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    On a more serious note, I love this young man, who every night plays Taps in front of the Veterans Home in Paramus NJ, where, to date, over 70 have died from the virus, my father being one of them. I will be forever grateful for his initiative in honoring the memories of these men and women, especially since none of us who lost family there were able to be with them, but also lifting the spirits of the veterans still at the home, who can hear him every night, and know they are not being forgotten. Thank you, Alex Saldana.
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    Me too. We took my Dad to the Yogi Berra museum in Montclair NJ, about 9 years ago. That was a fun day. My Dad was also a short Italian guy (who, as a young man, was often mistaken for Yogi’s teammate, Phil Rizzuto), but as an older guy, looked like Yogi. .
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    So, are you saying that , therefore,.... fraud? Unethical ? I’m tired of this insinuation. There is nothing wrong with mailed voting. It should be the norm, not the exception. I will add that I believe People should, upon turning 18, be automatically registered to vote.
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    Taken from a YouTube comment (of all places), the most accurate assessment of Trump and his Presidency: The “billionaire” who hides his tax returns. The “genius” who hides his college grades. The “businessman” who bankrupted 3 casinos and lost over $1B in 10 years. The “playboy” who pays for sex. The “Christian” who doesn’t go to church. The “philanthropist” who defrauds charity. The “patriot” who dodged the draft. The “innocent man” who refuses to testify. The "president*" who takes no responsibility. The "tough, strong" man who wears make-up and hair spray. The 'deal maker" who has yet to close a deal. Trump Talk Translated: "Many People have told me" = Voices inside my head "A lot of people don't know" = I just learned "Believe me" = I just lied "In Fact" = I'm about to lie "He's a great guy" = I will deny ever knowing this person after they begin to tell the truth about me "MAGA" = Making my pockets fatter off the American tax payers "Nobody knew" = Everyone knew except me "Huge" = moderate to below average in size "Loser" = someone who makes me feel inferior due to their talent or accomplishments "Policy Briefing" = Watching Fox News "Liar" = Someone who tells the truth about me "Fake News" = Real news
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    We didn't apply for any loans but I know a lot of places that got some money, which is good. Now its a joke the Los Angeles Lakers got money since they are valued at about $4B. They gave it back but we know if nobody found out they were keeping it. Our people are drawing unemployment and seem to be doing well financially so far. I suppose that is just a different type of bailout. We call/talk to a certain number of employees each day and that cycles us through all of them about every 2 weeks. We hear two things from them. They are ok money wise and none of them really want to rush back. It's a nightmare trying to figure out how we will open back up safely. Even if we are allowed to open up at 50% capacity, we don't think we can do it. Dining room is fine, just leave every other table empty. We are probably going cashless for a bit so servers arent huddled around the cash registers. We will bring CC readers to the table for people to pay. But then we need at least one dedicated employee to just sanitize that CC reader after every use. We think we're going to have employees open/close the doors as the enter/leave so customers don't have to touch the doors. Do we have to sanitize the bathroom after individual use? Probably overkill but why not be safe? The kitchens are where the nightmares are. We don't pop things in a microwave and slap it on a plate. We make stuff and we do high volumes. Those things require a lot of people and they are all on top of each other. We're going to have to cut our kitchen staff down to provide the safe distancing we need. Whatever that number of people can pump out volume wise is what our dining room capacity will end up being. It will be trial and error the first week. Start at 20%. OK We did that fine, lets try 30%. Just keep doing that until we find that sweet spot. I will admit me and my partner are both extremely conservative and extremely anal. So there is a great chance we're over thinking all of this.
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    I wonder if there any polls that don't ask political affilation. Why must Rs versus Ds always be prominent in polling? I'd love to see polls where people are asked questions without pushing the red v. blue paradigm.
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    This has been a crazy time. I'm in a weird place where I'm bullish on a vaccine being developed within the next 18 months or so and bearish on what the coming fall or winter could bring. Seeing these protests at the Michigan capital and reading polls about how one views the effectiveness of masks depends, in part, on political affiliation is very concerning. This would have been totally different under Clinton. A normal Republican like Romney also would have been amazing at managing this crisis- despite my other policy differences with him, I have no doubt he would have been exceptional in a crisis and coordinating a response and resources not just within the US but coordinating an international response by mid to late January when our intel agencies were sounding the alarm. Instead, we have Trump. This has been one of the worst failures of leadership in the history of the United States. No one deserves re-election when they ignore a crisis for over two months and then it leads to the worst pandemic and economic crisis in a century.
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    I think this sums up everything I love about her since January 2017.
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    Tested negative for COVID! Waiting on CT scan results now. That’s a relief. Thanks for the well wishes, everyone!
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    I didn't expect him to be married.
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    For the record, Trump's official stance here is to negotiate with terrorists.
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    When a man admits he's wrong just tip your hat and show some respect. Don't be a petty ********** and try to pile on.
