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  1. Alan underhand flip to Lou, OR both sitting on second base as two skinny 20-year-old kids with silly grins like the cover of the 1979 yearbook.
  2. Lou Whitaker has been my favorite player since I started little league at 7 years old in 1980. I followed baseball extremely closely for 20 years, and Lou's career closer than any other. I won't go through his stats, as I've done that before on the board. He ranks right there with Joe Morgan and Ryne Sandberg, and was the best 2nd baseman in the AL during his prime. Depending on which metric you want to use, about the 5th best second baseman to ever play the game. In other words, a no-doubt-Hall of Famer. Like some of you, I've been beating the drum for the last 19 years about finally getting Lou the recognition he deserves. Finally, there seems to be a glimmer of hope. It is about time. Why has he not gotten his just due? I think a lot of things play a factor. Very early in his career he was labeled "cocky" by some in the Tigers' system and Joe Falls picked up on that and printed it. As the story goes, Gates Brown (Tiger's Hitting coach 1978-84) was telling Lou he was doing something wrong in the batting cage, and Lou replied "I know how to hit." That might have been a big deal in 1978, a rookie telling a hitting coach he knew how to hit, and I can see how some would take that to be very disrespectful. But Lou was very quiet, and never challenged anything that was written about him. The second point is he was very quiet. Respectful, would answer questions, but no more. He was a family man and very religious, and did not hide either one. The fact that he is a Jehovah's Witness (a misunderstood religion anyway) did not help him any in the media. He was labeled a favorite of Sparky's, but Sparky knew to how best to handle the most talented man on his team, leave him alone and let him do his thing. He didn't bask in the limelight. He would rather have the 3 days off during the All-Star break to spend with his family then go play in the game. "Forgetting" his uniform one year at the ASG didn't help either. He retired very quietly. He has said things in the last 20+ years in retirement that haven't set well with everyone in baseball. If you ask him a questions, he will tell you exactly what he thinks. He always, and still does, dress very flashy. His former wife owned an upscale clothing store for years. And finally I think the way he has been treated by the Tigers as a team since retirement. He has been brought back several times during Spring Training as an "assistant coach" in Lakeland, but never as part of the team as his fellow stars have been, like Tram, Gibby, Parish, Morris, and to a lessor extent Rozema and Petry. The Tigers are about the worst team in baseball when it comes to honoring their past stars. To not have 1 and 3 retired on the same day, a year or two after they both retired, is just a travesty. No one is baseball has ever had what the Tigers did with Lou and Tram, and they continue to strike out with that. A statue with Tram feeding the ball to Lou is so long over due. Lou was a Hall of Fame player, and we Tiger fans really are lucky to have watched him play for 19 years.
  3. I expected Sanchez to sign a MLB deal somewhere, but not for 2 years and $19 million. This just seems insane. Free-agent pitcher Anibal Sanchez has agreed to a two-year contract with the Washington Nationals, according to multiple reports. The deal is worth $19 million, according to the Detroit Free Press, which first reported the news. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25583197/anibal-sanchez-agrees-two-year-deal-washington-nationals
  4. By then we will be 35-5 and sail to the post season.
  5. On first thought, I really like the idea of going after Tulo, but I don't think he would want to come here at all. The only way I see it is if he doesn't find a contending team to pay him the league minimum and guarantee him playing time. If the Tigers offer him the starting SS job, or even 2B, and tell it is his even if he gets off to a slow start, then maybe. If he stays healthy, and has a good year, many contending teams would probably like to take a flier on him at the deadline. In the meantime, you have a veteran at league minimum playing everyday showing the young kids how it is done.
  6. Pat Underwood was one of my favorite Tigers during that time. He always seemed to be in Sparky's dog house though. He had two claims to fame: 1) In his major league debut he out-dueled his brother Tom for a 1-0 Tigers Victory. http://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/TOR/TOR197905310.shtml 2) He pitched, and won, the infamous Disco Demolition game in Chicago. http://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/CHA/CHA197907121.shtml
  7. I always loved the SSPC set. As an avid autograph collector though, the problem is that a good number of players have refused to sign their card from this set because they never endorsed or got payed for it. Cool set though at a good price.
  8. Thank you very much! I'm about 1/2 inning behind on MLB gameday, it seems.
  9. For those of you watching on TV or at the game, does it look like Zimmerman is done? I would think so. Anyone warming up in the pen?
  10. Speaking of the April Greatness of Chris Shelton, he made the news this morning:http://m.tigers.mlb.com/news/article/171036662/chris-shelton-began-2006-season-on-homer-tear Over/under Victor will match 10 homers this month?
  11. In a different but similar situation I asked the player for a bat, hat, and ball, and he gladly gave me all three. I had a Hal Lanier model LS bat that I took to a game when he was managing in the Frontier League. I asked him to sign it. He said sure, then he looked at it and said it was a "gamer" from his Yankees days, and he didn't have any more of those. He asked where I got it, and I said most likely a flea market or yard sale (I collect any bats with a name on it.) He said he would like to have it, and asked me how much I wanted for it. I told him I would gladly trade for it, and asked him if he thought a hat, bat, and ball would be a fair trade. He said sure, took the bat, and said he would be right back. He went into the clubhouse and came back in a few minutes with a new bat, Joliet Jackhammers hat, and Frontier League baseball all signed by him. We were both very happy with the transaction. In case anyone here under 40 doesn't know who Hal Lanier is: Stats He was a good glove-no hit middle infielder for the Giants and Yankees in the 60's and 70's. He also managed the Astros for three years and then spent another 20 years managing in the minor leagues.
  12. Tom Veryzer was on of my favorites when I first became a Tiger's fan. He was a great guy, I had the pleasure of interviewing him once. He told me his biggest thrill in baseball was making a play to save Len Barker's perfect game in 1981 with the Indians. I have a great picture of him sliding home safely under the tag of Thurman Munson. Munson looks like he was about to kill him. Veryzer may not have lived up to the hype that made him Tiger's rookie of the year in 1975, but he fashioned himself a 12 year career as a great utility infielder. He will be missed.
  13. Porcello, Cabrera are locks, Martinez has a good shot, and Max is on the outside looking in. I have no idea who they think would be the 5th.
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