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    They have had had a decent dollar store budget offseason. I hope there is a viable minor league season because Avila needs it.
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    I want Stafford to do well, such a great dude. Matthew Stafford, wife give $1 million going away gift to Detroit
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    next time, ask for Mike Trout instead, OK?
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    Goodman getting the Congressional Gold Medal. That’s a great moment.
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    I missed the part earlier CNN just referred to, that when the Trump lawyers were claiming that because “cavalry” was mistyped as “Calvary”, that they weren’t actually calling on people to come and commit violence against the Capitol, legislators, etc. Remember all the times I’ve said here that Trump and his people misspell things in their documentation on purpose? This is one reason why: in the interest of plausible deniability, such as it is.
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    When Trump said “fight”, he was “fighting for election reforms”. Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha
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    fyi, my wife's neurologist told her to call area pharmacies towards the end of the day and ask if they have any shots available due to cancellations. I hope able bodied folks don't gain the system this way, but if you have family that are under 65 with pre-existing conditions, might be worth letting them know.
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    Gonna throw this in here for future reference. A very long Tim Alberta piece, but worth the read. Nikki Haley, the woman, the myth, the enigma. Which way is the wind blowing today
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    I cheated on the metaphysics exam by looking into the soul of the boy next to me
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    I’m happy to do it as long as there is a 2 game season.
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    yes! me too. i care about stafford winning a super bowl more than i care about the lions' draft pick from the rams. i hope he wins multiple super bowls, then comes back to detroit as an old man and "mentors" whatever rookie qb the lions have then.
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    Here is a Mark Fidrych interview I have not seen before. It's after his second career start.
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    I’m on the Staff Super Bowl train. I hope he wins three and goes to the Hall of Fame.
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    that was pretty incredible. Also, it reminded me if the Iron Sheik who has probably one of the best twitter feeds ever if you love the f bomb.
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    It would seem that Mazara puts the final nail in Stewart's coffin.
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    He should have quit after the OJ Trial
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    The party, as a whole, brings it upon itself. You're victimizing some ****ty behavior. Congrats. And she had been given warnings.
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    The tweet mentioned above is dumb, but being a Republican in todays climate is VERY difficult. You get inundated with insults and attacks, your opinions are dismissed automatically. I do not want to derail the thread into the political realms, but she was an employee and as such had certain clauses in her contract I am sure...if she did not know that or disregarded it...either way it IS on her 100%.
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    The problem is our current staff could beat our current our players in a game
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    Sounds like those are placeholder names. Naming rights will be sold. Hello DraftKings League!
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    My sister (who is 62 but has local connections) got her second vaccine yesterday. She got so dizzy she fell down and hit her head on the floor. She is OK, but be careful.

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