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    Second dose of Pfizer in my arm. Its such a relief.
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    Wife got round 1 today. She also put a Bill Gates poster on our bedroom ceiling afterwards. Seems weird, but, whatever.
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    He hit the hardest ball I've ever seen. I don't think it ever got more than 30 feet off the ground. There were two really loud bangs. The first was his bat on the ball and then - thousand and one, thousand and two, thousand and three - an even louder bang as the ball hit the back of an empty seat about 5 rows back at the Skydome.
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    One blood relative ****** another blood relative.
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    In seasons past, we were spoiled by @hueytaxi's spring training photography. It was a beacon light for those of us still in the winter climates.
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    That may well explain the problems he’s had with his knees.
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    All season. it’s part of the wussification of MLB. Mulligans are also given with really good excuses.
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    1000 AAPS teachers got their first dose Saturday. Clears a big hurdle for AAPS to begin to open.
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    She keeps ending her sentences with "in accordance to the prophecy". Should I be worried?
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    My dad just got his first dose today and I get teary eyed thinking about this being the first step in being able to hug my parents again. He got his through Meijer. Hoping my mom hears something back to get hers today.
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    I've seen those stories about the CA strain but numbers have been plummeting there..... also the results have not yet been studied yet. See lots of pushback from other doctors that it's not good to publish those kind of papers without proper study of the "results" they are basing it on. It just upsets people.
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    TLDR, sounds like my work secured them for people who work in person on the front lines, but since many of those people are MAGA/been brainwashed, many of them refused, so they are available for some of the remote office workers. Not gonna turn one down, but feel kinda icky.
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    Jumping ahead of Meghan McCain? Shame on you.
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    You're on a forum where 90% of the residents reside in Michigan and you think your roads are worse than ours? Puhleeze! 😄
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    Uh oh... Now this group is going to hold me accountable too?? LOL! Just kidding. I appreciate the check-in actually. It's going pretty well, I think. I'm satisfied with my progress anyway. I'm able to play through an entire song, though it's a pretty basic riff with two different strumming patterns and three chords (E minor, C major 7, and B7). Nothing too complicated. I play that everyday, while also working on switching between different chords (E major, A major, D major). I have a lot of work to do in terms of being able to quickly find the notes on the guitar. Ask me to find the A# on the D string and it'll take me about 5 minutes to work through it. It's a little easier for me to read a tab, but I'll still fumble through it a bit. Any time I feel like things are going well, I'll look up a Jimmy Buffett song, fumble around for two minutes and realize I'm still not ready to freelance. If I really dug in on it though, I'm sure I would get it eventually. I'm on lesson 19 of the 30 day intro challenge, so almost done. I believe there are more beginner/intermediate lessons from the same guy that I can work through after that though.
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    The pot plant glows? That's some good ****.
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    I postponed it until next fall. It was actually very easy.
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    When in doubt go with Florida.
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    I think @tiger337 got tired of you requesting A/S/L so he stopped responding.
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    He was invited to tell his beer-fueled story of "freedom" to those outside the stadium or a local magistrate.
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    Back to back wins! Always nice to beat the Hawks. 5-3 final.
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    IDK, but the thought gives me Elijah wood.
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    I wouldn't even tar the name of radical with these people. A 'Radical' can still be honorable and can still be working for the benefit of the larger society as they see it. These people have no no agenda for the common good, no greater loyalties than to money and power, and above all no honor, a concept this society seems to have lost all use for, to its great peril.
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    DSJ is having his best game as a Piston. Looks to be getting more comfortable.
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    I’m truly sickened by all this. A golden idol? Hawley getting a standing ovation for challenging the electoral college vote? Cruz making light of the assault on the Capitol when people felt their lives were threatened? Congressmen saying they can’t attend House votes due to “public health emergency”, but they’re slated to speak at CPAC? If you’re still standing and supporting the GOP, and making excuses, I have to honestly tell you that I question your moral compass.
