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  1. If you are looking to be rid of a player like Collins who is out of options, the only way is DFA/release. And in this case DFA is preferable because he can't refuse assignment if he clears waivers. But to DFA it has to be associated with a guy being added to the 40 man. This could be more about getting rid of Collins than adding Presley. Then Presley can be easily disposed of whenever they make the next move
  2. He and Boyd both should have pitched on Friday. So you could have swapped for the next start on Wednesday because by then he will have been down 10 days.
  3. Not necessarily. The 26th man can stay, but only if they were eligible to be called up as a regular call up. Farmer wasn't eligible as a regular callup.
  4. He was called up as 26th man. He hadn't been down 10 days when they did that, so he had to go back down. He can be called back up in a couple days, before Boyd even pitches again. That said, Boyd pitched Friday, so Farmer won't even be fully rested before Boyd pitches again, so you can't really do a one for one swap right now even if they wanted to b
  5. The first game appeared to be pretty well attended. Hard to expect most fans to stick around for a second game.
  6. He did dominate mid-A ball. He's now dominating high-A ball. Hopefully he dominates AA ball later this summer.
  7. I appreciate the effort, and I will probably look up the stats because of it, but I have a hard time getting the idea...
  8. I would listen to hawk every chance I get at this point.
  9. Unfortunately there will be Tigers baseball tonight.
  10. That's the one I would have chosen if forced to pick a "greatest" that wasn't my favorite.