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  1. Part of me wants to believe that Trump will contest the election for as long as he can so that he can bargain a backroom deal to avoid being indicted by the SDNY once he’s out of office. The real part of me knows this isn’t true since Trump’s ego is so big there’s no fear of whatever they’ve uncovered about his shady business practices. He won’t believe anything they have will ever be able to stick and even if it’s a risk to go to court, the case will be the big story and remain front page news worldwide. He craves that kind of attention even at the risk of a prison term.
  2. We are all stronger people for being Lions fans. It has been a great teacher in my life for how to deal with failure, disappointment, lowered expectations, and unfair treatment from others.
  3. Unfortunately it’s even worse. They have a bunch of custom pieces that will only fit in this unsuccessful scheme. Tavai, Davis, Collins, Flowers, Jones, and others will be pretty much useless in a normal defense. At least depth players could have minor value playing out their contracts as backups in a new regime.
  4. Trump taking credit for brokering peace in the Middle East by using UAE and Bahrain is like if CMU were to beat Rutgers and Illinois and then claim they dominate the Big Ten.
  5. Ragnow, Hockenson, and Jake Fox have been the 3 best players on this team through 2 games.
  6. UAE and Bahrain are minor players in the Middle East, so this peace accord is a minor accomplishment. Yes, it’s a good thing, but those Trumpies talking him up for a Nobel for it are laughable.
  7. If everything went right this was an 11-5 team at best. Now they are down 6 starters, early returns on key FA signings in Collins and Harmon are terrible, and there’s been no help from any rookies. If all of that wasn’t gloomy enough, Stafford is the most important key in their success and he’s made a few inexplicable decisions and his overall play has been well below his capabilities. They also have arguably the worst head coach in the league. This team is a perfect example of a complete **** show.
  8. Oh yeah. I know exactly how Vegas works. I think this line should be higher especially with Lions injuries that were still uncertain when line opened. As of right now 88% of money is on the Packers. They would’ve gotten more action at GB -10
  9. Looking around the league recently it seems that being an ex-player has been much more coveted than previous managerial experience.
  10. What am I missing with Packers -6. It seems like the number should be double that
  11. This is an easy call for me. Bring back Damion Easley. He fits the mold perfectly.
  12. It shouldn’t surprise at all. The best that I can tell, this is the order of influence on decision making of the modern Congressman. 1) Party 2) Lobby 3) Constitution (only when it serves their interest) 4) Friends and Family 5) State
  13. IMHO, best move for the Trump and GOP would be to come out united and say that out of respect for RBG and her incredible life they will honor her final wishes and not seat a new justice now. This is the type of humanity and compassion that Trump is incapable of but would go a long way in pulling people from outside the base back in his direction. There are still many confused conservatives that still believe in the policies of the party but not the man. They need to be able to pull from this group if they hope to win. A move like this would help and they would still have a majority on the court even if they lost in November.
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