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  1. Need changes every year. Thats why it’s smart to draft best player on your board. Obviously team need should play a factor in putting the board together but it shouldn’t be the main reason that you draft a player in the early rounds.
  2. I agree with all of this. I also still think that OG is easier found than other positions. The Lions should improve their IOL but I’m not so sure they should spend another high draft pick there.
  3. All positions are important in the modern NFL. If you asked me which position requires the least natural skill and talent, I’d say offensive guard. It’s still Important but it is easier to find these guys that it would be a DE or WR.
  4. Hongbit

    F-1 Redux

    Great opener. I like the fastest lap point and think it will definitely bring more strategy into the last few laps of every race. I thought Ferrari were in great position to pit and give it a go with LeClerc on the last few laps but they knew they didn’t have the speed today so no point to trying. Not a good weekend for them. Evil Max looked fast. Red Bull should be very happy.
  5. The right answer lies somewhere in between these two.
  6. Great day for the Kings losing for Hughes. Up a goal at home in the 3rd against the Panthers and they give up 2 in the last 6 minutes to lose in regulation. 58 points and hopefully not counting many more. Current Standings [OTT and LA have played 1 game less] OTT - 54 LA - 58 DET - 60 NJ - 63
  7. I assume Mayor Pete doesn’t really want to be President in 2020 and instead is just trying to build his brand so that he becomes either Governor or Senator Pete first.
  8. Hongbit

    F-1 Redux

    I thought it was really well done. I guess Ferrari being Ferrari asked for a ton of extra money to be involved and Mercedes chose to follow suit. They did a great job considering the top two teams had very little airtime. Definitely some amazing behind the scene soap operas going on with these other teams on their own. I did feel bad for Esteban Ocon as he was much more deserving for the other seat with Racing Point but he’s landed as a reserve driver for Mercedes this year and will get a long look if they don’t bring back Bottas next year. I am also convinced that Max Versteppen would make a great Bond villain. I will enjoy rooting against him all season long. Although I think he’s going to fare pretty well this year.
  9. Hongbit

    F-1 Redux

    What I find fascinating about F1 is how interesting the competition is in the middle of the pack. American sports train us that winning championships is the only thing that matters and anything less is a moral victory. Not so in F1. The battles for 3rd through 8th this season will probably be more exciting than the fight at the top. Every race will also have a ton of great action with drivers nowhere near the podium fighting to get a top ten for points. I enjoy the cat and mouse of a 5 lap battle for 8th place with a guy to trying his best to hold off the car behind him and then feeling almost like he won the race when he does.
  10. Much like the GOP’s current view of the Constitution, I think it’s a noble idea but I can’t support it anymore. If Stan goes away where will I get my daily dose of baby killing lib pwnage and babbling socialist bartender smack?
  11. Whenever you aren’t here I just figure you are busy with a full circuit of websites that you troll through straight crushing libs, melting snowflakes, making it great again.
  12. Smart. Gives them a look at the prospects and the players a little taste of the real thing even though they probably aren’t ready. More importantly it helps the tanking.
  13. I think he profiles what they thought they were getting in Davis, a true Mike who can run and play 3 downs instead of what they got which is a rush linebacker that can blitz. I also wonder if they may like Devin Bush better. They have had a thing for UM players recently.
  14. This is the GM’s on acid money. Makes me like the Amendola deal even more.
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