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    That pretty much locks up the Nobel.
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    What makes you think they need help humiliating themselves?
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    it's unprecedented that you spy on presidential candidates because it's unprecedented that a corrupt guy like Trump with dubious associations became a major party nominee. The premise is 100% wrong. But you knew that.
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    The guy committed ethic violations and misused campaign finances. Why is he even getting a pension?
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    I’m not sure Avila is giving up on Asia, just not going for Japan. Nothing I’ve heard Avila say rules out converting a Pakistani cricketer, picking up a Thai ladyboy who can both pitch and catch, or hunting for a Papua New Guinean with a strong slash line.
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    Yes...........they can't handle criticism and to me it seems like they will not allow dissent to their own peril. If the Lions had the 8th or 10th best defense and Diggs complained, that would be one thing, but the numbers completely back what Diggs was saying and they didn't want to hear it - so instead of listening to a team leader and captain, they bounced him out of the lockerroom - and from what I have been led to believe, Diggs was one of the most respected and popular guys in the room. Maybe you can do that when you are Belichick, but these guys seem to think just because they worked for him they have the same clout and it will probably, hopefully be their demise. Trading Diggs for standing up for the secondary is like the Wings trading a really good player (Garry Unger) away for refusing to get a haircut (true story). I think anything under 3 years is kind of unfair, but this was a 9-7 team when they took it over - it didn't need to be rebuilt. If Caldwell was only a little bit better at in-game decisions, they probably make the playoffs 3 out of his 4 years. It was honestly only a few players from being a real contender and they have blown it up and what makes it worse is that stupid "9-7 isn't good enough" comment. I think we've been around long enough to see when something is a total disaster and this is pretty close, and it's a lot like what happened with Millen & Morningwheg. The team they took over was a 54 yard field goal away from the playoffs and they completely obliterated it and this feels very similar..........why wait? Millen & Morningwheg were just as arrogant too. Arrogance only works when you have something to back it up. If the Fords can't see that, then they are more hopeless than any of us thought.
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    So he says it's time to build up the roster then when one suggests adding a player that could potentially do just that the "timing isn't right"?
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    Somewhere Franklin Perez got injured just by Avila mentioning him and mound in the same sentence.
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    Anybody here who lives inside the green circle who supports impeachment? (Raises hand)
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    He flushed them down the toilet. It took him 10-15 flushes to get them down.
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    They should hire former KGB agents because they are "tough" and serve Trump's interests.
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    Hello mediocrity, my old friend. We'll never get out of NBA purgatory again.
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    Seems around the time we should start getting " best shape of his life" updates. I wonder if Miggy has dropped any weight in the last month?
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    How can you not be confident in this word salad? This is terrific.
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    he wasnt playing that well in detroit but is playing pretty well now in seattle. what does that tell you about detroit's genius defensive coordinator?
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    Last I looked there were over 30 pending applications for Battle Creek. And we will not be limiting licenses, so in theory all 30 could open, although that wont happen. The only limit is you must meet current zoning laws, be in a commercial area, 1,000 feet from a school, etc.
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