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  1. It's almost like you're saying that any logic that leads to AA>DD may be flawed. Agreed on that. Biggest disaster in last 12 years of Tiger ball - Heading into a rebuild and jettisoning one of the best executives in the game. Main question: Can the Tigers avoid 100 losses in each of the next two years? Rob
  2. No trouble, the base hit was a 32 hopper, but he was in the 80's pitch-wise, and I think it was about getting him out with a good performance. Rob
  3. Dominated? 5-4 in 10 innings, 6-2, 11-10 in 13 innings, 9-2. Games that go into extra innings can hardly be called being "dominated". I would call one out of four of the games in that category. Rob
  4. A first round pick. In the NFL draft. Looking back over the last 15 years, VERY few teams have taken TE in the first round (of the NFL draft). That is because, IMO (and I suspect in their opinion), the difference between a decent TE and a very good TE is not usually worth a first pick. In the NFL draft. Yes, there are exceptions (Tony Gonzales), but apparently, they are pretty rare. Hate the pick. In ESPN's listings, there were other players listed at the same grade that were available, including Dennard, Clinton-Dix, Shazier, and Fuller. IMO, any of them improve the Lions far more over the guys they would replace than Ebron does over Pettigrew/Fauria. Sigh. Sorry about being snarky. Just very annoyed at this point. Rob
  5. Wow. I just can't believe we spent a #1 pick on a TE again.
  6. I was thinking that if I explain just one more time, I'd increase the level of awkwardness to the point this starts being funny. And then there is Tyler Collins in left. Rob
  7. Yeah, it is incredibly bad. Sorry, my awful joke above did not come across well. Rob
  8. Yes, I 100% agree with this. It's really hard to imagine that Gonzales is as good a fielder at his age as someone like a Worth. However, I suspect that he is less likely over time to have an OPS under .550, as I would suspect Danny Worth might. It seems to be a trade (Worth for Gonzales) where you get worse defense and maybe an extra 40-50 pts of OPS (.600 for Worth most likely versus .640-.650 for Gonzales most likely). Rob
  9. You see what I mean, right? That video would look much better if nobody was out there. Hence, nobody fields better than Delmon. Rob
  10. Right. So don't make a bad trade. Simple. Sigh. Rob
  11. This is what I logged in to post. I simply can't understand how someone can think that $5 million on Davis makes more sense than $7 million on Fister. If Davis was $300k, I'd be happy with this. At $10 million for 2 years, at which point we have a 35 year old "speedster" who can't defend, can't get on base, and can't run anymore....Awesome. I wasn't so much depressed about losing in the playoffs when I thought we'd be back in it this year. Now I'm depressed. Rob
  12. I wish I was more optimistic about that. We've been struggling to fill the LF hole for a while.. Of course, I do think Castellanos bat is more likely to come around by opening day 2014 than his 3b defense. So maybe we'll just need someone to play 3rd. I don't think Peralta quite fits the "making up for Fielder" bill. Certainly better than Don Kelly though. Rob
  13. Kinsler hasn't had a .780 OPS since 2011. His days of being an offensive positive are done. Well, I'm expecting that when we trade away a good player, we get a comparable player in return. We didn't. And unfortunately, for this to work, some unlikely stuff is going to have to happen. Like Castellanos suddenly being able to field the 3b position, or be a capable major league hitter in 2014. I'm dubious that either of those things will happen. Which means we may be looking at someone really poor starting at 3b. If Leyland was around, it would be Don Kelly. Now, I have no idea. But barring a highly unlikely development miracle from Castellanos, opening day 2014 has us as a worse team because of this trade. I don't like that. Rob
  14. So, my view is that Castellanos can't play 3rd (defensively). If I'm wrong, and he can play 3rd, and the Tigers can sign a decent LF, I get much happier about this deal. Kinsler...does not excite me at all at this point in his career. Rob
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