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  1. Paging @Buddha The European club leagues don't start for a few more weeks, and the transfer window is still open. But there has been a fair bit of business conducted already. Club teams are on their preseason tours. USMNT B+ team just won the gold cup. My Everton team had an adequate season last year, finishing seventh and squeaking into the Europa league. Their first match is today. They sold lukaku to united. That won't help them. Underwhelming Ross Barkley is on his way out. They have brought in a few good players. Sandro Ramirez will be relied on to pick up some of the scoring slack with lukaku gone. Aging Wayne Rooney has returned. Davy Klaassen and Michael Keane should help. It's only a matter of time until Sigurdsson is bought, it seems. Keeper Jordan Pickford should be a plus Still not enough talent to challenge for a champions league spot. But perhaps there is enough here to break into the top six
  2. I think if an acceptable offer for Avila were available he would have been traded by now. Trades aren't easy. It doesn't help that there is really only one team supposedly interested. If roarintiger1 can predict that Avila would decline, so can other teams. There is no such thing as selling high.
  3. Didn't much care for all the comments from the royals players after what apparently happened last night (I did not bother tuning in). I get it. Your guy got hit. Our guy got ejected. Rondon isn't the first player and won't be the last player to lose his cool. None of the Tigers will say it, and they shouldn't, but it sounds pretty bush league to run through a stop sign from the third base coach in the ninth inning of a blowout. Yada yada should have pitched better. I know. Anyway, keep the criticisms to rondon and his decision. His actions are his own. Reading the quotes from the royals throwing shade at the entire Tigers team was annoying.
  4. I doubt the spears were poisoned. Seems like something you plan for in advance.
  5. I don't remember. I know they came to the rescue in blackwater but that was before anyone had been married or even agreed. Then olenna killed Joffrey on his wedding day. I remember them showing up in king's landing ready to fight the high septon, but that was to rescue loras and margaery who were captive. But there was no fight if I remember right. Anyway, my point isn't that marriages don't create allies. My point was that the marriage didn't stop cersei from betraying the tyrells.
  6. now we will never make the playoffs
  7. That said, I could be completely out to lunch. If there is a house whose allegiance could go either way and could turn the tide of the war, then I could see cersei, Dany, or Jon agreeing to marry if necessary to gain that support. I suppose tarly could be that house. It just seems to me that allegiances are pretty well defined already. But who knows.
  8. I suppose I should clarify. What I'm saying is that when battles are being fought and dragons are chilling on dragonstone, there is enough incentive to ally with like minded houses without requiring some marriage. Tommen's marriage to margeary accomplished nothing. They seem to be more for show. We have seen enough backstabbing in this show, as have the characters on the show, that I don't see anyone putting much reliance on a marriage to ensure loyalty.
  9. I don't see any marriages being agreed to right now. Those types of things bind houses together during more controlled times, but the current situation is chaos. Dany mentioned that marrying may be required, but that's for after the battles have been fought. Cersei isn't going to marry anyone.
  10. Didn't Avila do the same thing once?
  11. leverage is a tricky thing. It all depends on what you have to sell, whether other sellers have something similar, how many buyers are interested, how much a buyer actually needs the guy, and how much the seller needs to be rid of him. Even if you are in a bad position in one of those factors, you can still come out ahead if the other party is also in a poor position for one of those factors. The tigers had low leverage in the JD deal. Their leverage for Verlander is a bit better. With cespedes, they had good leverage based on the fact that the mets really needed him and they had nowhere else to turn. But it was also risky because they had to move him. The mets blinked first. It's hard to see the Tigers having great leverage for JV. With wilson, they are in good position. Even though there are other relief options out there, the Tigers don't have to trade him, and there are still a lot of buyers.
  12. No way depodesta would do that.
  13. Mahtook has a better ops than maybin at least.
  14. It's a showcase for the internet scouts and internet GMs so they can come up with trades where the Tigers package Cabrera with Fulmer and eat the majority of his contract and get back another Alcantara.