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  1. By the time his career is over, MLB will end up changing their logo to match his profile, so you are just ahead of the curve.
  2. This has been all over Twitter, but if the tigers can manage to win that suspended Oakland game, it technically counts as being during this homestand, so the streak would not be intact.
  3. There are still people in this world that think he will get a QO if he isn’t traded.
  4. Loss aversion. Boy, I don’t know.
  5. Yeah, it’s not reasonable to expect a good position prospect, and you can never have too many arms. I’ll take any good value we can get.
  6. Snell had already played 2.5 seasons before his five year extension. So his “7-year” contract was basically for 34 million when you lop off the final year of 16 million. And he also just won the Cy Young. 7/30 for a guy with no major league service, even as the top pitching prospect in baseball, is pretty reasonable. Maybe a tick more if you are truly confident in him and accounting for the likelihood that he would be a super-2 guy and get a fourth year arb salary in year 7.
  7. I’d rather just have him on the team opening day and go year to year for six years. I think there is a reason we haven’t yet seen one of these early deals for a pitcher given the high level of risk involved for pitchers. Didnt we talk about this before? Closest thing was maybe the Chris archer deal?
  8. Sure, but it’s not like his office has much of a basis, if any, in determining what would be the best hire. Whether or not the approval is technically required is different than whether or not approval and insight actually needs to be sought and considered. I imagine Warde would say, he’s the best choice and here’s why, and mark would say, ok I trust your judgment. I feel pretty strongly that any disqualifying characteristic that Mark would know enough to ask about would have already disqualified such candidates from even getting an interview or consideration from Warde. I don’t think Warde ever gets his job if he wasn’t already aware of the minimum expectations for major hires.
  9. I agree. I would have liked more focus on bran as the keeper of the stories and the worlds memory as the basis for choosing him, and less on “he has the best story” because that is of course kind of bull**** and extremely subjective. Bran certainly does have a pretty fantastic story. But Jon was literally revived from the dead. Although I suppose Jon maybe wasn’t technically eligible seeing as he was captive at the time and could have been executed by the unsullied pretty easily. No one else up there had a particularly interesting story that would have been interested in the job. Sansa to some extent given all she went through. But that’s not exactly the same as being able to see the past and future. I definitely think there is something to be said for each of the various other choices being less than appealing for various reasons.
  10. It might not be wise, but it’s also not unwise. I mean, at this point there are four different scenarios. Both opening day ready in 2020 both ready mid 2020 mize ready opening day 2020 and manning ready mid 2020 manning ready opening day 2020 and Mize ready mid 2020 In two of those four scenarios, they hit free agency at the time. In the other two they hit free agency in back to back years. I don’t think there would be any advantage to forcing one of the split scenarios by calling up a guy early just to avoid concurrent contract terms. And I also don’t think it’s a negative if they both take until mid 2020 to be ready. I suppose there is the scenario where you would delay one guy to offset their terms even when both are ready. But if you are going to do that, might as well delay them both. I think their performance will just determine when they are called up.
  11. It’s also hard to see this team, constructed differently, winning 60 games.
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