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  1. Hongbit

    2018 Movies

    That analogy really tied whole thread together.
  2. Hongbit

    What are you currently listening to?

    McCready was also absent and he was actually a full time member of Temple of the Dog. Unsure if there are still some issues with the Cornell family and these two or if they are still just very broken up about the passing
  3. Hongbit

    What are you currently listening to?

    I watched a bunch of the YouTubes and it looked like an amazing show. The crowd didn’t really know how to respond Miley Cyrus cane on stage but she just killed Say Hello 2 Heaven.
  4. Hongbit

    Lions not playing an international game.... GOOD!

    Quinn is probably more secretive and paranoid than Patricia. The guy gives up next to nothing about any of the interworkings.
  5. It’s amazing that the Belichick Patriots have been to more Super Bowls than they have road playoff games. It’s a tribute to their greatness but part of their success is the tremendous home field advantage they have gained. Some of that certainty has to do with how terrible the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets have been. In the 9 seasons since 2010, the rest of the AFC East has combined for 3 playoff appearances and 4 total seasons above .500. If you take it back even further the Bills and Fish have been hot garbage for almost 20 full seasons now. The Jets used to be formidable opposition in the first decade of BB but have been a total mess since.
  6. Hongbit

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    I’ve heard two interesting suggestions going around as solutions moving forward. 1) An additional ref is added to the crew off the field and will review plays and can immediately buzz down to the official and have him throw a late flag on an obvious foul that was missed. 2) Head Coaches are allowed to challenge anything they want. PI, Holding, Offsides. Whatever they want. Same rules still would apply and there would need to be conclusive evidence on video to overturn. Interesting to see if any of these happen or something different. Either way the issue of subjectivity will be a big problem. As Gehringer pointed out, if you go by the rule of the law there probably was a penalty on every pass play last night. How will they determine which infractions are worthy of flag and which ones are only slightly breaking the rule and don’t warrant a penalty.
  7. Hongbit

    What exactly does this team need?

    I agree with all of this. Stafford is at the very least average and more likely slightly above. I think anyone would be hard pressed to find 18 other QBs that are better.
  8. Hongbit

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    I completely disagree. The confederate flag represents a regime that fought a war for the right to keep people of a different race as their slaves. They literally viewed them as property and openly oppressed, discriminated, tortured and even murderded a race of people solely for their personal prejudices. Trump and what he represents is horrible but what he has actually done is not even close to the level these abhorrent things represented by the confederate flag.
  9. Hongbit

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    There’s a growing problem that a good number of people on the left see the MAGA hat or Trump flag as a racist symbol. This view has definitely helped to flame this situation. It can’t be argued that many racists do wear them and Charlottesville and the aftermath were handled so poorly that it’s helped aid this belief. Still, I don’t think it’s ok to put a blanket label that anyone that wears MAGA gear is racist. The majority still wear this as a political symbol and not a white nationalst one. Unfortunately, this basic disconnect has caused a number of issues and will continue to in the future.
  10. Hongbit

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    I think this story has been sensationalized and overblown. These kids could’ve handled it better and are not in the right for their behavior. They certainly showed a lack of respect for someone that deserved better treatment but this is not “the worst form of hate and racism” as was being spread out when the video first started to go viral. I also believe had they not being wearing MAGA hats this story never goes anywhere. We live extremely charged times and I am constantly amazed that it takes so little for something small to become the major news story for the day.
  11. Hongbit

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    The bad news is that your behavior has brought national shame upon your church, your school, your city, and your family. The good news is that you have been accepted into the honors program at Liberty University.
  12. Hongbit

    The National Emergency Over the Wall

    If they agree to a deal now that DACA has been added the Dems are in a tough spot if/when Trump pulls back again or ***** McConnell can’t get it through. The narrative will be they care more for helping for illegals than they do our own government employees and serviceman.
  13. It’s a shame we don’t have signature lines anymore. This would’ve been my new one.
  14. Hongbit

    2019 Offseason + Free Agency Thread

    Does everyone agree that if all of the behavior with Kap were the exact same except that he was playing at a Drew Brees or Pat Mahomes level when he started his protest, he’d still be playing in the league today?