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  1. Haha. Big shocker that Donny didn’t think this one through very well. This is what happens when you surround yourself with inexperienced yes men.
  2. I’ll assume that it just goes without saying that The Great One is number one on that list. I’m pretty sure you can get deported from Canada for thinking otherwise. Also, the recent Maradona documentary that focused on his time with Napoli is really good.
  3. The Lions only deserve the Nickelback cover version.
  4. I just realized that I’ve broken the cardinal rule of the Investing thread. I truly apologize for my error and beg for your forgiveness. I would say that it will never happen again but it probably will since I read from the new activity feed and don’t pay much attention to the thread title and just the post. Thanks for your understanding on this and also for future infractions where I will beg for your forgiveness again
  5. After not speaking in public for nearly 3 weeks, the lame duck President spoke for 1 minute and 4 seconds and proceeded to praise himself and his staff for the Dow 30,000. The best part is the markets continues to rise after he lost meaning the President has no impact on them or they are excited that Biden is going to be in the White House. Typical Trump that he’s too stupid to see that he’s patting himself on the back for something that he actually had a negative impact on.
  6. I’ve never wanted the Lions to lose more than I do this Thursday. Which is exactly why they will probably find a way to win.
  7. I’ve got to believe at least one and hopefully both will be fired on Friday morning following the loss.
  8. You can’t help but feel sorry for someone that went looking for a fight and murdered 2 people?
  9. Let’s be fair to all these guys including Okudah. This was a rookie year unlike any other. No off-season OTA’s, limited time at the facility, shortened camp and no preseason. Everyone has had their development stunted by the virus. Hard to judge these guys too much especially trying to compare them to what rookies have come in and done in previous years.
  10. **** You Norm Shinkle. You are an embarrassment and a disgrace.
  11. Stafford with a new coach only has a ceiling of one playoff win. The team isn’t going any further than that with him under center. Good QB but not great enough to put this franchise on his back and make everyone better. They need to move on from Stafford as well if the Lions ever want to become something.
  12. I never thought a day would come where we compare someone to Matt Millen but isn’t it time to ask if Bob Quinn has done a worse job as Lions GM?
  13. Back to back drawn offside were a fitting way to end this catastrophe.
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