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    I received great news. The wife is negative, for the 2nd time, for the virus. Now we just have to hope she didn't catch it while in the ER. Four 12 hour shifts in 4 days did her in. Her electrolytes were dangerously low (magnesium and potassium). That caused a 175 heart rate. I told her that she was bound to have effects without me to take care of her...lol. The doctors still don't know why she had a fever though.
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    I went ahead and made this clowns banishment to include the entire board instead of just the political forum. Probably should have done this much sooner... sorry. For the record, users can support whomever they wish as long as they are civil to others with differing opinions. It’s when you go above and beyond and act like a total disruptive idiot that usually gets an early exit from the board. Both stanpapi and MAROTH4MVP have been permanently sent to the showers.
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    BTW, MotownSports.com is celebrating our 20th anniversary next month on May 15th. Twenty years... imagine that! However, our time is short without the ad money that both stanpapi and MAROTH4MVP drove to this website. It was a good ride...
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    I usually don't venture into the political forum but I figured it was important enough to post my New York experience. I went back to the office in Manhattan for the first time since early March last Wednesday and encountered a sobering reality. People just don't give a ****. I'd say that about half weren't wearing masks and a portion of the mask wearers had it slid down under their chin (what's the point of wearing a mask in that case?). This is in a relatively sparsely populated Manhattan, what is going to happen once Phase 2 starts this week and thousands more flood into the city? This is in a democratic state, I can't imagine what it's like down south and in the midwest. This is the thing with 'Murica. Too many people care more about their personal freedoms than the greater good of the country. It sickens me how selfish this country is, a product of the "leadership" sadly. I mean, just look at that pathetic rally last night. I'm afraid that we'll see more lockdowns in the fall (when the virus will likely flare up again) because people are too damn stupid, selfish or just plain ignorant to practice very basic health guidelines for the betterment of our country, a minor inconvenience to put on a mask to protect your fellow humans. Funny enough, these are the same people who will complain when things get shut down again. I've never been more ashamed of our country to be quite honest.
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    My husband and I and two of our children work in healthcare. I see you. However bad you think it is, it's 100x worse than that. There aren't enough tests, not enough PPE, not enough people on the front lines. I have literally stopped talking to all the Trump supporters I know, including my own Father and siblings. They created this with their hatred, greed and stupidity. Trump and the Republicans ******* knew and lied about it to make a buck and score political points. I ******* hate them all.
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    Why is it that regular people are encouraged to hvae 3 months in emergency money saved up but corporations after a week are totally broke? We passed a huge tax cut so that people could get an extra $3 a week and corporations could get billions.... so then they buy back their stock.... now they need more? what a scam
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    On a more serious note, I love this young man, who every night plays Taps in front of the Veterans Home in Paramus NJ, where, to date, over 70 have died from the virus, my father being one of them. I will be forever grateful for his initiative in honoring the memories of these men and women, especially since none of us who lost family there were able to be with them, but also lifting the spirits of the veterans still at the home, who can hear him every night, and know they are not being forgotten. Thank you, Alex Saldana.
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    Anyone who still supports the president or thinks he’s doing a good job is an idiot pro life my ***
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    Just got back from my first visit with my dad since March. Still can't enter the building since assisted living homes are still locked down. But they are allowing outdoor visits on the patio as long as you social distance and everyone has a mask on. Today is his birthday so it was nice to have a short visit.
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    I think the most important consideration is how MLB will be able to milk the crisis to tug on heartstrings and portray themselves as responsible, patriotic corporate citizens. I expect that at the beginning of each game in Arizona, there will be a P.A. announcement reminding TV viewers how MLB has been intricately linked with health care for over 100 years, that MLB will be making a generous donation of $500 to one hospital for each home run hit during the game, and then a masked nurse or doctor will come out to sing a muffled version of the national version. During the 7th inning stretch, one kid who had been invited to the game as a special guest will be led onto the field on the premise that he is going to be given prizes such as toilet paper and sanitizing lotion. But nope, that's not the big reveal! In fact, looking over his shoulder he will see a glass-enclosed golf cart exit the bullpen carrying his 80 year grandmother he hasn't seen in 2 months due to the corona lockdown. Surprise! Weeping, he'll run to the cart, press his palm up against the glass, and his grandma will blow him a kiss.
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    That is fine if it only impacts you. But we employ over 200 people and we need to take into account their lives as well. If we stay open trying to squeeze out another buck or two and someone gets infected and goes home and infects their elderly parents/grandparents and they die. I would eat a gun knowing we did that. Me and my partner both agree we will lose everything we have before we hurt someone else.
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    His slider can be found in the outfield seats about 400 feet away from home plate.
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    I’m not really enjoying being in a position of having to defend what I’ve done regarding suspensions of posters here. But I’m going to defend myself. I could give a **** what their position politically was, but what I saw was really horrible behavior and how they responded to people and how they perpetually tried to anger, taunt, and annoy for no other reason then it gave them a laugh. When I saw things that I felt were beyond the pale, I gave them timeouts. ....And then ..... I had to sit back and watch them change their avatars to indicate that I was unfair and this is biased and it’s because they don’t agree with the groupthink. Well **** that. I did what I thought was best for the community here. And that’s what I plan to continue to do. Eventually. Right now I’m still grieving the loss of my father and it pains me to read this kind of ****. So I’ll see you guys eventually. Peace out.
