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  1. I think it will surprise us. JJ admitted that he intentionally made force awakens like a remix, and said he liked how Rian went his own way, and is trying to do something like that.
  2. Now you are the hook as an accessory when he kills the person driving behind him on the way to your house.
  3. Yeah, I’m often skeptical of these generic sites that cut and paste a statute and add their own spin, especially when they are clearly just being used for ad and referral revenue. I found this at least. https://www.wnem.com/news/mi-law-does-not-require-clearing-snow-off-roof-of/article_8b10715a-119e-5563-97da-e04f8381ab4d.html I would further add that when you have statutes that clearly state things like clearing off your windshield and mirrors and lights, it would follow that if the roof is to be cleared, it would be explicitly mentioned, and not in such an indirect way. It’s also interesting that the deposit/removal statute excepts doing so in such a way that would impede off-road motor vehicles. That also reads as: you can push or blow your snow onto the open field because we can’t expect you to maintain a clear path for some yahoo on a snowmobile.
  4. Anyway, the guy in the background is the one that people have noticed.
  5. While I am not an authority on snow removal laws, I don’t believe that the section relating to removal or depositing of snow onto a roadway is directed toward snow falling off a vehicle. I think that is directed toward snowblowers or plows or the like.
  6. Nope. The movies are canon and established that he fell in a pit. Nothing more, nothing less. Did Darth Maul die when he was sliced in half and fell down a shaft?
  7. I JUST mentioned, for arguments sake, that a possible scenario exists in which he may not be dead.
  8. Why would you presume that people here aren’t aware that this takes place after boba fell in the pit? but for argument’s sake, there is no canon that establishes that boba died or didn’t die, is there? I do recall that there was something from the legends EU that suggested he survived. What the presence of this Easter egg means could be anything. It could be a nod to that story. It could be a different character from the same clan where boba’s armor originated. Maybe we will find out. Maybe it will just remain as an Easter egg.
  9. Didn’t mean to group the mandalorians in with my earlier point. That just an aside.
  10. I never considered any of those things as anything other as familiar species and technology. I don’t think that makes the universe seem small. Apparently there was a mandalorian that looked an awful lot like boba fett hanging out in the mandalorian compound.
  11. Who is this person spreading this kind of misinformation?
  12. I hope they hired the wrong people and gave them the wrong tools and didn’t establish any mandates at all. We just can’t ever agree.
  13. Interesting. I thought the whole first sequence involving Horatio sanz was really bad. The firefight near the end was very good. The reveal at the end was obviously the “dramatic spoiler” and we will learn much more about it. I don’t know exactly what is implied by it, but if it was the subject of a substantial bounty it’s obviously of high importance. To your question, I don’t know than any of those three would necessarily sense anything if what you are implying is correct. Not sure what the nostalgia characters are that you are talking about.
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