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  1. This means a lot coming from you.
  2. If the catcher is not behind the plate, the penalty is a balk. The balk penalty with no one on base counts as a ball.
  3. I watched the first couple episodes and I didn’t think it was very good.
  4. I don’t know. Considering that everyone here just wants him gone, I think there is a good chance that all of the other teams have no interest in adding him. I would worry about him opting in for next year, at this point.
  5. Well, yeah, the employer typically gets to set the rules by which their employees need to perform (and often time these rules are bargained for). And I don’t think it’s hypocritical to accept a sponsorship deal agree to provide data or whatever to gambling orgs, while at the same time prohibiting the people affecting the outcomes of the games from entering into a financial agreement where they may be incentivized to perform differently to the benefit of their sponsor. There is much more likelihood of abuse on the part of the players. Now, you could certainly argue that the league could still do things to affect an outcome of a game to benefit their sponsor, but that seems much tougher to pull off and would require a certain level of conspiracy. But you could say the same thing regarding the league wanting Chicago and New York in the World Series.
  6. I still can’t believe Manfred invented gambling on baseball. Bad idea.
  7. Yeah, the video and postgame interview of altuve after he hit that walk off home run off Chapman is pretty interesting. Someone reading his lips suggested he said “I’ve got a piece on” as he clutched his shirt and told his teammates not to remove his shirt as he was approaching home plate. Then when rosenthal asked about it, he said “oh I don’t know, it happened before and my wife wasn’t happy” or something along those lines.
  8. The bummer is that by the time they are good again, this site probably won’t be around anymore, and you guys won’t be able to share your joy with me. Sucks for you.
  9. Nothing surprising in those zips projections. Especially the outlook on the position prospects. This is a big year for them. Almost each one of them took a step back in 2019, but if some of them rebound in 2020, things will look better.
  10. Yes, a nice touch. Misspelling Fulmer’s name, not so much.
  11. Yeah, I remember that. He was basically like “I have said strong things about this type of thing before, but I don’t know the whole story so I’m going to reserve judgment.” I bet if he was pressed for comment on this, he will say that cheating has no place in the game and he supports the ruling. He will probably mix in something like he didn’t know it was going on, or maybe the stuff happened before he got there and he didn’t know about it. And he’ll probably say that when he is in the dugout there are a lot of noises from all over the place and didn’t know what the players in the tunnel were up to. Maybe something like “when I’m in the dugout I’m focusing on my own pitching or scouting the other team’s hitters.”
  12. I think if there is another mechanism that allowed a team to see the catcher’s signs and signal to the batter quickly enough for the batter to receive the signal prior to the pitch being thrown, that would be just as bad. Is it feasible for a guy with binoculars in center field to perceive the catcher’s sign and signal the batter? I guess it’s possible. On the other hand, if you have a guy watching the game on tv and decoding the signals when you have a runner on second, and then later in the game your runner on second is signaling the pitch based on what he is seeing, that doesn’t seem problematic to me. It’s easily addressed by the pitcher and catcher changing the signs. Long story short, signaling from the dugout or the stands what the pitch is going to be isn’t ok. A player on the field signaling based on what he is seeing is fine. At least that is how I see it. What is the story with the Apple Watch procedure. Was it a guy watching the broadcast and sending a text to the watch, and person wearing the watch would whistle or something (similar to the bang on the trash can)? That also isn’t ok, but seems a bit harder to pull off given the delay and the use of a middle man between the observer and the batter.
  13. Yeah, I don’t understand why we have seven open spots on the 47-man roster and AA isn’t using them.
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