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  1. Ok thanks. Sounds like we are in a good place no matter what. I hope the MLB draft is not something to look forward to after this year.
  2. Any chance Lawler falls to 3 ? Seems to be the only real binaries star. Not sure why but Rocker worries me.
  3. Yes I remember Bob"s prediction from years past and he's is pretty bloody accurate if I remember correctly. Looking forward to the rest of the team.
  4. Was Johnny too busy ? Or was it Jhonny ?
  5. If you are willing to spend 340 million do you really need to do it so quickly ? I know inflation and age 35 still could be good and it keeps him a Padre but wow....he' what 22 and they gave up some short term savings.
  6. Need Fuller and Norris and Boyd to shine first half and trade all at the deadline. Assuming usable and good return.
  7. Send Stewart to AAA and give him a first baseman glove. Yes he isn’t tall but he can not play the outfield without an arm. Maybe first will calm him so he can hit better. That and hope for universal DH is his best shot in my opinion.
  8. Old white guy checking in .....
  9. I would like to see the shift limited. What few live drive hits are now becoming outs and players don't go the other way they just amp up more which leads to more BB/K/HR results. Maybe require four players on the infield dirt to at least eliminate the "rover" in the outfield.
  10. If Zimmerman makes the Brewers and does even ok it will make me doubt our coaching.
  11. Not as much as Matthew Boyd.
  12. As for Bauer signing with the Dodgers Al Avila should be on the phone now willing to accept David Price's salary to get a couple of their good young prospects like Ruiz, Lux and Gray. Probably tough but their starters are deep and shedding Price's salary allows them to resign Turner and they are obviously going hard for the repeat giving Bauer 40 million.
  13. Schoop is at least a legit player and adds power they need but we are really tilting right handed. Hope they add Moreland for balance but doubt they do to keep spots open for rotating players. Maybe they already suspect Paredes doesn't have the range for second ? Or will Schoop also play some first base ? I am so very ready for baseball. Feels like its been 2 years.
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