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  1. Probably. Whatever it was, it was mysterious and cool.
  2. I thought the implication that baby yoda’s blood was being used for the various palpatine clones was pretty cool.
  3. That episode was amazing. I watched the first 10-15 minutes this morning before life got in the way. I was not impressed. But basically from the minute I hit pause it was probably some of the best Star Wars I can remember. I was actually audibly laughing and yelping as it was going on. Carl Weathers deserves some praise as director here. It was perfect.
  4. I think we saw Dryden Vos in the clone wars final episodes, right?
  5. 26 man roster means you can keep anyone. Especially if you don’t care about wins and losses.
  6. I think you are wrong. I guess we’ll see.
  7. He didn’t need to be criticized because no one was relying on his reporting as being an accurate record of what he was suggesting. His history of working (or not working) in journalism is indeed relevant when discussing the veracity of his reporting.
  8. I feel like there has to be a Blake deal about to go down.
  9. What kind of business is she talking about here? The new order is more about pausing youth sports and other mass gathering type things, isn’t it? I guess if someone decided to open a dine-in restaurant over the past couple months they might take a hit here. Or maybe she’s taking about all of the new small business bowling alleys and ice rinks. I want Kelly Stafford to tell us what she can’t do right now in this “dictatorship” that she would otherwise be doing.
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