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  1. Yes it has been announced. I think I saw it a few weeks ago.
  2. Spoiler: it had the same name as the intended restaurant.
  3. It's just a thing that I find interesting, that we as a society have decided that we are all going to help the store keep a tidy parking lot.
  4. Absolutely, which is why aside from a few select instances people that don't return their carts should be publicly shamed.
  5. Trade trade trade.
  6. I think a lack of an offseason training regimen can have a bigger effect than we think. There is only so much you can do during the season to stay in shape, if it is also about getting in shape I can see how you could constantly behind. His injury probably didn't help either. Mans obviously the reliably of defensive metrics is suspect. I think we will see some positive regression to the mean with him defensively.
  7. I will say a couple things regarding the return of the cart. First, the cart is provided by the store as a convenience to the customer. The store employs people to collect the carts. I don't see why it should be expected for the customer to return the cart. That said, it is pretty common to simply return the cart because it is a small gesture that costs you nothing. I almost always return the cart. But there are some situations where I don't. One situation is when I have gone to the store with a baby. Getting the baby out of the cart and into the car seat is job one, and I'm not going to leave the baby alone in the car so I can save the cart kid a few seconds from doing his job. Another situation is when I have been made to wait an overly long amount of time to check out due to employee incompetence of insufficient staffing. It's completely for spite, and at that point I'm not interested in doing the store any favors. Also, if the store simply has an insufficient number of places to return the carts and I have had to park far away. If you want me to help you collect your carts after I have shopped at your store, put out more cart return places. This rarely happens but sometimes I have had to look far and wide to locate the cart return spot and it's far away, and I just say **** it. Finally, if a store employed cart collector walks right by my empty cart as I have finished unloading and makes no offer to take it off my hands and do their job, I may also decide out of spite to not return it. But in general, choosing not to return the cart out of sheer laziness, and without any regard for the odd social contract of returning the store's cart, is wrong.
  8. In the Fitzpatrick case, it's true that back in 2005 the Illinois DMV form merely had a box you could check that said you were a citizen and that you wanted to register. The problem there was in the form. However, the form has been changed since then. It's unclear how many states allow for registering so conveniently. That said, the form also made clear that non-citizens should not check that box. Regardless, it wasn't the form or the registration that was the problem. It was that she actually voted. I guess you could blame the form of you believe that she thought she was entitled to vote because she was able to register. Hard to say what she actually knew and understoood at the time she registered as well as at the time she voted. It's also hard to say what kind of instruction she got from the clerk. Anyway, this is really only an issue right now if there are still a bunch of registration forms that provide for a misunderstanding. Given the consequences for registering and voting illegally, especially for a non-citizen, and the lack of real value in any single vote, I think it's highly unlikely that there are many people doing this. The cost far outweighs the benefit. The opportunity may be there, but that doesn't mean it is actually happening more than a handful of times. Same goes for showing up to a polling place and saying you are someone else.
  9. Michigan has made a big leap on crashing the dance. They are up to an 8 seed and the #22 at large team. They have given themselves a nice cushion.
  10. It was an oversight. He's in there now at #14.
  11. Gritty win last night. I missed the start of the second half and by the time I got back to game Michigan had bounced back to be down a couple points. Nice to see another good defensive performance.
  12. I don't think the death of the old man is going to have a very big effect. I think it is still going to be up to Avila. As for being more fiscally responsible, it's hard to say without knowing the ins and outs of the money coming in. The tv deals are getting so big.
  13. Not a huge fan of Rey's look.
  14. For luxury tax purposes, it would also be beneficial to pay the buyout because it will apply to this year, where they will already be above the tax threshold. That will help them in 2018 to stay below the threshold. On the other hand, if something happens this year and they have a midseason fire sale and can somehow get below the threshold this year, they might just exercise the option to prevent that buyout from putting them over the top. I think that is unlikely.
  15. I was not overly impressed with the first episode so it might be some time before I watch more of it. I think I might watch the Night Manager next.