same is true for the lower level seats under the overhang. I don't know where you usually sit; maybe other areas of the Trop are cleaner. QSLVR, I agree, I find ProPlayer to have better atmosphere and a better place to watch a baseball game. I don't like getting sunburned or sweating to death and almost passing out from heatstroke like I did for the Dolphins home opener, but I do prefer watching games there rather than the Trop.
  6. Sorry, that posted before I was finished. Anyway, with the Trop being about 50 miles from central Tampa and filthy as heck, there's not much to pull fans in. I do like watching in air-conditioned comfort, but the place has all the atmosphere of a morgue. Frankly, I've had better evenings watching Lakeland, Dunedin, Clearwater or any of the other FSL teams. Better prices and atmosphere.
  7. Well, the Rays can sign better players but they won't be competitive in the near future, especially stuck in the division with the Yankees and Red Sox. People in Tampa ignore the Rays and the Lightning; all they care about are the Suckaneers.
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