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    Anyone who still supports the president or thinks he’s doing a good job is an idiot pro life my ***
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    Sane response: In January delegate to people to contact those who produces ventilators and PPE. Find other production facilities that can be converted quickly. Reassure folks about patents. Reassure folks they will be reimbursed. In February activate the plans from January. Alternative response: In March say **** it and arbitrarily choose a company and say you do it.
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    From The Bullwerk The election in one screenshot https://thebulwark.com/this-is-the-entire-2020-election-in-one-screenshot/?utm_source=afternoon-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=The+Bulwark+Newsletter&utm_campaign=64aa8aa357-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_04_01_09_13&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f4bd64ac2e-64aa8aa357-72426773
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    Chatting with a friend yesterday made me realize how out of touch people really are with this. He asked me, regarding school closings, why they don't just wait 2 more weeks and re-evaluate. I was stunned. I told him about how you can't begin to think that way until the deaths and hospital admissions and testing #'s start to go down. And then I mentioned a 'second wave'. He didn't know what that was. So I explained even further about how we're probably going to be doing what we are now until June. There likely won't be a baseball season. Football is in doubt.... he was floored. This isn't an idiot or a Trumpie.... just a regular guy but they don't want the news like we do. Our church has a festival every year in mid May. We are heavily involved. We causally mentioned to another family member,via a video chat, that while it hasn't been officially cancelled (no meetings to do that) we're not going to have it. He was also surprised? There really are a lot of people out there who think this is going to just blow over and go away in a few weeks and by June we'll all be back together going to sporting events and concerts and mass gatherings. This is when a President sets the real timeline and doesn't give false hope. That's the worst thing you can do. dont string people along.
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    Not impressed... @Biff Mayhem has survived on metal for decades. \m/
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    I don't like bad shows about bad people doing bad things.
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    I live in a state that hasn't been slammed yet like Michigan, so I attempt, as much as possible, to read about each death. What I see is someone 80+ years old, who didn't have a chance to hug their grand kids, or their wife of 60 years, while dying alone gasping for air. I feel incredibly angry about that, but it's hard to be angry at a virus. Next in line is Trump.
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    It’s funny because it’s sad, and it’s sad because it’s true.
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    its startling to see how fast those games moved. get ball throw ball get ball throw ball. batters never stepped out of the box after every pitch. it was actually fun to watch.
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    I can blame him. Sorry, but that's just stupidity and when he says he's doesn't like what he says otherwise, he's lying. As if his business didn't do well under Obama. Well, I didn't like what Hitler did to the Jews, but hey, I made a few more bucks this year. Seriously?
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    The government has paid $5B to the Trump Organization, who acting as a 3rd party has brokered a great deal to provide 14 lightly used ventilators for any state other than Michigan.
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    he is the embodiment of the banality of evil. Also a creep and a waste of skin.
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    I hope your SO locked up all the sharp objects this morning....
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    To be fair, Trump is in uncharted territory. It's usually at this time in his failed venture that he just files bankruptcy and bails.
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    Huff Post Headline PENCE PLAYS DUMB ABOUT TRUMP DOWNPLAYING VIRUS. Dear Huffington Post - He's not playing.
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    Stop telling me to not touch my face. Every time that you say that, my eyes and nose get itchy.
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    I agree but there are places that need the **** now... I feel like we need to fight the battles as they arise (given the situation this impeached mfer has put us in). I guess he feels we fight the battles based on how red the state is. I apologize for ending that sentence in a preposition, I'm just that pissed man
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    I'm going to back to when he had this isolated to one guy from China and it was under control. He completely and utterly ****** up any appropriate response to this from the early stages. There's no recovery of that. None. Not one ******* iota. What has he done so well at any point of this? Get verbally blown by a pillow manufacturer? Do we give Trump credit for not firing Fauci? Is he now more presidential because he didn't refer to Whitmer as a stupid *****? Why do we allow such a bar of low expectations for Trump and throw up our hands and say, welp, ain't no way we weren't going to screwed by this in one way or another, so can't blame him?
