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    I know most of you guys on this board will look at this guy as a racist. But it's all about states rights. In this case, he's making a statement that the power belongs with the states, not the federal government. So much so, that states should be able to invalidate other state powers when it comes to the outcome of what the federal government will look like. This is important because if the federal government has policies you don't like, you than would have to worry about how those policies affect your state's rights. Your state's rights affect how you live day to day more so than your federal rights. For instance, until his state can have full dominion over it's own laws, they can't get the economy back to the good old days of the pre-1860's. This guy may not even be able to ever own a slave if the federal ...... oh wait, nevermind. This guy is racist.
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    A bit late in the day, but a cool pic I saw on Twitter of MLK playing ball with his daughter.
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    It's really stunning to me that of all the crap we've seen.... this is the guy to take an issue with? Not Trump? Pence? Azar? Redfield? Atlas? All 5 of those guys were on record saying the most ridiculously wrong things but we go after the career servant who's spent his life helping people fight disease going back to the 80's with HIV/AIDS? The one with zero to gain? If Fauci wanted to gain attention he had plenty of opportunities to do this before COVID. He didn't just jump on the scene. He's an 80 year old guy working his *** off every day for us and he could have retired comfortably years ago.
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    Lol. Ok..... but I want the last word. DJT: Welcome to the Karma Cafe. There are no menus... but you will get served what you deserve.
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    Great headline https://www.vice.com/en/article/bvx5a8/the-guy-who-flew-a-confederate-flag-in-the-capitol-has-predictably-surrendered
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    "He's learned his lesson and will probably not participate in any more attempts to overthrow the government."
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    The money that ownership will save is a clear accomplishment. Having highly rated prospects is not any kind of accomplishment at all, especially when they have come at the cost of years of terrible losing. Get back to me when some of these guys have actually helped them become a winning team. Then we will see if it was worth it or not.
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    so looking forward to having genuine policy disagreements that can be argued rationally.
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    My very first job in an engineering dept was in the typewriter days. We had a real secretary for 5 or 6 engineers. She even took short hand. The boss, your basic dirty old man, hired her because she was young and pretty and wore short skirts, but no lie, she knew her stuff. She transcribed all or our originals from long hand, corrected all of our technical stuff and never missed a thing. It may have been a sexist world but I swear it was a more efficient way to get work done than having 6 people all spending half their time going mano-a-mano against MS office. Next time anyone wonders how they could build the SR-71 and go to the moon without computers on everyone's desk, you can tell them because tech secretaries.
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    A lot of the paranoia was un-diagnosed mental illness.
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    I don't post here all that often anymore, because I feel like politics are out of my control, so it's best to just focus on other areas of my life rather than to try and persuade people to change their minds about stuff. But I do want to say, this traitorous riot and insurrection is the culmination of 30 years of the far-right hate machine churning out propaganda that makes Americans hate their own government in the interest of "conservative" politics. You could see where this was going decades ago. It's certainly not the only thing ginning up the rage we saw last week, but it certainly was fertilizer for it. The mindless chants of "government is evil," and notions similar to Grover Norquist saying he wants to be able to drown the government in the bathtub, etc. were repeated daily for decades by fringe lunatics turned pundits turned cable TV hosts. At every stop, these sycophants were rewarded for their behavior, and at no time was there any pushback for what they were fomenting. If we're going to really move past this embarrassing stage as a nation, it will not suffice to just censure Trump and move on. People like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, etc. need to be removed from the airwaves. Free speech comes with limits, and people need to be held accountable for their words, and the violence they cause. If your words cause violence, you have never been free to use them in this country. If you think this view is extreme, just look at every single one of these insurrectionists' social media pages. They are filled with copied n' pasted fringe right-wing propaganda. Their minds have been completely taken over, and are no longer capable of independent, cognitive thought. Conservative propaganda, at least in its current form, is like a disease, and our nation's leaders need to start thinking about how we're going to vaccinate ourselves against it over the next four years.
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    I'll pass, but it would at least be better than watching the president creating problems with his tiny dick.