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    Yeah - it does seem pretty dumb. The problem for UM is certainly not that they are not equipped and prepared to handle their patient base, it's that after getting a large initial allotment, they were cut off from any further supply in the name of increasing equity for other populations- which is fine as far as it goes; at one point early on UM had as many doses as all of Wayne county, which is admittedly pretty skewed. In a way they appeared to get punished because they were ready to go first, if you want to look at it that way. But as a customer service issue, once they found out their allotments had been cut they had little option but to their patients to go elsewhere if they could. So that is why they advised their patients to see if they could get on other lists - they did not know when/if they were going to receive more supply. Even as late as last week they did not appear to know they would be resupplied this week.
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    we just had a covid-19 vaccinations call at my work put on my the chief medical officer big wigs, it was really great. In the trials across 6 vaccines available around the would, totaling an N of ~90k, all of them reported 100% effectiveness against hospitalization and death. They even included the sputnik one in that total.
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    Tettleton's eye at the plate was incredible. He ended his career with a slash line of .241/.369/.449. He averaged over 100 walks per season from 1990 through 1996. Even in the strike shortened 1994 when he had only 444 PAs, he walked 97 times. Fruit Loops revisited. Crowds played along, shouting "Loops" when he batted and celebrating Tettleton's homers by throwing handfuls of cereal around like confetti. A stuffed toucan - a gift from a fan - sat atop his locker at Memorial Stadium. "People started sending little boxes of Froot Loops in the mail for me to sign," he said. Tettleton did and returned the boxes. Unopened, of course. Oh, come on, how fun is that part of the story? So good. I'd never heard that before.
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    This team man. I just enjoy each game. They may not win much but exciting basketball. It’s fun to know these kids will be around to watch develop.
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    I loved Mickey Tettleton, still think he is underappreciated
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    I like Sheila getting more involved. This way she can justifiably step in, grab the draft card and rip it up when it says Kyle Pitts, Detroit Lions, #7 before it gets to Goodell to read.
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    Another theory could be that in the new launch angle homer-or-strikeout landscape, shortened starter stints plus the emergence of the opener have pitchers coming out breathing fire from Pitch One of the game—knowing they're coming out after a planned number of pitches or else at the earliest sign of trouble—rather than pacing themselves and pitching to contact so they can last six innings.
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    what I typically do for A is bar all four of the highest strings (including the high E) and then just not play the high E (or even play the high E b/c it still sounds good in most circumstances). Barring the three "middle" strings would be weird and also difficult. Maybe that will help if you're not doing it that way. In my humble experience, the only trick to this kind of stuff is massive amounts of repetition. The way I think of it is basically repetition to where you do it without "thinking" about it - so it's basically muscle memory. Then you have a new "plateau" to build from where many things you struggled with before are muscle memory now and you think about new, more difficult things, and then those b/c muscle memory, and the cycle repeats. I do ridiculous amounts of repetition of stuff. You almost have to teach yourself to enjoy the repetition, and also find the value in it. Take stock of even modest improvements to keep yourself motivated!
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    On Saturday, in his first two collegiate at-bats, Florida Atlantic freshman Caleb Pendelton hit two grand slams -- in the same inning.
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    Holy crap...the Adolph Eichman treatment for this lunatic.
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    I agree with that. Even Inside Out was pretty adult themed, but was more cartoony and revolved around a younger main character. That is another great movie that puts some context into emotions. I can always tell when one of the movies is too adult for younger kids...my boys will not be into it and my daughter will want to rewatch them. We have watched just about all of them they put out, but the ones we keep going back to are the ones that are more easily grasped by my boys. Wreck it Ralph, Finding Nemo/Dory, Toy Story, Tangled etc.
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    Hehe released a new feature that lets you pull up as many games as you want on your desktop. This is a screenshot of my current desktop. You can click and drag all windows to adjust size and location. Best part, I can cast this to my TV on a Chromecast and all windows cast.
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    those are generally the objectives behind regulated utility monopolies.....
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