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  1. That was awesome! In many ways, that song is the seminal work for jam music.
  2. They won a game that SOL would’ve lost. That’s a step up from a week ago where they tied a game that SOL also would’ve lost. Those are both early positives Same Old Lions: 0-2 and season over 2019 Lions: 1-0-1 in 2nd place Also, Tracy Walker is star in the making. I’m not exactly sure how good he’s going to be but his ceiling is much higher than I initially thought it would be.
  3. I thought that was all on McCaffery. It was an easy touchdown had he cut it inside. Not sure what he was thinking trying to beat the guy to the corner.
  4. I expect the Lions to beat the Chiefs handily and lose all the rest. It’s what they do.
  5. I wanted to try for the win too when the drive started but there comes a point where the odds of doing something that causes you to lose the game are much higher than for you make a play to win it.
  6. Once he got sacked they should’ve just taken the tie. I had written this one off as one of those horrible all-time Lion losses. I was sure they’d blown it a couple of times in OT. In a weird way, I’m actually kind of happy with the tie right now.
  7. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
  8. I’m resigned to the fact that they will score a TD and get the conversion to force OT.
  9. Arizona has a good chance to win this game now.
  10. Oh no. Lions won the game but didn’t because they did something Lion-like
  11. Lions need to slow it down on offense until Arizona shows they can do anything with the ball. Lions turnovers are the only way the Cards are going to be able to get in position to score 2 TD’s
  12. The defense is playing unreal but it’s a little hard to tell how much is due to Arizona’s putrid offense.
  13. I’d like to see them try to take advantage of Golladay vs a rookie making his first start
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