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  1. I dont think Virgina Tech makes it. I dont agree with it, but I think Cal is in over Virginia Tech.
  2. Lunardi has Minn, Illinois, and Utah State in. Miss St, Va Tech, and Florida out. Florida definitely out. I think it comes down to Miss St versus Illinois, unless one of Utah St, UTEP, or Cal is left out.
  3. Miss St will be interesting. I hope that OT loss isnt any more impressive than Illinois 2OT loss to Ohio State.
  4. Interesting on Cal. Haven't seen a bracket that even had them on the bubble. I first thought that was crazy to leave them out. However, they are 1-6 against rpi top 50. That includes a 1-2 record against Washington, neutral court losses against Ohio State and Syracuse, and road losses at Kansas and New Mexico. If the name was William & Mary, would they be considered a lock with that profile? Not one signature win. I still think it is all settled with one of Va Tech, Florida, Miss St, and Illinois getting the final spot. As an Illini fan I think they deserve to be in, but suspect they will be out. Interesting contrast with Illinois and Cal. Illinois has a 5-9 record against top 50 rpi with wins at Wisconsin (x2), at Clemson, Vandy, and Mich St. 7 of those losses to top 4 in conference, plus neutral court against Missouri and Gonzaga in OT. I won't complain if Illinois doesn't make it, and they have some bad losses, but i see a better resume than teams like Cal, Va Tech, Florida, etc.
  5. Doh, forgot about Euro 2008. South America has a pretty mixed track record recently. 3 of 4 sides made it out of group stages, but Argentina/Brazil underperformed. Ecuador lost to England Im sure you will recal. The prior WC Paraguay and Brazil (who won) made it out, but Argentina and Ecuador did not. Certainly a lot more South Americans playing in Europe's top leagues than 8 years ago. Though talent has never been the issue in South America...
  6. Meant to say that Portugal made the finals in euro 2004 when Greece won. Look at the history of the home team in the euros. When was the last time that the host didnt make it to the semi-finals? Not sure it has ever happened. Some very mediocre teams have advanced that far or won. My point is that not sure that I would want to draw south africa... And I think a lot of people are underrating south american football here. Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay aren't pushovers by any stretch...
  7. Some interesting articles by Nate Silver of Baseball Prospectus and fivethirtyeight.com fame. www.fivethirtyeight.com/2009/12/world-cup-2010-advancement.htm soccernet.espn.go.com/world-cup/story/_/id/4447078/ce/us/guide-espn-spi-ratings?cc=5901&ver=us If you were to rank teams 1-32 (#1 gets 32 points) based on Silver's rankings, total points by group would be: G--84 H--83 E--73 D--69 A--65 C--63 B--58 F--46 Suprisingly group H (Spain, Swiss, Chile, Honduras) ranks as tough as group G (Brazil, Portugal, Ivory Coast). Group H is deep with some underrated teams. Chile had as strong a qualifying as any team in the world. Italy's group is the weakest using this or any other analysis, with group C (US/England) and group B (Argentina/Nigeria group) also weak. The remaining three groups have some decent depth. Group A (South Africa/Mexico/France/Uruguay) is better than most think--I could see any 2 of those teams moving through. This analysis doesnt include the impact of home field advantage for South Africa (which is huge in international football, see Greece 2004), which makes this group even tougher. Just one way to rank the groups...
  8. Bonderman isnt a good pitcher any more? Wow. I havent done the research, but there cant be many pitchers with his K/BB numbers over the past 3 years. After last year, BP listed the following among his top 20 comps: Alex Fernandez Jake Peavy Bert Blyleven Jose Rijo Kevin Appier Dwight Gooden Josh Beckett Bret Saberhagen Carlos Zambrano Javier Vazquez Don Drysdale John Smoltz Don Sutton Bonderman's season last year was very good until he started pitching hurt. I dont think there is much of a debate the he is a number 1/2 pitcher when healthy. Obviously the big unknown with Bonderman is his health.
  9. I went to the game here in Chicago...anyone else in the Chicago contingent go? Good atmosphere and good tailgating...Kaka looked like he was 3 steps faster than anyone else out there.
  10. Things work a bit differently in soccer. There are no trades as we are used to in American sports. Players are considered assets of the clubs, and are bought and sold. The big expenses for the top clubs are transfer fees and salaries. A top player can easily cost $40mm to buy, plus a salary of something like $10mm per year. Back to the question: why would Tottenham loan out Danny Murphy? He didnt really figure in Tottenham's plans, and loaning him reduces the salary bill for Tottenham. Teams are only allowed to bring in 3 players on loan per year. The more common loan is a top club loaning out a youngster to a lower tier club to get experience.
  11. The reason we know the Sun story about Ronaldo can't be true: What would Cristiano Ronaldo do with 5 naked female hookers running around his pool?
  12. Depends on if you want to see a bit club or a small club. For example, is southwest London you have the option to see a) Chelsea--tickets from 48-60 pounds ($100-120) b) Fulham--25-45 pounds ($50-90) Not to mention, I could always find tickets 3 rows up from the pitch for Fulham games.
  13. So far this year Chelsea has scored more goals than any other team in the EPL. Is that boring? Is a 0-0 draw to Reading more exciting? Last year Chelsea played with no width. Joe Cole and Robben were hurt most of the year, SWP never played, etc. This year Mourinho is clearly playing a more attacking style. Signing Ronaldinho would be a dumb move, and certainly not something Jose would want. I personally would rather see Quaresma and Alves for that kind of money...can't see it happening. But...Roman has money, wants entertaining football and seems more interested in building a brand than winning. Dont think it will happen, but it wouldn't SHOCK me.
  14. Fulham had a player that was 16 play a few minutes in the last game of the year. I think it was more of a gimmick than anything else...hadnt heard of him before that and havent heard anything of him since. I believe it was touted as the youngest player ever to play. Chelsea boring? Didnt see this weekends game, but dont understand that one. Conceding a lot more goals this year but scoring more. Mourinho has played an attacking lineup with SWP and Malouda (looks to be a great signing at a reasonable price) on the wings and Essien and Cole at the back. Ronaldinho to Chelsea the latest rumor picked up by the tabloids. Seems to be a load of crap, but so far Chelsea has received more money than they have spent and would seem to have money to burn...
  15. I say this as a Chelsea fan, what a horrible call. Chelsea gifted a penalty and a goal.
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