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  1. Thanks! Actually, I just started posting THIS week. I have been lurking for awhile, I registered way back and then started lurking last fall. Finally I just HAD to start posting, haha.
  2. Mike Williams can play TE. Do the Lions REALLY take ANOTHER LB. You HAVE to give Harrington another option.
  3. I agree with you cruzer. I think the Lions need to take Williams. This gives the Lions one of the best WR Corps in the NFL.
  4. Rolle is gone to Zona That means Rogers, Williams and Johnson are still there. Williams goes to Washington is my guess.
  5. I can't believe the Purple People Eaters passed on Williams. Lets hope he falls to the Lions. Don't draft a Miami guy, go with Johnson over Rolle (then hope Marlin falls to us in the 2nd).
  6. Looks like I will have to update his profile in MVP and give him more contact and power. Its nice to see our prospects actually PERFORMING!
  7. I do like some of the new ones. I will probably buy 1 or both of the ASG Jerseys (just because I waste money like that, I will probably get a Black Lions Jersey too). I REALLY like rw_dc's jersey though. That is SHARP! They could still make it "new age" (or whatever style you call the new designs) by having some blue pants with it. They really could have made this a "DETROIT ASG", but I think this is the first visible step we will see in being the "2005 ASG held in Detroit".
  8. Does Thames have a better track record in Detroit than Nook does? I am asking because I don't know, I seem to recall him struggling at times last year and him struggling THIS year. I could be wrong though.
  9. I believe those 5-10 games stretches you are talking about are threatening to become a 60 game stretch. He performed well up here last year and he is performing wonderfully now. Exactly when WILL you become a believer? After 60 games? 75 games? 100? ................. I am sorry that Nook can't be the 4th Rondell White clone on our squad, but he has an awesome glove, is blazing fast and adds another dimension to our lineup.
  10. What is up with all the Logan haters on this board? Thames has played very poorly this year compared to Nook. Yes, Thames does have a couple memorable at bats. However, if you compare the two players side by side, Logan has outplayed Thames. That is simply the only argument that needs to be made. As a manager Tram should be going with the "Hot Hand" (especially when the rest of the OF is pretty much stinking it up at the plate lately).
  11. The first couple of years I watched I thought it was so funny how those first 10-12 picks drag by so slowly and then you get a mad rush sometime in the middle to late 1st round and then it slows down again. Its kind of sad how this year everyone is saying we are talking Johnson, it leaves NO suspense. I like how last year we had 3 guys that were really an option and I feel we ended up with the best one. Hopefully the weather is nice out here on Saturday. I will be in the living room watching the draft while I have chili cooking in the crock-pot. My wife will be down in our garage stripping and refinishing 4 kitchen/dining room chairs.
  12. This pretty much what I do, although I do try and catch all of the Lions picks on Sunday. I have watched the ENTIRE 1st day the past 3 years. Amazingly my wife allows me to do this. I am sure that will change once we have kids (until they become old enough to love the Lions and NFL like I do). Last year was one of the best 1st round in memory when we traded DOWN and still got the guy we wanted and then trade UP and got KJ. That was awesome. I was upset that we didn't get Perry, but that is because I rate Michigan players above everyone (see Braylon Edwards this year).
  13. Is McPherson the 2005 version of Mike McMahon? Not a huge fan of this Mock though. I really see the Lions taking a WR or TE in the 2nd (if not the 1st) and I see a draft focused on speed once again, I doubt we take a DT or OL guy the 1st day. Here I told myself I would continue to lurk and submit the occasional post. Now I seem to reply to everything Cruzer posts, ugh, this is not good.
  14. Cruzer, THAT is a stretch. Iw oudl belive it if you said best YOUNG DT in football. I will not get into naming names, but we obviously have different judgements on this fella. Ofcourse, my hatered for teh Purple Menace coudl be clouding my judgement (although I did have Culpepper, Burelson and O. Smith on my FFL team last year).
  15. I am sorry, I was not clear. My "nightmare" would be Braylon Edwards ending up win the Purple and Gold. I don't care if they trade up and take someone else, just NOT Braylon. Do you really have that high of an opinion of Kevin Williams? From what I have seen (I try as hard as possible to NOT watch the Vi-Queens) he doesn't seem to be THAT good to me.
  16. This is my "nightmare" scenario for the Draft. I seriously could not envision ANYTHINg (within reason) worse happening than this. I would rather see him go to the freakin Raiders. Hopefully the Vi-Queens botch this draft like they did the last two.
  17. I have to reply just because DT Triple 2 called out my school 10 - Any football team from the State of Minnesota 9 - The Marshall Thundering Turds 8 - Any team in the AL Central that finishes above the Tigers 7 - Duke Blue Devils 6 - Any team that beats Michigan 5 - Central Michigan Chippewas 4 - New York Yankees 3 - Mason County Central Spartans 2 - Manistee Chippewas 1 - THE Ohio State Bucknuts
  18. I agree with this 100% Jake. I have been saying this exact thing all along as I am reading these draft posts. I truly believe that the Lions trade UP to snag either Braylon or Mike Williams. If the Lions stay at 10, they will take either D. Johnson or A. Rolle. I am not a huge fan of drafting Defense this high up (I was elated when Taylor was taken at 5 last year). I do have one question though. IF we do take Johnson at 10, might we be looking at more 3-4 combos this year with a LB corps of Bailey, Lehman, Holmes, Johnson, etc? This would make sense IF we draft Johnson.
  19. I purchased XM about a year ago. I love it, I would never buy a vehicle without it (I have the SkyFi, but most new vehicles have it as an option). I have convinced 3 members of my family to get it too. It may be the best thing since the internet. Being able to listen to the Tigs on an actual radio broadcast is simply beautiful (I live in Iowa and was relegated to the tinny sounds of internet streaming MLB.com). I really enjoy being able to hear the opposition's feeds just to see what they think of the Tigers. The only problem with the Big Ten package on XM is if you are a Michigan fan. They signed with Sirius, so every U of M broadcast on XM is the OTHER team's feed. Well anyway, this is my 1st post at Motown, been lurking for a LONG time (over a year I believe). I doubt I will post much as I go in to continued rants, but you guys are great. I can't believe I spent 3 years ad the Tigers MLB Board instead of here.
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