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  1. NFL teams are playing more nickel and dime than ever. Many teams play them more than base now. It’s going to be harder to get that mismatch on a LB and it definitely won’t be something that is exploitable over and over again.
  2. If feel for the excited fans in whatever city that he lands expecting the Blake they remember from a few years ago
  3. FWIW, I’d take Bateman over Smith too.
  4. It would take less than 1 second to put Chase’s name of the card. It’s not even that close really. Waddle would be an easy #2 choice for me it wouldn’t be that close either. I don’t think Smith skills are going to transfer to warrant that high of a selection. I’d take Pitts over him even though I still don’t think it’s very good use of draft capital to take another TE just 2 years after Hock.
  5. I think Pitts is the best TE prospect the league has seen in a long time and maybe ever. Not sure why anyone would even want to make him a WR. Why F with something so good.
  6. I’ve updated my latest mock. I can’t even imagine all the possible mismatches!
  7. If Pitts runs a crazy fast time then he’s gone before the Lions pick at 7 anyway. If he runs in the 4.6 range or above then he’s a TE (a damn good one at that) and all this talk about really being a WR is gone. The Lions would be faced with the choice of drafting another TE so high. I could see the benefits because Pitts is such a stud but I think they could find other places to address that would help their rebuild quicker. There are just so many areas of this roster that could use a high pick talent more than TE.
  8. Let’s wait and see what Pitts runs. If he runs under 4.5 then maybe he could be looked at that way. Anything higher and he’s a TE. This organization doesn’t fall in love with Florida Gators tape and disregard their combine numbers anymore.
  9. Pitts is a unique talent and looks like a stud. Still, this team can’t draft TE in the top 8 in 2 of the last 3 drafts. It’s a luxury their lack of overall talent doesn’t afford them.
  10. Ebron wasn’t even a thought. They already spent high draft capital on a TE with Hockenson. He’s working out too. If you value Pitts because he can play outside, they should just draft one of the gamebreaking WR. At least 1, and probably 2 will still be there at 7.
  11. I went a little nuts with trades including trading Golladay to NYG for a 3rd and 5th.
  12. Contacts. Making the switch a few years ago was one of the best things I’ve ever done.
  13. Having to wear a mask all the time was actually a great thing in the winter. Kept the face warm outside.
  14. Excited to hear Melody’s take on today’s Texas news and how it was a good thing for the governor to put the decision on masks back under local control and to let business owners to make their own decisions. A smart move for sure that you have to be Texan to understand.
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