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  1. And now a Cabrera home run pulled to left field and another candelario homer. The astros are going to suck this year.
  2. The 8 games in a row does create a need for more bullpen arms, but farmer is just as capable of eating some bullpen innings as Norris.
  3. I think Norris goes to Toledo and starts. So still room for buck. He’s out of options, too, not that he’s likely to be claimed on waivers or that we would miss him if he’s claimed. But with fulmer our for the year, maintaining some depth would be helpful.
  4. I think it is more of a little trade kicker if he is traded to a contender. So, he doesn’t have a nontrade clause, but in the event he is traded, which he would probably prefer if the wings miss the playoffs again, he gets more money. I don’t think it’s about making the contract look better than it is.
  5. Maybe, maybe not. Democrats might still push for it based on how close they were to losing despite winning the popular vote.
  6. I was going to respond to this earlier about how the swing states in a close election are likely to be the same ones. A blowout election may result in other states being close but really don’t qualify as swing states. Of course, Nate silver has a direct response to that tweet saying something similar.
  7. Haven’t watched this show in years. I think it was popular at first because when it first came out AMC was a behemoth with Mad Men and Breaking Bad, so there was a lot of good will in place. And then the first season aired, which was fantastic. But then the second season was garbage but people stuck with it because the first season was so good and there was hope that it could be good again. After that it seemed to fluctuate between decent and bad. That led to frustration and a lot of vocal critics. Not because it was “cool” to hate on it, but because it could have been better. Eventually it just stayed bad and people stopped caring. Now, with so much content available on demand, it’s difficult for any show to command weekly attention unless it is consistently very good. Game of Thrones will likely be the last show to command the attention of many on a week to week basis. There are a few others that have a chance. Billions is one that has built up a pretty loyal audience. It will be interesting to see how succession does in its second season because that one built up a lot of interest as the season progressed. You’ve got Atlanta that a lot of people would watch and talk about every week. Better Call Saul is another.
  8. Aside from feeling bad for Michael Fulmer, this is actually good news. It helps the tank. Provides an opportunity for Turnbull and more importantly Funkhouser. And Fulmer will be cheaper in his 2020-2022 seasons, allowing us to get a better trade package when we trade him prior to 2021.
  9. Perhaps. We also heard Happ, Baez, and Schwarber in different deals, from what I remember. Regardless, I don’t doubt that offers were made for Fulmer, and in hindsight pretty much any deal seems preferable to what we have now.
  10. Maybe in the NBA. But that’s still irrelevant to the Poole play. He didn’t get fouled on his way to the basket and then followed it up by laying it in. He was moving laterally relative to the basket and was fouled before he started shooting. It should have been a foul on the floor. Even if he did the call, he needs to sink all three free throws, and then Michigan has to prevent MSU from scoring, just to force overtime. It sucks, but whatever You just gotta move on, pal. There are more important games on the schedule right now.
  11. I’ve never seen a shooting foul called on a shot that occurs 2-3 seconds after contact.
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