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    Default Okay, The Winnipeg in the East thing.

    I know they made the schedule already, but this is just so freaking stupid.

    You do this....assuming Nashville is the team going to the SouthEast.

    You take Atlanta's schedule and give it to Nashville
    You take Nashville's schedule and give it to Minnesota
    You take Minnesota's schedule and give it to Winnipeg

    Winnipeg in the East is so stupid, it screws the new team right off the bat and also screws four other teams. I always hated Dallas in the East in Football, but they only play 16 games and once a week.

    And I have a strong feeling the realignment coming in the NHL after 2011-12 will have nothing to do with East/West conferences anymore. They are going to have two conferences with teams across all time zones like in baseball in football.
    World Series or Bust. Guess What? Bust........again.

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    You have to think about concerts and events that are already scheduled at each teams respective arenas. Switching the teams would mess up other, non-hockey related events that are going on at those arenas.

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    Tatar is right probably. I think this is the only way that it works for this year. Also, I am not so sure I agree with the idea that the NHL is going to completely overall its setup.

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