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    This is the horror that exceeds all of them. So obviously evil. So purposely evil. How does anyone involved with this separation plan look at themselves in the mirror, and convince themselves it was “necessary”, and “right”, and “good for Americans”. You’re monsters. Pure and simple. Those poor children. Those poor parents. And we, as a nation, should bear the awful stigma and stench of this disgusting act forever.
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    Ever notice how the people who plead for non-partisanship are those whose side is getting clobbered in the court of public opinion?
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    1 hour 45 minutes in total to vote. we walked out into bright sunshine with seagulls cawing. we took that as an omen. somebody post “ode to joy”
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    Too bad Papi isn't here to compare boners between Obama and Giuliani.
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    Jeffrey Toobin says **** Yeah!
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    Glad you are privileged enough for this to not effect you. Many others aren’t so lucky.
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    the third party nitwits are awful, but there is a special place in **** for the "both parties are the same / it makes no difference" crowd On Earth 2.0, where Hilary won, she is currently being impeached for allowing over 50K Americans to die If Trump was able to keep the US at EU levels of infection and death, over 100K Americans would be alive today. things will change with Biden as President specifically 1) a lot more testing 2) a lot more mask wearing and 3) a more aggressive ($) plan to keep paying bars and other business closed
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    Not sure where this picture is from, but surprised local GOP leaders haven't screamed foul for that blatantly pro-Biden sign at a polling station.
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    Has anyone sent Qanon out to check pizza parlors?
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    We're pulling for you Jeff.
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    Gotta share this. This is the Democratic candidate running for the House seat in my district. He has no chance, but we need more like him I am unable to copy the link. But it’s from Bluevirginia.com edit, found a link
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    I have no idea what's going on the last couple of pages. I am going to start talking about climate change again.
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    I apologize for posting about climate change in the Supreme Court Thread. I keep forgetting this is the political form with separate topics. I tend to read every topic as "Donny is a douchebag".
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    People who want to read the Supreme Court discussion should not have to read climate change denials, when there is already a separate thread for that. It is basic courtesy.
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    I would have liked to see the full answer, but when a two time candidate for the seat says “Here’s the thing” you know the rest is going to be garbley gook bullsheeet
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    Completely unscientific but the Biden/Harris signs in Scranton right now outnumber Trump signs by at least 20 to 1. Scranton (Lackawanna County) went for Hillary last time 49/46. Wilkes-Barre tends to be a little more conservative.
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    Geez. Mandatory masking here to enter public places and it is practically useless because so many gomers pull them down under their noses when they get inside. I will never understand why people are so angrily opposed to mask wearing and whining about is as much as they are. And the lack of common sense! Last week, for example, I stood at an appropriate distance waiting for a lady to select a pound of ground beef. She literally handled every single package on the shelf! No idea why since they were all identical. I finally decided to get what I needed at the butcher counter, figured it was more sanitary.
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    They need to do the same thing with the State Legislature. I'm still ******* outraged at any state legislature that allows weapons inside their building. Are you F'ing kidding me? To intimidate legislatures? Get those F'ing weapons out of there; they have no business whatsoever being inside a State House.
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    Observation post election from Jonathan Last https://thetriad.thebulwark.com/p/revenge-of-the-vichycons?token=eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjo2OTkzNjcwLCJwb3N0X2lkIjoxMTgwMDg2MCwiXyI6InZ6Qkg4IiwiaWF0IjoxNjAyODcwMzA2LCJleHAiOjE2MDI4NzM5MDYsImlzcyI6InB1Yi04NzI3NCIsInN1YiI6InBvc3QtcmVhY3Rpb24ifQ.wATZBuPSfaIzN2NuCyjFfU_d8_zrveccP5f7XKSBbBc
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    When someone has to go so far out of their way to tell you how "fair and balanced" they are, chances are they are not that fair and not that balanced in their news coverage and reporting.
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    I might go to prison for all the fireworks I'll be setting off when its finally decided for Biden.
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    So, the wife and I will finally be early voting today.
