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    The Trumpies are doing you a favour though. I am going to duck after I say this, of course. But, the biggest favour that Trump has done for you is to demonstrate what a hopelessly flawed document your constitution is, probably the weakest, more full of holes than any other foundational document anywhere in the western developed democratic economies. One proof is simply that you've never stopped arguing about it, not for 1 day, since the day that the ink dried 230 years ago. But most importantly, that for the last four years your president has proven that he can just completely ignore it, and there's nothing that you can do about it. Nothing. But that's just me, leaning over your back fence, what do I know. But of course there's nothing that you can do about that. Not with a Republican majority in the Senate. So, the Trumpies are pointing the way for you - you can end your misery by focusing all of your short-term attention going forward on re-taking the Senate. You can't end the madness, and especially you can't end the international abject contempt and scorn, without removing all of the ludicrous "theoretical" levers (like "Faithless Electors", JHC, those are real possibilities) that an incumbent president can pull in order to stay in power, like in Belarus or Venezuela, those are your comps right now. And you just can't make those amendments as long as you have a Republican Senate. But that's just me, leaning over your back fence, justifiably comparing you to Belarus and Venezuela. After 2 Scotches.
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    Whitmer is glorified here very much less than Trump is demonized. We don't even have a Whitmer Governorship thread, let alone one with 1000 pages of glorifying her, nor do we have a don't impeach Whitmer thread with a thousand pages glorifying her. No threads about removing term limits b/c she's so mentally fit. No threads about her not having giggolos or prostitutes. Your statement can be quantified rather easily and it clearly demonstrates you're not accurate. Whitmer hasn't acted unilaterally - she acted within a framework of laws that the state legislature passed. Then, the supreme court took her powers that the legislature had granted her (the court did that unilaterally, I might add), and now it's not even her acting unilaterally - it's the director of the state health department who is putting on the restrictions, which are also a legally granted power to him. I would urge you to practice accuracy in your posting. I personally have tolerance for valid criticism, however I will call out lies with the text of her EO when repeated lies about her EO are posted here. I'm not at all sorry for it either. If you want a forum where lies run rampant, join 8kun. If you don't want the forum to be "all Ds good, all Rs bad", then come and post opposite of that. If republicans don't want to come here and defend the indefensible, don't expect democrats to pick up that slack - that's nonsensical. This isn't socialism of saying nice things about Republicans, no matter how much you'd prefer that.
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    Thats ok because they are male and “boys will be boys”. That’s just how you do things. But I will wait for another lecture about how easy we are on that woman and now mean we are to the GOP and Trump because doing that can only mean we are being “tribal” about it rather than simple honest political discussion and criticism when warranted.
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    and it's not like Whitmer did anything out of the ordinary.... people act like she's the only governor doing this. The state GOP was caught flat footed between public health and loyalty to Trump and his method of managing this as a financial crisis rather than a health crisis. She acted swiftly as the GOP leaders here were still waiting to get the direction from Washington, less they **** off Bubba and his AR-15.
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    This is a form of rights absolutism that is just wrong. Granting that churches do have the right for their members as consenting adults to engage in behavior that is dangerous to their own life (refusal of a blood transfusion) they have also NEVER had the right to kill 3rd parties by their practices - e.g. minor children of Christian Scientists or Jehovah's witnesses. My response would be that any religious practitioner should be free to exercise in a way that is dangerous to the public health of others as long as they are required to do it in complete isolation from the rest of society. The Hasidim and Catholics or Evangelicals that don't want to comply with public health rules should be required to quarantine themselves in return. The first and fundamental of ALL RIGHTS secured by the system is LIFE. Like EVERY other right, the bound on religious liberty sits exactly where it impinges on someone else's right to exercise LIFE. This is absolutely no different than the speech right being properly limited by the crying 'fire' in a theatre logic. 🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃
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    Continuing their tradition of being “pro life” until birth. Then it’s every man for themselves. Bunch of hypocrites actually.
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    I don't know, I don't think this thread is going to concede.
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    You can't be serious? It's obvious he lost and he is trying to undermine the election. Probably 30-40% of the country will not believe Biden is the legitimate president of the United States. He is calling electors to DC to just hand the election to him and go against the will of the voters. He is trying to disenfranchise minority voters as evidenced by the Wayne County Canvassers. No sitting president has ever done this. No sitting president has delayed the transition. No sitting president has tried to sabotage the incoming president. It is unacceptable. Period.
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    Donald Trump got an awful lot of votes from Canada.
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    at age 9 campos walked into a lumber yard and saw a group of trees yet to be felled. he approached the largest tree and chopped it down with his bare hands. as stunned long time lumbermen looked on in disbelief, he whittled the huge piece of wood into a baseball bat, burning his initials into its staff with the heat created from his own fingers moving so quickly.
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    In case you've not seen it yet: https://donaldjtrump2024.com
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    are we all on board with losing one for the gipper this thursday?
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    again, stafford is neither the problem nor the solution to this team's issues. did you see tua suck today before getting hurt with a hip injury? just sayin... bob quinn is this team's problem. he picked the players and hired patricia. if you want to humor patricia and let him coach thanksgiving, that's cool. its not like it will help and interim head coach to move in on a three day schedule anyway. but you can fire quinn anytime and it will be ok. he's out at the end of the year anyway.
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    After seeing his wife on Instagram, he probably wanted to be out of the house.
