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    I long ago came to the conclusion that there is a very large proportion of the population that is unable to think beyond themselves. Not just unwilling but unable.
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    The rebuild is getting traction 😏
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    I think some of these guys need a physics course before they are allowed to talk about baseball ballistics. The pitch is coming down at the hitter slightly, you put the maximum energy into the ball if you hit it within about 10 deg of the incoming angle. So an optimal swing plane can have some incline, but you can't go too far in either direction from the incoming angle or you lose energy transfer.
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    There has been a significant "Amen" corner on MTS as well. I understand generally that "management knows better" than fans do, of course, but what if management's basic premise is biased against winning because they can turn a profit consistently while losing, as long as they keep the payroll the bottom of the league? The announcers are in a no-win situation. Some fans want to hear the truth, but a significant portion of fans don't want to hear Debbie Downers, and as evidenced by some on MTS for the last 5 years, even some really smart fans will drink the Kool Aid for a long time. I even see some people here who are critical of management right now criticizing Gibby because he seems to come close to calling players out. I appreciate Dan and Jim because they are saying truthful things in a professional and reasonable way, and relying on the HUGE good will they have built up (esp. Dan IMO) over the years to give them the space to make reasonable observations.

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