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    Remember how ridiculous it was that someone like Rob Ford could be the mayor of a large city?
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    big business is the ultimate evil and markets are naturally unfair and biased....until they do things liberals like and then its "well, its a private business and it can do what it wants, if you dont like it, dont use it."
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    three more years than elena kagan... she's very qualified for the supreme court. the ABA rated her as well qualified.
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    I've donated to a homeless shelter, a food bank, a battered women's shelter, my alma mater, a volunteer medicine organization, a bar/restaurant employee charity... probably some more, I should gather receipts since we can itemize next year. Anyways, donating to politicians on a small scale is a waste of money.
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    They're going to pretend that Thames has won the job, and then at the last minute they will just give it to Higginson.
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    It’s all over Twitter and I want to pour bleach in my eyes. also, lol
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    Since my last post: Twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, Twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter...and that does not even include 75% of the people even posting in this thread that I have blocked..... Apparently twitter "fact checks" things because certain accounts get certain media taken down. Washington Post: Twitter is a private company that can regulate its content how it wishes. So I am sure I am late to this party, but trying to be an outside observer and not really get caught up in the content itself, but more the media surrounding the content and in charge of what content gets disseminated. So you have a private company that can put whatever content in front of you that it wants, most people probably already know it, but it makes up 90% of what is discussed in this thread. You are basically talking about talk, random opinions thrown against the wall to see what "sticks". Like it or not Twitter and FB have become the media that people look to for information, having no regulated body to report to and being able to delete whatever it wants and push certain things in your face....how do those of you who link to twitter to prove points balance that with what is factual and what is opinion? In a general sense. I am sure you can link a twitter post that will show a data point that can be independently verified, but overall...how do you know the information you are getting is real/factual/honest? I am FIRMLY in the camp of more information is better than no information. I think there becomes a limit to what you can process before you just shut down and start automatically believing what you are seeing as long as it comes from a source you usually agree with. This is a non partisan message. If you still think I am supporting Trump and want to use this to say something about that save your breath. If you are a huge Trump supporter and think I am trying to say Trump is getting a raw deal on social media...also save your breath, I would like to have an honest conversation about how the people that go back and forth all day on this forum talking about other peoples talk come to terms with what they are linking as proof of something. Because I cannot understand it. Certain things are fact, others are opinion. EDIT: Since the time it took me to write that up: Twitter twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter
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    I think before the debate we should make sure Trump is put through a magnetometer or x-ray to ensure he doesn't have a knife.
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    Idiot here. I do not regret my vote for Johnson. While not a perfect candidate, he was and remains preferable to me to the two candidates running in 2016 police wise and ethics wise. And if it was another Clinton v Trump match up this year, I would be writing in Romney, even knowing what I know now. I plan, with severe reservations primarily because of their refusal to disavow court packing, to vote for Biden/Harris. But for this same reason, among others, I will be voting for Cornyn again. Things do not go well in our country when one party holds the Executive Office plus both Senate and House; we need at least one to serve as a check on the others.
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    Ugh She has, and will continue to have the stench of “eau de trump” on her. No.
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    I’m not sure this helps the cause And when he runs in ‘24 how will this play?
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    Teach your parents well, Their children's heII will slowly go by, And feed them on your dreams The one they picked, the one you'll know by.
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    I set forth my qualification standard. It’s very objective and clear. I think being a lock to overturn well established precedent is disqualifying.
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    Because they resent any media—any thing, really—they don’t control. Conservatives have an entire media ecosystem dedicated to them and their ****ty ideas, including the #1-rated news network on the planet, and what is it they complain most about? The “mainstream media” that they don’t have complete control over. They are oriented to grievance, and Twitter is part of that grievance orientation. It doesn’t matter that right-wingers have a humongous presence on Twitter. It matters that liberals do, too, and they would like that to stop.
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    Split California into two states? As long as we are coming up with dream scenarios, can New England become part of Canada?
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    Wait Facebook doesn't agree with Trump? That's news to me... that's a weird way to say "literally helped him win in 2016"

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