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  1. That’s not an example at all.
  2. Sounds like it should be pretty easy for you to identify one then. It’s hard for me to determine what you consider a lie.
  3. Shelton

    Off day thread for two off days in four days

    Yes yes yes one league is the best
  4. Can you name other instances where Democrats have brought second and third lies after a first lie didn’t work so well? (We can ignore the argument of whether they are lies or whether the first lie didn’t “work)
  5. (It’s also not a lie just because you don’t have hard evidence)
  6. As the wise George Costanza once said, it’s not a lie if you believe it.
  7. I think they fixed those issues. My battery doesn’t drain all that quickly and is rarely low on power. And the internet and phone connection is quite reliable.
  8. Congrats on predicting that there would be further allegations. That’s usually the case with guys like Kavanaugh that sexually assault women. They don’t typically limit their assaults to single instances.
  9. What if you could trade Brady for three Bradys.
  10. Either way, there isn’t anything stopping him from buying the tickets online for you guys to go later. And you could put them on your smart phone.
  11. Based on some cursory googling, it appears that oblong’s friend doesn’t know how this whole thing works. You set up a ticket account on the website and can send your tickets that way. It’s up to the recipient to accept them in their ticket account and manage them that way. So, yeah, there is no print at home option anymore, but you can still buy them and transfer them without a smartphone. Attending a game by yourself without a smartphone would probably require will call.
  12. I would think you would be able to open an account at the wings website where the tickets you bought are stored in your account, and you could send a link to another person’s account (which may or may not be tied to an app), and let that person load the ticket on their app or select the will call option.
  13. I don’t really view this as a negative personally. It’s no different than places that don’t allow tickets to be stored on your phone. I don’t have a printer hooked up at home so if I buy a ticket on a weekend I have to find a place to print it in many cases. It does suck if you don’t own a smartphone, but what percentage of people attending a wings or pistons game don’t have a smartphone? Even then, will call is not all that bad. It does prevent people who don’t own a smartphone from buying tickets for someone as a gift.
  14. Kerryon is 14 yards away from a 100 yard game.
  15. All of these poor fans having so much fun right now, only to have their hearts ripped from the chest in about 30 minutes.