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    I've said it many time in many different ways, but the liberal boomer's cross to bear is that while it was our cohort that drove culture for 50 years, the was our conservative brothers and sisters that were always the (mostly silent) majority and for maybe the 1st times on our lives we are no longer able to insulate ourselves from their influence.
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    LOL - the 15 yr old things are my newer stuff.
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    Also, and maybe a lawyer could confirm this for me, but I believe speaking the truth is a valid defense in a libel suit.
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    Speaking of Dennis Miller, has he ever got back to us with that joke about Michelle Wolfe?
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    I’m kind of infuriated that he’s referring to these injuries as “headaches”. He is absolutely despicable, and I fear for every member of the military with this man as commander-in-chief. Cannon fodder. That’s what he thinks of you, your family, your service. ugh
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