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    that is the Truth. Without the Senate enabling him he would a toothless dog. They have been every bit as unfaithful to their institution's responsibilities as Trump has been to his.
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    I've seen a bit of tension from the GOP who might be sympathetic to the goals of The Lincoln Project who worry that the efforts to remove GOP senators is going too far. Screw that. Everyone one of them who voted to keep Trump in the Senate impeachment trial and who voted not to impeach in the House are damned and deserve removal. Trumpism has to be removed.
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    The thing about the Russian bounties thing is it's really a local issue to be handled by governors.
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    The main reason I got into photography was for storms! These are a few shots from a week of storm chasing around CO/KS/WY/NE a few weeks back. The last one was from Arizona last year during the monsoon.
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    i was born in 1972. i have never been more embarrassed by my country as i am now. we have a clown for a president and we are acting like a bunch of spoiled brat teenagers when it comes to curtailing this virus. its embarrassing.
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    actually the problem with this thread - and every thread in the political forum - are posts where people engage others in bad faith, or just to be a smart ***. they only make other people mad. if you dont like a post, you can just not respond. it would make the forum a much better place rather than adding a smart *** comment.
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    I wonder if "Free Hong Kong" will be acceptable. How about "Stop Nike slave labor" written on a jersey. No?
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    I would love to go back to a GOP debate in February 2016 and tell all the guys on stage, outside of Jeb and Kasich “you all are going to become Trumps *****”.
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    my favorite part of that Oblong is the complete and total lack of introspection about their appeal to voters. I wonder if they've considered less crappy policies and less dip****s on the ballot hmmmm
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    I would really love it if all through October, Biden surrogates would run a sort of "remember" ad campaign reminding voters of many of the horrific things about Trump that we've all forgotten: "Remember when Trump allowed Russians to put bounties on America soldiers?" "Remember when Trump asked a foreign country to smear his political opponents?" "Remember when Trump looked the other way when an American journalist was murdered by a foreign country?" "Remember when Trump told congressional reps to 'go back' to countries they weren't even born in?" "Remember when Trump publicly asked Russia and China to interfere to get him elected in 2016?" Something like that. They could legitimately get 50 or more different executions of that same theme.
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    Deuce calls that a "slow weekend".
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    It also is a time where people are highly polarized in large part to the George Floyd murder and coronavirus pandemic. I don't know yet if the last 3 months snapshot in time reveals anything other than a generational crisis moment in American history. That isn't intended to dismiss the concern or hand wave away the recent crime, just an attempt to offer that specific perspective. Those two brandishing guns did not cause any violence that I am aware of. And I think I have been careful not to lay that on their doorstep specifically. They / others like them, however, are the type that fund the NRA, and the NRA is an extremely powerful lobbying group that objectively has profoundly affected gun policy in America. A gun policy that it could be argued has had a negative impact on gun violence in this country. As such, the couple are not sympathetic figures to me. You mentioned before that the drug trade is the biggest source of gun violence in America. I agree. We should do something about the drug trade, in part to positively affect a reduction in gun violence. I feel we should attempt to legalize and regulate drug trade like many other first world nations. Drug addicts, by and large, are at their core depressed people who are using drugs both as a means of escape and self medication. The goal of any society should be to proactively address depression of its citizenry to the extent it exists rather than criminalize the resultant behavior if said individuals are unable or unwilling to more positively address it. Like obesity, I think this topic is both a nuanced and important one to discuss / consider carefully and think it merits its own thread, so I'll let this thought drop here so as to not derail this thread.
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    Hey guys, this is the new musical project that I've been involved with. Sort of a garage rock kind of deal. Hope you guys dig it.
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    I'm not so sure you can say this. If Americans who don't use their guns to commit crime were willing to give them up, we could eventually (yes it would take a while for the number in circulation to come down) have a society like most others in the world where much less crime has fatal outcomes. Seriously, what does a sport shooter get out of owning a handgun that is so worthwhile that it justifies all the shootings in Chicago? Is asking people who don't need guns to give them up for the good of society so much different than asking them to wear masks for the same reason?
