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  1. Can we get excited about Reyes yet? And give some credit to the front office for taking him in the Rule V?
  2. I personally would take 3-4 years of sucking really bad to turn into the Astros, Cubs, and even to a certain extent the Royals. The Royals window turned out to be very short, but they did win it all. We didn't win anything in the 90's, and we basically an average team that whole decade. Then we really sucked during the Randy Smith years, and then 8 years of good to great. I'll take 4 years of very bad to go through an 8-10 stretch of very good. I think the hope is that by the time the Tiger's are good, the Astros, Cubs, Braves, etc will be in or close to a cycle of bad. The problem is I don't see the Tigers being able to do what the Cubs, Astros, and Braves are doing. I feel a decade of the 90's coming on all over again. A few good years, a few down years, winning nothing.
  3. Year ▲ Age Tm Lg W L W-L% ERA G GS GF CG SHO SV IP H R ER HR BB IBB SO HBP BK WP BF ERA+ FIP WHIP H9 HR9 BB9 SO9 SO/W Awards 1886 20 BAL AA 29 34 .460 3.37 68 68 0 66 5 0 583.0 476 350 218 10 182 513 19 1 61 2469 101 2.60 1.129 7.3 0.2 2.8 7.9 2.82 1887 21 BAL AA 46 19 .708 3.07 69 69 1 66 6 0 589.1 585 326 201 9 157 217 20 1 46 2492 133 3.64 1.259 8.9 0.1 2.4 3.3 1.38 1888 22 BAL AA 17 21 .447 4.04 40 40 0 35 2 0 321.0 347 224 144 5 79 135 23 0 45 1407 72 2.90 1.327 9.7 0.1 2.2 3.8 1.71 1889 23 BAL AA 29 25 .537 2.85 59 56 3 55 5 0 480.2 476 283 152 8 142 217 27 0 32 2070 134 3.37 1.286 8.9 0.1 2.7 4.1 1.53 Just looking for fun, I came across Matt Kilroy. Look at his innings pitched during his first 4 years in the majors starting at age 20. Really unbelievable. He holds the major league record with 513K's in a season.
  4. One of my favorite tigers of all time, and one of the pictures I profiled in my book "One Win Wonders". Sad, very sad story. Very talented athlete, but also very troubled.
  5. No, he would not. For one thing, he is not yet eligible for the Hall of Fame.
  6. Costner played a Detroit tiger in rwo baseball movies, for Love of the game and The upside of anger. In The upside of anger he was a retired drunk ex ball player who is chasing his widowed neighbor throughout the movie. For the storyline that could have happened in any City with any team, but they chose to locate the film in suburban Detroit and have the character being ex Tiger star. Since he had two movies where he played Detroit tigers, I kind of took that to mean he was a fan.
  7. If Dirks' real estate career doesn't work out, I think he has a future as a radio guy.
  8. Least favorite by far is Jerry Hariston. I think we all remember that base hit up the middle with 2 outs in the 9th to rob Milt Wilcox of his perfect game in 1983. back then there were about 40 games a year on TV, and that was one of them. I remember George Kell's call very distinctly. and Wilcox throwing his hands up in the air with a big smile/grimmace on his face. several years ago I asked Milt if he ever had a chance to face hairston again. he said he was the last batter he ever faced in the major leagues, and he finally got him out. Then he knew he could retire in peace.
  9. Dr. Fred Howard, because of this game: https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/CHA/CHA197907121.shtml
  10. It used to be midnight. And the players being traded had to be with their new teams by midnight. when the tigers acquired Fred Lynn, I believe it was 1988 at the deadline, he did not make it to the tigers by midnight. But, his plane was in Detroit air space, so they called that good enough. I believe it was after that that they nixed the rule that the player had to be with the new team by midnight. Here is a link to the story https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1988-09-08-8801280965-story.html
  11. Ah yes. The "kids" were going to save us all. Tom Veryzer, Vern Ruhle, Leon Roberts and Ron LeFlore were going to be the next wave of greatness. Turns out all had respectable careers, but did their best work after they were traded away, with the exception of LeFlore. And of course, LeFlore was 4 years older than he claimed to be when he got out of prison and signed with Detroit.
  12. So who was the best speedy outfielder drafted / acquired by Randy Smith? Andres Torres? Nook Logan? Other?
  13. I actually have a Rod Lindsey story. I was living in Mount pleasant and working in Grand rapids in the summer of 1998. Often times I would stop by the whitecaps ballpark and take in batting practice after work. I struck up a friendship with Skeeter Barnes who is coaching with the whitecaps at the time. I happen to be there the day that Ron Lindsay joined the whitecaps from the San Diego Padres organization, and I had a front-row seat to Skeeter giving a hitting lesson to Rod. I remember this will because it was fascinating. Skeeter thought rod was trying to "pull the bat" through the strike zone with his lead arm too much rather than using both arms equally and swinging through the strike zone with more power. I think he must have listened and it must have worked, because he retired from baseball with a .333 Major league average.
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