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  1. Local Sports radio

    That’s good radio. We can’t lose valenti.
  2. If Miggy Performs well Next year...

    I don’t agree with this. I still love Cabrera. My only point was that if there was a scenario where Cabrera could be traded for good prospects (obviously assuming eating money), and it makes competitive sense to trade a good present player for good prospects, then I would do it. That scenario may never arise. The tigers could become competitive again closer to the end of his deal, and if he’s still playing well enough to get back good prospects, the tigers may no longer be in selling mode. Or he may never become a star type player again, such that he’s basically untradeable even if you ate the money. But if he’s got two years left on his deal and he’s hitting well, and the tigers look to be 2-3 years away from contending still, then I wouldn’t hesitate to trade him for something useful. Regardless, this is years away. In the immediate future, the tigers will be stuck throwing millions down the drain.
  3. #19 Michigan vs #5 Wisconsin - 11/18/17

    And if Michigan loses to Wisconsin. If Michigan beats Wisconsin, then there is still the chance Michigan could go if they beat OSU and then MSU and psu lose in the final weekend (or this weekend). If Michigan beats osu in the final weekend but even just one of MSU or psu wins both of their games, then osu still goes to the game at 7-2 (three way tied with mich at 7-2 and Psu at 7-2). If it’s a 7-2 tie between osu, mich, and MSU, osu goes. If osu beats Illinois, the only two teams that can win the east are Michigan and osu (and of course Michigan needs to beat Wisconsin and get help by having MSU and osu lose to remove them from a three or four way tie with osu). Basically, osu wins all the three and four way ties. Michigan only wins the two way tie over osu, and osu ensures at least a tie by beating Illinois.
  4. #19 Michigan vs #5 Wisconsin - 11/18/17

    I don’t think that’s correct, but I’d have to confirm. Osu would be 7-2 along with MSU and psu. Osu beat both MSU and psu so they would go. If Michigan beat Wisconsin (as I mentioned in my scenario), Michigan would also be 7-2. In the four way tie, the record against the other tied teams is used. Osu would be 2-1, MSU would be 2-1, psu would be 1-2, Michigan would be 1-2. So Michigan and PSU are eliminated from the comparison and osu goes instead of MSU based on their head to head win. I believe for MSU or PSU to be in the championship game, osu needs to lose to Illinois (not happening), and osu also needs to lose to Michigan (and one of MSU/PSU needs to win both of its final two games).
  5. #19 Michigan vs #5 Wisconsin - 11/18/17

    Yeah I remember hearing that. I was mostly curious about beating a top 10 team at all (home/road/neutral). the top 10 road team we beat in 2006 was Notre Dame right? Hard to get excited about that one, as ND didn’t end up having a great year from what I recall, and then losing to OSU and usc to finish off that season was pretty crappy.
  6. On the bright side, their revenues will be bad enough over the next fees years that they will probably get picks in the next cycle.
  7. If Miggy Performs well Next year...

    It all depends on how much money they would eat. I don’t look at it as paying him to beat you. Any amount owed beyond his level of production is already wasted. You are already throwing that money away by keeping him. I don’t really care if he retires as a tiger anymore.
  8. #19 Michigan vs #5 Wisconsin - 11/18/17

    Michigan can win this game if the defense steps up. They failed to do that against Penn State. But Penn State is a better offensive team than Wisconsin. I’m not going in expecting a loss or a win. It’s time for Michigan to win one of these games. When was the last time Michigan beat a top 10 team?
  9. #19 Michigan vs #5 Wisconsin - 11/18/17

    That worked really well for MSU last week.
  10. Lions @ Bears (1pm est)

    I think the rule for fumbling the ball forward being moved back to the spot of the fumble only applies in the last two minutes. They could change that to apply to the entire game. Or they could make that rule for all fumbles out of bounds. They could then apply it the sides of the end zone, too. Although what is the rule for if the ball hits the pylon in the back corner? Is the sideline or the back line? Is the back of the end zone just considered out of bounds? It could be. Either way, they could change the rule if they want to. I guess it depends on whether they want to incentivize ball control at the goal line for whatever reason.
  11. They are not a big market. They qualified based on their market size. Other teams qualified based on revenue. I am actually not sure if the tigers will get any of these picks over the next few years. I think the group of teams was set in the new CBA and won’t change until the next CBA.
  12. They should have never called these picks competitive balance picks. They should be called market based compensation picks or something like that. Detroit would be eligible for these picks if they didn’t go over the luxury tax. We’ll get one next year.
  13. I guess I’m just not sure what they need to do to be considered changing their ways. There is no reliable process for building a winner. You still need a lot of things to go right and there is just too much unpredictability involved. Their past moves have put them in a bad position. No doubt about that. But as far as I am concerned they have been making good moves lately. There isn’t much you can screw up when you aren’t signing free agents. And they are at the very least saved from themselves because there is no need to sign free agents right now, at least not any that are going to cripple them going forward. If the guys they have in the system now progress well, they will be good again in a couple years. If they don’t, then it will take a few more years. Their success is going to be dependent on how the players do, so all they can really do right now is wait. There is not a quick fix available. They don’t have a 2003 type payroll where they could just go out and sign pudge and maggs and Rogers to try and jumpstart something. They are behind on analytics. I think they want to improve it. But that doesn’t ensure anything either.
  14. Is the wool being pulled over the eyes if the team is openly saying it’s going to be a while before they are competitive again, talking about being “lean” and all that. I don’t think anyone is being deceived here.
  15. Max Scherzer

    I could also see a scenario where DD is still here, and with max under contract in 2014 they don’t trade for price or sign Zimmermann. Maybe cespedes is signed instead of Upton. Or maybe they extend JD. I could see DD continue to spend big here and with max instead of zimmermann it’s a different story.