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  1. Drogon melting the throne instead of Jon was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.
  2. Hongbit

    F-1 Redux

    I am blown away watching the Indycars to see how high the drivers sit and the lack of a halo around the cockpit. It seems like such an unnecessary risk and reminds me of the pre Senna days of F1. On a side note, it’s too bad the schedules don’t work out though as I’d love to see how Lewis or Max would do at the Indy 500.
  3. Hongbit

    F-1 Redux

    I think it’s great for the currently F1 retired Alonso to give it another go at the Brickyard. He’s a remarkable driver and can do just about anything in a car. McLaren on the other hand should take some criticism. They are a historic team that has been in a rut for quite sometime. All of their time and resources should go to elevating their Papayas in F1 UPDATE: Alonso calls out McLaren as it looks like they may not even qualify for the race.
  4. Not sure I’ve seen a show go downhill faster than House of Cards. The Spacey incident was the final straw but it was really bad the season prior to the last.
  5. This season is just fine. Fanboys ruin everything.
  6. Hongbit

    F-1 Redux

    Racing a car in Indy in the middle of the F1 season. Another fantastic idea by Zak Brown. McLaren have not been impressive and are so very lucky that Haas and Renault have been downright pitiful.
  7. All the major sports need to make the decision on what is more important, pace of play or getting the calls right. Most leagues replay systems try to serve both interests and this has proven to work most of the time but impossible all the time.
  8. The Sharks win on missed call by the refs for the 3rd time this playoff year! Although very obvious, a hand pass is not reviewable by Toronto. Tough luck Gloria.
  9. This is like being the tallest midget.
  10. Ben Howland would seem to make some sense for UM.
  11. I am hoping that we don’t have another year plus to wait on more episodes after these 3.
  12. Only 3 episodes? I hope they are staggering release and we will get 3 more in a few months instead of the season being only 4 episodes.
  13. This would be the most unbelievable coaching resume in history. He got the Butler job that after only 1 year at UW-Milwaukee where they went 11-24. He lucked into that based solely on being an alum and chummy with the AD. He’s only spent 2 years at Butler and has won a single tourney game. They finished 16-17 and got dumped first round NIT last year. Could it happen again where he falls upward after losing season twice in under 4 years based solely on past connections? Sure, but this would be an awkward first hire on the job for Warde Manuel. I’d assume the only way this would be possible is if a few other top choices turned them down but who knows.
  14. I agree the Euron/Jamie fight was forced. It created a potential plot armor critique as Jamie survives two potentially lethal wounds. The reality is that I think having Drogon swoop down and burn Euron on the boat would’ve made for a much better end to that arc. As for the dragons, it’s sort inferred at this point that they are much, much more powerful when they are ridden by Dany. They are still strong on their own but they are still vulnerable. Drogon is almost unbeatable with the Queen of Dragons on him. None of those scorpion spears were going to touch him.
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