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  1. I just don’t see where it would it would even make sense. Maybe the bullpen because whatever it’s trash. But every other position has a pretty good reason for leaving it to the incumbent.
  2. Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    It could also be “look what I have done. I did this thing that I needed to do for these reasons which I will now tell you about.” /perd hapley
  3. Yep. I was going to mention barbato but couldn’t remember his name. We aren’t signing anyone.
  4. He did give Ryan carpenter a major league deal. He and fiers could be the two starters.
  5. 2018 NBA Trade Deadline

    The pistons are 17 million over the cap. The hornets are also over the cap. Boban and Galloway are 14 million. Even without those guys, don’t the pistons and hornets both have to come up with something where the salaries being exchanged are close? anyway, if you ignore the need for salary offset, what’s Kemba worth? A couple first rounders? More? could the pistons send boban and Galloway and Reggie for kemba and batum (to even the salaries somewhat so a trade works), and then send their next two first rounders on top of that? I honestly have no feel for NBA trades. Instead of two firsts, would a first and either Stanley/Kennard do it?
  6. Speaking of the bullpen, this is a great article on the value of good relievers above what their collective war might suggest. https://www.baseballprospectus.com/news/article/37135/baseball-therapy-relievers-getting-paid/ Basically, when you look at WPA minus WAR, the highest deviations come from relievers. Our own Shane Greene is one of them. That’s not to say that Greene is a special value or anything, he’s just one of many good relievers that are used in high leverage situations. The point of the article is that relief pitchers are the one set of players that can be used exactly when you need them when the game outcome hangs in the balance. It’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it does illustrate how important having a few great bullpen arms can be. As tigers fans we have lived this. Front offices know this, too. There is a reason that good relievers seem to bring back such good returns in deadline trades. The converse of this is also true. It doesn’t really matter if your long man in the bullpen is horrible. There are plenty of innings when the game does not hang in the balance. A horrible reliever that has a negative war may not actually be costing you games if they are limited to mopup duty. In my opinion, you also don’t really get the benefit of having a great bullpen that goes six or seven guys deep. Sure, it helps, but not nearly as much as just having three great arms instead of one.
  7. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    “Story coming” tweet kind of says it all, no?
  8. 2018 NBA Trade Deadline

    Just do something.
  9. Game 44: Wizards @ Pistons

    This seems correct.
  10. I guess it’s all relative. I don’t believe Chris will authorize spending close to the tax threshold or over it. But he also probably isn’t interested in just maximizing profit and keeping a low payroll to do so. I think the fact that the tigers didn’t just dump their contracts prior to last season is at least something. If they wanted to, they could have probably given away verlander and kinsler and JD last offseason and immediately made the payroll more manageable. Instead, they paid 40-50 million to those guys last year. My guess is that Avila’s job moving forward is to build a team that can win without spending more than they bring in. I was trying to be optimistic about the next few years, but I’m much less optimistic right now. It’s probably going to be 2021 before we even have a chance, unless some guys really make a leap. I really think we should trade fulmer and castellanos and Greene as soon as possible.
  11. Back when Eric Gagne was a thing and they had those game over t shirts with his face on them, a friend of mine (who posts here occasionally) joked that he was thinking of making similar shirts with Levine’s face. I would have bought one.
  12. The Larry Nassar thing............

    it’s sickening. Not sure why you need to say “um, Spartans.” That seems to imply that spartan fans need to somehow explain this. This has nothing to do with fandom.
  13. 2018 NBA Trade Deadline

    So, anyone have a guess on what the pistons will actually do prior to the deadline, and when they might do it? I don’t have a great sense for how NBA trade deadlines work. Are most deals done close to the deadline like in MLB? It seems like in baseball there is always the thing with teams not knowing if they are buyers or sellers and wanting to wait as long as possible before deciding. But they also play every day so a couple weeks worth of games can have a huge effect on a team’s odds. In the NBA there doesn’t seem to be as much uncertainty about a team’s chances. It’s more or less set in stone which teams can actually win a championship, and after that it’s just a bunch of teams that are looking at simply making the playoffs or outright tanking.