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  1. I could care less if makes Cleveland a dynasty. My biggest beef about this is that he's doing it all while he still has a job to do, and responsibilities to this team. You can't give the ECF's the proper focus it deserves if you're out talking about next season with a new team, etc. If this is confirmed, he'll really of lost any respect I ever had for him.
  2. Terry Foster says he accepted the Cavs job. What a jerk. In the middle of the ECF's? Come on, Larry.
  3. http://terryfoster.blogspot.com/ "Stay tuned my NBA people are telling me Pistons Coach Larry Brown may have accepted the Cleveland Cavaliers front office job. It is not on A-1 authority but I am checking it out. Stay tuned. I will up date as soon as I get more information."
  4. My bad. Guess I didn't search far enough down the page.
  5. Not the most earth-shaking thread, but just curious what everybody thought of the new black jerseys. I wasn't sold on them at first, but the more I look at them, the more likely I am to pick one up.
  6. I think Round 2 starts Tuesday night. Don't quote me on that.
  7. I know I'm chiming in a little late here, but I'd have to give the nod to Ben. He just does so much for this team. I know it's cliche to say it, but most of what he does is never seen on the stat sheet. Agreed, Iverson was the best player in that series, but MVP is supposed to be given to the player who's absence would have been the most damaging to his team. If Iverson sits, they lose. If Iverson plays, they lose. If Ben sits, that would have been a totally different series.
  8. Any preference between Indy or Boston? I think Boston would be an easier series, but I think Indy would be more fun. I'm not afraid of Indy like others are. We're still the better team. Rivalries are just more fun to watch in a 7-game series. If we get Boston, we win in 5. If we get Indy, we pull it out in 6. Any thoughts?
  9. I will be talking to Olandis Gary of the Lions on Thursday. Instead of just asking what I wanna ask, I thought we'd give some of you the chance to ask him yourselves. Was he happy with his carries? Ask him. Does he think he'll be here all year? Ask him. email me at kevin@ ***** **** ***** .net (no spaces). We can't use all the questions, but we'll take the best, and let him answer them himself. The interview is Thursday, so if you want your question to be considered, have your question in by Wednesday afternoon. Thanks!
  10. I'm probably not supposed to promote my own stuff here, but I'm curious what everyvody thinks. I am 90% against Sheed coming to Detroit. I don't think he's the type of person we need, even though he's the type of player we need. Joe had done VERY WELL in building a team of class guys...why stop now? Here's a link...please don't edit it...just looking for opinions. http://www.***************.net/inmyopinion/htm (motor city sports)
  11. Well, he CAN'T be wrong! I mean, he writes about fantasy basketball for the Pistons! He MUST know everything about the Tigers! To be the ONLY person in the WORLD that isn't counting the AP reports as fact, he MUST know everything! Excuse me while I sneeze... Ah...ah....AHmoronCHOO!!! Whew, scuse me. Don't keep checking back...he'll just tell you (in the 3rd person) why it was his source's fault, and how he should come out smelling like a rose. Go to motorcitysports.net. They report the FACTS, and they do it well.
  12. Hey, came across a good Q&A with Chris McCosky, talking Pistons with a local website. He says some pretty encouraging stuff about the team, and the future. Didn't know if anyone here would want to read it, or not. Figured I'd post it. www.motorcitysports.net/pistons.html
  13. That website is such an joke... Chat transcript? What do you want to be he either KNOWS everybody that posted something, or he IS everybody that posted something?? Just a big, humourless joke.
  14. Hey, I averaged 18p, 11r and 7b that year...had 2 triple-doubles! I was THE MAN. lol Here's the link to the article... http://fanstop.com/fanclub/nbafans/article.asp?team=NBA&id=42055
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