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    Default Sam Gordon: Girls can play football...

    This story is awesome and watching this little girl dominate on the field makes me feel good.

    Stats: 232 carries, 1,911 yards, 65 tackles...

    Just make sure to watch the video.

    Sam Gordon, 9-year-old girl, is already a football star (video)

    Another working video:
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    what i got from watching the video is that mom or dad (or both) is my age, because i have and love all the songs on the video, especially the LA woman/Lexicion Devil/Nausea medley that was on the back side of the Classic Girl single.

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    While I really don't like football for that age of children, I will not ignore the fantastic ability of that young lady. Just hope Florida State signs her later this year.
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    She wants to be a professional soccer player when she grows up.
    See, we're raising a bunch of commies in this country!
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