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  1. I commented on that last night on a different thread and agree the O's are tossing games in a not so direct manner...like leaving in a pitcher who is doing terrible long enough to allow 6 runs in the 9th....and thanks for your numbers I feel a bit better.
  2. And again today allowing 6 in the 9th to blow a 4 run lead. Are they trying to lose ? They left the 9th inning pitcher in for 5 runs.
  3. can't believe the Orioles gave up a 4 run lead in the 9th. Getting worried about the first pick. Really want that for some consolation for this year.
  4. Best Indian hitters up this inning so why not Jimenez pitching ?
  5. This list make sense but shouldn't the Tigers Brass know by now if these players are any good ? They watched them in the minors and over the past two years at the major League level for many. Do we really have to delay moving forward looking at all these players another year ? I mean many don't know the strike zone and others can't field a position or both. Aren't we spinning our wheels ? We're going to end up burning good pitchers service time pitching in front of AAAA players. Do we need to see more or Dixon, Rodriguez, Candelerio, Lugo , Demeritte ,Castro W and Stewart ? All are one trick ponies. Fold this deck and deal again.
  6. Maybe we have two outfielders for 2020 and beyond. Reyes and Jones ?
  7. Well this is probably the longest thread of the year so yah bring him back if he will come.
  8. I think this sums it up best. Once GM's began gripping their prospects DD used this wave to trade his for veterans but once the cupboard gets bare you can only spend $$$ and when that runs out..he's run out...
  9. What have you done fo me lately..besides spending all their $$$$,,,joking aside this is really stupid. They won it all just last year. I guess it's hard living in the Yankees shadow even as the defending World Champion.
  10. Maybe we should hire him then..or better yet play in the Big Ten ?
  11. Has any Belichick assistant done well as a Head Coach ?
  12. Jumping in to make it an even 10. No interest in this game but ai bet most of us will miss baseball when it's gone...please Front Office TRY to win some next year please.
  13. DD is truly old school GM. Spend lots of money and drain the farm. It worked in Miami and Boston. The Marlins owner, Huzinga ?, was astute enough to sell off right after. maybe Boston is doing similar. Poor us got driven to the bedrock without a title. But it was a GREAT run and way better than now.
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