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  1. i dont know how to do any of the photoshop stuff but... i think this tood jones face would make for some pretty good ones http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjsier/2209048479/in/set-72157603765804490/
  2. im beyond sick of everyone at work going 'so how about those tigers you like so much... ha ha ha...' a lot of people are wings fans, wings had a stretch of losing 10 out of 11 games, they play half as many than the tigers and they are still the best team in hockey. streaks happen, its sports, im not crying myself to sleep at night.
  3. Why is it that a 21 year old girl who knows more about baseball than men twice her age, has been to over 400 games just at comerica park, and has been in espn the magazine with cabera for goodness sakes has the worst luck in the world when it comes to guys? Clete Thomas, call me (lol) Bandwagons fans, I'm sorry, you make parking a pain, food lines long, and ushers really rude. Ushers... the better the team the ruder you've gotten. You're not going to get fired if I sit next to my friend for 2 innings. It's April, it's raining, the people who have these tickets will not be coming, and if by some chance they decide to show up in the 6th inning I'll move, I promise. ONE more time I am treated as anything other than someone who's money helps to pay your paycheck I am going to FLIP OUT!!!!!! Go to a wings game, they don't hunt you don't like you're trying to sneak across the border, lighten up. Grilli. Ugh.
  4. teeny615


    you can faintly see that tattoo in the picture, he has a cross looking one on his right hand
  5. teeny615


    aww, thanks for posting that! normally my face doesn't look that distorted...
  6. teeny615


    So I get a call from a friend of mine saying that as he was flipping through the current ESPN the magazine he saw... me!! I guess my picture from Tigerfest (it was in the paper too) made it to the magazine! Needless to say not a call I get everyday. If anyone has it, I'm on page 98 with Cabera!
  7. Haha, I watched Lost last night and it never clicked until I saw the two pictures together. I'm happy my picture has been so popular, lol. My goal for the season is to get a goofy picture with as many players as I can, so far only one person said no, but I've only asked three, so we'll see how my collection can grow throughout the year...
  8. the pictures are the ones i took with players, most with my cell phone camera and then some of my friend as well. if you'd like to look through them you can scroll through my flickr page at http://www.flickr.com/photos/cjsier/2209049061/in/set-72157603765804490/ it was a fun day, i'm not much of an autograph seeker, but i love taking the pictures!! we just kept circling through the line at the photo part, it moved much quicker than autographs so you got to see more people. if you want to see some good ones from tigerfest i'd suggest looking at the galleries from the detroit news or free press. the news had the picture of me taking my picture with cabera
  9. the pictures are from ones i took at tigerfest this year. the jones one cracks me up everytime i see it. without a doubt my favorite one is the break dancing..
  10. Also this one is totally insane too... a little bit longer than the dancing ones but I think totally worth it! I never realized they are so easy to make! http://www.jibjab.com/sendables/preview/X8mMAe75oItZrwHHeAt7UxBj
  11. I made it through my 9 hour day at work after only 2 hours of sleep, woo hoo!! Thankfully I work at Starbucks so I was able to get extremely caffeinated to help get me through. I'm so glad everyone like them, I was just cracking up last night making so many. Granderson is my favorite... therefore I made this little clip that I can't help but smile when I see it! http://www.jibjab.com/sendables/preview/XMxZ4meuh40zJvGgR67KHBAv
  12. Here is one more for tonight... (sorry there is an ad before it, its not long though) http://www.jibjab.com/sendables/preview/gUcAtgURhsLmfouD8qx1pAB3
  13. Oh man, the things you'll do when you can't fall asleep... even though the alarm is going off in about 4 hours to get ready for work, I'm wasting my time doing stuff like this. If the link doesn't work let me know! http://www.jibjab.com/sendables/preview/pWYxy6wL8YU8suP90GgAC9LM
  14. The only warning I can give about sending stuff (other than pictures) to Japan is that shipping can get insanely expensive. I had asked him last year if he saw some little stuff toy or something of the mascot for his new team and he could sent it and I'd give him the money for it, and he said that shipping would be more than triple the cost of the actual item. Unfortunately all the pictures I have of CJ in a tigers uniform has me next to him, probably not that good for an autograph, lol. When looking for his myspace check out nico chan, also I think there is a link to it from www.cjbaseball.com
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