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    The whole thread just gets funnier and funnier. I saw a pre-Brexit interview years ago with a couple from Cornwall, talking about how strongly in favour of "leave" they were. The interviewer reminded them that Cornwall was receiving tens of millions of euros in EU development grants, and their response was "oh, we will still be getting that."
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    Ian Desmond also opting out and spilling a lot of pixels along the way. Powerful stuff.
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    It was private property, so they didn't do anything wrong. It's still funny to see a guy with pleated khakis and a pink polo trying to look like a tough guy.
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    There can only be one conclusion. It’s liberal plot perpetuated by the news media and George Soros to destroy core American values and replace them with socialism.
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    This like so many other things is a little more complicated than meets the eye. The sidewalk and street where people are marching may look like public property but it is not. It turns out the mansion was on a private road that can only be accessed by a gate. The protesters broke open the gate and were on this couple’s private property. It also been stated by the couple but not yet corroborated that some of the protesters were armed with some type of weapon. It’s a terrible look for sure and I believe this man’s business and reputation will suffer hugely via the court of public opinion but I’m not sure what laws he broke in a court of law.
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    That's a guy that wanders around naked all the time hoping people are looking in the window because he thinks he's hot for an older dude. Likes to have interns around the office.... they don't like being around him
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    Maybe switch from indica to sativa? 😜 jka
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    I wish Ted Lieu was running for president.
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    Avila is starting to come alive to the idea. He really loves his way.
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    Agreed. But does management feel like we do?
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    Distraction story is bad but Trump being passive in the face of Putin's bounties on our troop's is worse.
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    I have seen a lot of grad-party-like tents set up as I've walked around my neighborhood. Fortunately, Livonians, who are known for their good sense* and empathy for others+ will keep the guest list under 100 and wear masks when they can't sit 6 feet apart# at the party. *They are not. +They are not. #They won't.
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    well there is exactly a point to be made there. Maybe when looking at history in general we should be a little clearer in celebrating the deed and keeping the doer in better perspective. I'm actually a bit amused at all this because one of the reasons (IMHO) that so many people find this all so absurd and keep protesting "Is there no end?!', is exactly because slavery and discrimination are so deeply ingrained in every fiber of American history that there isn't that much left when looked at through those eyes. And that is our AA brothers' and sisters' whole point isn't it?
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    wait till the arena finds out the Trump campaign isn't going to pay its bill either.
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    wait wait looks like Russia denied this happened. false alarm
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    The Canadian version of McCovey’s Cove.
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    There are ones that are visible and ones that are invisible. A lot of stuff that goes on behind the scenes could stop being career suicide for national security experts. The visible stuff: NATO reinforced with permanent US troop deployments to Germany and Poland and Romania Ukraine given a clear guarantee. Maybe even a NATO air forces guarantee of their air space. Russian proxies in Africa and elsewhere forced out - that kind of gets to the invisible side of things. Full support to the Kurds and others against ISIS, Turkey and Syrian regime Punish the UK Skripal nerve agent poisoning with sanctions Oleg Deripaska and other senior oligarchs re-sanctioned. No more Russian aluminum plant for Kentucky i'm afraid, Mitch and Rand. I guess I could go on a bit. We have an issue at the moment with a China that is swinging a bat in the on deck circle like they want to take out the US Navy at Pearl Harbor that we also have to deal with.
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    So doubling down on insults. Nice. Hope you feel better.
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    He wouldn't be wrong.
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    correct. It was not dissent, it was obnoxiousness that got you banned. That is the difference between moderated fora and twitter/facebook. If one is not prepared to accept that modicum of decorum, don't come to moderated fora. A place like MTS doesn't owe anyone an apology for having community standards.
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    Cleveland Spiders https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cleveland_Spiders
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