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    There are a few reasons. a. Religion is a con. Yes, there are good people doing good works in *His* name, but, in the end it is a con with a nicer veneer than most. I know this is an insulting take. I was raised in a religious household, went to church for decades. It's a con. There are unscrupulous leaders who use their position (e.g. Falwell) to promote their political beliefs and their flock follow. b. People behave and think in no small part based on how they were raised to behave and think. There is a large group of people out there who absolutely believe this is the way a leader should act, *and* can find a Bible passage that supports it as justification. Classic logic fail - take a position then find data to support it rather than the other way around.
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    Somebody needs to smother the smug mother ****er on the left with one of those pillows.
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    HIPAA only applies to insurance, care providers, etc. Nothing prevents family or even friends/acquaintances with knowledge from talking to the media.
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    worst.opening.day.ever Check in with how life has changed for you. For me, I work for a hospital in Detroit (not AT the hospital, I work at the office building scheduling appointments for an allergy study) I can work this job from home and since I can log into the system from home, they are going to have me and several others calling people with their COVID-19 results. So I will not be losing any hours. My other job is hosting radio programs. I work for Ann Arbor's 107one and Q 94.5 in Grand Rapids. I also do two Sunday music programs on both stations. I was given a computer and hooked up the mic I use for the Sunday shows and I can now do both stations from home. I'm kind of loving that actually and hope I am allowed to continue that for Grand Rapids after this is all over. (all of our on air hosts are now working from home and openly talking about that). My mom is 79 and I have been doing shopping for her, leaving it at her door and demanding that she wipes everything down (with gloves on) before bringing it into her house. I got on her case for going to the fruit market last week. She has a auto immune disorder and R.A. One of the medications she takes is Chloroquine and now there is a shortage because doctors are writing scripts for themselves and their families. She is halving her dose for now so it lasts. One of her friends is in critical condition. I haven't seen my girlfriend in 3 weeks and i really really miss her but would rather everyone stay healthy. I don't miss sports as much as I thought I would so far, but that's probably because all of our teams are pretty brutal. I still have friends who believe this is a big hoax - that it's some kind of practice for the Government to take over the country and control us. I asked they why they weren't going to hospitals and assisting - they would get paid really well and wouldn't need to use any protective gear - since it's a hoax. I get crickets in response. They probably think the earth is flat too. Guess who they voted for? Today is the first day I am really missing sports because it's Opening Day. You can always check my OOTP Tigers box score in the other thread. Nova's pitching today.
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    It seems like the obvious follow up question would be something along the lines of “How is that a victory when you guaranteed that it was just one guy from China and you had it all under control? And before you have a tantrum about this being a nasty question, here is the recording of your exact words.”
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    I think he's laid a groundwork for someone with more competence to really do some damage. I'm looking directly at future presidential candidate Tom Cotton. I also think it's not fully answered yet b/c we haven't seen the deluge of ****ty court decisions his stooges in the fed bench will be releasing. It's really honestly freaked me out how much of your system basically boils down to voluntary compliance with norms.
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    Trump should have that massive Foxconn plant in Wisconsin that he and Scott Walker gave billions to build make ventilators. Oh wait...