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    I seldom post in any forum, and never in the political one. I do read that forum, there are many good links to sources for being more informed as a person and as a citizen. I learn things there. But the drivel spewed by the two banned members was corrosive, not counterpoint. Good riddance.
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    He’s nothing but a cheap salesman who just spouts off nonsense to try to keep you interested. Exactly what you would expect from a failed businessman who had to rely on branding his name and reality TV to stay relevant. There’s no there there.
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    Lost a loved one last week and feel devastated. I am out every day with a community organization to feed seniors, and fear for them every moment. The mix of anger, pain and fear I am experiencing every day has burned me out. I might need to take the rest of this week off and stay home. I am lucky enough to be financially secure and to have multiple streams of income. But I feel for my community where single mothers who work retail and food service are on the brink of losing it all and families who are risking their lives working grocery stores and in hospitals are extremely underpaid. Sick that people aren't being given any real support from this government, that people will die because they don't have medical care and because society doesn't value labor. I never want to hear about how this country doesn't need a revolution and that incremental change is fine. This has exposed this country for what it is. Downright disgusting that we don't have universal health care and proper social safety nets.
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    I promise you it is not a photo op. I'm currently working on the response to COVID.
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    Indeed. “We were very prepared,” the president said Thursday, during the daily coronavirus press briefing. He was replying to—if not responding to—a question about why the United States had been completely unprepared to test for the disease, even as other countries launched large-scale programs to track it and to try to control its spread. “The only thing we were not prepared for was the media,” he added. “The media has not treated it fairly.” The president was, fitting the seriousness of the occasion, so far opposite the truth that he accidentally came around to accuracy again. If the media were treating the outbreak fairly, Donald Trump would not be able to stand at the presidential lectern and talk about how prepared he’d made sure America was without someone shoving him aside to hold up a picture of a dying nursing home patient, or to read a plea from doctors who don’t have enough masks. The only questions to ask him are: Why are you still here? And how many more people are going to be dead before you leave?
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    I own three restaurants and we have always provided sick pay. We will also be paying employees if we have to shut down. It will only be about 25% of their normal pay and it might not last more than a month or so, but it's something.
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    This guy is without question a douche nozzle. He'd short the shoe sign kid. Steal tomatoes out of your garden. Just not an honorable guy at all. Time traveler. I mean, he's got his iphone in his hand. This is where the classic cup check pose was perfected. This went a bit too far. The douche nozzle guy is the father of these kids. He sold their shoes to pay for the woman of the night last week.
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    He makes that salary back via the secret service renting golf carts at his hotels protecting his fat ***
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    Iran has now admitted that the events occurred exactly the way that they obviously did, right from the start - that someone made a mistake and that rockets were fired at a civilian airliner. Case closed. Investigate if you want to, but 100% of the facts were known more than a day ago and Iran has now confirmed them. As for the circumstances to explain why the rocket was fired at that exact moment, we'll never know. A scared kid in the back of a pickup truck with a shoulder-mounted SAM? I don't think so. I think it's more likely that some recognition systems, on high alert, somehow misinterpreted the image or signals received from the passenger aircraft and mistook it for an enemy threat. The reason for the tragedy? That's been obvious since the instant that it occurred. It was the assassination of Soleimani. The assassination of Soleimani, ordered by F***-Face, is the direct cause of the deaths of 176 innocent people. Those people are dead because of the outcome of your 2016 presidential elections. It was inevitable, people would actually die because you elected Trump.
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    Cries of voter fraud that, incidentally, were absolutely substantiated. Lest we forget that.
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    People aren't attacking people of faith offering prayers and condolences because of their faith, they are criticizing what they consider to be empty words from people who have no interest in considering changing the gun culture in America. I'd suggest that if there is someone you should be disappointed in, it should be those who use faith as a shield for obfuscating their preference in guns / gun ownership rights, which has zero to do with faith.
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    White nationalism is on the rise. The idea that we just have to "wait it out" for racists to die is not a good idea. If you don't address it head on, it continues to grow.
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    I wonder if he told Putin they needed to sweep the forests
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    correct. It was not dissent, it was obnoxiousness that got you banned. That is the difference between moderated fora and twitter/facebook. If one is not prepared to accept that modicum of decorum, don't come to moderated fora. A place like MTS doesn't owe anyone an apology for having community standards.
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    The thing about this whole thing is that this was a time for Presidents to shine. This should have been the one chance for Trump to increase his favorability well above 50%. It's a crisis, and Americans of all stripes will rally around the flag and the leader during a crisis or if we're attacked. And in the early days, it looked like he might do it. His approval rating actually glanced briefly above 50%. But he just can't help himself. He is an old dog who can't learn new tricks. He reverts back to the form of sowing division, lashing out at any perceived enemy or anyone who has dared to question him. Picking on enemies (usually women) and claiming them as enemies of the state. In the time of crisis you can see what a man is truly made of: and Trump is made of bile, anger, pettiness, and hate. If dumbass Mike Pence were President right now he'd have a 75% approval rating and the Democrats would look ****** in the fall. Instead, they have a real chance to unseat a President who thinks not what he can do for his Country, but only what his ungrateful Country owes him.
