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  1. Al traded Castellanos for him and probably wants to see a return and some props ?
  2. Eliminate the shift. Two fielders on either side of second and all on the dirt. Let the runners take out the catcher at home and infielder on the double play and reduce instant replay to one call per game. It"s the new rules and shifting that are taking action out of the game. Let the managers argue with the umps. Need some edginess to the sport. It's a bloody softball game now with rovers and managers holding their hand up to check every play. Maybe increase the ball park size for bigger outfields for more doubles and triples.
  3. what about Boyd ? will they keep/pay him ?
  4. Love Realmuto. Many will offer 4 to 5 years. Probably take a 6 year deal for Detroit. Has to be a big benefit for our "potential" young pitchers to have the same catcher as they develop at the big league level. If Al & Company feel Castro can stay at short and they won't need to invest heavily in pitching over the next four years then it makes lots of sense.
  5. No because he didn't rat out the players publicly after he found out they were cheating.
  6. I don't think we should offer long term contracts of 25 million/ year to anybody but the real elite that play a premium position or have a premium bat and are below 30. Pay more for a shorter commitment or pay more for a Lindor or Betts etc that you know will be good year in and year out. Stay out of the "middle" of free agency.
  7. The hire surprises me. There will be some distractions with it but the Tiger brass must feel its worth it. If it means we are going to finally go for the playoffs instead of the draft then I am all for it.
  8. I suppose your right in that talent is talent and we need all we can get but who likes the media anyways.
  9. Especially since Betts led the Dodgers to the Crown.
  10. True but we can do that with other players that won't cause trouble in the clubhouse nor paint a bulls eye on the organization. l have read many players prefer not to play with these Astros. Just not worth the headache.
  11. No stros please....there's lots of other options for managers and players...
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