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  1. This isn’t some crisis or anything. Twitter isn’t email. It’s a micro-blogging platform open to public view. Anyone who posts to it is inviting discussion. That doesn’t mean *this* site should be a forum for discussing things related to a writer’s looks just because she chose to post a picture of herself.
  2. No. Whether or not the majority of her posts are baseball/tigers related doesn’t convert her personally managed twitter account into a ”professional” account that must remain devoid of any personal comments. Again, it isn’t hard to distinguish between tweets related to her job as a prospect writer and tweets that are unrelated to that and personal in nature. Keith Law tweets about nerdy board games and his daughter, and he works for espn. Rob Neyer posts about happenings in Portland and bird watching, and he is the commissioner of the west coast league. This is a know it when you see it situation.
  3. No. Just because she uses her personal account to promote her work doesn’t mean that everything she posts is in her capacity as a paid writer. It’s not difficult to distinguish between her baseball-related stuff and her personal stuff.
  4. She is free to post whatever she wants on her twitter feed. When she comments about the Detroit Tigers or their prospects, that should be fair game for discussion/criticism/mocking here, a forum for discussing the tigers and their prospects. When she posts something personal with no nexus to the tigers, that’s not really something that this site should be commenting on. She isn’t making those posts here.
  5. I think it’s worth the discussion. While I think the vast majority of the commentary has been directed toward her writing style, there have also been explicit references to her looks, and that shouldn’t be happening. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have posted her tweet with the picture of her shirt. My first thought with that was that it seemed unprofessional to post a transcript of being hit on at the coffee shop. But I probably should have known that it would lead to some of the posts that followed, which in my view crossed the line.
  6. Agreed. At some point it crossed the line. I think there is a big difference between commenting the poor quality of the coverage/lack of professionalism and commenting on her personal post about anxiety or commenting on her looks. That’s not cool. That said, she’s covering the tigers and the tigers system in a profressional capacity and shouldn’t be immune to criticism when it is warranted. Fenech and McCosky and Henning get the same treatment The tagging of former college programs, false stats/streaks, and fanboy messages of support are all fair game to be called out. I guess the problem is that those things aren’t exactly rare coming from her, so it can lead to piling on.
  7. 28 years old. .383 obp. Doesn’t play in the majors ever again. Career obp of .358.
  8. The 800 really is where you put all the scrubs.
  9. You are doing it wrong. +150 doesn’t mean a 15 game difference between a total wins and losses. You need to start with what the .500 record would be. So for the Yankees you would start with 60-59, then add 15 wins and subtract 15 losses. So 75-44.
  10. Who ******* cares edit: the above is not a reference to the most recent post. It was a general reference regarding the tigers performance this year.
  11. The worst part of the schedule release is the confirmation that the Detroit tigers baseball club will be playing in 2020.
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