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  1. We are still mired in whatever Will is watching (cartoons), but binged on Love and are looking to expand beyond House reruns.
  2. Roger DeWitt (HueyTaxi)

    Sad day. Be strong TeamMom.

    late to the party, I'd like Ryan Longstreth
  4. Happy birthday, Melissa!

    thank you, you two. I would but I can't sneak peeks at work anymore since this site is blocked.
  5. Where did everybody go?!?

    but you had him at trampoline
  6. Where did everybody go?!?

    I used to hang out here a lot, but then facebook made it easier to communicate with individuals and I had a kid.
  7. My sister had me convinced that there were snakes living in weeping willow trees.
  8. Black Friday...................your thoughts?

    I got an email about a deal on running gear, so I got a pair of shoes online. Will had an appointment for his portraits to be taken at 11a on Friday, so we wandered into Target. Target had a lot of the TV deals still stacked up on pallets. We managed to score one doorbuster, a magic bullet type blender for $12. We got some vintage concert tees for my nephew, some blu-ray movies for stocking stuffers, various other gifts. Slept in, no shoving, checked out right away. We did the whole 6a doorbuster thing at Best Buy back in '98, maybe? It was when they were still giving away the Christmas music CDs in the peppermint tins, along with the yellow tag Beanie Babies. Someone stole something out of our cart, Dave stole it back, I got shoved out of the way by someone looking to score the last VHS copy of Titanic, then we stood in line for over an hour to check out. Didn't enjoy it. Never again.
  9. Magic Number countdown

    he almost looks dignified. Almost.
  10. Happy birthday, Melissa!

    thank you all
  11. All Time Least Favorite Tiger

    Craig Paquette. My hatred stems from him being a ***ck to a bunch of kids at a Catholic Charities/Cardinals event when I lived in STL.
  12. Mad Men Season 6

    the Monkees on the end credits from the movie Head +1