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  1. White chocolate....................... I had my suspicions about you. I thought you were woke?
  2. Indiana has been on the decline in the last month or so..... We also have 50% capacity at dine in resturants/bars, they have been operating this way since last June.
  3. *Also if a family member would have tested positive then contact tracing would require quarantine and that was a big goose egg as well.
  4. I am on the schoolboard at my kids small private school in Indiana. We had a board meeting last night and the numbers are very encouraging. We have 800 students K-8, since November we have had two postive cases. We also have 8 active basketball teams (5th-8th boys and girls teams) traveling to 16 different schools and just completed our season and not one kid who played on these teams tested positive. We are a month into wrestling season and no issues.
  5. True, my wife is 43 and is one of the elder in her unit. There was a big washout of older nurses when charting went full electronic. Many of the older nurses were not very digital savvy. Also most hospitals require 12 hour shifts (turns into 13-14 shift with charting and report) unless you work in the "band-aid" side of the hospital (My wifes term). These are more of the 9-5 jobs but are not qualified to be ICU nurses.
  6. I tell anyone thinking of going to school get in the medical field. My wife the RN can go ANYWHERE in the country and get great pay. She is an ICU charge nurse seasoned vet at this point so that helps. Example, in her ICU they have alot of "Traveler" nurses. Working 3 month assignments and make on average $60-$80 an hour plus housing expenses. RN's are required to have a bachelor's degree now to work in ICU's. There are a few nurses that came over to hang out recently they are 23-28 years old, have paid off the college loans already and own modest homes in other areas of the country and are working on paying them off as well. It's really amazing how much money they are making at a young age.
  7. You trust the Clinton News Network?
  8. Wait, so are we just not going to mention the fact that Chuck Norris was at the MAGA insurrection?
  9. I thought we had very lax gun laws in Indiana. You are not allowed to have a firearm at any time on government property down here....
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