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  1. Okur: Replaced. There's no need to worry about Dice's health....especially with out depth.
  2. I do mind it. I can't see that happening, and I'd MUCH rather have Rasheed. (he's been great - and we haven't even seen his A game yet)
  3. Oh well. The fact of the matter is, this forum's stance on the issue is not exclusive to MotownSports - most forums ignore Spiro. He idolizes Jeff Moss of the Detroit Sports Rag, who hit it big when he reported the unexpected Carlisle firing before anyone knew about it. Spiro has since tried this approach by making long shots with various sources...since you know sources close to major sports stars contact fan sites and not ESPN or FSN...and has failed miserably. Ignore his bull crap.
  4. I wish Rasheed would just make a decision. I believe he will stay...Isiah has expressed that he thinks it very unlikely Rasheed will come there, and Phili (where I thought most likely other than Detroit, being Rasheed's home) just signed Skinner. So, I'm thinking he's staying. As unlikely as it is, if Sheed leaves, go after Martin with the stockpile we saved up. Darko or McDyess will replace Okur.
  5. Whatever it is, Billups better get it in order fast, because I for one can't take much more of losing to mediocre (let alone contending) teams. Atkins should definately get more minutes. He won't start, but he should get about as many minutes as if he were one. Campbell needs to find some kind of harmony as well, because he looks totally out of it. There's trouble, and it needs to be fixed soon. Running out of excuses. Better get going. Better get stronger.
  6. No way. I would not cheer him. It is not classy nor proper to cheer a traitor. He left here because he couldn't stand not being the star of the team. We offered him a sick deal, and he didn't take it. When he refused that good offer for fame, he refused my support. He refused my cheers. I wouldn't have cared if he walked out for money, or another good reason, but to be the star of the team that knocked your team out of the playoffs, especially after all the Wings have done for him? I say it's wrong. I don't cheer for wrong. I'll boo him. Because I don't like him, the Ducks, or the situation. I don't feel that because he did good things in the past he can command my support for the rest of time. Slaughter the Ducks everytime. I'll cheer for that.
  7. Apparently anyone on our team can just get injured we'll and still win. I can't wait for the playoffs, when everyone is healthy, barring any more injuries. ...Oh, and the Griffins = roolz.
  8. Indeed. Yzerman should have pretty good season, especially for his age and injuries. I didn't expect a lot this season, but he has impressed me. YzERmaN = 4evR
  9. I personally would put a different kind of plan into play, involving the disputes over Manny Legace and Dominik Hasek. I would give Legace a fair amount of starts before the all-star break, since Hasek is a notorious slow starter. Hasek should gradually get more and more playing time, until the playoffs begin, when he should be getting most, if not all, of the playing time. Just an idea.
  10. I wouldn't say he is getting screwed. I mean, they recognize him as their No. 2 goalie for this year, and when Hasek goes down, he plays and he plays well. He's probably the best backup in the league. Hasek is the man for this year, and Legace has earned the right to compete for the place of his successor. Plus CuJo isn't doing too bad, either, in what starts he has gotten. I hate goalie dilemmas.
  11. That's what I've been thinking. Despite the fact that we are 6 games ahead of them, I'm fairly sure we are just going to win more games. However, if they end up ahead of us in late season, I wouldn't worry. We'll have our all-star roster back by then, ready to obliterate everyone in the playoffs. If the Ducks can do, then we sure as hell can.
  12. Because everyone that sucks on our team rules on every other team, the Pistons go down.
  14. So we really pissed people off? Now you made my day.
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