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    Default Happy Veteran's Day all those who served, but especially to my Dad (WWII ), my brother-in-law (VietNam), and my deceased uncle (WWII & Korea).

    Thank you from a grateful citizen.

    Of all the things in life I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

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    Thanks for this thread Sue! I hadn't seen it earlier. My heros are being replaced by the young veterans who are now returning home from a different war if such a thing exists. While involvement in war can strengthen the will, it can fracture the mind and tear at the heart in so many ways.
    Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady sent out a message on Veterans Day including "There is an inscription on the wall of a veterans cemetery that says they sacrificed their youth that liberty might grow old."
    Gen. Brady was a Dustoff helicopter pilot in Viet Nam and most of his message concerned that era. Another part of his words still has me pondering "It was our warriors in Vietnam who slowed the onslaught of communism to this day. And communism is dead in Vietnam; they just donít know what to do with the corpse."
    Sometime sending a loved one to war also creates an unbearable burden that changes one forever. My heart of course is with our vets and with those who love(d) them.

    Edit: a print of my old unit

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