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  1. I will reserve comment until the 2020 Michigan Football Thread.
  2. Lol. Rosenhaus really thinks anything he says will have an impact. I’m sure AB will take to Twitter to call him a Jew SOB, accuse him of stealing his money, and tell him to eat some gummy dicks.
  3. The problem is the Rock Hall has changed from inception and now they have unintentionally misbranded themselves. It really is a Hall of Fame for popular music and not only Rock. Most of their issues come up simply because they’ve tied themselves to just the Rock n’ Roll brand and would go away if they changed the name.
  4. Hongbit

    F-1 Redux

    Makes sense since they essentially waved the white flag on this season by bringing back the worst driver on the circuit. This team is doomed to challenge Williams for the basement again.
  5. You need to step up your shady underworld game. All good points though.
  6. If someone has a reliable bookie, I’m not sure why they’d want to to use a state casino anyway. The advantage of the bookie is they offer credit and there are no taxes involved.
  7. I was just thinking about this the other day. The Friday rush at the local bank and the long lines to deposit your paycheck. Don’t miss that at all.
  8. They do that quite a bit and he’s usually pretty good with it. He’s not Mahomes level yet but his ability to throw accurately on the move is one of his special attributes.
  9. Simmons was a beast but Darryl Stingley Jr is something else. A 6’1 shutdown CB that runs 4.3. He’s forced by rule to play 2 more years for free when he’d be a top 3 pick right now. Sucks for him. LSU has talked about letting him play both ways next year which would make him even more valuable. I wonder if he may think about try to pull the Mike Williams/Maurice Clarett thing and challenge the early entry rule after next season.
  10. That is absolutely one of the best college football teams ever. Lawrence finally came up short on the big stage. He really laid and egg and was an inaccurate as I’ve ever seen him mainly due to LSU defense. Cash those tickets, Del!
  11. Excited to watch Simmons tonight. He’s got a unique skill set that I really like.
  12. I got Bloomberg and Biden which makes sense since I’m really a Republican that has abandoned the party due to Trump and the weak ****s in Congress that chose to cower to him. Never going back.
  13. I haven’t dug into any of the numbers so maybe I’m off but face value has me liking this much better than last years facepalms in Tyson Ross and Matt Moore.
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