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  1. I don't think it is a bad precedent to set when you may have six guys for five spots. Someone has to be the odd man out. Spring performance is one part of the equation obviously. These guys understand how the business works. If Sanchez didn't have this turnaround where he is looking good, then it would be a bad look to send down Norris or Boyd in favor of anibal. Boyd probably has the strongest claim out of the three guys in question just because he has been so good all spring. Norris had a nice looking era, too, prior to yesterday. Sanchez's adjustment almost makes you ignore the early spring struggles. It would not be the worst thing to have to send down Boyd or Norris to start the year. They likely won't be down long because injuries or ineffectiveness in the rotation are going to happen. But in the event that they are down there for a while, that's probably a good thing because it means the rotation is pitching well top to bottom.
  2. Can he still hit lefties? If so, you could platoon him with Collins in right field and give CF to jones while JD is out. Once JD comes back, you could cut raburn, and depending on how jones looks, he either stays or you send him down to Toledo and call up mahtook to platoon in CF with Collins.
  3. One way to do this diplomatically would be to pick which of the three struggles in this last week to be the odd man out. It will be easy to make a change as soon as it is necessary. If Sanchez starts in the pen and looks good, and then Boyd or Norris has a couple poor games in April, you could then justify putting Sanchez in there and sending down the other guy. If one of the kids starts in Toledo, call him up as soon as Sanchez or the other has a couple bad starts. Norris's poor outing could put him in the lead to be the odd man out for the time being.
  4. It does seem like baseball managers in general are more reactive than proactive when it comes to pulling a starter. They often try to get that last inning, or send a guy out there but plan to pull him as soon as a guy gets on. I think a lot of that has to do with bullpens in general not being all that great after the top 3 guys. You can get by with three relievers for a few days in a row if all of the starters are going 7. Of course, some days your starter may get pulled after 5 or 6. If that happens four times in a row the bullpen is going to be taxed Does ausmus leave guys in too long? It definitely seems that way.
  5. I feel like you have posted something similar to this before.
  6. I wouldn't go that far, but a guy like rondon, if he does have an option, is definitely not a lock. If one of the wilsons has an option I still think they are locks. That's probably as far as I would go for declaring a guy with an option a lock.
  7. If rondon has an option then I rescind my stance that he is a lock. I read something earlier today that said he was out of options.
  8. There were options to be had on a one year deal, so I think it was more about having an asset for 2017 that they thought they would be able to use.
  9. He's out of options so he's a lock. Whether he pitches well enough to stay is another question. The reports so far are not encouraging.
  10. I love the idea of trying out Gose as pitcher. There is no down side. He is on a minor league deal so they have at least a year to figure out if there is anything there.
  11. To answer the question, I would send the guy to Toledo that could benefit most from pitching in AAA. If Norris or Boyd have a pitch they are working on that could be improved by more reps, going to Toledo could help. If one of them is better prepared mentally to handle a demotion to aaa, then he should be the one to be sent down. If one of them can have their service time manipulated enough to save on a year of free agency or super 2, send that guy down. Both are not having any spring struggles so I don't think it's possible to say which one would be a better major league pitcher in April.
  12. Agree with the sentiment. I think Sanchez is looking less and less like a crappy fallback option, though. When buck farmer is the sixth starter, making a decision that bumps him to the seventh starter spot isn't the worst thing. But they obviously shouldn't do anything where they are putting a clearly inferior option into the rotation just to improve the sixth starter spot. I am mostly just annoyed because I was completely comfortable writing off Sanchez and now he has to go out there and throw up zeros. And of course the result is going to be that he gets a rotation spot after another great outing, and then goes out and gets lit up to the tune of a 6 era and an 0-4 record in April.
  13. It's still just a big guessing game. I am genuinely shocked that Sanchez has performed well recently, but if he is showing them enough to be considered a legitimate option, then you may just be picking two guys out of three relatively equivalent options. As long as they aren't sending someone down that is clearly a better option, I don't really care. Two weeks ago it would have been indefensible to keep Sanchez over one of the young guys, but if he's pitching well then the difference becomes far less. And at that point there is added value in maintaining depth, increasing Sanchez's trade value, and service time if they send one of the kids to Toledo. It has to at least be considered.
  14. I wouldn't put too much stock into that quote as indicating that Norris has a spot locked up. It depends on the question that was asked. That said, I do think that Norris has a spot. But you never know what they will decide is the best option for ML performance and depth and development. If they think there is something that Norris could work on in Toledo, it could make sense to send him down to do so. If Sanchez and Boyd and Norris are all pitching well, someone has to be the odd man out. Has Norris done anything this spring that would elevate him to a lock ahead of those guys? I honesty don't know.