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  1. so assuming they lose both we could have 5 picks out of the first 101 if my math is correct. Thats bloody good Al. Get er done !
  2. I'm afraid you may be correct. Oh well Al has at least one more draft with low(#1) picks, plus a bonus pick, to make an impact.
  3. Well at least its something to watch for 2020. it sure would be great if he continues to pitch like he did in our system. Had to believe a pitcher would perform better for us than the Braves but we are long over due for some Smoltz pay back so to speak.
  4. So should Avilia get some credit for getting Wentz for Greene or criticism for the fact Wentz is rated that high ?
  5. I would like to see them sign Puig for RF. I doubt they will but an outfield of Reyes-Jones-Puig could be pretty good defensively. There is something to be said about being somewhat competitive and entertaining. As for the bullpen and starters I would wait another month and go dumpster diving for cheap leftovers in February if any are available.
  6. They should take Hancock. Pitching is still the most important ingredient to winning and it only went up in value this off season and is the only position that the Tiger organization has a proven record of development. They should stick to what they do best. Just trade and buy hitters after they have a proven track record.
  7. I don't think they wanted to pay JD for the second half of the season once deciding to tank so they took the bad deal.
  8. is there data historical available that shows the ratio of players that were on the top 100 list compared to those that weren't who made the Show ? Teams aren't trading their top prospects so is there a way to effectively target the "best of the rest" ?
  9. Well if Lou doesn't get in at least we know who's house's to toilet paper. Maybe even a bag of lit dog **** on the front porch.
  10. Pretty bloody good if you ask me. So next year if your predictions are all bad perhaps I can save some time watching...which I won't do.
  11. Just think if Al could have been creative and gotten Urias who the Padres were obviously impatient with and then just claimed Villar we would have a Keystone Combo with skill and potential. We still can get Villar. Just $$ Little I.
  12. Ok then take them...somebody. Action please !
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