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    He did not "owe everything" to MI's wallet, that's a crock. He was a shrewd evaluator of major league talent and knew how to make a deal, and he built a winning team **well before** the big spending started. There is zero evidence that the 2014 extension of Cabrera had anything at all to do with DD's ability to trade for him in 2008, that's just ridiculous to assert that. They made it to the WS in 2006 because Ilitch and DD worked well as a team, drafting and acquiring good players with a solid above-average payroll but nothing huge like you are suggesting. Even with Pudge and Ordonez the 2006 Tigers had a $82M team payroll, in the middle of the league, $15-20M less than #2 - #6 teams, and only $20M higher than the frugal Twins and A's in the low $60M range. They were a very good team in 2007 with basically the same cast + the absolute steal of Gary Sheffield for basically nobody, and who was having an all-universe season before he dove and hurt his leg mid-season. After an unsuccessful run in 2008 - 09, which included a mysterious bloated contract for Dontrelle Willis, they re-tooled and made it back to the Playoffs in 2011 with a payroll that was still #10, but was about the same as model franchises St. Louis and Minnesota, and way less than the top 5 spenders which included the White Sox. The payroll vaulted into the top 5 again after Hunter was signed (who was a very reasonable $13M spend for a 3 WAR player in 2013), but the driver of course was the Prince signing, a last-second necessity due to VMart's knee blowout in ST. That was a huge spend and gamble, but it did payoff on-field despite the overspend in two strong post-season runs and a good trade for Ian Kinsler who did very well for a few years. The extension to JV (2013) helped them in 2013 and 2014 to reach the playoffs. The contracts prior to 2014 (with the exception of Willis) served their purposes. There is really no argument against that IMHO. Then came 2014.....the 2014 contracts to Miggy and Vmart did not serve a winning purpose...however, the failure of those contracts (or others) to "work out" don't really serve your (off) point that DD *succeeded* only because of Ilitch's wallet.
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    Starting a week ago, it is now a thing at 7pm every day for Vancouverites to go onto their lawns and balconies and make noise as a salute to health care workers. It originally was intended to coincide with the evening shift change at St. Pauls Hospital, but now has spread throughout the area.
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    So basically it's ok to be a complete dickhead as long as it makes him money. Got it. This is half of America's priority and the biggest problem we have today. Be a ******* human, not money grub.
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    I think the point in what Biggs and I have posted is that whether it's a majority or just a heck of a big minority, the number of people in the country who have accommodated themselves to Trump does not say anything good about the moral character of the nation. Even if a majority of us do manage to wash this guy down the drain this November, we have our work cut out for us as a people to figure how we change the situation where so many of our fellow citizen's can be happy to embrace such a terrible man and such terrible ideas.
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    That's your opinion. He sold us out, without a championship.
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    Is the truck still there? I'm coming over to let the air out of the tires.
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    well, take that exact same argument and it applies perfectly to climate change as well, and pretty much all the same people have made the same mistake. Coincidence? I think not. It's a set of habits of mind that permeates the GOP and those that support it.
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    The droplets reportedly will survive on metal for up to three days. They can also make you send inappropriate emails to your boss. They might convince you that a high performance car is exactly the sort of purchase you should make when the economy is tanking. They will also infect your spouse and make her have three psychiatrists attest to her sanity before she commits suicide because she wants to return to the dream world you created in a dream level at least three levels below this one.
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    Well, look at on the bright side: you're close enough to Yellowstone that if the big one ever goes you won't have to worry about slow death by starvation and global winter. 🎱
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    We'll see. RNA virues are a very tough nut to crack.
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    Fake lineup. Like all those regulars are gonna be playing on a Sunday. Needs more mercers and beckhams
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    The other thing that has happened is they've essentially laid the groundwork for making all adversarial congressional oversight impossible. It was already pretty difficult considering all of the court decisions & ****, but they added a whole additional layer to that - now every president is going to make this "absolute immunity" argument, which adds 2+ years of litigation before even getting to the layer of legal fighting we've customarily begun at. This effectively allows any president to run out the clock. This is exactly what Schiff repeatedly argued in why they didn't wait for the courts in the impeachment saga, and it's totally and obviously true. Trump has lost a lot of court decisions about absolute immunity, but I'm pretty sure the idea was never to win, it was to run out the clock. And, he actually has won some, which is pretty frightening. Of course it will be left to the Democrats to fix it while they have the presidency, at the sacrifice of things they may have actually wanted to pursue.
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    I'd prefer the wild card best out of 3, but I also wish the regular season would go back to 154. Comerica should also hand out voodoo dolls
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