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  1. Agreed. It hasn’t gotten as bad as I thought. At the same time, the state had been going down. So relatively speaking it feels a bit worse than it could have been. I think the transition from summer to fall (and fewer opportunities for socialization in general as families transition back to “school days”) has reduced spread in general. But then you look at the various county numbers on Covid act now and see how all of the college counties are seeing their numbers go up, in some cases dramatically, and I can’t help but feel strongly that if most of these kids had stayed home instead of returning to campus, the state could have been in very good shape right now.
  2. Ok. When you said “they are going to **** down” I read that as they are going to decide to shut down. I agree that it could be ironic if they are sending people home to get infected at a higher rate. We’ll see. I’m skeptical of whatever county numbers you are using. The county has been increasing since students returned. 58% of cases right now are 18-22 year olds. Maybe it’s all EMU?
  3. “On campus.” Anecdotal account warning here, but our doctor friends here are saying that the umich dashboard is a joke because it is only using the official university count. But that many students, even students in dorms, are not using the UHS testing but instead getting an outside test so they aren’t forced into quarantine housing. Anyway, I thought the plan has always been for everything to shut down at thanksgiving and for nothing to start back up until mid January.
  4. I do love an archival world war documentary film shown in 3D.
  5. They are going to end up loving the bears and there is nothing you can do about it.
  6. @Yoda I do wonder how easy it would be to safely open a movie theater. I think the ventilation system would be an important part. I’m guessing some are better than others. But I also wonder how easy it would be to keep people far enough apart. Are you going to make it so there are only little islands or seats made available for sale, and require an entire bundle to be bought together? I could see assigning a few single seats spaced apart from a bunch of pairs of seats and then some triples. I think it could be done, but I also think you end up severely limiting the number of people that can fit into a given theater doing this, especially because most theaters these days have the extra large seats (because fewer people go to the movies these days). I wonder how profitable it can be if capacity is limited so much as to remain “safe.”
  7. Fair enough. I didn’t mean to imply that no one wants them open. Obviously there are some people that love going to the movie theater. I just think it pales in comparison (from a demand standpoint and putting aside which one may or may not be safer) to things like restaurants and bars.
  8. I haven’t heard from a single person that actually wants movie theaters open. I think that is worth considering. Restaurants and bars and gyms have been in high demand by the people that really want to go out. Schools are a completely different thing. Movie theaters are just so far down the line of societal importance, it’s hard to justify a reason for opening them. Especially because it inherently requires people to stay indoors for a matter of hours. You also bring yourself into generally close indoor contact with a bunch of strangers. That’s different than going to a restaurant and eating with people you know. I also don’t think casinos should be open, and there isn’t a good reason for them to be open aside from the tax revenue it generates. And I don’t think it’s overly cynical to acknowledge that. The state does need money, after all. And I do think it’s easier to make a casino safe than a movie theater. Regardless, back to my original point, the only people that seem concerned with movie theaters still be closed (outside of theater owners) appear to be people that are looking for a reason to point out some sort of inconsistency on Whitaker’s part.
  9. Yeah buddy. Too bad the Jays have Taijuan Walker going for them today, tho. @Buddha
  10. All of the bad ones were dictated by puppet master Avila.
  11. Like when Daniel LaRusso got to advance straight to the final as the previous champion.
  12. I’m torn (not unlike JV’s elbow). On the one hand it would be nice to see him return and lead the team to glory. On the other hand he can go **** himself.
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