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  1. Deeply concerning that our cases are going down. According to the latest guidance from the Federal government’s highest authority, cases should be rapidly increasing based on the fact that we are testing much more than any other country. I hope Whitmer can get this decrease under control before it becomes a problem.
  2. This would be perfect but it makes too much sense for Snyder.
  3. Let’s be clear Adam. There’s nothing clear when Dan Snyder is the sole decision maker. I’d say it’s 50/50 even though Snyder is apparently the only one in favor of keeping the name.
  4. Normally, I’d think this is typical Dan Snyder and he put out a press release and will do nothing more. If he really does talk to players, coaches, alumni, other NFL leaders, and the local community, Snyder will find that he’s the only person that cares so deeply about keeping their racist name
  5. Hongbit

    F-1 Redux

    The pink Mercs were fast this morning. Looks like their decision to copy last years champ could pay off big. Checo is a legit driver and I’d love to see what he can do in a competitive car. Daddy’s boy is another story.
  6. Hongbit

    F-1 Redux

    They did it today but apparently he may have a trick up his sleeve. Red Bull appealed not to get it banned but because they are rumored to have their own DAS ready to install if legality is ensured.
  7. It’s scary at the talent level of these kids coming up right now. This video is unreal for a 7 footer with his wingspan.
  8. Hongbit

    F-1 Redux

    I have no doubt that Charles will be better but the overall team success revolves greatly around how well Seb behaves. That’s a complete wildcard. FerrarI did the right thing in not offering him a ride. We talked about it bunch earlier in the off-season. Charles is a future world champ and Seb will never be a #2 or even a #1a driver. Something had to give.
  9. More stupidity on the campaign trail. Don’t social distance and mask are optional. Stay at home if you are scared. On top of that, I’m not sure what the point is of spending any time in a state with 3 electoral votes that has gone Republican in every election since 1964.
  10. On a side note, he wrote The Jerk. A comedy masterwork. Can you imagine if that tried to come out now? Immediate cancel for all.
  11. There’s nothing in Trump’s history, values or character that indicates he’s willing to stick around and get walloped in this election. His ego won’t allow it. If these numbers continue to grow, he’s going to make up with an excuse and drop out of the race.
  12. Buffalo is more like a great international house of pancakes city.
  13. Didn’t know about that G league age limit. Figure they will get that moved to be ok as long as you turn 18 during the G league season. If not, Nike would still pay him to sit around and play pickup games while he waits for the draft.
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