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    Pudge won't sign unless they sign Vina first.
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    Can't run from that one. You might as well just own up to it and admit you were way way way wrong.
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    I remember when this board was arguing that Marcus Smart was "smart" to stay in college for an extra year because he learned "maturity"...lol.
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    Lol. Oh, Bill, Bill, Bill. They’re panicking now. Big time.
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    Goodrum has now K’d in 46% of his AB’s this season. I think he should stop worrying about where he plays in the field.
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    Mini breakout at a UM dorm, 13 cases at South Quad.
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    ooh, nice pic, @John_Brian_K! (FWIW, I had the problems on my chromebook, and I'm all-in on the google ecosystem, for better or for worse.)
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    that team was not good. that 9-7 season was all about stafford in the 4th quarter. i think they had 8 4th quarter comebacks that year? the lions had their shot when they had suh, calvin, stafford, fairley, tulloch, quin, and levy on the squad. all close to or at their prime. and jim schwartz went 4-12 and 7-9 with them. that was their shot. by the time they went 9-7 with quinn as gm that team was no more and was no longer any good outside of stafford and an aging and unmotivated calvin johnson. the rest of the team was bad and they got really lucky. this team is probably more talented than that one overall, but has been really unlucky. but after 4 years in charge and with some very high draft choices, we should expect better results.
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    Wow, a Walk Like a Sabermetrician reader. You maybe be redeemable after all.
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    Barry Bonds is above 20 percent, too. By the commonly used formula Walks/(At-Bats + Walks), he is at 20.62 percent. If you go by Walks/Plate Appearances, he's still at 20.29 percent. Bishop's rates by those two formulas are 20.46 and 19.96 percent, respectively. Strangely, Walk Like a Sabermetrician doesn't even list Bishop among the career leaders. Maybe they have a really high cutoff for minimum Plate Appearances or something, but even though Bishop didn't have a huge career, 4494 At-Bats and 5793 Plate Appearances isn't exactly a cup of coffee.

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