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  1. It’s funny but what about Jim Schwartz? Failure is often the best teacher and I think enough time has passed that he’s ready for another shot at a head coaching job somewhere. He knows exactly what he’s getting into here and there won’t be any surprises. I like the idea of a guy that has been humbled before who can come in and truly appreciate the task. The next coach will also probably have to be a defensive guy in order to find a way to transition the parts acquired for the current failed system into one that works.
  2. The 24 Hour War is on Netflix and I highly recommend it for anyone with even a passing interest in the Ford vs Ferrari subject matter.
  3. As I’ve said before, I don’t know who is actually making decisions for the Lions. Is it just mainly Martha, is it the daughters, is Bill Jr in secret, is it a family affair, or do they let Rod Wood make the call? That would tell me a lot on the possibility of change as I don’t see them cutting Quinn now. If Quinn stays then Patricia does too. I like your list but David Shaw is too smart to get involved in this S show.
  4. Great pass by Doughty off a set play wins it for the Kings. #wink LA needed this win in the worst way. This rebuild is going to take a while. It will be interesting to follow the trajectory of these two franchises that are in similar places.
  5. Driskel played pretty well for Jeff Driskel last week. He’s going to have to play pretty well for an actual NFL starting QB this week. Hopefully a game under his wing and a week of full practice reps will help him to stop sailing the ball on almost every throw. They also need to find a way to incorporate his speed. He sort of reminds me of a poor man’s Jeff Garcia.
  6. I would take you up on it but I don’t live there anymore. I’m back in the cold. Tickets should be easy to get and there will be plenty of Wings fans in the building.
  7. I’d love for Jon Favreau to throw a few Swingers Easter eggs into the show. That would be so money.
  8. I loved it. New episodes every Friday
  9. At risk of being deplorable again, I have to ask is Martha actually making decisions? If so, how does everyone feel about a 94 year old with very limited experience in leadership or really any real work experience being in charge of making important decisions for the franchise?
  10. I’m getting Error 41 and almost nothing is showing. Apparently this is a large issue effecting many non iOS or Appletv users. MouseFail
  11. Absolutely. The only problems were Booger and the terrible officiating but both were expected.
  12. I’m not a big fan of Cancel Culture. However, the lack of apology from Grapes leads me to believe that Archie Bunker probably refused to apologize. Sportsnet would have to fire him for under those circumstances more for being insubordinate than political.
  13. Now kids, take a look here, don’t be a xenophobic ahole stuck in the 1970’s. Great final lesson for the kids from Grapes.
  14. So much for the new and improved Wokebit.
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