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    James Corden just said something amusing, "you know you aren't respected when you can get a Canadian to talk smack about you."
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    Alternately, it isn't possible to compromise with someone or some party if they aren't willing to negotiate in good faith.
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    I'm ready to drink whatever kool aid gets me out of this thread
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    maybe he wanted to grab the female director by the
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    Kind of makes me wonder how much Rupert Murdoch is in deep with the Russians.
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    Harbaugh should be fired but he won't be. Hopefully he at least replaces Don Brown.
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    I already assumed that Russia knew more than the impeachment investigators because I've been assuming the whole plot originated in Russia in the first place. Low information people aside, is there really any remaining doubt that Trump is merely a tool, witting or not, that's being used to destroy America's traditional standing in the world?
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    Do we really care about “the stated reasons”? Crappy players are crappy and sloppy. I don’t really care either way about the manger with this group of garbage.
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    Couldn't the Republicans give themselves an opportunity to censure Trump by voting on it in the Senate? And why is it everyone else's job to provide Rs an offramp? It's their fault and their choice that they care so much about holding their seats that they can't do the right thing.
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    I'm for making the GOP suffer for their support for a criminal president.
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    or "They found that porn you were looking at.... want anyone else to find out?"
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    Nah, it doesn’t matter. They are so far away that you can’t even make any sort of plan and doesn’t matter who signs the checks. You just have to wait it out for years and see which weird confluence of events will result in a real team. All of this talk about which recently nontendered guy could be signed is pointless.
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    Guess even the GOP didn't want to support this.
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    They are indeed the worst. I've encountered them at many Michigan-OSU games, and a large percentage of them are subhuman. Very difficult for the wine-and-cheese Michigan alumni to deal with. Fortunately for me, I am from the beer and burger and barely-human wing, so I am less easily intimidated by their animalistic behavior.
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    If there's a generational college pitcher on the level of a Verlander, and it's clear to everybody that Hancock is that guy, and there's no similarly generational bat in the draft, then sure, take that arm at 1-1.
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    Also the market for a pitcher is greater than any other position should you wish to trade later because damn near everyone can use another pitcher.
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    For my money, if Hancock ends up looking like another Mize or Verlander kind of guy, you almost have to take him because even with the high injury risk to pitchers, I think a 20 yr old that throws 95+ with command and an offspeed pitch is more reliably projectable than almost any hitting prospect. You can always trade out of your system imbalances but you can't afford to pass on the highest probability major leaguers. But that is only going to be true if Hancock does separate himself from the pack next season the way Mize did.
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    So what does she do after she hangs up with me? After everything I told her? After all her "yeah, yeah, yeah" bull****? She picks up the phone and calls from the house. Now, if anybody was listening, they'd know everything - they knew a package was leaving from my house - they'd even have the time and flight number, thanks to her.
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    You raised children smarter than yourself, Biff. Excellent job.
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    Valenti absolutely nails it. https://971theticket.radio.com/media/audio-channel/mike-valentis-opening-monologue-after-michigan-loss-to-ohio-state
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    If the Georgia pitcher or someone else emerges as the obvious best talent then imho they should take him 1-1. If it's a closer call with a pitcher and position player I think AA will take the bat.
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    No he's not. He's in debt up to his eyeballs and immediately after being kicked out of the Presidency, either 2020 or January 2021, he's going bankrupt, AGAIN. But you already knew that, right?
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    I would have fired him Saturday night.
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    Actually 1 major change has been that Michigan very rarely recruits Ohio any more. Part of that may be OSU doing a better job of keeping kids in state, but in the past some of Michigan's best players came from Ohio. It just isn't happening anymore.
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    You're probably right. Quinn and Patrica certainly value the low ceiling type of player who fits their scheme more than just taking the BPA. They'll justify the pass rush getting better because of the scheme and guys understanding it better next season. I can see the press conference now . . . Wojo: So Bob, given that you had the 2nd worse pass rush in the league last season, why did you guys decide to pass on a dynamic pass rusher like Chase Young and go with the kid out of Clemson, the Safety, Isiah Simmons? Quinn: Well you know what Bob, um, that's a um, that's a decision that Coach Patricia, the staff, and I made together. We really like the versatility of a guy like Isiah and think he can really um, do a lot for us on the football field. You've also got to, um, you've got to find guys who fit the culture and mentality you're trying to instill here. We feel he's a great fit in that regard. As for the pass rush, we feel we have the right guys and the right scheme in place, you know, um, to go and fix that.
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    Not as though we should not have expected this going in, but either way, here it is. You gotta at least grudgingly admire the brazenness. This will end up being the most consequential presidency in history, in that it will alter the way political calculations in America are made, for at least the rest of all our lives. 1 big thing: Trump monetizes impeachment Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios Impeachment has brought out President Trump's marketing instincts: He and his campaign are trying to turn the perilous process into a fundraising and mobilization tool, Axios' Sara Fischer and Alayna Treene write. Fascinating stat: Republicans have spent $6.8 million on impeachment TV ads since Oct. 1. Democrats have spent $4.7 million, per Advertising Analytics. Why it matters: Democrats competing to challenge Trump in the general election are getting a preview of how he may seek to upend and monetize their arguments against him. A campaign official tells Axios that a lot of the ideas for responses are being generated by Trump himself. His nearly three years on the job have helped him become an expert in framing his own missteps to his advantage. Merchandise: Recent additions to the Trump campaign's store include "Bull-Schiff" T-shirts demonizing House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, and "Where's Hunter?" T-shirts mocking Joe Biden's son. Sources close to Trump's campaign say the recent impeachment-focused merchandise has sold well and given the team an added bonus of additional data about Trump supporters. Facebook: The Trump campaign has been blitzing Facebook with ads urging supporters to "sign up" to fight impeachment. The Trump campaign has spent nearly $2 million on impeachment ads on Facebook since Sept. 28, according to data from Bully Pulpit Interactive. TV: Trump will air a re-election ad on Fox News during the 2020 Super Bowl, per two sources familiar with the ad buy. His campaign made a similar buy during Game 7 of the World Series.
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    Not good. Dave has had a rough time after his brother Cliff got into some legal trouble.
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    You mean OBAMA increased FT employment from 2010 to the end of 2016 3% higher and Trump increased it ONLY 1%? And black unemployment dropped from ~17% in 2010 to ~8% by the end of 2016 under OBAMA (NINE PERCENT!!!); and Trump has dropped that ONLY another 2%? Oh Stanislav... The HORROR! The HORROR! Oh the HORROR!!!
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    Here is Ohio State's schedule this year: Florida Atlantic, Cincinnati, Indiana, Miami of Ohio, Nebraska, Michigan State, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Maryland, Rutgers, Penn State, and Michigan. I don't see too many nationally prominent programs there. Which is why I chuckle every time I hear a national announcing crew just giddy over how they are the best team in the country. They haven't played anybody to earn that. Look at the power teams LSU has had to play.
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    Brown continues to be one of the more overrated D coordinators in college football.
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    Time to start giving recruits “loans”. Only way to compete with this program
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    It's too bad Harbaugh can't realize that other than blitzing, Brown doesn't call a good game. He constantly gets run over on the outdated and gashed over the middle with crossing patterns.
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    Stan, How many times do I have to explain to you the unemployment numbers from the last ten years?
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    The offsides penalty was crazy stupid....a completely random mistake that turned a fairly conpetitive game into a borderline blowout at the half.
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    Let's hope not. How are they supposed to rebuild if they're winning games?
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    The turn of Elise Stefanik into a Trump shill is the biggest evidence to-date that the GOP will be Trumpy long after he leaves
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