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    This is a big reason I've hammered home the idea that the POTUS should be held to the same standard as the Democrats running in this race.... when I have said this, the implication isn't that the standard should be lowered for the Dems, it's that the standard for the POTUS needs to be higher than it currently is. Because if the standard were the same, the scale of difference would be plainly evident, and we would also not be normalizing the bad behavior that we see out of this administration (ie. equating it to normal politics; because it isn't)
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    I find it ironic that Trumpers think everything Obama did was wrong and then justify Trump's actions by saying Obama did it.
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    Biden and Harris and Warren have all had public lives that are fairly simple to scrutinize. As with Obama, pretty much what you see is what you'll get. Trump had also had a very public life that was fairly simple to scrutinize, and it was easy and correct to assume that what you saw was also what you'll get. The difference is that the Republican establishment, and all those voters who are simpatico with them, willfully disregarded all those things we all saw in exchange for the wishful thinking that Trump would "grow into the job" and become serious and presidential—essentially, do a complete 180—once he actually ascended to office. As if. Those are the people who are most horrified with the turn of events, probably less horrified by the man himself than with themselves for believing he was capable of such change in the first place. But hey, wishful thinking will make you believe a lot of silly things. The only people who voted for Trump who knew exactly what they were getting are those red hats who want to blow up the entire system anyway and start over with a one-ruler strongman president-for-life-then-pass-it-down-to-the-family autocracy, papered over with the current Constitution that would never be actually followed or paid attention to. You know, like the Bible. They knew what they wanted, and they're still hoping to get it. And if we don't win this impeachment battle right here, they just might.
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    the GOP, the Party of Life, does not give a damn about life
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    Not when you mischaracterize people's positions it isn't.
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    Every Republican should be forced to run against 55% lower drug prices. Oh and they can impeach and legislate.
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    Said without any bit of irony?
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    How could any respectable person work for these people?
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    The flag is literally thrown after Rodgers is sacked. The alleged hands to the face happened before the sack. Clearly throwing the flag based on the result of the play.
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    What can you even say, the NFL is a disgusting racist, rigged, league, led by kleptocrat sociopaths who should all be executed. Until that happens, nothing will change.
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    its green bay and the packers are losing to the lions. thats how.
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    Matt Prater is getting the game ball if we win this thing.
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    In my parent's living room recouping from ACL and meniscus reconstruction that cost me a great deal. The Tigers were a bright light in a then dark world. Same living room where I saw #715, learned of Elvis' death and saw Bird steal the damn ball
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    no adams or mvs. come on lions, have to win this one.
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    Seeing a lot of GOP Reps wanting to overturn the 2018 election. Note to GOP: You lost. Bigly. You don't control impeachment proceedings. GFY. Fascists.
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    I'm sure all the folks who (rightly) bitched about Kathy Griffin a couple of years ago will be equally concerned about this. (NARRATOR: They won't)
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    Trump let ISIS off the hook. He's a FAILURE. A LOSER. Turkey just chased his ***** *** out of Syria... like a dog running away with its tail between its legs...
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    Anybody remember when Gary Johnson was torched for 'What's Aleppo'?
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    I can't wait until: "Rudy is a liar and really a very stupid person. Believe me I know him better than anyone. He was never really my lawyer as I never paid him for anything."
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    I will take the traditional "Deep State" over the Trump "Derp State" ten times out of ten.
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    The best part about the no pro quo defense is that the crime is the solicitation, not the reciprocity.
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    LOL, one of the things that opened my eyes to how resistant long time baseball people have been to facts as opposed to all their accumulated "conventional" wisdom/lore, was Jim Leyland harping that Anibal wasn't keeping the ball down when he was giving up HRs, when the truth was a lot of the pitches he was giving up HRs on were at the knees, they just had no life and were too much in the middle. But "down" was simply not the problem. You had a man managing 9 figures worth of player salaries who apparently had never looked a pitch F/X on his pitcher's batted balls. If a guy hit the ball hard, it had to be up.
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    I want to make @smr-nj happy. If I can’t be happy myself I want to make at least somebody else happy.
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    Barr and Murdock had dinner Wednesday which is total not in any way related
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    It's a big assumption to assume a crowd is all supporters. I almost went to a rally in 2015 just for the people watching.
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    Wow, a Trump Enterprise not honoring a commitment? Must be a day ending in a "y"
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    The bigger issue is taking what the Trump Camp Pain claims (vis a vis records, tickets, etc.) as Gospel. They have long since soiled their credibility.
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    "The Fox is on Fox, explaining that the best solution for the farmer is to pull out all its dogs, and then for the Chickens to hire the foxes to come in and protect them"
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    I was impressed with how you nailed Jeff Sessions flipping the script and Flynn rescinding his guilty plea.
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    Simply put managers don’t make players better or worse. These guys know what they are supposed to do. They either can do it or can’t.
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    I don't even like Gardenhire, FWIW. But the team is ****.
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    He wants an Istanbul Trump Tower or two... it's as simple as that. Corruption. Corrupt intent. Selling out America for personal gain. It doesn't get any Trumpier than that.
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    sometimes the font is a cry for help
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    I'm giving serious consideration to boycotting Scarlett Johansson if she propositions me for sex.
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    How about about Vietnam? Where Trump did not help.
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    That specific play caused my group of friends to text one another about how it reminded us of one of the guys we play drop in with who routinely makes terrible decisions at the worst areas of the ice.
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    at any rate, alot of wasted bandwidth on a crappy argument from 2019's George Lincoln Rockwell.
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    Does "nuanced" mean referring to someone as a racist, a hooker and someone not fit to breath your air? Because those are just a few of what has been said about me in the last 24 hours. If that's nuance, then I guess I've been responding too conservatively.
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    Credibility as in taking the Mueller hook in your mouth for 2 years and letting the fisherman pull you around like a bluegill? Spare me after you feel for the biggest untruth of the century....
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    It just needs to be said. You are a pathetic fool.
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    Pistons Owner On Possible Andre Drummond Extension: 'We Know How Dedicated We Are To Each Other' ❓
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