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    Killing the country by virtue signal. The pride flag was actually a reaction to an anti-gay marriage sign on a church across the street that directly faces me.
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    Well, Nuke's scared because his eyelids are jammed and his old man's here. We need a live... is it a live rooster? We need a live rooster to take the curse off Jose's glove and nobody seems to know what to get Millie or Jimmy for their wedding present. Is that about right? We're dealing with a lot of ****.
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    You guys are going to have to promise me that you are going to get rid of this whole Electoral College lunacy designed by the demigod Framers. If you want to keep aggregating Presidential votes by that Electoral College formula, go ahead I guess but it seems completely crazy to an outsider. The number of other countries that have copied this structure still stands at zero. Here's what can't go on though, the personification of Electors as living, breathing human beings who then cast physical ballots (maybe, in some states, they are faithless?) that then have to be physically counted. WTF? Once the Electoral College "votes" are certified, what is the point of all the procedural nonsense that follows? There isn't any. It begs for abuse. Ask for help. In the 1980's, every American manufacturing company that was a Dow stock (I should know, I worked for one) sent a delegation of its most senior executives to Japan. Why? To try to figure out how to run a manufacturing company. Americans didn't know how, and admitted it. No shame in that. Today, send some delegations to other countries to get some insight into how to run a federal election, and then make the necessary amendments. And then shorten the lame duck period to something less than an eternity. This is freaking ridiculous and entirely preventable.
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    No need to call. You can just show up without an appointment and walk right in.
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    If she would have just obeyed it would have never happened.
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    Fair. Not sure why you get all in an uproar over calling his supporters racists. You're pretty defensive about that. That is the backbone of his presidency. You aren't seeing it and that's fine, but it's the truth. Supporting him is supporting racism.
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    And.... what else? It’s the dawn of a new day, and that piece of **** is still sitting in the White House. Where are the leaders in this country to absolutely demand that he be removed in accordance with the 25th amendment. We cannot tolerate this not another day not another hour.
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    He was my favorite Tiger for a couple years. In jr high, we had a course where we learned about Greek mythology and also The Bible. It was kind of an unusual course for a public school, but done very well and I liked it. When a jr high kid likes a course, it must be good! One assignment was to do a parody of the 23rd psalm and I did mine of Leflore. I wasn't trying to be funny when I wrote it, but the best line of the parody was "My bases runneth over". Anyway, I was encouraged to send the parody to Leflore, so I did. I got no response, but didn't really expect one. He was still my favorite until Fidrych arrived on the scene.
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    My mom is Native American, my dad has Scandinavian roots (white guy). I look like a white guy, but I grew up and fully identify as a Native American. As a guy who looks white, I’ve seen the hidden racist, who thinks they are in friendly company. Their contempt for those who aren’t them spews. I’ve always resented that, I never understood it as a kid. People are surprised when I object, “you’re not one of us?” No. I’m not. White people, born into privilege, a privilege that frees them from targeted oppression, scream the loudest about the “system” that has screwed them. The irony long lost on them.
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    And some white people wonder why nonwhites have issues with whites / cops, etc.
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    Okay, well, uh... candlesticks always make a nice gift, and uh, maybe you could find out where she's registered and maybe a place-setting or maybe a silverware pattern. Okay, let's get two! Go get 'em.
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    Jared needs to talk him into resigning
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    I could probably name about 49 others
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    see, i dont think trump is "unwell" at all. i think he's stupid and completely self-absorbed. claiming that he's unwell lets him off the hook for all his behavior. he is not unwell, he's an *** hole.
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    Why should I? This kid is going to be my meal ticket. Speaking of meal tickets, he could stand to skip a few......
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    i am a bit surprised she was the only one who got shot. if anything they should have used more force against more of them. i dont have a problem with cops using force on rioters throwing bottles at them and burning down cities, and i dont have a problem with the cops using force against a bunch of idiots storming the capitol building.
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    Not worth it. Just going to remain a member of the Van Buren Boys.
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    Honest to God question. Is Antifa a real thing? Is there really an Antifa organization one can join? Or is this like something from the Walking Dead where everyone is Neagan?
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    Maybe hold off on arresting some of these scumbags - until January 20th, so they can't be pardoned.
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    And what’s the difference between her and 90% of politicians? Why pick on her because she has a nice refrigerator and likes ice cream. You can say the same about Mitch, Cruz, or even Josh Hawley who hasn’t lived in the state he claims to represent for years
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    Sorry if I'm delving into my graduate thesis on the white supremacy movement. He's one of those nutters who (probably in prison) learned all about the cosmology of Odin and his White heritage from a bunch of misunderstood do-gooders in the prison laundry.
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    Frankly, I can't believe you're trying to put wokeism on the same level as what Trump supporters are doing. Biden does not propagate wokeism. In fact, the woke crowd you despise hates Biden. I hate this woke cancel culture but a bunch of protestors in pink hats ripping down statues is not the same as armed groups taking over the capital, plotting to kidnap the governor of Michigan and execute her, or showing up armed to the private residence of the Secretary of State.
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    You seem pretty obsessed with “wokeism”, which I don’t think is anywhere near the issue racism is. I have a pride flag and BLM sign in my front yard. Does that mean I am part of the problem?
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    I can't believe after a bunch of white people stormed the capital draped in confederate and Trump flags, killed a woman, and planted bombs and the issue is whether we think these fine people are racist or not.
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    We already know from recordings that Trump totally did try to rig it in Georgia.
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    Bob Kraft announces name change to the American Football Club of New England.
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    Yeah, the whole "patriot" thing really burns me.
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    the problem is htey're on video. Nick Fuentes and Baked Alaska live streamed from Pelosi's office. online antifa is already doxxing the f out of these jabronies.
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    Remember this is the same dude who a couple of weeks ago tried to talk the Ga Sec of Elections to lose a bunch of absentee ballots.
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    I think if Pence says to do it...it will happen.
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    Not before she does her job first..................
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    Can we not repeatedly quote s***-hopper so the people who have the troll blocked don't have to lose braincells seeing their nonsense
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    i see you havent spent much time in missouri.
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    It needs to be said again. Look at the patrolling that was done in DC during the summer BLM protests and compare and contrast to today. Don’t tell me it’s just a mere coincidence. Don’t be so ******* clueless.
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    I would have used the 25th amendment four years ago. It was obvious the guy had severe mental health problems.
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    He's not been the problem.
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    Not good enough, Mitt. Get him out. Lead the charge.
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    If they were black, they would be DEAD.
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