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  1. The numbers are supposed to be accurate and impartial but if you consider everything the Department of Labor still reports up to the current administration
  2. I wonder what Tesla would look like if Musk devoted all of his time and effort to it. The same thing can be said about Space-X and the Boring Co. Even brilliant people can spread themselves out too thin.
  3. I like that they waited until episode 4 to confirm what is obvious from the very start. They are all on meth. I thought about hiding this in a spoiler but its not really a mystery.
  4. Earthquakes are near the top of a very long list of things that I don’t miss about California.
  5. My family has been quarantined for the past few weeks at different locations. By all accounts my parents and in laws have been good at staying in. Nobody has any virus symptoms. Anybody have thoughts on when its going to be ok to gather together in someone’s house and eat a meal together as a family?
  6. Another strong episode in a very good season but I’m left wanting a little more. I think I’ve made the mistake of putting this show on such a high pedestal that it’s impossible to live up to expectations
  7. One man’s death rattle is a routine over the shoulder catch in deep center for Jim Edmonds.
  8. The perfect time for a publicity event. Great work *******!
  9. The most F’d up thing is at this point, I expect all of his promises to be bull**** and lies. I’m only surprised at the few times when the things he gets up and pats himself on the back for actually happen.
  10. The government has paid $5B to the Trump Organization, who acting as a 3rd party has brokered a great deal to provide 14 lightly used ventilators for any state other than Michigan.
  11. Looks like this rules out the slight change they were going to look at Isaiah Simmons. I think he’s going to be a future all-pro. Okudah or Brown seem like the most likely choices.
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