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  1. Ah yes. The "kids" were going to save us all. Tom Veryzer, Vern Ruhle, Leon Roberts and Ron LeFlore were going to be the next wave of greatness. Turns out all had respectable careers, but did their best work after they were traded away, with the exception of LeFlore. And of course, LeFlore was 4 years older than he claimed to be when he got out of prison and signed with Detroit.
  2. So who was the best speedy outfielder drafted / acquired by Randy Smith? Andres Torres? Nook Logan? Other?
  3. I actually have a Rod Lindsey story. I was living in Mount pleasant and working in Grand rapids in the summer of 1998. Often times I would stop by the whitecaps ballpark and take in batting practice after work. I struck up a friendship with Skeeter Barnes who is coaching with the whitecaps at the time. I happen to be there the day that Ron Lindsay joined the whitecaps from the San Diego Padres organization, and I had a front-row seat to Skeeter giving a hitting lesson to Rod. I remember this will because it was fascinating. Skeeter thought rod was trying to "pull the bat" through the strike zone with his lead arm too much rather than using both arms equally and swinging through the strike zone with more power. I think he must have listened and it must have worked, because he retired from baseball with a .333 Major league average.
  4. I don't get the chance to listen to many games straight through, but I did tonight. What I heard was a team with lackluster defense in the third, which cost in the first run of the game. After that, I didn't hear any long at-bats, or much battling at all. Even after dickson's home run there didn't seem to be any urgency to score any more runs. I heard a lot of quick at-bats, and weak swings. I know you are limited with the 40-man roster, but it might be time to have a major shake-up and bring up some of these kids and just see what they can do, and prove that they really want to be in the big leagues.
  5. So, you have your Ace going tonight that struck out something like the first six of nine batters, and you are not playing your best behind him? That should not sit well.
  6. For those of you watching, would the runner tried to make it to second base if Nick didn't bobble that ball in right field?
  7. I don't think he would accept a demotion to Erie.
  8. My HS football coach had a saying that I've repeated many times over the years: "Work hard, Keep your mouth shut, and good things will happen" I think Nick should follow that advice.
  9. Just for fun, I just looked at Mark Fidrych's innings. He went from 34 at age 19 to 171 at 20 to 250 at 21. Then basically done after that. EDIT: Tiger 337 beat me to it.
  10. By making this public, Castellanos has punched his ticket out of Detroit, and made what we can get for him even less. Maybe one bag of balls now instead of two. No way the Tigers would ever give him a qualifying offer, and If he gets even a 1 year $8m offer in the off season I would be surprised. He will not get any multi-year offers. He may even fall to Jose Iglesies status and get no more than a minor league deal and invite to spring training. He is just not that valuable.
  11. I just looked at his stats, and he played in seven games with the tigers in 1998. Anyone remember that at all? I do not. One hit in 14 at-bats.
  12. A quick search has revealed there has never been a professional baseball player (Majors or Minors) with the last name Hocks. So I think they pulled this guy out of the Hospital to catch tonight. John Hocks, MD West St. Paul Clinic, MN
  13. How about ranking the movies that predominately featured the tigers? One in a million, the Ron leflore story For Love of the game The upside of anger
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