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  1. So Board if you could 'turn on the light" for one Tiger in todays game would it be Jones or Norris ? Which one reaching their upper floor helps the rebuild the most ?
  2. I think the fact AA has not traded Castellanos shows he "won't take less" as the JD trade may seem to indicate. It's really based on leverage and he won't have much at the deadline for Nick either but when he isn't in corner he has done well. He held out Verlander to the last minute and got what he wanted. Al's a good talent evaluator and makes good trades. Its the checkbook that you have to be careful giving him....
  3. I suspect we might be disappointed in what is offered for Greene. Very inconsistent history and I read somewhere that this year he has an abnormally low average for balls put in play that GM's may discount his value for ?
  4. I would prefer Abrams to both Greene and Bleday. Shortstop and Centerfield options with speed for Comerica. Is this considered a poor draft class ? I would have thought there would be much better options at # 5.
  5. What are the odds Tigers swap out Jacoby Jones for Miki Mahtook tomorrow.
  6. Not sure if Zimmermanns contract has any injury insurance but if so you gotta believe the Tigers are praying for the worse !
  7. 110 million dollar golden parachute...Al's biggest nightmare I am sure...
  8. Don't worry Zimmerman will have a excuse..er...reason..he always does. My least favorite Tiger to be polite.
  9. Good point. But if teams are maxing their budget on internal players perhaps there will be fewer buyers for the free agents that are available.
  10. Are we possibly deploying the worst Defensive outfield in baseball today ?
  11. When players like Mahtook etc are no longer on the team we are making progress. We have already passed the Lugo standard.
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