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  1. Twitter I feel no. They put news orginizations through blue checkmark credential validating. During crack downs in China and places like that Twitter was their only way of getting information to the outside world. They have a responsibility to the free press.
  2. Yes, of course. I guess because I despise censorship I am a right wing Trumper.....
  3. Well China has been doing it for years.........
  4. So the government told social media to sensor content? I am not trying to be a jerk I just don't get the difference. I respect the intelligent level of conversation here I am not trying to flame anyone.
  5. Is not the information your are quoting from Twitter? LOL
  6. Where are the Trump tax documents stating he paid $750 in FIT? That story was allowed to run without hard proof correct?
  7. Again, still no proof either way correct? Just speculation?
  8. I am just concerned when a publicly traded company becomes the judge and jury....
  9. This is allowed to "Trend" yet right wrong or indifferent B. Biden is being erased....
  10. So should Twitter and Facebook be viewed as a utlitiy corporation or should they be allowed to sensor at their behest? I am concerend we have come to a threshhold..... I am not looking at it as a left/right question but as systematic sensorship, I think it happens in China....
  11. I am a lurker here but I gotta say she is the best nominee Trump has selected by far.
  12. LOL its crazy to think you can just buy it.....
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