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    Killing the country by virtue signal. The pride flag was actually a reaction to an anti-gay marriage sign on a church across the street that directly faces me.
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    Jan 6 morning routine. Wake up. Check numbers, giggle. Pinch self, check numbers again, laugh out loud.
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    Sorry, but this is bull****. The labor costs are negligible, and the greater your development pool, the greater chance of producing talent. Reducing the minor leagues is a short term, small minded response contrary to growing the game.
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    So I got my COVID vaccination this morning. Right after I got home I got a text from Bill Gates asking me why I took such an odd route home.
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    So I decided to pop in for a moment and see what was shaking at my old haunt, and I read a lot of expressed disappointment about the Tigers not signing Kim, and I think the disappointment in Avila/Ilitch is misplaced in this instance. I'll preface this by saying I know nothing about Kim other than he is Korean and I know little to nothing about Korean life / culture. I however, do know something about living in Japan, and my wife coincidentally covers primarily Japanese baseball players in MLB. Japanese players want to play on the west coast for endorsement reasons and I suspect it is the same in Korea. East coast games air live in Japan (and Korea) at 6 AM, west coast games air at 9 AM. Relatively few wake up at 6 AM to watch baseball, and if they do, it is for the Yankees. 9 AM, however, is prime time for MLB in Japan. Kids, house wives, retirees, dudes with days off all watch 9 AM games and know/support west coast teams. Have done so for years, to the point many young adults have followed a (west coast) team since their childhood and are lifelong fans of the Mariners or the Dodgers or whatever. Young Japanese star players (such as Otani) that come over to MLB can make as much, or more, money in endorsements in Japan than paid salary. Those who endorse said players want them playing at 9 AM as much as possible to reach as many fans as possible (with the Yankees being the exception). I suspect it is the same for Kim / Korean players. The Tigers will likely never sign a young star from Korea or Japan and that has nothing to do with Al Avila or Chris Ilitch. It has to do with something like 80% of their games are played at 6 AM, 6 AM is ****ing early, and the Tigers are not the Yankees. Enjoy the holidays and Happy New Year. Peace out. - Sean
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    It's also hilarious that, with all of the lies we've been told from the right regarding COVID, that Fauci is your line for being a political tool and attention seeker. I think you're missing a few others. Starting at the very top.
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    How sad is it that this is literally the last day of the Presidency, and we’re looking at a statement of obvious fact, but feeling “hopeful” because it’s been spoken by someone in power who has used the last 3yrs 364days to provide cover for a lying, un-American wanna-be despot? The answer is: incredibly sad.
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    I knew Lauren Boebert was bad news when she chopped off her husband’s dick back in the 90s.
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    I got my shot yesterday. Worked a drive thru clinic in Wayne County. They processed about 800 people from 8-3:30, nobody had to leave their car. There was a break around 11 with no cars. My area of responsibility was to make sure they got the attention they needed while waiting 15 minutes after the shot. They'd pull over and park and honk their horn if they needed attention. Good news is nobody needed it. My arm is sore, much like a flu shot. I worked out last night to keep it moving. I couldn't sleep on that side of my body. Other than that no issues... better than covid. I go back in 3 weeks for another day of work and the 2nd shot.
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    Any word on why the good MAGA with guns didn't stop the bad MAGA with guns at the Capitol?
