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  1. Didn't Slava Kozlov get seriously hurt, early in his career, in a car crash?
  2. I think you missed where I brought up the bay. Naturally, there is a big difference between inland and fishing the big water. If you invest in a 20 foot boat or bigger, spend infinitely more equipping it, pay for marina fees and everything else, one is going to fish a lot. Although, the cost of gas is making it harder to go. Even during the winter, those guys who ice fish on the bay are fanatical. They will go out three days during the week, and then foolishly risk their life going out a fourth day on bad ice. The last few times I've been up there by you, it seems those lakes are predominantly used by pleasure boats. Who is going to fish Higgins Lake when you can party on the island?
  3. IIRC they implemented the shootout figuring it would add excitement to the game. Nothing says NHL hockey like a shootout between Carolina and Florida.
  4. We still stunk when Hank was playing.
  5. I was talking about their historical attendance, not just the past decade. In 1987, the last time they won the division, they ranked 7/14 in the AL. Before last season, their last winning record came in 1993. That year they ranked 12/14 in the AL. In fact, in their last ten years with winning records, they only ranked in the upper half of the AL in attendance three times. Those are not vey impressive numbers for a team that also won a world series, two division crowns, plus lost another on the final weekend of the season, during those winning seasons. Seven days a month is nothing. Most fishermen only go 2/3 hours at a time. I live by the Bay, and I know a lot of guys who go almost everyday, during the summer, after work.
  6. Any predictions on how many goals are scored in that series?
  7. That's how I see it, as well. I recently watched the Oiler series again, and I thought Detroit outplayed them for the most part except in goal. I am a little nervous about the Zetterberg situation. Even if he comes back, I hope we don't see the other players relax or letdown, which usually seems to be the case.
  8. The Wings have those two guys, and they stink at shootouts. Footballs approach, win a coin flip and you usually win the game, isn't much better. I don't like the shootout, but if I was going to change ten things about the game, the shootout wouldn't make the list.
  9. So let's look at the University of Michigan. They don't have any problems selling out a football stadium that fills over 100,000 people. However, come basketball season, they can't even sellout dumpy Chrysler Arena. You don't think that has anything to do with the difference in popularity between the teams? Seems extremely naive to believe that it's only because they play a different number of games. IMO, if the football team played the same number of games as the basketball team, attendance wouldn't change. The football stadium would still sellout, and nobody would give a damn about the basketball team. What about the city of Chicago? Two baseball teams, playing in the same city, in the same climate, and the same number of games. One team has a hot ticket and the other does not. Could it be that the Cubs are just more popular, and there is a greater demand for their tickets? Perhaps we just disagree on the definition of a hot ticket. After going to the World Series, I think it's disappointing that they can't fill over half the stadium on only the second day of the season. To me, if the Tiger's were a hot ticket, fans would go in inclement weather because one might not be able to get a ticket when the weather is better. Anyhow, I hope you're right, because I always thought the Tiger's attendace was pretty mediocre. I hope this team gets more support than some of those good teams we had in the late eighties. Ok, so now I no you don't fish.
  10. Fedorov has never shown any interest in wanting to stay in any city. That's what makes him Sergei.
  11. To me, the number of games is insignificant. If something is truely important to you, sitting in a little cold weather isn't going to matter. Fishermen have all year to fish, but that doesn't stop them from going out in cold, wind, rain, and snow. If your team's games are a hot ticket, than you have die hard fans who show up in any type of conditions. That's why I mentioned New York. Yankees fans live and die with baseball, Tiger fans do not. No it didn't. Detroit had an attendance of 24,881 for their second game. New York's was 52,096. The Yankees game was also a night game, in colder weather, with snow flurries. If you've followed the Wings all year, and you've gone to some of the games, you know this isn't a new problem. The Wings have had a lot of empty seats all year, a problem that is afflicting the entire NHL. I fail to see how Detroit's economy has anything to do with attendance in Canada, or viewership on FSN Detroit, which is also down since the lockout. If it's about the economy, how come baseball experienced the same type of problems after their strike? IMO, this is about the NHL as a league, and not about any economy or some fictional "hot ticket".
  12. I guess I was part of that group, aswell. After being disappointed so many times, I am still kind of shocked they won.
  13. I agree. If I had to give it to a forward, I would've went with Kennedy. He tied the score, and then made an outstanding play to set up Abdelkader on the game-winner.
  14. I couldn't of said it any better myself. Sometimes I wonder if Bettman even watched a hockey game before becoming commish.
  15. Untrue. In 04/05 he had 6 goals in only 10 games for Moscow Dynamo. Pavel hasn't seem to be bothered by the physical play as much this year. He's played his best lately in some of those playoff-style games with Nashville/Anaheim, and with Hank out, he has carried the team. We can only hope it remains that way come the playoffs.
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