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  1. Other team mentioned was Brewers for Guillen. Any thoughts on the likelihood of Milwaukee getting him? I'm just getting back into baseball.
  2. Big knock on Guillen is that he is very injury prone?
  3. I personally doubt Maroth or Cornejo would be in the deal, unless we get something else in return.
  4. Correct. I probably could have organized my post better. Most important quote from that article: "The Mariners are probably just talking about Rockies prospects (insert Tigers prospects here) in any trade of Guillen"
  5. Shows what Tigers might need to give up as Tigers are now supposedly the likely trading partner with the Marniers. Guillen to Rockies as another possibility 12/30 "Sources say Seattle could be working on a deal that would send Guillen to Colorado, one of the handful of clubs said to be interested in signing Aurilia. The moves seemingly would have to be almost simultaneous. The Mariners could not risk being stuck with both players, with Aurilia at shortstop and Guillen, who signed for $2.5 million plus $900,000 in incentives, as an expensive utility infielder. The Mariners are probably just talking about Rockies prospects in any trade of Guillen." Seattle Times 12/30 http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/mariners/2001825738_mari30.html
  6. From a Seattle messageboard: "Why... Guillen is much younger, much faster, and has much more room to improve. Aurilia is maybe a veteran but he is surely not getting any better and is a risk coming over the NL. Furthermore, the Mariners are getting to be a bit old, and trading Guillen to sign Aurilla doesn't hit the spot for me. The other arguments for Aurilia are A) he has more power and B) he is more reliable as far as injuries go... A) I say that Aurilia really doesn't have much more power than Guillen, just look in the books, this is just a fib. B) I say that Guillen may be injury prone but he states that he is getting beefy meaning more power and more toughness... no injury? "
  7. Go after Pudge? Can we get him at a reasonable price?
  8. "This one goes out to all of the Tigers fans bitching about Dave Dombrowski's 2002 offseason moves as a General Manager. Randall Simon was non-tendered. Robert Fick isn't wanted back by Atlanta and Mark Redman was traded to Oakland for a guy named Mike Neu. To quote Harry Glanz, "Whom?" Yep, the Tigers were really going to turn it around with those guys. In the meantime, for Redman and Simon they received third baseman Kody Kirkland (one of the best hitting prospects in the organization) and two pitching prospects in Rob Henkel and Nate Robertson." DetroitSprtsRg.com (missing letters o and a)
  9. Given the Orioles are out of it and the Cubs don't need him very badly, it seems like the Dodgers and the Tigers are most in need for Pudge. Sounds like we can definitely give Pudge the better contract than the Dodgers. Has he already told us that he doesn't want to play here? Inge becomes backup, Delfice - ? Shelton - utlilty, eventual first baseman?
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