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    I question the intelligence or the morality of anyone who cannot recognize the unique threat Trump poses to both the future of our country and our own personal safety. His time in office is a national emergency.
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    Granderson seems to be all done. He is one of my all time favorite Tigers, but it would be hard to watch him bat .183 and be on this crap team.
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    That is what I generally do. The president (any president) has near zero impact on my life, but I know others who are less fortunate and there may come a day where I need help too.
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    So wait: you're flat-out telling me that teams that go to the playoffs nine times have no better chance of winning a ring than teams that go one time? Man, I have got to invite you over for poker night.
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    Also, and maybe a lawyer could confirm this for me, but I believe speaking the truth is a valid defense in a libel suit.
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    Bernie Bros are threatening a boycott of the election if Biden is nominated. They are so insufferable, almost as bad as Trumpers.
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    Kind of neat if you have YouTubeTV. They have every finals game on demand, commercial free, dating back to the 2000 season. Search "Playoff Playback" for 2009-2018. And "Hardwood Classics" for 2008-2000. Looks like they don't have last years up. I wish they would extend this. I still have never watched game 6 of the 1988 finals. Would love to see it.
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    She's a news reporter out of Grand Rapids. SOS already set her up with new plates.
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    Somewhere online there has got to be a bingo card with these terms on it.
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    This tape is the kind of think that I think will matter. Especially after the depth of Trump's repeated protestations that he doesn't know who Parnas is. There are a lot of Trump supporters to whom stronger objective evidence that he is a liar is immaterial, but each time something like this comes out that puts his lying into such stark relief out of is own lips, it's going to peel away some more people hanging around the margins and make every democratic Senatorial candidate's job easier.
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    The reality is that there are a bunch of voters who: Don't follow this stuff as closely as we do Often come to conclusions that are different than what we ourselves would come to about individual candidates With respect to (2), do so not out of malice but simply based on a differening world view or experiences We really need to get away with painting broad strokes about people who may come to conclusions different than ours. It's really frustrating, it's not fair and it is counterproductive toward the end goal.
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    How do knights and bishops move in 1D chess?
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    i've informed my employer that i want a $1 million raise.
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    There is no question he is a worthy Hall of Famer but they way he gets deified is ridiculous. That is why he gets knocked down so much. He was a very good hitting shortstop with a lot of durability and a very strong post season resume. He also was a poor fielder relative to other shortstops and stayed at the position years too long. You can't analyze Jeter's great career accurately if you ignore the fielding. It's not a minor detail.
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    If Verlander has done peds it just means he was willing to sacrifice his testicles for us, even while dating Kate Upton. Can anyone think of a more selfless act?
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    In before keepleyland2 to tell you he feels sorry for you for feeling this way.
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    Normalcy is what got us Trump. The refusal to get money out of politics. The prioritization of corporations over people. Unflinching support of the military industrial complex.
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    I think chasfh demonstrated in another thread that the Tigers get better attendance when they lose fewer games. Regardless, I always want them to try to win games. There is no point for me to watch sports if my favorite team does not try to win.
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    Championship are for the players. For fans sports is entertainment - *we* don't win anything no matter what hardware the players put on their shelf. Explain to me how I am more entertained by two weeks of wins once a decade instead of 8 seasons of good baseball 'cause I don't get it either. StL deserves the love.
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    Still, would you buy used crazy eyes from that man?
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    And the second one is just as clear. Oversight, investigation and research into all topics in the legislative and oversight domains is the express responsibility and obligation of Congress. For the Executive to thwart that role is a direct attack on separation of powers and and under any reasonable reading, the Constitution itself. I don't know what can be any more a crime against the Constitution than attempting quite directly to undermine it.
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    I've said it many time in many different ways, but the liberal boomer's cross to bear is that while it was our cohort that drove culture for 50 years, it was our conservative brothers and sisters that were always the (mostly silent) majority and for maybe the 1st times on our lives we are no longer able to insulate ourselves from their influence.
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    This is the reason "ok boomer" became a thing on the internet. Boomers: We might vote for Trump if Bernie is on the ballot. So don't be selfish! Vote for Biden!
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    https://stream.org/mlb-cheating-scandal-brian-mccann/ The self proclaimed arbiter of how you are supposed to play and respect the game of baseball was the catcher on the 2017 Astros and he's remained silent on this.
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    Another cargo shorts crack. You guys need to knock that off, I have a whole drawer full of them.
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    For the record... I like John Roberts. Always have. I like his demeanor. I don't see him as a guy who's got malicious intent or agenda. I remember his confirmation hearings and watching with my son who was 4 at the time. He was into presidents and history even at that age I told him that Roberts would still be an important figure when he's an adult and when the time comes to replace him you'll probably be watching with your son.
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    Well, we know Gollum (every ******* Republican) is going to fight for the One Ring (Trump and his evil legions)... Because they GOTTA HAVE IT, it's Gold, and it's PRECIOUS... And it guarantees their re-election (or so they think)... The only way to destroy it, is to toss it into the fiery depths of Mount Doom... I think we need Gandalf.
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    The Pistons like to please everyone. Win just enough to keep the 8th seed in sight. But probably never reach it. Lose just enough to keep a top 3 pick in sight. But probably never reach it.
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    Mahimi becomes the latest center to have a career game against the Pistons. Dude made a couple triples today.
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    I vote for Tyrus. His one redeeming quality though is that he loves Tigers history. 777 was hilarious.
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    He moved the goal posts one too many times and I had a Billy Madison "I'm dumber for having listened" moment, so just cut bait and blocked him so I didn't have to deal with it anymore. I forget what the coup de gras was, but it was the supreme pizza of logical fallacies. Edit: found it... He was saying poor international free agent signings under Avila were a main reason that the Tigers were bad under Avila and kept doubling down on it. Guys in his first J2 class were still 19 at the time.
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    And he talks about fake news? This <man> makes fake news; https://www.michiganadvance.com/blog/michigan-nicu-nurse-julia-pulvers-tweets-on-trumps-abortion-lie-go-viral/
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    I liked how he went off on twitter about the Tigers drafting Mize cause he didn't have a "swing and miss fastball like Fulmer".
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    He could just pay Trump $2 billion to drop out of the race.
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    You're right. Makes sense to not vote at all so the guy that least represents your views wins instead of the candidate that represents 80% of your views.
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    since 2000 michigan is 9-3 against purdue. michigan has finished in the top 20 13 times. purdue has finished in the top 20 2 times. if only michigan could be as good as purdue.
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    Nonsense, its the new moneyball. Short and agile catchers that don't have to squat behind the plate. Its brilliant, really.
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    Nope on the jealous. Money has everything to do with how hard you are going to work. You're not as smart as you think you are.
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