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  1. socaltiger

    7/15 @2:10 Detroit Tigers vs Houston Astros

    and Mcan't
  2. socaltiger

    2018 Draft Pick Watch

    I bet we dominate the 51 - 100 list !
  3. Florist the centerfieder. My bad.
  4. Fulmer to the yanks should headline with Familia or forget it.
  5. I also think Victor will finish the season.
  6. socaltiger

    7/7 @4:10 p.m. Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigers

    Wish I could get one of those. Are they for sale anywhere ?
  7. socaltiger

    7/5 @7:10 p.m. Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigers

    Mario doesn't even know who is on the field. Candalerio to hicks !!! OMG he is terrible
  8. socaltiger

    7/5 @7:10 p.m. Texas Rangers vs Detroit Tigers

    Perhaps a small sign of progress for our minor league system.
  9. socaltiger

    7/4 @2:20 Detroit Tigers vs Chicago Cubs

    we looked bad that inning...three free bases including home..
  10. Three trades I would consider for Fullmer : Dodgers - Verdugo and Diaz both outfielders. Angels - Adell (of) and Maitan (ss) Padres - Urias ( 2b/ss ) and Arias (ss) Try to add sweetener like a 15 to 20 prospect from each team if possible.
  11. Nick seems a bit better in RF since opening day. Think he stays there.
  12. socaltiger

    Bosio Fired

    Can we expand to get Matlian the shortstop ? Simmons is entrenched in LA. Maybe add in Greene and Boyd ? Or Greene and Soto ?
  13. socaltiger

    JD Traded to Arizona

    Does anyone think hitting at Fenway surrounded by great hitters in the lineup is helping JD perform better versus hitting at Comerica with Victor as protection ? Doubt he gets pitched to as a Tiger and we would be spending 25 million a year for that and Nick at 3B. JD is a great hitter but the fit in Detroit wasn't there.
  14. socaltiger

    Bosio Fired

    I trust Avilia and the Tigers to have done the right thing. Reading Bosio's account a second time it sounds like he is presenting something plausible to keep future employment opportunities open. Or he is embarased . It did take him a day to respond and he did not say emphatically its wrong and he is suing. Only that he will talk to his lawyer. Oh well..next...