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  1. If the people here are so smart, maybe they should write a damn book themselves.
  2. Nope. He’s on the rosenthal plan. Minor league deal in name only.
  3. He’s not going to be in Toledo long and won’t be taking anyone’s “spot” in the Toledo rotation. Pretty sure four of the five spots are filled by TBA these days, anyway.
  4. I think the cubs are projected to be 8 million over the tax threshold so it seems pretty unlikely that they will be able to shed that much salary. They would need to cut the equivalent of 24 million in annual salary.
  5. Yeah, I’m guessing his age, left arm, and contract are appealing to a lot of teams, and not so much his ability to pitch in innings 1-6.
  6. Really looking forward to the day he is no longer a tiger.
  7. I’m not enjoying this win, but I am enjoying good games from Jacoby and even Alexander.
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