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    You couldn’t pay me to go to this game tonight. 40 degrees and JZ on the mound, plus both Biggs and oblong in attendance? No thank you, sir.
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    If you're going to the game on Saturday, get there early. They are raising this before the game.
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    You know who never wore army boots?
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    He is a troll, but there are many who feel the same way he does. That is how we ended up with an ignorant douchebag in the White House.
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    I thought Trump told us that he had destroyed Isis
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    I suppose being called up for a day is like sitting next to Charlize Theron on an airplane for 2 1/2 hours. You probably won’t see significant action but it’s worth it.
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    SABR has good info out there regarding the Black Sox, which was 100 years ago. https://sabr.org/eight-myths-out
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    It you picked a random person in Kentucky and showed them a picture of jacoby jones and josh Harrison and asked them to match up the names....
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    I too like to live dangerously. That's why sometimes I don't change the date on the new game thread. To see who notices.
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    Barr said there was no collusion, but that was the precise moment where it was confirmed he was acting in a partisan matter unbefitting of an Attorney General.
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    Of course he does, he autographed it yesterday.
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    Shelton sounds like a 56 year old this week.
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    A pickaxe and a spade, a spade, For and a shrouding sheet; O, a pit of clay for to be made For such a guest is meet.
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    Why does it matter to you how the players feel about an old park? This is surprising coming from you, not that you aren't moved by nostalgia, but that you care about how player's feel.
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    This is a real BS charge. They were just having a little fun and Gardenhire was the instigator. Cabrera only tested positive for club soda with a squeeze of lemon in it. Gardenhire was roaring drunk, however, but Miggy still made sure they used a water-based paint that can be easily cleaned off and you can see that they even spread out a large blue drop cloth so they didn’t mess up the grass or the warning track. This is pretty much the same thing as T P-ing somebody’s house with a biodegradable toilet paper on a rainy day. By the time the game starts you will never know it even happened. I can’t believe they’re making a federal case out of it.
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    George Harrison - All Things Must Pass Probably news to no one, but this record is really great. I haven't heretofore listened to it.... missing out.
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    Biggs, dude, this is baseball not math, dude.
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    don't look now, but Cam Gibson is playing his way into prospect status. Was a 5th rounder, and has nice power/speed potential.
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    The only people he’s ever punched are his kids and wives.
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    12:10 for me. AM. That's why those Thursday night early start games are a Good Thing.
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    No one is guaranteeing a Stanley Cup. Only that he should be much better for the organization than the Wings continuing with Holland or handing it over to Kris Draper. I'll take that bet. Harbaugh has made Michigan much better than they were in the 7 years before he arrived, even if has yet to win a title in his 4 years. Shanahan (5th year) and Babcock (4th year) have made the Leafs better even though they have yet to win a playoff round since 2004. Manage expectations.
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    Stan starting a post with “Let’s be completely factual”. Hahhaahahahashhaha. I stopped reading after that and I’m still laughing. Good one, buddy!
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    “Hey, it’s not like I’m a savior or anything but don’t be tempted into assuming you’ve got me nailed me down as dead either, because I’m always and forever rising to the occasion.“
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    Fox will report Iran is funding MS13 gangs who are training central American maoists to foment demonstrations at NFL games this fall.
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    Nine runs scored with no homers. It’s like the dead ball era but with lower batting averages.
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    Repeating this, but if they bring Mize up in late April 2020, they have his rights thru 2026. If they cannot contend in that window, just contract the team
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    I guess those buttons on Wendy's shirt couldn't hang on any longer....
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    For the most part, we came out and competed and we definitely made them feel us. -- Reggie Jackson. Dude, you lost by 21 in a playoff game. But congrats on making them feel you. And competing. What a loser.
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    can we end the idea that the "going to work pistons" were not made up of high lottery picks? chauncey, rasheed, and rip were all high lottery picks.
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    Maybe we are neighbors. Are you the grumpy guy?
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    @Microline133 said on his podcast that the team may in fact want to see how he handles being too good, with respect to whether he continues to put in the work. I thought it was a good point. Of course, I had to turn the volume all the way up to hear it. What’s up with the audio levels, Mark?
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    But it is sold to the American people as "those crazy brown, yellow and black people want to kill us all".
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    I was actually happy Andre got his third there. Gets him of the floor.
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    In general I agree but I think the Lions need for a playmaker on offense is a far bigger need. Last year Stafford was pressured on a league low 16% of his drop backs, so despite having time he still struggled and that was mainly due to the fact that we had nobody that could create separation. While I'm not sold on Hockenson necessarily and I hope that they don't draft him atleast he has a chance to be a weapon on offense unlike another OL.
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    I swear every old timey owner looked like he should be clutching a snifter of brandy while looking down contemptuously at the unwashed masses.
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    Time for a bases loaded grand slam home run.
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    I'm not. Gaslighting America is that gang's jam.
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    Bran is 'just learning' how to be the 3 eyed raven which is why he always looks so distant. He says he can 'see everything, past, future...all at once'. Just like when he thought Jon was a ******* called Sand....Sam told him he read the journal about the annulment THEN Bran went back to check it. He has the ability to see everything from the past, but does not KNOW everything from the past. If he thinks to check on Euron..I am sure he will see it. Again he has the ABILITY to see it all, but he does not KNOW it all unless he decides to check it. It is probably pretty overwhelming for a human brain.
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