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  1. Mix all the teams into one league and create four geographical divisions. Start play May 15 in the spring training locations of Florida and Arizona to limit travel and play all games without fans. Then on July 22 return to playing in stadiums with fans. Travel is still minimized due to the geographic centered divisions. Playoffs are eight teams- the four leaders at the end of the Spring training site games and the four leaders at the end of the normal stadium locations. Best overall 2nd place finishers step in if some team (s) win both halves. Playoffs are seated by worst overall record verses best and so on. Three rounds of 7 game playoffs starting October 1. Rosters at 30 for the first half to shorten "training / warm up" period and normal 26 thereafter.
  2. Well if they have a draft, which I think they will no matter, and there isn't any more college games played for evaluation Al Avila/ Tigers will be faced with choosing between their two favorite options - Power and Vanderbilt players.
  3. The rebuild would sure look brighter with those two thats for sure. Wow.
  4. As in where exactly did they move to.
  5. I bet Gardy is telling Al that Mercer is the best 3B and both Lugo and candy stink but Al probably wants to keep both to support his trades.
  6. Listening to the national's radio broadcast and they have noted "every fly ball to Stewart has been an adventure ". I wonder how stubborn the Tiger's brass will be trying to convince themselves Stewart can actually play the field.
  7. Maybe they mix it up and take....Lacey the lefty But I am quite sure they will take Tork and he will play first base in Detroit for many years.
  8. Perhaps it was prompted by his utter embarrassment in the MLB.
  9. Zimmerman on an investment basis for sure.
  10. Shep doesn't have that deep baritone voice that good announcers have. Mario has it, George Kell, Ray Lane, Ernie, Paul Carey etc all had that deep voice.
  11. I think the Reds saw that the Brewers, Cardinals and Cubs either did nothing or lost players and got over anxious thinking adding one more bat might put them over and there was shiny Nick still on the shelf.
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