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  1. Sounds to me that Boras has already schooled him on the talking points for the upcoming free agency. "Just think what Nick will do in YOUR ballpark !!"
  2. So if Casty to the Cubs what are we looking at in return ? Short or Valezquaez ? Something like that ?
  3. which is why you have to be able to evaluate talent without relying on tanking to make it easier. It seems good teams have a steady supply of young talent and they aren't tanking to get it.
  4. It is hard trading Boyd but as you say it is the only area of "strength ", though unproven, that we have so maybe we have to roll the dice if the return is defendable.
  5. I say Boyd is going to San Diego for Luis Urias , Renfro or Familia and another one of their non pitcher top 10. Its a good match for both sides.
  6. I think Avilia wants some certainty in the return for Boyd so Heyman could be correct. I also noticed the Padres just promoted Luis Urias which could be a look see. I think a trade to San Diego makes the most sense centered on Urias and includes one of Renfro/Familia and another solid minor league chip. San Diego is deep in talent and Boyd would excel in the national League and Petco Park is good for fly ball pitchers. Its a good match.
  7. Tanking is terrible but when it reaches the point of disgracing the old English "D" and mocking the fans it's unacceptable. It's time for changes. Trade Nick if we can get a decent return. Even a solid back up catcher who can help our pitchers and a loto ticket is ok. Bring up Peterson or even Robson and lets see of either can play. Or just give Goodrum RF. Abort the Stewart in Leftfield experiment. Don't prolong the inevitable like we did with Castellanos. Play him at DH or back to the minors to learn first base. Let Reyes have LF. Play Miggy at first base. Who cares if he breaks. Maybe it will get him engaged and some exercise. DFA Zimmerman. Now. Pitch Alexander, VerHagen or sign Matt Harvey once on the market. Keep Boyd. Trade Greene since savings games are not going to be needed. But don't give him away. Just emphasize defense at all positions and try not to be embarrassing. An outfield of Reyes, Jones and Goodrum is solid and Candy, mercer, Castro and Miggy is not a bad infield defensively either.
  8. I could not agree more and have said such in many past posts but not as perfect as you just did !
  9. That's good. Solid arm and better person. We should keep those types.
  10. We should appeal to the commissioner to allow us to count hits as runs. Make it more fun.
  11. so Goodrum cut his finger off to get out of the game ?
  12. Going for two hits tonight and maybe even a Double !!
  13. I remain hopeful that at some point pride will get Miggy into the gym and out of the kitchen. he has some very attainable personal milestones that should be of interest to him. I think he can still hit and have gap power even on one leg if motivated. Perhaps if the team was more competitive he would be also. Or maybe his personal life, which we all don't care about , might be weighing very heavily on him in manner we just don't know. He was sooo bloody good.....
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