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  1. I think Fullmer has had 3 knee surgeries and I do remember reading that he said this last one was way more complicated than it was originally described. Then he is wearing a brace so its probably still an issue. Not sure if there is a more permanent medical fix but maybe that's what's under consideration? maybe its time to just ditch the brace and move to the bullpen and try to be wade Davis type reliever ??? Its a real bummer him and Norris looked like two stud starters in the offering...
  2. Why do the Tigers need to be so clandestine about Fullmer ? What is the reason for the cryptic statement ? Is it so bad to let fans know what's going on or are the disguising a bigger issue to his keep trade value up ?
  3. Dan and Jim sound like to silly school girls today cackling non stop so maybe its Spring training.
  4. I read that. Its Good and worth the $ and time.
  5. Can they option Peterson to the minors ? I didn't think they could. Having said that I think he makes the team.
  6. Christen Stewart with a comedy of errors in the outfield per Jim Price ( spoken less directly of course). One fly ball dropped in and cost us 2 runs, late start coming in on a ball and a throw to the wrong base allowing another runner to advance.
  7. Tigers are just being a good Host. Goes with being good guys, nice people and Family folks. It's the Ja Ha influence at work.
  8. Many thanks in advance. Game threads are back....its safe to be outdoors again.
  9. I like Harrison as a third baseman also especially since Goodrum is not and now we can rest Candelario without a drop-off defensively...maybe even an upgrade.
  10. They should sign Morrison as well if cheap. Get a lefty power bat to spell Miggy and play DH. I think Hicks will end up catching quite often with Greiner being a rookie. Harrison and Goodrum means one bench OF and one INF is plenty.
  11. Cant say I am positive but it seems the Tigers are. As for Tex I would not move a Gold Glove first baseman to the outfield or 3B.
  12. Castellanos will do less damage in RF than he would at First Base. Thats why he is in right...just like the worst kid in a pick up game. And as for signing him should the Tigers be considering this then the smart move is to wait until he is a free agent. If nobody will trade for him then chances are nobody will bid much for him either. His self value in his minds eye is most likely way higher than reality. I like Nick and am glad he is in the line up for 2019 but he should have been non tendered. His future is elsewhere so why delay the inevitable . Better for both sides. We could have put the 10 mil to better use or at least played Reyes or Someone else in the chance we get lucky.
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