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    sad but true that it's pretty easy to believe people today who say the police are lying. But the situation with cops is actually very similar to the situation with preachers. There is a certain segment of people whose thought process runs that a preacher is doing God's work, he can't be a bad guy, and likewise there is a thought process that since the cops are out there 'protecting us' - doing society's good work, that that somehow that means they must be more honorable or trustworthy than the average Joe. Cops and Preachers both take advantage of this situation. Of course, it's true in neither case.
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    Nick Castellanos: What you wanted: Darrell Evans What you'd settle for: Bobby Higgenson What you got: Robert Fick
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    If God hates as much as he loves, then He is an ***hole. **** Him.
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    Could health care workers decline to do procedures on Evangelicals because they object to their bigotry and hatred of the LGBTQ community?
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    Castellanos would have caught that if he hadn't been jerked around so much by the organization
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    This is an amazing map of the US. A People Map of the US, where city names are replaced by their most Wikipedia’ed resident https://pudding.cool/2019/05/people-map/
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    The etymology of the term "lousy with" is based on our friends the Lice family...or in the singular the louse. One generally deals with an infestation of lice..or louse...so the term "lousy with" means you've got a bunch of something. Although I'm not sure the Cubs OF would be considered to be blood sucking parasites...Scott Boras might be
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    yeah, I am still concerned. Anything that happens to a pitcher's throwing shoulder is a concern.
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    Not really. It worked for the Stros and Cubs because they had awesome FO leadership and talent. Also, you cited the Phillies as an example of how tanking works. The only productive 1st round pick thar they have from all the years of tanking is Aaron Nola....they are where they are because they did non-tanking things well. Dont get me wrong, Nola is a great pitcher, but there are other ways to get great pitchers....like the Tigers keeping JV. Is the difference in JV versus Aaron Nola salary actually worth numerous years of horrible play? Same thing with the Twins, they're doing well right now, sure, but not because of tanking....rather because they did a good job dradting/developing non-tank picks, and unlike Avila, they have done a good job investing in veteran FAs. After years of bad play the only productive 1st round pick that they have as Byron Buxton..... again a very nice player, but there are comparable trade/FA alternatives.... is the difference between Buxton's salary and a comparable FA acquisition worth all of that losing? Tanking is a strategy that can help, but its only if your FO does all of the OTHER non-tanking stuff exceptionally well too, AND if you have the stomach for years and years of basement dwelling. As Lee pointed out, half the league tanking creates a scarcity of opportunity to grab the top picks by tanking anyway. Plus, the Tigers simply dont have the Astros or Cubs rebuild FO....not even in the same universe. We would do well to kiss this crappy model goodbye and go with the model the Twins are using.
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    I don't care if they don't run out pop ups. That's not the problem. The problem is too many pop ups and easy ground ball outs. And that's not really the problem. The problem is that for two plus years and running guys who excessively pop up and ground out meekly were all part of the plan. Even when the Tigers stunk during the late 90s and early aughts they were at least trying to remain competitive. An intentional and ruthless attempt to stink (ok tanking) may have ultimately worked for the Astros. But they had little competition at the bottom then. As others have noted, the field is a lot more crowded now with teams committing hara kari in hopes of rising again bigger and better than ever. If the Tigers had a wit of sense they would consider maybe zigging now that everyone else seems to be zagging. Lose as many games as possible this year, but then become more aggressive in the free agent or trade market next year. Start to restore some credibility to the big league club, while everyone else is racing to the bottom.
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    They are gonna win today and as the calvary arrives from rehab stints will rattle off 26 wins in a row. Disney will make a movie of it with Jon Lovitz playing Al Avila
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    Tigers new future Ace, Matt Manning, has just arrived at Erie, he spoke briefly to the nation today "I will do my best, that is all I can do I ask for your help and God's" before somberly departing for the stadium.
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    An obese trainer will truly understand the challenges Miggy faces...
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    I broke 2 fingers once, just typing his name.
