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  1. It’s a shame all of the old timers around here hate baseball.
  2. Damn, he got us. Can anyone here prove that elementary school kids in Grand Rapids spread it to high schoolers in Howell?
  3. It’s also not a “stupid correlation” because it is indisputable that there are now fewer restrictions than before, so there will inherently be increased spread. That doesn’t mean it’s 1:1, but there must be some correlation, and it’s worth mentioning. To act like she doesn’t have the best interests of the public in mind (just because she has a D next her name) is what is “infuriating.”
  4. I couldn’t say because I don’t go anywhere where I end up near people, except to buy food. I don’t think it’s ridiculous to suggest that easing restrictions in some places has contributed to spread. I don’t remember the specifics of all of the orders anymore or what restrictions were in place and then lifted, or even when that all happened. I don’t think the weather is a significant factor. It’s not much different from April weather. I think the most significant factors are Covid fatigue and social gathering coinciding with the beginning of the school year and more things being “open.” Colleges are a major part of this, but high schools are, too. And I guess also all of the people that can’t make it through the week without going to in-person church and spitting all over everyone.
  5. Just end it after 9. I don’t care much what they do. Anything after playing nine innings that gives each team an equivalent opportunity is fine with me. Have a stolen base contest. Get weird.
  6. On the extra innings thing, I would argue that extra innings baseball already wasn’t “real baseball.” It becomes just a series on 1-inning mini-games. The traditional tie breaking procedure of playing this series of 1-inning games until you get a winner was fine, because it’s effectively just breaking a tie. So that’s why I don’t really care if they use some other mechanism to grant a winner of a game that was tied after 9 innings. In either situation it balances out in the long run. Again, I don’t care either way. Use the runner. Don’t use the runner. Use a home run derby. I do agree that the game would be improved with fewer strikeouts and home runs. There is an easy solution to that. Maybe some day they will change it.
  7. The Washtenaw County Health Department and University are also both prepared to step in to educate students and mitigate non-compliance, she said, adding that local law enforcement can be contacted for emergencies that require urgent attention. “The first approach is really going to be about education,” Ringler-Cerniglia said. “We prefer to have compliance and people doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do to prevent the spread of disease versus trying to levy fines at everyone.” That above quote just pisses me off. GTFO with this “first approach is to educate,” as if the people violating the order don’t already know what’s happening. Anyone hosting/attending a social gathering is doing so in direct defiance of a clearly communicated health order. When you come out and say that the first thing you will do is educate and you won’t actually fine or discipline anyone, you just undermined your health order.
  8. I don’t necessarily disagree with Tony’s opinion on this (although I don’t really care about the runner on the second thing). But that walk off happened at 3:30 because the game started at 11pm, and it also happened to be a high scoring game. It was an 11 inning game. We still had plenty of 11 inning games this past season. If you want more 3:30 am walk offs, schedule more game to start at 11pm.
  9. I can’t figure out how you make it through the week.
  10. I’m sure there are a lot of reasons that going into the building would be preferable. Same can be said for going to bars and restaurants and sporting events and any number of other communal activities. Everyone that cares about limiting the spread of the virus is missing out on things. To have the head of one of the health departments making an “aw shucks, people like it” argument to excuse it is ridiculous.
  11. Has everyone here installed the contact tracing app from the state? I had been meaning to and finally did this morning. Probably not going to do any good because not enough people are going to have it installed.
  12. That all makes perfect sense and is extremely reasonable. I don’t understand who these people are that simply have to attend a crowded in person service during a pandemic just to get through the week.
  13. This is a quote from the head of the mid Michigan health department: “I’m a churchgoer myself, so I understand there’s nothing like being with your faith community,” Cheatham said. "It’s what makes it possible to get through the week, and so people have really, really insisted on being back in church, and unfortunately, that’s indoors. “Generally, people are close together, they’re singing, so it’s just it’s been a source of outbreaks,” he said. “It’s just really terrible for folks because they desperately want to (attend religious services), but it has consequences.”
  14. I had to rush and post that because my boy was calling to tell me about his stand up double earlier tonight. Give me a break.
  15. Ha! Tell that kid to enjoy his “on-campus experience” and stay in his piece of **** house for the next two weeks, except of course to show up to your lab.
  16. Yeah, that’s what I was referring to. It applied to the kids in U housing. It strongly encouraged off campus students to stay put. Although as part of the U housing program, I assume they must test negative before being cleared to leave. In that case there is less of a public health issue obviously. They obviously can’t afford to publicly tell everyone to go home now. In two weeks, maybe.
  17. With the students all being sent home at thanksgiving, I expect the school to have a modified order in a couple weeks sending everyone home before that. Hard to send everyone back today when so many might have he virus. It will be interesting to see what winter semester holds.
  18. I think I made a post last week about John James and his advertising. I recall seeing a James ad followed by a Peters ad, and it was legitimately difficult to tell which party either was a part of.
  19. Who said anything about believing?
  20. Yes, when they had a 40% probability or something it was easy to see a scenario where they made it. When they were down closer to 10%, it wasn’t quite as easy. Still easy, tho!
  21. I can easily see a lot of different things.
  22. Four of the next six games are against teams that are currently 1-5.
  23. This is a day old so maybe you already saw it, but I literally lol’d at the end of this clip.
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