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  1. If I found the opinion to be morally repugnant, yeah, I would probably stop being friends with them. This is such a strange take. It’s ok for your friend to tell you racist things because he’s such a good friend he’s comfortable saying it? **** that ****.
  2. Testing inconsistencies and various criteria to get them really does suck, and makes it extremely difficult to actually understand what is happening.
  3. On another note, I can’t help but think the demographic aspects of the infection rate aren’t be discussed anymore. Maybe it is being covered more locally in each of the hot spots. When Michigan was getting hit hard, it tended to coincide with the certain areas of the state. Is this also the case in these other states? I just saw a tweet from NYT that mentioned a clinic in one neighborhood in queens had a 68% positive rate in antibody testing, while a clinic in some neighborhood in Brooklyn was only 13%. The story right now seems so focused on the average age stuff, but I don’t think that is the full story. I feel like the increased access to testing is having a big effect on some of these numbers. I’ve said this before, but the initial testing was so limited by only testing symptomatic and/or high risk people. These new younger ages are making us all think it’s because young people are stupid and going to bars too often, but I think it’s more the case that they can just get a test now if they want.
  4. Yeah, ******* country club full of millionaires probably isn’t forced to operate pillar to post just to pay their service workers.
  5. Except hall of fame talk is stupid and he probably had no interest in that crap.
  6. So different types of people have different interests. Cool.
  7. I’m not surprised that a kid born in 1999 doesn’t know who tram is, even if the kid is a star baseball player himself and projected to be picked by the tigers. It’s hard to put yourself in the mind of a young player who has probably spent the vast majority of his time actually playing baseball rather than watching it on tv or researching its history.
  8. This discussion may be for naught, though. Aren’t nova and Norris still yet to show up at Summer Camp 2020 presented by Camping World for “undisclosed” reasons?
  9. Putting aside the ability for roster churn in the bullpen, the tandem starter thing could make sense with the right set of pitchers. But with a 13-man pitching staff, how likely is it that you would have, say, 10 guys all worthy of 3-4IP stints? You could mess around with the schedule and have one or two starters stretched out for every fifth day work, but you still then need another 6 pitchers to cover the other three days. Maybe down the line it becomes common place to use 8 tandem guys on an every fourth-day situation. I think it could be done today on a limited basis, with maybe two rotation slots devoted to it, and certainly one spot as we saw last season. I think from a roster building standpoint and limited roster space that it is still quite valuable for a starting pitcher that can give you 6+ innings. But that’s only valuable if the pitcher is good. There is no reason to want to get six innings from Jordan zimmermann.
  10. Thank you. It’s more of a Rachel McAdams movie than a Will Ferrell movie, imo. I feel like “the algorithm” on netflix has already shunted it aside.
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