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    The biggest difference with Bush is you can’t really deny that he actually cares about people and wanted to do what’s right for them and the country. Motives couldn’t be questioned. With Trump the only consideration is how it affects him personally.
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    My wife said they now have more patients who’ve been tested and waiting on results. the worst thing is it’s raining and all that. So I go outside in it and then I get a little congested. Something I wouldn’t think anything of. I feel guilty wanted to go to the store. My 19 year old son had been saving for a TV. He’s bored out of his mind. You can only play on your phone and laptop so much. So we went to Best Buy and I paid for it. (It’s a lot nicer than the one I bought 11 years ago and was 1/5 the price. He’s a lifeguard so he can’t work until this thing settles down. He did say the city will pay them based on a formula during this time. I just wanted him to have some excitement. I have work to distract me. He made a list of a bunch of movies he wants to watch. I went in his room and he’s watching a documentary. I think I did ok.
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    Also, the fact flu kills more people isn't particularly useful information. Cancer kills even more. Or heart disease, or …. It is a classic red herring. Sounds compelling initially, doesn't bear scrutiny. The concern with the disease isn't how many it has killed thus far, the concern has to do with its potential and the actions being taken are an attempt to mitigate the risk. To the extent we can limit the spread of the disease, we should independent of how many die from the flu or cancer or whatever.
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    that is more a measure of your isolation from most of the world than the validity of your argument. AIDS has killed millions. But even as an epidemiological comparison it's apples and oranges.
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    Holy ****, how many hours did you spend on all that research? Jesus Christ, get a life. Avenatti is a douchebag, OK? Everybody here agrees with that. WTF is wrong with you? Avenatti is a stupid **** who likes to get his ugly mug on TV. Yes he represented that porn star who owned your boy and his mushroom, but nobody here gives a ****. He is a total douchebag. Please do not do the war-whoop over Michael Avenatti, that's just about the lowest bar that there is.
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    I already said this in an earlier post, but I'll expand on it here. Romney knew his vote wasn't going to tip the balance. So he decided to use it as revenge in his war against the president. Mitt wouldn't have the fortitude to cast that same vote if it was an actual nail biter, where his vote would have tipped the balance. He saw an opening to try to hurt Trump, so he took it. It was personal and petty. He knew he wouldn't have to face the voters for 4 years and he decided to make it personal. In that regard, he's just like his father, so we shouldn't be surprised. Self absorbed and petty. Mitt and John McCain are actually the two votes I regret most in my lifetime. After having witnessed both of their careers, while I thought they would be better than the alternative at the time, I'm not so sure anymore. Mitt has proven to be only about one person- himself. Between the times he has wined and dined the president (when he wanted a job in the cabinet and then again when he wanted the senate endorsement), all he has done is criticize Trump on everything. He's proven to be a turncoat 3 times now. He is pretty much a man without a party at this point, so I hope he enjoys his next 4 years. God knows Trump will find an alternate candidate to primary him with when it comes to that. Honestly he may not care because he will be 76 by then and may hang it up.
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    Representing Toledo and his high school well!
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    Calling what transpired in the last few years (including the investigation and report) “fictional Russian nonsense “ disqualifies anything you say as being an attempt at honest discourse. Just ridiculous.
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    I am tired of hearing about quid pro quo. In this country, we call it extortion.
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    I feel like an orphan peeking through the window of the home where he used to live and seeing the pencil marks on the door frame where his parents recorded his height.
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    the last time he came here was 2002 when the team had even less prospects than it does now. this revisionist history on dombrowski is incorrect, imo. im not really a DD fan, but give the man his due. he got us miggy, granderson, verlander, scherzer, jd martinez, and two world series trips. yeah, illitch's money helped, but so did a guy who was willing to deal two top 10 prospects for miggy, a homegrown hero for scherzer, and the foresight NOT to trade verlander (and to draft him). give the man his due.
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    The GOP simply cannot plead for equivalence, there is none. Which party is so willing to toss Constitutional Democracy that they embrace explicit policies to disenfranchise voters that disagree with them? Which party continually embraces the erosion of American Politics by special interest money to the detriment of *every* individual voter? Which party ever refused it's constitutional mandate to advise and consent on a SCOTUS nominee? Which party is protecting foreign interference in the US election process? Which party has laid a trillion dollars in debt on our children to increase corporate profits? Which party has chosen the support of the fossil fuel industry as opposed not only to the US public interest but the entire world's interest in refusing to even admit the science of the single biggest issue threatening the political stability and security of the planet? Which party's leader is playing to the biggest repudiation of Jefferson's "We believe all men are created equal" since George Wallace stood in a schoolhouse door? There is no equivalence of *actions* here when it comes to supporting the fundamentals of the American constitutional democracy. Anymore the GOP twists the knife into the near corpse of American Democracy almost daily, they have no right to complain that people are taking opposition to them with complete seriousness and relative implacability.
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