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  1. I am not saying give up prospects but rather buy them by taking on Myers contract and doubling down by trading Boyd. I don't think Boyd or taking Myers contract alone nets us Urias,Trammell, Abrams and Meija but maybe the combination does. Jimenez and Goodrum are just random add ons to sweeten the deal and could be someone else if needed. Those four might net us C,SS,2B and CF for the next 6 years and are better than what we have anywhere in the system. Myers is bad but does have some power and him, Urias and Meija could play in 2020 with Abrams and Trammell arriving in a couple years with Paredas and Greene. Add in Mize, Manning and Skubal and we could be pretty decent.
  2. I am firmly in the impatient camp. This team needs a quick infusion of talent. We should be all over the San Diego padres this winter. Their owner is publicly complaining. As someone here on the board posted earlier we can go get Myers who SD would love to unload for salary relief. But we should expand that into a potential multi prospect haul by not just taking Myers salary but offering Boyd and Jimenez in the deal. Maybe add Goodrum for their 2b. We should target 2b Urias , SS Abrams, CF Trammell and C Mejia. Urias and Meija have struggled out of the gate at the MLB but remain talented players and the other two are tough gets but SD is set at SS. SD would have $$$ free to go for Cole/Strasburg and one of them with Boyd gives them a big boost now and we just might get 3 to 4 up the middle players for our future. Plus when Myers contract is up Miggy will only have one year left, our stud minor league pitchers will have a couple years at the MLB level under their belts and we can hit free agency hard. Plus we get better starting next year. We need lots of talent and we need to spend to get it. Its time to get BOLD.
  3. Nice shot on TV of Anibal and Max hugging and screaming "we won it all"......wish it was the Detroit uni but good for them.
  4. These playoffs reinforce the age old concept that Starting Pitching is still king.
  5. They can make hard decisions on the current cast of players and fill the other spots with medium priced free agents or trades to both develop the young players that have "potential" while putting a respectable product on the field. They can make sure competent fielders are at each position so the pitchers can develop without the added burden of carrying the defense on their backs. They have options. They don't have to overpay or accept being terrible. It's a sport they could try to compete.
  6. I think this is exactly what Avila and Illitch will do. Which is concerning. Why does an experienced GM need ANOTHER year of looking at the same players, providing the same results, to decide who can play ? Does it really take that long? Why cant you just make some decisions. Say players that are young for the league or can play solid defense and have an idea of the strike zone as your guide. So right away you can rule out Lugo, Dixon, RodRod, Stewart (no position), Greiner, and who really thinks Demeriite will amount to much ? If we play Miggy at 1B for say 40 games and he sits for 40 then keep Stewart as a platoon DH and hope to develop his bat. Keep him off the grass. Play Goodrum at 2nd and Castro at SS, Jones in center and Reyes in LF, maybe Demerite as 4th outfielder, Candelerio at 3B because he can take a walk and has had success at the MLB level. Then sign someone for RF with power like Puig whose still youngish. Maybe sign an Absubral Cabbera type who can take a walk and play the infield, get a veteran catcher to help the pitchers. Don't just play the same cast. isn't that the definition of insanity ? Doing the same thing over and over and hoping for a different result ?
  7. If they commit to Stewart in LF it proves they just don't get it. He can not hit enough homers to make up for his terrible defense and ZERO arm. You can't preach about "taking the extra base" and then put a liability in the OF who allows runners going first to third on balls hit to leftfield, can't throw out a runner from just past the infield dirt, can't charge a ground ball, and takes terrible routes to fly balls. We forced this with Castellanos and he could hit much better. He is a DH. Play Reyes in Left until a better option presents itself. How can we develop a pitching staff with terrible defense behind them ?
  8. Could not agree more with this. Have a little pride for your Team, Fans and City.
  9. Maddon the Angels and Brad to the Padres.
  10. Mickey Stanley # 24 was a favorite of mine. I remember meeting Joe Falls who was a News columnist "back in the day" and asked his impression of Mickey. He said " A team of 9 Mickey Stanley's would finish in 9th place ". That was a bubble burst but a memory I still feel clear as a bell some 40 odd year later.
  11. Not sure if I should be Happy or sad the season is over. I know I will miss it. I just wish the front office will try harder this off season to present a better team next year.
  12. Yes thanks much Keepleyland 2 for all the great game threads especially in the tough year. Keep on Keepleylanding...
  13. I was surprised to see that Norris was second on the team in innings pitched. Him with Boyd and Turnbull are the best of 2019 and a good start to a 2020 Rotation.
  14. true but fasting is a big part of Keto
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