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    Calling what transpired in the last few years (including the investigation and report) “fictional Russian nonsense “ disqualifies anything you say as being an attempt at honest discourse. Just ridiculous.
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    Granderson seems to be all done. He is one of my all time favorite Tigers, but it would be hard to watch him bat .183 and be on this crap team.
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    Also, and maybe a lawyer could confirm this for me, but I believe speaking the truth is a valid defense in a libel suit.
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    Bernie Bros are threatening a boycott of the election if Biden is nominated. They are so insufferable, almost as bad as Trumpers.
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    Kind of neat if you have YouTubeTV. They have every finals game on demand, commercial free, dating back to the 2000 season. Search "Playoff Playback" for 2009-2018. And "Hardwood Classics" for 2008-2000. Looks like they don't have last years up. I wish they would extend this. I still have never watched game 6 of the 1988 finals. Would love to see it.
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    This will probably be the verse:
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    The only thing that prevented previous generations from using technology to cheat was the absence of the requisite technology.
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    miami beat the patriots. the colts actually beat the chiefs. in kc. the lions being close to beating a good team doesnt make them good. and their defense this year was fairly healthy until the end of the year when the lions put everyone on ir in an attempt to lose games. you can excuse the lions losing because they lost stafford (although they were under 500 when he was healthy), but how do you excuse the defense? they have one of the worst defenses in the league with patricia's scheme in place and with quinn having spent big money in the offseason to get players for it.
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    Quite impressive.
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    Ivanka Trump is a federal employee with a security clearance. She is doing business with a government that our government, in which she works, and her father runs, is also doing business with. She's not just the Presidents daughter who hangs around the white house all the time. She WORKS there. She has an official title. They've completely blurred the lines between personal and national interests. We've become so immune to Trump that we can't see blatant conflicts of interests.... well some can. Some choose not to.
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    I bought my only suit over 25 years ago. I originally bought it for job interviews, but I don't need it for work. It's good for weddings and funerals.
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    Saw it again today. Liked it even more than last week.
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    Somewhere online there has got to be a bingo card with these terms on it.
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    This tape is the kind of think that I think will matter. Especially after the depth of Trump's repeated protestations that he doesn't know who Parnas is. There are a lot of Trump supporters to whom stronger objective evidence that he is a liar is immaterial, but each time something like this comes out that puts his lying into such stark relief out of is own lips, it's going to peel away some more people hanging around the margins and make every democratic Senatorial candidate's job easier.
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    How do knights and bishops move in 1D chess?
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    Normalcy is what got us Trump. The refusal to get money out of politics. The prioritization of corporations over people. Unflinching support of the military industrial complex.
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    Still, would you buy used crazy eyes from that man?
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    I vote for Tyrus. His one redeeming quality though is that he loves Tigers history. 777 was hilarious.
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    I liked how he went off on twitter about the Tigers drafting Mize cause he didn't have a "swing and miss fastball like Fulmer".
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    He only needs 34 for acquittal, right? That is 17 states worth of senators. The 17 least populated states make up roughly 7.5% of the population. Not all of those states are red (though most are), so you have to move up the list if you want 34 R senators to acquit, but it is quite possible that only 11% of the represented population could vote for acquittal and he be acquitted.
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    Can't wait until him dissolving the Supreme Court is describe as a "reform" by CNN.
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    My wife who works for GAO was pumping her fist at all the good PR today.
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    I've been on a lot of teams, mostly baseball teams -- some of which bent the rules on occasion -- and the idea that the hitters (and the spotters and bangers and others directly involved) knew about this but at least some of the rest of the players did not strikes me as ludicrous. Everybody knows that the game was fixed The rest stay poor, the Sox and Stros get rich That's how it goes Everybody knows. (With apologies to Leonard Cohen)
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    And it should be just as impeachable an offense - it's basically the prostitution of the US Dept of State in furtherance of corrupt Ukrainian interests. Acceding to the corrupt demand is every bit as bad as the flip side attempt to manipulate Ukraine into aiding a re-election campaign.
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    Yeah, I don’t understand why we have seven open spots on the 47-man roster and AA isn’t using them.
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    You know when I've had a few drinks the thing I like to do to relax is communicate with Rudi Giuliani's friends on a platform with end-to-end encryption about surveilling a US Ambassador in a post-Soviet nascent democracy.
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    Better credentials? Vrabel was a defensive coordinator for one season and had one of the worst defenses in the NFL. Why isn't Vrabel Jon Robinson's "guy"? They both worked together in New England and Robinson was a GM with no experience.
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    A key difference I see on Statcast is average launch angle. In 2017 it was 19.6%; this past season it was all the way down to 9.0%. That would explain the difference between giving up nine bombs in 48 innings versus giving up eight in 67⅔.
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    Is Papi seriously calling out anyone for being hypocritical?
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    The power will still likely be down. But, both hit dingers before they got to Minneosta, so I wouldn't expect it to vanish completly. 20 for both Schoop and Cron seems reasonable
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    Threads to avoid: Miggy is looking kinda hot.
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    I'm more offended by the fanny pack than I was his weight.
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    Absolutely the Lions should think about replacing their established franchise QB with medical concerns for an unproven QB with medical concerns.
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    All the MAGA heads were sharing his monologues and jokes but just wait until he starts talking about religion again....
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    Or for sure, I know what DID happen. I was suggesting what should have happened.
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    Pistons played fairly well but pissed it away at the end of the half. Andre standing there at the three point line, dribbling the ball off his foot out of bounds, brilliant.
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    LOL. Harbaugh being a baby gets Patterson another INT.
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    Looks like G2 maybe got into the sauce a night early. Both Guillen and Polanco were acquired through trades.
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    in a 2016 survey it wasnt in the top 25. oakland county is wealthy, but not like it used to be and certainly not compared to the new money in the dc suburbs, nyc, and silicon valley. to your point, there is still money in the detroit metro area and oakland county has some nice suburbs. to his point, every city has nice suburbs and they have them without being connected to detroit and its horrible weather.
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    They were afraid to tell him to take it off because he might actually do it.
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    Yes, this is my point. You don't need to be willingly or knowingly involved to be a Russian asset. I don't believe Sanders was involved with Russia, but it does seem like Russia was in support of Sanders. Tulsi was one of his first supporter and quit the DNC. The Russians also pushed the narrative of the DNC being rigged against Sanders in favor of Clinton. They also pushed Jill Stein as the third party alternative for Sanders supporters. It's also telling Trump has not attacked Sanders. Russia didn't necessarily want Trump more than they didn't want Clinton.
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    As an aside, $100 says JBK brought a baby to see Star Wars. Since we're airing grievances and all.
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