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    but this is the problem. A new GOP is not going to take voters from the Dems on Healthcare or Climate, and voters don't give a rat's asz about the details of international trade unless you can make it relevant to their employment, and traditional GOP free trade arguments are dead losers on that score today - the recognition of which is not in the least what helped catapult DJT to his leadership of the party. I've noted this before but one of conservationism's biggest problems is that there is nothing to be the counterbalance to when you are 15 years into political gridlock. You can't offer conservative alternatives/moderation and reform of change when no change has been able to happen for the last generation. Well there was one big thing they could have contributed to, which was the ACA but they decided to settle for pure obstruction. Principled US conservatism flowered as the reform response to the massive sloppy legal and economic changes and foreign policy foment of the 50's and 60's. But as effective progressivism began to die after Reagan, the companion stagnation of conservatism inevitably followed. Today in the US, the conservative agenda is all weighted to cultural issues, of which most are not even within the realm of politics and governance under a conservative theory. There is no conservative political program for evangelicals feeling under cultural assault or that will make gay people disappear from the TV or turn rappers into Frank Sinatra or make academics stop substituting pronouns or to put the high tech genie back in the bottle or especially make all the brown people move somewhere else. The very conflict between classic conservatism and Trumpism is at heart over the fact that none of the things listed above should even be of interest to a true old style conservative because they are outside the charter of conservative government - but if you take the grievances over those things away, the current GOP doesn't have enough constituency left to win anything. Or short form, you have to be FOR something more than international mercantilism/free trade and corporate laissez-fairism to build any constituency outside fortune 500 investors. You have to have a positive conservative domestic political agenda around things that government is actually supposed to do for the middle class like education, infrastructure, the environment, middle class economics, i.e more than the cultural grievances that conservative government has no business in anyway. As long as the conservative party has nothing more to offer than NO or kill the beast or let's make the government even more incompetent on all these issues, any new party trying to move away from grievance politics will be dead in the water.
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    RIP Tommy. I saw him much the same as I did Sparky. Great manager, great personality. Good ambassador for mlb.
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    Well, Nuke's scared because his eyelids are jammed and his old man's here. We need a live... is it a live rooster? We need a live rooster to take the curse off Jose's glove and nobody seems to know what to get Millie or Jimmy for their wedding present. Is that about right? We're dealing with a lot of ****.
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    You guys are going to have to promise me that you are going to get rid of this whole Electoral College lunacy designed by the demigod Framers. If you want to keep aggregating Presidential votes by that Electoral College formula, go ahead I guess but it seems completely crazy to an outsider. The number of other countries that have copied this structure still stands at zero. Here's what can't go on though, the personification of Electors as living, breathing human beings who then cast physical ballots (maybe, in some states, they are faithless?) that then have to be physically counted. WTF? Once the Electoral College "votes" are certified, what is the point of all the procedural nonsense that follows? There isn't any. It begs for abuse. Ask for help. In the 1980's, every American manufacturing company that was a Dow stock (I should know, I worked for one) sent a delegation of its most senior executives to Japan. Why? To try to figure out how to run a manufacturing company. Americans didn't know how, and admitted it. No shame in that. Today, send some delegations to other countries to get some insight into how to run a federal election, and then make the necessary amendments. And then shorten the lame duck period to something less than an eternity. This is freaking ridiculous and entirely preventable.
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    If they were black, they would be DEAD.
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    Same here, most of the time in the dining room, but occasionally we mix it up and eat in the living room. Had a meeting that ran long the other day so as I was left to eat alone, I didn't even leave the kitchen. Getting all crazy up in here.
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    No less terrible than the 300,000+ others who have died, several of whom might have died because of his maskless campaign events, promoting re-opening the economy, etc. Not that anyone deserves it, but the stupidity of the Trump followers never ceases to amaze me.
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    I love when Boston Dynamics posts a new video.
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    Serious question: is there evidence that they are on their way to building a top level farm system? I realize that you are speaking hopefully and are not declaring anything here about the state or depth of their farm system. The firesale and top picks have improved their farm system's aggregate talent rankings, but considering that these prospects were acquired through extreme losing and the fire sale of very talented players, the haul is not very impressive (certainly the players that they acquired for the players they traded is not at all impressive, though I have nothing against Tork and Greene and Mize at this point as top picks). Nothing I have seen to-date during the rebuild demonstrates their superior talent ID skills, and the jury is still way out on the systems ability to develop talent. I realize that they've only very recently started to invest in technology that would allow them to catch up to where the rest of the league has been for a while. At this point, I'm just going to have to see real results from them in terms of player development before I can even start to get hopeful about their ability to build a winning club through their farm system.

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