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    “Men create gods after their own image, not only with regard to their form, but with regard to their mode of life.” ― Aristotle There is nothing new under the Sun.
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    I don't disagree with you at all, but I also don't think you can just wait until you're "ready to contend" to START that buying. You're not going to go out and buy 3-4 impact bats in one offseason. Look at our last successful rebuild. We signed Pudge in '04, we signed Magglio in '05. We didn't really start to see returns on those things until '06 when we added Rogers and brought JV & Zumaya up, but we had all star caliber MLB bats already on the team. We also traded for Guillen in '04 and Polanco in '05. Had they not started adding those FA bats 2 years before the "window" I don't know that the "window" would have been nearly as successful. That '06 offense was mostly reliant on established MLB talent that was not developed/drafted by Detroit, but we didn't wait for all of our prospects to hit MLB before we started adding them.
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    Coming soon: The Hicks-Sanders Rehabilitation institute for recovering intellectual prostitutes and other work place abused women. (everybody needs an 'after' life and after Trump what else are you going to be able to do?)
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    To be completely honest it smells as much of MBS as the Iranian foreign ministry.
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    Not that it matters but with all the Michigan fans in town for the CWS this may turn out to be a home game for the Tigers.
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    Except himself. He is beyond reproach.
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    I don't know why anyone would watch a mash-up video from some hack on Youtube, let alone post it as if its evidence of something Especially when his other videos are just white supremacist propaganda like clips of Gavin McInnes but you be you
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    I don't know why anyone would watch ANY of it.
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    I suppose this is the point where we pretend saying they colluded is a lie, even though there's a ****load of evidence for it laid out in the Mueller report, sonbitch just admitted he'd do it on national television, but w/e, some dude on Youtube said it's a lie, and apparently it's smart to watch that but not Maddow, I mean the video does have 883 views. And the right has no history of doctoring videos. It must be so difficult to be so ridiculously discriminating on your sources........... sometimes. Very painstaking there cheif.
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    You trade Boyd if the offer is too good to pass up. DOn't trade him just to trade him....
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    The Tigers' 2019 postseason chances are not quit dead yet.
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    Violating the Presidential Oath to pwn the libs...
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    how does one listen to this and not be forced to the conclusion that his personality is regressing into childhood? No integrated adult personality talks like that. There are frontal-lobe dementias where personality integration is what goes first.
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    Did Morris Madden go to a local Kinko's and have that card made himself?
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    A Kool & the Gang reference. This thread has serious potential to be Something Special if we can Unite and Celebrate! to the point where Everybody's Dancin' like its Ladies Night. After last night's disappointment, I think Norris will harness The Spirit of the Boogie and his Wild and Peaceful approach on the mound will be The Force to guide the Tigers to Good Times tonight. Kansas City is going to find themselves in a Sweat early and later an Emergency once they realize how hard the Tiger Gangland offense plays Open Sesame on them after McClendon gives the boys a Light of the Worlds type of speech before the game.
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    It's all a giant **** show. And it keeps getting stinkier.
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    Mine, too. Switch-hitting 2B.
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    Detroit signs Detroit draft pick. Yawn. BFD. I want to see a headline where Detroit signs someone else's draft pick.
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    Isn't it fun when we can debate who is the ugliest pig? 🙂 I despise all these creeps.
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    But there's a trophy for it. The Ohio Cup. Detroit and PIttsburgh should create a Leyland Cup out of an ashtray. Here we go, a nice bronze one from Home Depot (we could all picture shopping Leyland there, right?). Just slap a D and a P on it, and viola, the Leyland Cup.
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    Someone already made the banner. I guess the 2004 team came out to raise it.
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    These ESPN announcers are idiots. Thet’re crowing about what a great hitter Castellanos is. Haven’t they ever read Lee’s book? Do they realize that we can hardly give him away?
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    Suck it, Boston, you havent won a championship in 4 damn months.
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    My Mom wrote in my Baby Book - "Age 3 - Likes baseball." My Dad played baseball for the Industrial League. All the factories had teams back then.
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