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    A bit late in the day, but a cool pic I saw on Twitter of MLK playing ball with his daughter.
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    My very first job in an engineering dept was in the typewriter days. We had a real secretary for 5 or 6 engineers. She even took short hand. The boss, your basic dirty old man, hired her because she was young and pretty and wore short skirts, but no lie, she knew her stuff. She transcribed all or our originals from long hand, corrected all of our technical stuff and never missed a thing. It may have been a sexist world but I swear it was a more efficient way to get work done than having 6 people all spending half their time going mano-a-mano against MS office. Next time anyone wonders how they could build the SR-71 and go to the moon without computers on everyone's desk, you can tell them because tech secretaries.
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    Looks like Speaker Pelosi is single-handedly trying to stop Ellis from being appointed GC at NSA.
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    But don't ask Sarah Palin what she reads because that's a gotcha question.
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    It’s a beautiful sight. Brings a tear to my eye.
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    Well, obviously, this is not meant to be taken literally—it refers to any manufacturers of dairy products.
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    I don't think Christians believe that Jesus has been neutered.
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    those progressive commercials kill me. Big fan of the one where they're throwing those ubiquitous "Live, laugh, love" signs in the trash.
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    My mom bought me one of those for Christmas about 5 years ago. They are horrible. Tried it four or five different times and always woke up with a horrible neck pain. I have thought about burning it, but I just sit and fart on it now.
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    I have a feeling at some point today that Trump will pardon some people who will make my blood boil. I won't speculate but there might be a couple of spies, a couple of murderers, a couple of Russian oligarchs.
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    So, this is where I get a little worried. Not sure if it's all the true crime podcasts I listen to, but so much I'm hearing wreaks of the story where you hear how the cop was dead-set on who and how and everything he saw he aligned to fit. I want a full investigation into the riot, I want anyone that acted illegally, either as the rioters or as outside supporters to be brought to justice. I want idiots like Boebart out of office. I don't want to just assume there was an orchestrated plot by a bunch of powerful figures that lingered in the shadows to change an election, otherwise that would mean instead of 75 million American's believing in something with no proof is just a fraction, but more like 160 million. My guess is not a single major vendor for any of his rallies didn't have some strong ties to the campaign or other important folks in Trump's family. Same as I wouldn't be surprised if some republicans did in fact give folks a tour of the Capitol the day before. Sounds like that's not that uncommon. Going even further, it's quite possible some specifically tried to and maybe were even successful in obtaining a tour because they wanted to do something nefarious. For all we know there might be some democratic lawmakers that gave tours to seditionists without their knowledge.
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    This is certainly an important point. Then again, Peyton Manning went to a couple of superbowls after the docs told him he was probably done, so you never know!
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    Won't be His Pillow for long at this rate.
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    I don’t have a Secretary/admin but was told my level would have had one 25 years ago. Weird. I don’t know what an admin would have done for me. Our department does have a “project manager” that I sort of use as an admin. I have her set up meetings and take notes and and all that... and get on people when they need it. Basically it’s anything I’m too lazy to do while I focus on “big picture” and “strategy”.
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    I'm good with this idea. 20-30m people refusing to pay FoxNews user fees.
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    I wouldn't play in that orange Tennessee uni without being paid either.
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    Hope he wears his Barry Sanders jersey again.
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    I'm not saying what happened on January 6th was good by any measure, but we would not have been ready for Wednesday otherwise.

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