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  1. Thank you for this post. It's good to hear real life experiences with this situation. The news, both sides, is so tainted it's not helpful.
  2. Actually since you initiated the negative vibes maybe you're the sensitive one. No need to change its ok. I enjoy the excellent baseball knowledge on this forum so a little static is no big deal.
  3. So doubling down on insults. Nice. Hope you feel better.
  4. Not sure what you are inferring but my guess is its not very nice. I don't recall attacking you personally. I don't think grammar on message board is that critical.
  5. Your not just that the cases were all asymptomatic which is good for all of us if its the new trend. If.
  6. I said I could be wrong and I was. Probably not the last time But it is only over a seven day period so cn I claim "sample size " ? Let's hope it changes just as quickly and again were they asymptomatic or hospitalized ? This is not listed because we are in an election year and half the country wants to minimize Covid and half wants to make it seem like a death sentence which is why its so hard for us to know.
  7. It's understandable to be scared especially since Biden just said 120 MILLION Americans have died from Covid.
  8. "It’s already known that one Diamondbacks player has recently tested positive for the coronavirus. He’s not the only member of the organization to do so, though, as Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic writes that “several” of the organization’s minor leaguers and one minor league coach have tested positive over the past week. All of the positives came out of the club’s spring training facility in Salt River, Ariz., but each of those individuals were and are asymptomatic." Tell me knowing that the "several" cases are all asymptomatic doesn't make you feel better than not knowing or thinking they might die ?
  9. Not sure per capita applies since the curve is just a percentage of total tests positive or negative. But I could be wrong.
  10. But only one is in a "crazed state election year " and USA has tested way more than the others. Again what is omitted is the severity of the symptoms. Many..if not most...at this time are testing positive without symptoms or very mild symptoms which makes the curve look funny but does not mean we all need to hide under our beds.
  11. ok 60 games this year so let's make 60 the over/under for the 2022 season. What say you ?
  12. Empirical data shows steroids helped quite a bit. 60 HR/year record stood for a very long time and then suddenly multiple players hit 60 and even 70 was obtained while others hit career highs. After the "crack down" on steroids these HR totals went back to closer to pre steroid levels while the small ballparks, better lighting and livelier ball remained. Its steroids as the lone/main variable.
  13. The players insistence on full 100% prorated pay because the owners did not specifically say it would be less without fans is very annoying to me. It's a normal assumption. When have they ever played without fans ?( ok 1 game in Baltimore) It's absurd. And the owners expecting the players to assume the risk of the season getting canceled before the playoffs can be played is also ridiculous. Thats the risk part of ownership. They are all greedy, arrogant and spoiled. F'em. At this point just cancel the season and use the time to get a new long term agreement so we don't repeat this in 2022.
  14. I don't know why the owners are against deferred salaries. Give them 70 % deferred this year , which they have offered, and 10 % each of the next 3 years in return for 3 years expanded playoffs. Certainly they can make adjustments in the next 3 years under normal conditions to absorb the 10 %. I mean its about 5 million or so each year given 70 games and a 120 million payroll. 70/162 * 120 * .10 = 5.19 mil. They might make that up with expanded playoffs. Even 80/10/10.
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