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    I've been thinking about alternatives. Can you get to Lewiston NY? If so, I will rent a boat across the Niagara River in Queenston ON, and watch for your flashlight signal. Or, if you can get to Plattsburgh NY you are about a half hour taxi ride from the Quebec border. Just follow the flow of migrants, you can't miss it. When you get to the border tell the RCMP that you are seeking asylum. They will tell you that you are entering illegally and they will have to arrest you (they'll be nice about it). Just smile and say OK. I'll show up as your immigration consultant. It's also not quite true that we have closed the border completely. It is open for essential travel. So if you tell them at the border crossing in Niagara Falls that you are going to a Rule V party, there's a good chance that they will agree that it is essential.
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    None of those guys are worth it right now, the pistons aren’t there. Hollinger is under the impression the pistons are trying to build something for next year. What I’ve seen from weaver is that he setting up for 3 years from now. Which means he wants to give the rooks good vets to lean on. Especially using examples like whiteside or Ibaka, those would have been dreadful signings. This isn’t the time to try and win. weaver has committed to losing, but doing it with a lot of young talent. Freaking finally.
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    All we can hope for is that the fallout of this is like the fallout of the GOP opposing SS in the 30's. And when I say 'like' what I mean is that people endorse or oppose parties from cycle to cycle based on different issues and their place in life's circumstances, but the people that became Democrats over the SS battle (using that as shorthand here for the whole FDR program to fight the depression) became Democrats for life. And it wasn't that FDR's popularity ever vanquished the other party (at least not until the artificial unity of WWII) but those people became the base of that Democratic Congressional dominance that ran for another 30 years. (It's true Ike ran as Republican in that stretch, but he was about as non-partisan a president as we've ever had) I think in the same way, those of us who oppose the GOP for what they are doing now will NEVER go back. Will never accept another GOP candidate short of a total repudiation of this present party. We are now Dems for life, like it or not. That is what I hope turns out to be the losing end of the bargain that McConnell and his ilk have made with the future.
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    With the exception of 2000 (which, whether one likes how that went down or not, is at least understandable given how close Florida was), the Electoral College process has been treated as pro-forma in the modern age. Are we really comfortable with setting precedents for the future that will result in every future loser filing frivolous lawsuits in any state that is close, haranguing local politicians and threatening to overturn election results? Because that will be the end result of this. Whether we like it or not.
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    Wrong. Hillary conceded the morning after in a closer election. Obama invited him to the White House the next day. His staff prepared copious notes for the incoming administration, including how to handle a pandemic. It’s already been documented that the delay in the transition after the 2000 election caused security issues that may have contributed to 9/11. We are currently in the middle of the biggest health crisis the world has seen. There is a possibility of a major rollout of vaccine coming by the end of the year and into the new year. Nero is as you say having a tantrum. Meanwhile all signs indicate a trans ion in power. To give you a small analogy, waiting like this is like buying a home and having the sellers deny you a walk through until after closing. Trump is destroying the house and blaming it on the buyers.
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    The Deuce told Lewicki and them guys to make him a bat, and it better be right
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    Meh..... Nook Logan carved his own bats by running past some trees.
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    Weaver seems to be slacking today. Its almost 10am and no deals.
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    There is a couple in my neighborhood with a regular bulldog. If you're outside when he comes by he'll just lay down on the side walk until you come out and give him some love. While the couple is nice, they mentioned they were making sure to take walks around lunch time during the summer as that has the least amount of people out and they are tired of 90 minute 1 mile walks.
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    If only Kelly Stafford's "friend" who is about to lose their business had a multi millionaire friend who could help out???
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    One thing that always gets me is Whitmer is targeted so much for nursing home deaths, and there are 37 states that did worse than we did in terms of percentage of deaths. Michigan is under nationwide average. Thanks, Big Gretch! https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/coronavirus-nursing-homes.html
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    Shouldn’t Kelly be more mad at being under the dictatorship of ownership of a hopeless football franchise?
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    Nevada certifies today, Pennsylvania will after four remaining (non-Philly) counties certify. Arizona will certify. To the extent any drama is left on the board, it's Wisconsin, and they are scheduled last anyway. The end of this thread is in sight.
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    I am so enjoying watching him defeated..........it's just wrecking him. He's in a deep, deep, deep depression now and as dangerous as that could be, I am loving every second of it.
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    New Jersey Congressman is trying to disbar all of Trump's attorneys. Starting with Rudy: https://www.yahoo.com/huffpost/bill-pascrell-disbarment-rudy-giuliani-trump-election-025511630.html
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    I’ve thought about this. Never in a million years would a script of the events of 2016-2020 be green lit for a movie or tv show. It would be thrown in the trash for being so outlandish. Real life has jumped the shark.
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    Go Rutgers. Chase Harbaugh out of here.
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    Yesterday was great. Today was great. You’re looking to be upset. Too bad.
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    he's a really good player on a bad team. on a good team? he's a nice complimentary piece. dont pay him like he's something he's not, and i think someone else will pay him a lot of money based on what he did last year.
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    Since this is the second time today they've announced this, does this mean that Joe Biden gets 32 EC votes?
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    I already do something I call Trump. As in...I gotta take a trump.
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    He heard that there is some great surfing in Japan.
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    https://twitter.com/Super70sSports/status/1321497890020302850?s=20 @Super70sSports Imagine coming out to get Bob Gibson after 73 pitches. He’d have disemboweled you.

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