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  1. Yadier Molina. Give him 3yr/30 to 45 million. Over pay for him to handle Mize/Manning/Skubal/Turnball/Farmer/Faedo/Wentz etc
  2. Any thoughts of a preemptive strike for Andrelton Simmons, Realmuto or Springer if discounts are to be had after this low revenue Covid year ?
  3. if Hinch gives us the best chance of winning then hire him. Plus getting Houston's analytics first hand is a bonus.
  4. It's debatable if Al has done good or bad but for sure we will find out over the next 2 years because we should be competitive in 2022- 2023 latest or he failed.We have enough playable or tradable assets that combined with free agency should make us playoff contenders if not participants.
  5. Is it possible Candelario is more comfortable at first and thats why he hits better ? I wonder the same about Goodrum. Did shortstop take away from his hitting ? I have no idea but is it possible ?
  6. As always it will depend on the price for Schoop, Cron and Romine but the latter seems the most viable given our total lack of catchers in the system.
  7. So true. Like a traveling road show. He was quite entertaining and controversial from what I remember.
  8. Don't forget Gaylord Perry. Mr. Brylcreame had a couple good years with them.
  9. In a normal season of 162 the longer the team is in contention/relevant the better and that should always be the goal of management to provide the fans a whole summer of fun. Not just opening day and draft day.
  10. So are we still rooting for the playoffs or a low draft pick ?
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