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    A conservative columnist suggested that if Trump loses in 2020, about 10 minutes before noon he'll resign so President Pence can pardon him. My dream: DT: Come on, Mike, can you get me off the hook, for old time's sake? MP: Sorry, can't do it, Donnie.
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    To be fair, it was fun when McCann packed his bags.
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    Doesn't matter. They were still illegal use of campaign funds.
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    The pun was intended, sir.
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    How many times do you have to watch Trump turn the USA into the biggest international embarrassment in seventy-five years to stop licking his boots?
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    Lugo is already a bust. We got him for JD so he's terrible.
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    He said "all the intelligence assets" he didn't specify which country
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    Just going off the numbers, I’d say that out of a total population of 328 million, the likelihood that 63 million of them are stupid is pretty high.
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    Quick. Look over here!! Squirrel!
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    That is what's funny. Everything that Trumpers accuse the opposition of doing Trump has done 100 times worse. If people like his policies, then fine, but you simply can't defend the guy's behavior. His entire life has been a series of ethics violations.
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    Knowing a nurse. Best. Thing. Ever. I've had the flu the last two days. Our whole shop has it just about. Today she brought over some meds and an IV. I've never had an IV. That thing is amazing.
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    Respectfully disagree. If there is one thing that Trumpers can do, it is handle themselves.
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    I picked 50/50 but am more on the 70% positive side. I like the philosophy of getting $2 million free agents and trying to parlay them into prospects at the deadline. (Martin/Fiers for Castro/Shore) (2019 Moore) He does a great job of analyzing other teams trash heaps (Goodrum, Dustin Peterson) Through drafting and trading the farm system is now at or near the top 10. My reservation comes as a work in progress to see how the prospects pan out, and the fact that there isn't a bonifide superstar in the making (possibly except for Mize but we'll have to see) There are also a few holes in the system most notably SS, a hitting C, and 1B.
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    Right. Guiliani's corrected tweet: Some in the media distorted my statement that answering questions was a nightmare. That's because our President is a congenital & serial liar, so it was hard to get our story straight, per Manafort's guidance. It was also extremely difficult for us to interrupt his TV & golfing time. We all really wish this nightmare administration would end right now. Hopefully Mueller & the media can help us out with that.
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    "I ran out of gas! I got a flat tire! I didn’t have change for cab fare! I lost my tux at the cleaners! I locked my keys in the car! An old friend came in from out of town! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts! IT WASN’T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD!"
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    You should have to pay extra, as a penalty. The Whopper is better without cheese.
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    Patience, Bert. The Tigers are interested in trading for Ian Kinlser.
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    Engineers can get away with it because we confuse everyone when we take part so nobody minds us not going.
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    It says that I think 63 mm people are stupid for picking a MORON for a President. That's exactly what is says about me. PS: I'm not ashamed of that at all.
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    President Queeg is losing it.
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    I am just now coming home to see him being carried to the final/final resting spot. This has gone on for Churchillian/King of England amounts of time.
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    Thank you Bert, I don't believe I am worthy of such an honor but I appreciate the sentiment I'm almost 30 now, hard to believe too. You guys are great people and it is nice to know MTS is still alive and well.
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    Sure they can. ....One for Rangers, one for Rays, one for the A's.