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  1. Rubio is the big winner tonight. Trump the big loser. Regardless of whether Bernie pulls it off tonight, I don't see a path to his nomination...unless Hillary really blows it, which she has always done, expect with..ummm, nevermind.
  2. That was very sporting of the lions to only rush 3 guys on the hail Mary.
  3. I don't necessarily think it's a huge risk with thyroid cancer. Iirc, a lot of the time they're not even 100% sure if it's malignant, but a possible malignant tumor. Delaying surgery a couple months was probably not especially risky.
  4. Lollipop runs fine on my Nexus 7 2013. I had the 2012 Nexus 7 until the 2013 version came out. The 2012 version's battery was already acting up when I sold it a year later. I'm still pretty satisfied with the Nexus 7 2013. Like I said, there's still only a couple Android tablets out there that are superior it...which says a lot about how much the OEMs care about the tablet market.
  5. Sounds like it's time for the new Nexus devices to come out. Hopefully they'll do another Nexus 7 or 8 (or 7.5!). The 2013 Nexus 7 is still maybe the 3rd best android tablet, and the 2 in front of it (the top of the line Dell and Samsung tablets) are currently priced around $350-400, and both those tablets are held back by the Android variant that Samsung and Dell throw on there. The Nexus 7 was $250 when it was released over 2 years ago. Guess I'll have to pick up an iPad mini whenever my Nexus 7 craps out. With that said, what's the deal with Apple releasing a 13" tablet? Samsung did a 12 incher and it was a total flop. The Surface Pro 3 works at that size because it's really a laptop. And why would anyone buy an iPad Pro when they can get a 13 inch Macbook Air that for about the same price? I'm guessing sales will tank after all the sheep pick one up in the first month or 2.
  6. Not really that surprising... The Startling Accuracy of Referring to Politicians as 'Psychopaths' - The Atlantic
  7. Michigan's offensive line is average at best at run blocking, but our tailbacks are epically bad. None of them, except maybe Isaac runs a sub 5 second 40. All of them have poor vision. Derek Green has the worst vision of any Michigan running back that I can recall. Notice how seemingly 90% of the runs are straight up the middle? It's not because Harbaugh's obsessed with running it up the gut, it's because none of these guys can turn the corner. I do like Smith's strength and effort. It's definitely needed since he loves running directly into our o-linemen's backs. Maybe when Johnson comes back this offense will be decent. Butt is an All Big Ten caliber TE. Darboh looked pretty good. Chesson is serviceable. The o-line can pass block, and Rudock will, hopefully, have better days. They're never going to be an offensive dynamo, but with a good running back, Michigan should score enough points to contend for 2nd place in the Big Ten east.
  8. D has been good to very good. Maybe Utah's o-line is terrible, but our d-line has been killing them all night. Still no playmakers on offense. Why did Hoke only recruit fullbacks for our running backs? Wide receivers are nothing special. Rudock is poised, but a mediocre talent. Booker and Utah's QB have been super impressive. The rest of their team, not so much...though it's hard to evaluate their D since Michigan has such little talent at the skill positions.
  9. Biden's polling numbers will come down to earth if he throws his hat in the ring, just like Hillary's did.
  10. Now they won't continue sanctions, but what about before a deal was made? If the EU thinks no agreement might equal US-Iran war, then do they press for a better agreement. No one thought that, and they knew Obama wanted an agreement, so they were undoubtedly pushing for a quick agreement so they could resume their business with Iran. Not sure why it's expected congress should just rubber stamp this deal. No one seems too impressed with it, and even the administration admits to serious flaws.
  11. ...and I'm not a strong supporter of sanctions. I just don't get the Obama admin's negotiating posture, nor to I understand how this deal makes the US and our allies safer. We're pretty much guaranteeing Iran gets a bomb in 10-15 years. It does seem to give the Saudi's a nice deadline for their acquisition of a nuke.
  12. Am I supposed to be more or less impressed with the deal because the EU, Russia and China support the deal?
  13. I examined the posture of both sides. I'm not sure what you expected out of me. An in-depth piece on Iran's political and economic situation? Sorry, if anyone on this board dove into that topic, they'd be talking completely out of their *** (which I suppose is par for the course).
  14. I don't know if Iran wanted a signed deal. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. They left me with the impression that they didn't really care too much if they signed a deal unless it was clearly in their best interest. For some reason, the Obama admin gave the impression that they'd sign any deal that wouldn't completely humiliate them, thus negotiating from weakness, which was totally unnecessary.
  15. That's a false dichotomy, and if that's their line of reasoning it's easy to assume that Obama accepted a lousy deal because he's admitting he had no other alternative, and thus zero leverage. Obviously, the alternatives are continued sanctions and a coldish war (sabotage, etc). A hot war IS another possibility, and if Obama's team were decent negotiators, they should have lead the Iranians to believe this was a possibility without explicitly saying so. Instead, they lead them to believe that all Obama wanted was a signed deal. Thus, even without knowing too much about the deal, it's easy to assume that we could do much better.
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