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  1. I only like Schwarber if he CAN play first and he can move to DH when Torkelson takes over first as Miggy fades into the sunset.
  2. La Stella has emerged over the last couple years playing well in Anaheim and Oakland because " he gets on base"...., 800 + OPs the past 2 seasons. It does seem that they are leaning to Paredes for 2B though. Not getting a Cron vibe for 1b. Like to see Schwarber on a reasonable 2-3 yr and share first and DH with Miggy as well as rotating others through DH. But it won't happen and maybe he can't play first but thats a lefty bat I would like to see in our lineup, Plus he's only 27. I think the fans would really take to him also.
  3. I agree but I think $ 7.5 to the Tigers is "not cheap" so they will pass.
  4. He would be a good sign but won't be real cheap.
  5. Or its because he's Mexican and likes to spend time at home ?
  6. Baseball and the union have trouble agreeing and now they need to add in Governor's and their open/close tendencies and the effect on fans in the seats. They should commit to 162 games with expanded playoffs to offset potential fan less games, add the universal DH and two extra roster spots for pitchers and allow the teams to play a portion of their games at their spring training sites or one of their minor league locations should that location allow fans if the major league location does not. Play Ball !!
  7. 6 expansion options : Las Vegas, Nashville, Brooklyn, Montreal, Ontario/Riverside CA , and San Antonio
  8. Great post but there is the DVR and it’s also good to have a position to play that SD can’t offer and Detroit can. Plus more $. But ya living in SD is nice and close travel to Asia.
  9. That is a bargain . Wish it was ours.
  10. 300 and plus wins and he was 28 when he got his first ! And he won 120 ish in his forties
  11. padres in the same division as the super rich Dodgers are competing and the Tigers in the division with..er...no juggernaut are hiding behind "it's not time to spend or be creative" and "let's let the new manager see what we have since we don't know" and "Covid bad for just us" and " when I sign a free agent we just have to dump the salary later because I don't know what I am dong with the checkbook but did you see me kill it in the rule V draft ! "While our winter league players, apart from Paredes , are doing terrible.....and not apparently ( no word anywhere) even trying to sign Kim is inexcusable
  12. Looks like the padres are going to get Kim also. Must be nice to have an aggressive GM.
  13. It comes down to talent evaluation. The Rays have this mastered. They see talent early and therefore can get the "team friendly" contracts. They trade Snell at his peak and we sign Zimmerman for 110 million for 5 years at his. BIG difference. And Tampa just needs a new stadium. The Florida population is only going to grow.
  14. Jose Urena. Decent signing. Live arm and under 30 and cheap.
  15. the best, and hopefully not only , thing we received was an improved draft position.
  16. As of today we don't seem to have a major league catcher. As for Rogers he can't hit .200 ( 51 k in 112 ab's ) and has lots of passed balls. I also remember reading Gardy thought he was "hot dogging " too much a couple springs ago. I saw his first game in Anaheim and he homered but his throws to second did not seem very strong. So for me, a "fan scout" , I don't see him playing in the Bigs even as a back up.
  17. Hope Manning is ok. Wasn't he also shut down with forearm issues ?
  18. You are totally correct it would be really helpful to have a steady catcher for our young arms. Maybe they feel that the pitching coach has greater influence ? Don't get me wrong if they sign Realmuto I will only be happy.
  19. Great player. Best catcher in the game. Rogers will never make it and Dingler is 3 years out. The rest we have is trash. But spending big $$$ on catchers is not wise since 120 games is a full season load so they come at a 25 % premium. I pass.
  20. Could be but that's a bit of an overly defensive posture. Just have to limit the number of big contracts and keep them at 20mil/year and 4 to 5 years with initial sineing being no later than age 28 season. There' enough talent in that pool.
  21. We just have to believe they have a plan. They do right ? Correct ?
  22. I guess at face value that does make sense and will probably be another "negotiating" hurdle since owners won't want to pay full salary for reduced innings. Boras seems like he is super prepared so he probably has data on pitchers returning from injury shortened seasons pitching lots of innings and then declining the next year. I think I have heard relievers suffering from this more than starters but it's just anecdotal. Baseball "should" accommodate an extra pitcher or two on the roster in 2021but doubt that happens. Maybe thats the trade off for expanded playoffs rather than both leagues DH.
  23. Do we know for a fact that pitching 80 - 100 innings more than the year before is really detrimental ?
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