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    That comes from further research on learning how the virus is spread. This is a new virus and we are still discovering things about it. People should welcome the fact that they don’t need to do that. our country is simply too lazy to do the hard things.
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    I think I’ve found my new calling..... https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/05/20/i-am-simple-potato-guardian-who-needs-my-second-amendment-rights/
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    Quite seriously, everything known to date would say a mega church with a congregation singing would be about as dangerous a place as you could pick to put yourself in.
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    Yes, Friday May 15, 2020 was the 20th Anniversary of MotownSports.com! There was a brief interruption at one point early (2002) on when we were known as MotownTigers.com due to a changeover in business ownership, but that was eventually resolved and we went back to using our original name. Been going strong ever since. Lots of memories over the past 20 years, some great, some not so great. I don't think I have to go into too much detail, but we've obviously lost some users along the way in very unusual and tragic ways... Overall this has been a wonderful experience for me and I've met a lot of great people throughout the years that have become close friends, and that is something that would not have happened without this website. For those of you who have been around since the beginning or close to it, can you believe how fast the time has gone? I was a newly married 20-something when this place started, now I'm a crotchety old man yelling at my teenaged kid to take a shower and comb his hair. It's been great and hopefully there will be many more years ahead!
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    I really needed this on Monday morning.
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    Given his presidential record of lying even about easily verifiable things, Trump has essentially forfeited the benefit of the doubt on basically anything. And this even setting aside his extensive record of frauding as a private citizen.
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    I understand your devils advocate positions, but this particular defense is ridiculous. Even it was a joke (highly unlikely the way he rambled on about it), it's not acceptable for a leader to joke about a pandemic on national TV. The media covered it the way they should cover a President suggesting that people inject themselves with disinfectant. Just because, he has proven himself to be an ignorant douchebag does not mean we should normalize his ignorant douchebaggery.
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    Yeah but Bonderman perfected the changeup
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    When you arrest, you have a case. When you arrest, you find something is wrong with people. If we didn't do any arresting, we would have very few cases.
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    Jesus christ. Are you the board's wife today?
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    They didn't get it because the virus does not transfer between different species
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    Oh man, that sounds like the sort of hotel that Steven King would write about.
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    I’m doing what I can to boot King off his throne. So sick of his schtick. Embarrassment to our district.
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    Sanders policies are used by most developed countries in the world. I do not know of any developed country that combats gun violence by increasing gun ownership, uses trickle down economics, and does not attempt to guarantee health coverage for all it's citizens. Bernie Sanders policies are just used by the most successful countries in the world.
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    That is a lot to unpack, but finishing second twice means a lot less to me than it does you (I mean, nobody else seriously ran against Clinton, 2020 he ended up a *distant* second), and secondly, Sanders policies, by and large, are supported by a majority of voting age adults per several polls. Please note I wrote a majority of voting age adults, *not* a majority of voting age adults registered Democrat. So I don't understand why it would be damning that Sanders would have received support from Democratic voters in the hypothetical this election cycle even if he were not their ideal candidate. I don't think Biden is their ideal candidate either, FWIW. I suppose that is another way of saying that I do not think Sanders : Democratic Party :: Trump : Republican party. Ideologically, dogmatically, or in terms of comportment / representing the nation from the office of POTUS. And this all ignores the fact that once it became clear than Sanders success in the 2020 primary was due solely to several other candidates splitting the majority of the vote -> Bernie getting a lane he otherwise wouldn't have had, what happened? Candidates with no real shot backed out and Sanders went from a 95% chance to win the nomination to a <5% chance pretty much overnight. EDIT: Vote however you wish, but I do not think choosing to pass on the Democratic Party nominee because you extrapolated a series a behaviors based on an alternate outcome is logical.
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    Same day @ the museum - here’s a pic of Yogi and Phil . And Dad.
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    My wife's gay/arch conservative nephew was on the phone with her and apparently tried out the 'no-other-president-could-have-done-a-better-job' defense and she just erupted on him. I could hear: "ALL OF THEM, EVEN THE DEAD ONES! ESPECIALLY THE DEAD ONES!"
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    I spent my day dumping dirt on other people's driveways
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    It’s a good day for a hot dog and a beer, so I made it happen.
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    That's not what i'm saying. The Kavanaugh defenders are pointing at Biden and motioning to the left and the media "what about him?" The Biden defenders and media are on the sidelines hoping no one remembers them screaming from the rooftops "#believewomen".
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    When will the media say it? Radical WHITE Terrorism. That is what these guys are. Terrorists.
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    Apparently, there have been a few promising studies that show if you combine a massive amount of AR’s with poor dental hygiene and terribly mismatched clothing it can lower the infection rate of the virus.
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    ^ this. The US is significantly weaker, in terms of global influence, than it was four years ago. Four more years of Trump opens up a bigger gap for China and Russia to tae advantage of.
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